Chapter 5: True Love

Shadow and Sierra were in the Rec room, watching Christmas movies together. They were sitting on the couch, Shadow had his arm around her and Sierra was resting her head on his chest. Both were just glad that they were together at the moment. The current movie ended and they both looked at each other and kissed. They both stayed silent for a bit after breaking apart. Shadow spoke, "that was wonderful."

Sierra smiled, "yes it was, I love you Shadow."

Shadow smiled, "I love you also."

They both then kissed again but this time it was longer and more passionate, they broke apart and Sierra spoke, "so when do you think the others will get back?"

"I don't know, they have been gone for a while so they should be back soon," Shadow said.

Just then the Master's voice was heard over the intercom, "Shadow, Sierra I thought I let you know that the Rovers are just about to land."

The intercom turned off and they both smiled. "Well shall we greet them my love?" Shadow asked.

"Yes we should," Sierra said. They both stood up and started walking to the hanger.

Hunter had landed the sonic rover and had finished locking down the controls; everyone started to file out of it and were greeted by Shadow and Sierra. Hunter and Colleen hugged Sierra, as did Axel and Ariel with Shadow. Sierra spoke, "so how did it go?"

Hunter spoke, "we managed to take care of them all."

Colleen spoke, "Huntie also saved me life when their leader threw a knife at me."

Sierra smiled, "well that's good, I'm glad Christmas will be peaceful one."

"Yeah we all agree with that," Hunter said. He turned to the rest of the team, "lest go debrief so we can get some rest."

They all agreed as they walked out of the hanger and made their way to the briefing room. Where the Master was waiting for them. He faced them; "excellent work Rovers, thanks to you the terrorist leader and his men have been sentenced to life in prison and everyone in the world can have a safe Christmas because of you. Your good dogs rovers good, good dogs."

Hunter turned to everyone, "To The Power Of The Pack!!"

They all responded in unison, "AAAAAHHHHHRRRRROOOOO!!" After all that was done the rovers said their goodnights to each other and headed off for bed. Axel and Ariel were both tired, so they took a shower and went to bed.

Hunter and Colleen both got out of the shower and finished getting dressed. They both got into bed, Colleen spoke, "Huntie I want to thank you again for saving me life earlier."

Hunter smiled and grabbed her hand, "I couldn't let someone take away the one I love. No matter what Colleen I'll always be there to protect you."

Colleen smiled, "as I will also."

They both then gave one last kiss before they went to sleep.

Shadow walked Sierra to her room and they were both standing in front of the room. They both held each other's hands. "Thanks for a wonderful evening Shadow," Sierra said.

Shadow smiled, "anytime my love."

They both kissed each before Sierra started going inside her room. she turned to Shadow, "I'll see you tomorrow." She closed the door and Shadow was left in the hallway with love on him mind.

He then pulled out the velvet box and opened it. He stared at the ring inside. "I'll do it on Christmas, that will be the perfect time," he thought. He closed the box and went to his room. When he got there he put the ring back in his hiding spot, changed and went to bed.

The next few days went by fast but it was peaceful. Before they knew it Christmas. Everyone was very cheerful when it came and were soon gathered around the tree about to open the presents.

Hunter watched as Colleen opened his present to her. She opened it and found a beautiful white chain with a white gold ring to go with it. She hugged Hunter, "thanks Huntie it's beautiful."

Hunter returned it, "Nothing's too good for you."

Colleen then handed him her gift to him, "Merry Christmas Huntie."

Hunter took it and opened it. Inside was a small gold chain with a Blue gem on it. He smiled, "Colleen this is wonderful." They both then gave each other a kiss.

Axel saw the happy scene, turned and gave Ariel his gift to her. She took it, opened it and saw the bracelet inside. She hugged him, "it's beautiful Axel thank you."

"I'm glad you like it love," he said. She then handed him his gift and he opened it. Inside was ring with a green stone set on top of it. He smiled, "it's wonderful Ariel thank you." They both gave each other a kiss.

As the others opened the rest of the gifts Shadow motioned to Sierra to follow him. They both walked to a balcony overlooking the beach. Shadow handed her a rectangle gift and she opened it. Inside was a frame with a picture of them. It showed them both dancing. "Oh Shadow…this was from our first date, thank you."

Shadow smiled, "I knew you'd like it, that one date was the best." Sierra then handed him her gift. He opened it and found the sports watched he has been eyeing for a while. "Thank you, I always wanted this one." They both hugged each other and remained in silence for a bit. Shadow then relished that now was the perfect time. "Sierra ever since we started dating I can truly say it has be the best thing that happened."

"I can say it the best also," she said.

"Sierra I want to give this to you," Shadow said holding up the velvet box.

"Oh Shadow you didn't have to get me another gift," Sierra said.

"I wanted to," he said as he handed it to her.

Sierra took it and opened it. She was surprised to see the diamond ring inside. "Oh Shadow it's…" she turned and was surprised to see him down on one knee. "Shadow…is this…"

Shadow then took her hand into both of his. "Sierra ever since we met I could feel the love between us. You have been the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I want moments like this to never end. I love you with all my heart, Sierra will you marry me?"

Sierra was surprised at what she heard, the dog she loved was proposing to her. She had a tear in her eye, "yes Shadow I will marry you."

Shadow rose up and they both hugged and kissed each other. They slid the ring on Sierra's finger and hugged again. They started into each other eyes then gave each other a long kiss. they broke apart and went back to where the others were to announce their engagement. They got everyone's attention and Shadow spoke, "everyone we have an announcement to make." Everyone was silent when they heard it. "as of today Sierra and I are engaged to be married."

Everyone was surprised when they heard it but then they were all happy. Hunter and Colleen went and hugged Sierra. Hunter spoke, "congratulations mom."

"Yes congratulations," Colleen said.

"Thank you," Sierra said.

Ariel and Axel hugged Shadow also. Ariel spoke, "congrats dad."

"Good work dad," Axel said.

"Thank you," Shadow said.

"Congratulations my comrades," Exile said.

"Ja I wish you both the best," Blitz said.

"Rah Re Roo(Yah Me Too)," Shag said.

"Thank you everyone," Sierra said.

"Yes thank you indeed," Shadow said.

"You know I think we should celebrate this occasion," Hunter said. they all agreed with this and started to walked out of the room. Hunter turned and saw Sierra and Shadow weren't following, "you two coming?"

Sierra spoke, "in a minute."

"Alright," Hunter said as he left.

Shadow faced her and took her hands into both of his, "well it's now only a matter of time before we're united forever."

Sierra smiled, "I know and I can't wait for that day."

They both started into each other's eyes for a while before kiss each other with every amounts of passion they had. Both of then knew that their love for each other was strong and soon it will grow even stronger. That will be the beginning of their new lives together.


A/N: Hope you like, i really loved parring these two together. My next story will be out soon.