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10. Happy Endings

Megatron nearly jumped out of his armor when he awoke to Megabyte's terrifying scream. He immediately seized her in his arms, not knowing if she was okay or not. Her body was covered in coolant and she was shaking uncontrollably. Her breathing was heavy and he could hear the strain on her systems as they tried to relax and cool themselves.

"Megabyte," he asked gently, "Are you alright?"

"I j-just had a n-nightmare," she replied, trying to calm herself down, "I have them a l-lot."

She had been back for over a week now, giving him physical therapy. His progress had been phenomenal. After the first couple days, his pain began to die away incredibly. Megatron's new limbs strengthened with amazing ease and he barely felt any pain in them at all. Megabyte was reluctant to give him a clean bill of health though. She gave him permission to leave the med bay, but he was not to partake in any battles yet. He was only allowed to strategize.

Their relationship had picked up right where it left off. As soon as Megabyte allowed him to leave the med bay, Megatron made sure that she stayed with him in his recharge berth every night. He didn't even assign her a room to call her quarters. Her room would be the med bay, if she chose to remain with his army, and her bed would be his bed.

But in the days and nights they had spent together, Megabyte never mentioned that she had nightmares a lot, nor had she suffered through any while she slept. Megatron sighed as he lay back down on the recharge berth, holding Megabyte close to him. She looked up at him before breathing, "I'm sorry I woke you."

"You're worth waking up for."

She smiled, but the smile quickly faded.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.

She shook her head, "I can't yet…"

He kissed her forehead, "I will be right here when you're ready."

Her optics filled her tears. "Just know," she said in a whimper, "That sometimes I need to cry."

"Megabyte…" he breathed as he cradled her in his arms.

She fell asleep crying in his arms.

The next morning, Megabyte woke up to the feeling of Megatron's warm, wet, luscious lips being pressed against hers. She chuckled and returned the kiss. After a few moments, the Decepticon leader breathed, "Feeling better this morning?"

She nodded, "Yes."

"I do wish you would tell me what happened."

"You would kill someone if I did."

"I have a feeling I'm going to kill this someone anyway."

"It wasn't just one person."

"How many?"


"At once?" he asked.

She shook her head, "Over a period of time. But there is one…incident that plagues me more than the rest."

"I don't like guessing."

"I don't like the truth."

Megatron sighed heavily, "Let me take that burden from you."

"I assure you, you don't want to know."



He looked her in the optic and couldn't help but smile at the playful look that was swimming in her amethyst optics. "I love you," he breathed as he kissed her.

She hugged him tightly as she returned the kiss, "I love you too."

After a few minutes, both Megatron and Megabyte got out of the recharge berth. Since he wasn't allowed to fight or leave the base to go on scouting missions, and since he couldn't really do any strategizing until he heard Starscream or Thundercracker's reports, he looked to Megabyte and said, "So Megs, what's on the schedule for today?"

She gave him a sly smile, "You're leader of the Decepticons. You make the schedule."

"Even as leader of the Decepticons, I currently have my limitations."

She laughed. "Well, then, you need to do more strength training," she said, "And then afterwards, we can hit the shower together."

He grinned, "I like the sounds of that."

"I figured you would."

"Come on," he said, taking her by the hand and leading her out of his quarters, "Let's go."

Megabyte followed him through the hallways to the training room. It had taken her a while to learn how to navigate the Decepticon base, and while at times she did confuse herself as to where she was, for the most part she knew her way around now. The strength training she usually had Megatron do was lifting weights with his recovering arm and hand-to-hand combat to strengthen his leg. However, it wasn't her that he trained with, he used simulators instead. Megabyte only watched him, memorizing his movements, his agility, falling in love with his grace.

And Megatron very much enjoyed having her watch him, not just because he could show off his strength to her. He enjoyed her company, and he wished to train with her, or train her, he wasn't sure if she could fight, and if she could, how well her skills were.

"So," the Decepticon leader spoke as he defeated another simulator, "Why don't you train with me?"

She shook her head, "I'm a medic, not a warrior. I hate fighting."

He turned to her as he reached for a weight. Megabyte sighed. It would be impossible for her to train with him. The weight he was currently lifting with his recovering arm weighed more than she did. "How did you get so strong?" she asked.

He chuckled, "Gladiator battles. Optimus had to learn to match my strength. You probably saw the upgrades he went through."

