In the Sky with Diamonds

"Well, okay." Lucy stood and dusted herself off proudly, blowing on her stinging palms, whip coiled and tight at her side. She turned and beamed at Loki, brown eyes sparkling, "Thanks for helping me. I'll see you later." She gave a cute little wave, and began skipping away.

Happy scurried after her, clawing up her leg and wrapping himself protectively over her curved hip, "Lucy!" he squeaked, "He's not going away!"

"Huh?" Lucy blinked at the flying blue feline, right before her feet suddenly left the ground. She blinked twice, utterly confused.

"Hi," Loki smiled charmingly. Lucy stared at him.


"Oh my god," Happy yowled, and covered his eyes with his paws, "The atrociously obvious flirting!"

"Wait I back you what?" Lucy babbled, and squirmed in Loki's arms. The boy's face curled into a positively evil grin, and he shifted her slightly closer. Lucy twitched.

"Happy. Attack."

"Aye—I, um, grrr?" Happy tried, and pawed feebly at Loki's ankles, then darted between his legs, zipping about fitfully. "Natsu…Lucy's being stolen again…" he sniffed, and could only trot along at Loki's side.

"Sto-stop. What are you doing?" Lucy squirmed again, and checked her keys to be sure they hadn't broke or something, "I said go back."

"I don't want to leave," Loki said simply, dazzling as a rock star, sun glasses and all. Lucy gaped.

"Oh no," Happy moaned, "He's ready to commit!"

"But I—" Lucy looked utterly baffled, "But you're supposed to leave. The battle's over!"

Having apparently reached his destination, Loki's grip slackened, and Lucy touched down onto the pavement, and then abruptly realized they were in front of a hotel. She spun hotly, glowering. Loki looked perfectly innocent.

"I'm too young for this," Happy grumbled.

"Love keeps me here!" Loki proclaimed and dived for her. Lucy dodged wildly. Several people walking by on the street stared at them, and her face burned.

"Stop saying stuff like that!"

He looked a little shocked, "Oh, sorry. Do you want to keep our relationship a secret?"

"There is no relationship!" Lucy screeched, and everything fell into a deathly silence. Her dramatics were utterly ruined by Happy's loud snort.

"Oh please, even I can figure this one out, and I'm a blue cat."

"See? We have everyone's approval!" Loki said smarmily, and Lucy stamped her feet angrily.

"You don't have mine!"

"She's so cute when she's in blatant and obvious denial," Loki confided to Happy, and Lucy chucked her keys at his head.

"I am not in denial!"