Harry Potter and the Alliance of the Serpents

Author's Note: I decided to remake this story; the main plot will be the same. I hope you enjoy reading.

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Chapter One: The Alliance is Forged!

Severus Snape was not in a very good mood as the idiotic blond shinobi as Professor Dumbledore had called him, blew up another cauldron and they weren't even going over potions at the moment.

"Um… Snape-Sensei?" The pink haired girl that reminded Severus annoyingly of the Granger girl raised her hand.

Taking a deep breath and reminding himself that he could not kill the two children he was trying to teach, Severus asked. "Yes Miss Harunro? Please stop calling me Sensei."

The pink haired girl narrowed her apple green eyes. "My name is Sakura Haruno and when will we begin learning year four subjects?"

Severus sneered at the girl, "I will begin to teach you fourth year lessons when your boyfriend decides to take these lessons seriously. We only have three weeks to get both of you caught up with the rest of your year not to mention that pale-eyed boy and that Nara boy who are do to arrive later today."

Sakura grumbled something under her breath and flipped another page in the book she had been reading.

The blond boy scrunched up his face and tilted his head to the side. "I am taking this seriously! It's not my fault your magic stuff is stupid! You greasy-haired freak!"

Sakura punched the boy upside the head, "Don't be so rude Naruto!" She turned to smile pleasantly at their tutor, Severus who looked ready to skewer Naruto with his wand. "I'm sorry for Naruto's rudeness. He wasn't taught proper manners as a child."

Severus glared darkly at Naruto who recoiled slightly. "Yes, that might very well be Miss Haruno, but that still does not excuse his behavior. Mr. Uzumacki, you will spend your first week here in detention with me every night that week."

Naruto glared back at Severus his ocean blue eyes narrowed, "Yeah! Well, what makes you think I'll want to be in this stupid stinky dungeon with you at night, anyway!" Naruto gestured around the large dark and cold dungeon to illustrate his words.

There was algae growing on the walls and the only light provided was by large candelabras in the corners of the room. Dark wooden shelves lined the walls stacked with jaws filled with an assortment of nasty things. A large wooden cabinet stood to the left and behind Severus's large black wooden desk. A large old projector of some sort sat on right side of Severus's desk and a large screen was rolled up to the cathedral-like ceiling just behind the desk.

Severus growled and clenched his fists, "I think we are through for today. It is time for dinner." He turned away from the foreign students as they packed their things to leave. "Sensei? Are you okay?" Sakura's soft voice asked from behind him as he heard the large door to the room open. He did not turn around because he did not want to see her eyes which reminded him so much of the woman he loved most. "Yes, Miss Haruno. I am fine."

Sakura and Naruto made their way up the stone staircase out of the dungeons and into the entrance hall. As soon as they reached the entrance hall they were met with the sight of a pale-eyed boy with long brown hair and a bored looking boy with brown-colored hair held up in a spiky ponytail.

"Hey Neji! Shikamaru!" Naruto shouted happily as he greeted the two boys.

"hn… troublesome, Naruto. Sakura" the bored boy, Shikamaru nodded to Naruto and Sakura in greeting.

"Naruto" the pale-eyed boy, Neji greeted Naruto and began to walk toward the great hall where dinner was to be served.

"Shikamaru-San, how was your trip?" Sakura greeted Shikamaru after sending a sharp glare at Neji's back.

Shikamaru shrugged and placed his hands into his pockets before following after Neji. "It wasn't too bad."

Naruto turned to face Sakura, "Sakura-Chan? When is the real school supposed to start again?"

Sakura sighed and led the way into the great hall, "In three weeks Naruto."

Meanwhile several thousand miles away, a man with long, sleek black hair stood in front of another man. "What is so special about this Harry Potter?" The first man asked, his serpentine yellow eyes glinting dangerously.

The second man was rather tall and bald. His skin was white and scaly, he had large serpatine-like red eyes and no lips. He was wearing a flowing black robe. "Harry Potter is in my way to take over the wizarding world. Who is this young boy, might I add?" he gestured toward a teenaged boy who stood next to the first man. The boy had unruly black hair and cold black eyes that reminded him of his most loyal death eater.

"This," the first man began, placing a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Is Sasuke-Kun."

The second man nodded, "I see and will he be able to do the job, Orochimaru?"

Orochimaru nodded his long flowing black hair moving with his head. "Yes, he will do nicely, Voldemort."

Voldemort smiled revealing sharp and pointed teeth, "excellent. The Malfoys shall arrive within the hour to pick him up. Make him do that disguise jutsu we discussed."

Orochimaru looked down at Sasuke who had not taken his eyes off Voldemort. "Sasuke-Kun, use the henge we discussed."

Sasuke glared at Orochimaru and placed his hands wordlessly in a familiar sign. When the smoke cleared standing in Sasuke's place was a tall pale blond teenaged boy with icy silver-colored eyes.

"Sasuke-kun, remember to be careful because a Hyuuga will be with them." Orochimaru reminded the now blond boy.

Voldemort looked to his left at a portly man that was shaking beside him. "Give me your arm Wormtail" Voldemort commanded and when the man did as he asked he pulled up the man's sleeve and showed Orochimaru and Sasuke a tatoo.

"This is my mark. I call it the Dark Mark." Voldemort pressed his fingers against the mark and made it darken even more.

Wormtail whimpered in pain.

"Sasuke-Kun, give Lord Voldemort your left arm so he can mark you. That way we can summon you inconspicuously. Wouldn't you agree, Kabuto-Kun?" Orochimaru looked to his right at a bespectacled young man with gray hair.

"Yes, Lord Orochimaru" Kabuto answered, pushing his glasses up. His glasses flashed evilly from the reflection to the fire in front of them.

Voldemort pulled his hand off Wormtail and took Sasuke left arm. "This will hurt" he told the boy a evil sneer on his snake-like face.

"Hn" was all Sasuke said as Voldemort marked him and proceeded to do the same with Kabuto.

"This is the beginning of a beautiful alliance" Orochimaru told his fellow serpent man and was unfazed as black figures began to appear around them.

Somewhere in England a teenaged boy with wild black hair and emerald-green-colored eyes sat up in his bed breathing erratically. He was sweating profusely and his heart was pounding in his chest.


I know it's short. What did you think? What will Sasuke do? What will Sakura, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Neji do? What will …never mind. Read Chapter Two: Malfoy has a Brother?! To find out.