EO Challenge Drabble Raw

Author's Note: Everyone else was playing, so I decided to join in. Hope that no one minds... I really didn't know who to ask.

Word count: 102

I've never written a drabble before in my entire life. This was fun!


Staring at the glass in front of him as he listened to the unending stream of holiday music, he prayed for the 'peace' that the verses repeated.

He downed the hard liquor in a gulp, wincing at the way that it burned his throat raw. He closed his eyes, desperately wanting to forget all that he'd just seen.

Their bodies flashed through his mind, and he wanted to cry out at the injustice of it all.

Suddenly, a warm hand encompassed his cold one. A familiar voice sounded in his ear.

"It'll be okay, I promise."

It wasn't peace, but close enough.