Her optics widened when he said the Autobot leader's name and she quickly looked away. Megatron set the weight down, concerned. "Megs?" he asked softly, "You okay?"

"Yeah…let's go shower now."

"That'll have to wait," a raspy voice said from the entrance of the training room.

Both Megatron and Megabyte looked over to see Starscream come into the training room. Both Starscream and Thundercracker were well aware of the feelings Megatron and Megabyte shared, and we already used to walking in on displays of affection between them. It didn't faze the Decepticon second in command when he walked in only to hear that his leader and his mate were planning on showering together.

"What is it Starscream?" Megatron asked.

"I intercepted a message from Optimus Prime. He wishes to speak with you."

"What are the chances of him surrendering and groveling at my feet?" Megatron asked with a smirk.

"Highly unlikely," Starscream answered, "Shall I put him through?"

"Yes…I'll be back to the command center in a few minutes."

"Yes sir," Starscream said and walked away.

When he was gone, Megatron turned back to Megabyte, only to see her face was extremely pale and her optics were brimming with worry. He pulled her into his arms before asking, "Are you sure you're alright?"

She could barely nod as she answered, "Do you…want me to go with you?"

"I would like you to, just so that Optimus knows you and I persevered and that you never died."

Megabyte shook her head, "He knew I never died…but I'll explain that another time. Let's go."

Megatron went to pursue her knowledge further, but he decided not to and instead walked with her to the command center. Starscream was already waiting by the monitor and Megatron went over with Megabyte. Deciding not to keep the Autobot leader waiting any longer, Megatron said, "Put him through."

And almost instantly, Optimus' face filled the screen. The Decepticon leader sighed heavily, "What do you want, Prime?"

"I wish to make one last appeal to you about forming an alliance in order to stop the black hole and save Cybertron. Our war isn't worth the destruction of our home and the rest of the universe."

"You and the rest of the Autobots can go ahead and stop the black hole—

"Megabyte?" the Autobot leader remarked and then smirked, "I see you found you found our escaped prisoner."

Megabyte's optics widened and she looked away from the screen. She moved closer to Megatron, which only caused Optimus to laugh. "Oh come now Megs, you don't need to be afraid anymore. You've proven me wrong, Megatron took you back," he said with a chuckle.

"Don't call me that," she said.

Megatron felt his tanks churning with unease. "What did you do?" he asked the Autobot leader through clenched teeth.

"You mean…Megabyte didn't tell you?"

Megatron's anger was boiling through him as he repeated, "What did you do?"

"Don't you dare say a word Optimus," Megabyte exclaimed.

"I see now, you haven't proven me wrong. If Megatron knew how I…defiled you, he wouldn't be with you."

"Shut up!" she yelled, her optics filling with tears.

And it was Starscream who said, "Defiled? You…you mean, you, Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots…you raped her?"

Optimus laughed, but Megatron blasted the monitor to smithereens before the call could be finished. Megabyte ran out of the command center, tears spilling from her optics. She couldn't face anyone right now, she felt too vulnerable and exposed. Megatron was so dizzy from anger that he had to wait a few moments for the dizziness to clear before he went off after Megabyte, and no one questioned why.

She had nowhere else to go, so she locked herself inside of Megatron's quarters. Megabyte knew that he would come looking for her soon and that he could override the lock on the door, so she went inside the cleansing room, locking the door behind her. She leaned back against the cold, gray metal wall, letting her optics go offline. She sank down to the floor before hugging her knees to her chest. Megabyte couldn't hold back the sobs any longer as she tried to cry the pain away.

"Megabyte, unlock the door," she heard Megatron's voice call faintly from the door, "I'm not mad at you…please."

But she stayed where she was and madly tried to wipe the tears from her optics and cheeks. She felt panic bubble inside of her spark when she heard Megatron override the lock on the door and come in.

"Megabyte, where are you?"

She wanted to bury herself beneath the floor when she heard him walk over to the door to the cleansing room. He tried the door, but it was locked. She turned away as she heard him type in the code to override the lock, and then the doors opened.

"Love," he breathed as he came over and sat beside her, the doors closing behind him, "Love, love, love…"

"I'm sorry," she mumbled as a new wave of tears came to her optics.

"For what?" he asked as he gathered her in his arms, "If anyone's going to be sorry, it'll be that son of a bitch Optimus Prime."

"I didn't want you to know," she said, looking to him, "I was afraid that if you found out, that he would be right and you wouldn't take me back."

