I was listening to a song, and I loved it so much, it inspired to me to write this story at the spur of the moment. This chapter here is nothing more than a prologue, the chapters after this will be longer. This may be a tiny, tiny, tiny bit confusing at first, but I'll explain at the end what this story is going to be about. For now, please read and enjoy.

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"Clear a recharge berth! If we don't get him attended to now, he's going to die!"

Megatron's head spun as he was carried into the med bay by his screaming subordinate. He wasn't even sure which subordinate had brought him in. He couldn't activate his optics, he couldn't recognize any voice, he only understood the pain that was screaming through his body. The Decepticon leader trembled, his whole frame throbbing as he was set down onto a recharge berth. He opened his mouth to ask what had happened, but only a garble of static came out. Steady hands began to solder open wounds closed; the bleeding needed to be stopped before he lost all his mech fluids. And then the medic asked the question the Decepticon leader had been dying to know.

"Thundercracker, what happened?"

The subordinate seemed traumatized by the condition his leader was in, "Megatron, Starscream, and I went out to survey the black hole and Megatron was a little ways behind us. We didn't think much of it until we heard gunshots and looked behind us only to see Megatron was engaged by three other Autobots that were as strong as heck. They blasted him at point blank range several times in different locations of his body, but he managed to get the gun away from them before he killed them all."

"He managed to kill them even though he's missing an arm and a leg?"

Thundercracker nodded, "You should've seen it! It was the best display of power I've ever seen."

The medic shook his head and continued with Megatron's repairs saying, "It's a good thing you brought him in when you did, he's in terrible shape. It's going to be a while before I can get him in stable condition."

"Are you saying…?" Thundercracker couldn't finish.

"Where is Starscream?"

"In his quarters probably."

"Don't let a word of Megatron's condition get outside this room. If Starscream finds out about this, he will most certainly try to finish Megatron off and take his position as leader of the Decepticons."

"You got it. Just what is the extent of his injuries?"

"I won't know that until I run a few scans, I need to stop his bleeding first and foremost. Then I need to get him on some sort of painkiller…you wouldn't have happened to have brought back his limbs would you?"

He shook his head, "There wasn't anything left of them to bring back."

"He'll need to have new one's built then since we don't have enough energon to stick him in an energon bath. He's going to be in here a while Thundercracker. Someone else is going to have to take over his duties while he is out."

The Decepticon subordinate shook his head, "No, if we give Starscream even the smallest taste of power he will not relinquish his duties when Megatron does come back."

"You have a point there."

"I-I'll d-do it," Megatron hissed suddenly through static and pain.

"Sir, you're in no condition to be running an entire army!" the medic protested.

"I…have to. St-Starscream, cannot."

"Sir, we'll discuss this at another time when you have more energy. Your command will not go to anyone else in the time being. Now please Megatron, relax."

Megatron tried his best to do as the medic said, but he couldn't fully. He knew if they put Starscream in charge he mine as well just die. There would be no way he could get his position back if it were given to Starscream temporarily. He cursed under his breath, the swelling pain refusing to die away. "Curse those Autobots…they're always trying to take everything away from me," he thought.

But as he thought about it, the Autobots had taken away everything but who is now and his life. They were trying so hard to do that too, but he wouldn't let them succeed, this would not kill him, it would make him stronger. He would rise again and destroy them once and for all. Then he would make something of his life, he would take command of Cybertron, he would repair the planet and restore it to its former glory, and he would settle down with a femme perhaps.

But the thought of settling down brought an onslaught of its own. There had only been one femme in his entire lifetime that he had ever dreamed of settling down with. He had grown up with her and they had been the closest friends in the entire universe. He had been so foolish back then, he had never let her know how he truly felt, he was afraid of how he felt, he believed it was a sin to have felt the way he did towards her because it felt too right, too good, too perfect. But the thought of her name, the sound of her voice, oh they were everything to him, no matter what everyone else said about them.

Perhaps he had been in love once, but oh never again.

Though there wasn't a day that passed where he didn't think of her, he still missed her, but not as much as he used to. He had healed overtime, but he could never bring himself to forgive the Autobots for taking her away from him. And he certainly never would.

But memories of her would help him through this, no matter how much pain it would bring back to him. He never really had time to just sit and think of what had happened between them, even though they had existed millions of years ago…

This story takes place in the Cybertron series, before the battle for the Cyber Planet Keys and the Omega Lock started. It will be a reflection of Megatron's memories of his female friend and shift back and forth between the present and the past before finally focusing on the present. I hope you guys stick around for the next chapter, until then, please review!