Chapter 2: Untying the Bonds

Erik finally seemed to come to his senses. He was still shocked that the woman he had loved and stalked for more than 5 years could stand up for herself- he had never seen her do that before. Raoul and him must have really shocked her, trying to kill each other like that.

Christine continued to play with the knife, her heart beating faster than the two men would ever know. She wished Meg was here- she always knew what to do. She would tell her to be nice, no matter what. That was Meg, always helping other people, so selfless.

Erik finally went over to Raoul, untying his bonds. Raoul rushed over to Christine, attempting to steal a kiss. He could only go so fast, with the water and his baggy traveling pants, which gave Christine plenty of time to avoid his advances. Raoul stop for a moment, looked confused, and said, "Christine? Come my love," The Phantom cringed, but Raoul continued "We must be away from this terrible place!"

Erik walked toward her also, saying in the most brokenhearted of voices, "I love you." He seemed to have lost his tough pretenses in the recent events.

Christine looked at him tenderly, "You dear, sweet thing. I cannot imagine all of the hard things you must have gone through in your childhood. I know I would not be able to make you happy,"

Erik tried to interrupt, saying, "N-." His eyes began filling up with tears. Raoul seemed to see the Phantom in a new light, but still looked ready to run for the door, as he still had his Punjab in hand.

Christine continued, "Infatuation, passion, stalking, and catacombs do not make for a good relationship. I will be leaving for England tomorrow, and you would both do well not to follow me."

Both men made to speak, but she held up her hand. She sloshed back up the stairs, dropping the knife on the table. She was just turning away when she spied the doll of herself on the Phantom's mini center stage. She smiled sadly at it for a moment, and then picked it up, tucking it into her sash.

Her thoughts returned to Meg as she took a last look around the cavern. Meg had been so sweet when Christine suddenly became famous. She would never forget her best friend. Now, though, she knew that her best friend thought the Phantom was going to eat her, or something. Meg was on her way to rescue Christine.