Megatron growled, "Don't listen to a damn word that bastard says. But now that I know what he did…I would like to know the whole truth."


"Do not keep anything from me Megabyte, give me the names of everyone who hurt you, I will make them all pay."

She sighed heavily, "Optimus wasn't the first one to rape me. The Autobots treated me like trash because they knew I was the one you cared about the most. I don't know why they didn't ever tell you I survived and how they were treating me. Perhaps they were wise enough not to tempt your anger. Most of the bots that raped me I didn't even know…and most of them are dead now anyway, killed by your hand."

Megatron frowned, "I thought the Autobots had more honor than that. I convinced myself that if they were so good, like they said they were, then they wouldn't do things such as this."

"You didn't do this to Autobot prisoners, did you?"

"No Megabyte, there is a very severe punishment for rape amongst my ranks."

"Good. I don't know if any other prisoners were treated as I was, but I want to say no. They only had such a severe disdain for me because you loved me and I loved you. My experiences with Optimus are the ones that haunt me the most," she confessed.

He growled, "Experiences?"

"There were a series of events that led up to him raping me."

Megatron offlined his optics, balling his fists, as he said, "Tell me each one, and do not leave out any details. I will smear his remains across this galaxy."

She swallowed hard, "After my injuries healed, rather than putting me in a prison cell, the Autobots let me freely roam their base, but I had a tracking beacon installed on my armor, so they knew where I was at all times. Optimus did not arrive at this particular base for vorns, and when he did come, he had changed immensely. And to make matters worse, he brought Elita with him…but one day she went missing. It was after she disappeared that Optimus started abusing me. At first, I thought he was trying to be nice. But then he started touching me in places I didn't want to be touched, he started telling me how I should polish my armor, and he kept saying he was going to make me pay. And then the night they found Elita's body…that was the night he exploded."

Megabyte knew the instant that Jetfire came to get her, saying that he had orders to take her to Optimus' quarters that something horrible was going to happen. She followed numbly behind him, refusing to let him take her by the arm and lead her there. But no matter how she dragged her feet, it seemed like they arrived at Optimus' quarters all too quickly. Before she had a chance to protest, Jetfire pushed her inside the room. Unsure of what to do, Megabyte stepped forward and glanced around.

She was surprised to see Optimus emerge from the cleansing room, armor completely polished. He took one look at Megabyte and smirked. "Oh good," he said, "You're finally here."

"You…wanted to see me sir?" she asked, quietly.

"I did," he said as he walked past her and went to the door.

She watched as he typed in a code and felt her tanks churn when she heard a click, signifying the door had been locked. She tensed noticeably. There was no way for her to unlock the door unless she had the code to do so. He then turned back to her, and Megabyte wanted to scream at the look he had in his optics.


He slapped her across the face. "Did you think you were going to get away with breaking my spark?" he asked, "We make you suffer because Megatron makes us suffer. You will not be another cause of my suffering."

Megabyte whimpered when he grabbed her by the arm and tossed her onto his recharge berth. Before she could get up, he positioned himself over her and pinned her roughly against the berth. "Tonight, I'm relinquishing my title as leader of the Autobots so I can make you suffer like Elita more than likely had to. Megatron killed her, but I'm not going to do that to you, no, I'm going to destroy the only thing he ever loved, and then I'm going to give you back," he said.

Her optics widened and she tried to free herself from his unrelenting grasp, but he was much too strong for her. Megabyte was stunned as she heard the sound of plates retracting and let out a small cry when she felt Optimus' hand on her lower interface plating, forcing it open.

"N-No!" she cried.

But Optimus ignored her plea as he drove two fingers into her port. In an effort to save herself, she tried to close the plating, but nothing happened, it was jammed. "You're going to beg," he said, "Like Elita had to."

"Stop it!" she pleaded, "Optimus, please!"

"Someone's been here before," he chuckled, "Was Megatron your first?"

She glared at him as his fingers tore inside her port. She squirmed beneath him, but nothing eased the pain. After a bit, Optimus removed his fingers and took hold of her thighs, bringing her hips to his. She let her optics go offline, not daring to look down. He forced her legs apart and plunged his cable in its entirety inside of her, causing Megabyte to cry out.

He laughed as she cried, forcing himself inside over and over, deeper and harder with every thrust. Megabyte didn't dare let her optics come online; she didn't want to see the look in his optics. There was no pleasure; his cable tore against the inside of her port, and her mech fluids became the lubrication.

"Look at me Megs," he commanded.

She let her optics come on slightly, but she kept her teeth clenched in an effort to keep from crying out.

"Megatron will never want you now," he breathed, his face inches from hers, complete pleasure swirling in his optics, "I will drown you in my essence. Nobody will want you, the waste of a shell that you are."

Tears streamed down her face as he grunted and overloaded deep inside of her, burying his essence in what felt like her soul. He then pulled out and threw her to the floor. Megabyte took the opportunity to escape out a window in his quarters. She later found someone who destroyed the locator the Autobots were using to track her.

Megabyte jumped when Megatron's fist connected with the door to the cleansing room. He punched it so hard; his fist went right through it. He seethed, "The next time I see him I am going to rip him to shreds!"

She was startled by his anger as he rumbled, "I'll cut off his cable and shove it up his own tailpipe!"


"Drown you in his essence will he?" he roared.

"Megatron!" she yelled, grabbing a hold of him and hugging him tightly. "You know I am yours," she sobbed, "Don't let what he said take me away from you, please."

He held her tightly, letting his anger subside, knowing she was right. "I wish you never had to go through that," he breathed, "I wish I could erase the memories, the pain, everything he ever made you go through."

"Megatron," she replied through tears, "Just being in your arms does that."

He smiled, gently, "How about we take that shower now?"

She nodded and watched him as he turned on the cleansing fluid. He waited until it was warm before he pulled her behind the shower door with him. The Decepticon leader held her tightly in his arms for a few moments, just watching the cleanser streak down her armor. He then proceeded to clean her, gently, scrubbing her armor, kissing her from head to foot, murmuring how much he loved her.

And once the cleanser finished rinsing the suds from her armor, he turned off the shower and wrapped her in a towel, drying her off. He then carried her to his berth where he laid her down before he laid down beside her. Before she could say anything, he kissed her, with as much passion as he could muster.

Megabyte wasn't surprise when she heard his lower interface plates open. She didn't say anything, but let him know it was alright by opening her plates as well. He pulled her hips to his and entered her slowly, basking in the warmth and wetness of her port. Then, with a gentleness Megabyte had forgotten he possessed, he made love to her. And he did not position himself over her, but lay beside her, as her equal.

"Megabyte," he breathed, between kisses, "I will always want you, you are everything to me. I will not drown you in my essence, but instead lift you up with my love."

Megabyte felt tears on her cheeks. "I love you," she breathed, as she reached her climax.

Her words caused him to overload as well, and once it was over, he held her tightly in his arms, just listening to her breathe. "Do you think Optimus would believe me if I told him it wasn't me who killed Elita?" Megatron asked, "The last time I saw her was at our graduation from the Academy. Quite honestly, I didn't even know she was dead."

She smiled, "Do you remember when Optimus broke up with me during eighth year at the Academy?"

Megatron grinned, "It was more Elita breaking up with you than him."

"Remember what I told her?"

"How she would be sorry?"

Megabyte nodded, "Yes."

"Yes, I remember."

"I made her sorry."

"You mean, you killed her?" Megatron asked, surprised.

"I couldn't take the bitch; she treated me like her slave. I wasn't going to put up with it," she said, "But if I had told Optimus that I had been the one who killed her, he would've killed me."

"All that is in the past now," Megatron said, "Let's focus on our future together, like how we're going to live out our dream and conquer Cybertron, and how many children we're going to have."

Megabyte laughed, "I take it you want me to stay then."

"Of course I do, forever," he said, "You and I were co-leaders of the Decepticons, its only right that you reclaim your rightful place beside me."

Megabyte shook her head, "I was never meant to be a leader Megatron. Look how far you've come without me. I will stay with you, forever, as your equal, but not a leader."

"Perhaps, as my first official medical officer then?"

She grinned, "That I can do."

"Now, shall we get back to the command center and plan Optimus' demise?"

"Yes sir," she said, causing him to smile, "And thank you sir, for everything."

He looked at her with a soft expression on his face, "It is I who should be thanking you."

"For what?"

"For curing my tragedy."

And Megabyte knew that everything was going to be okay, that no matter what direction the war took, that she would always be happy. Megatron would always be there for her, not only for the glory of the Decepticons, but for the glory of their love. They had finally found their happy ending, but even then, it wasn't an ending.

Their lives were just beginning.

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