There she lay…

He had always wanted to see her like this.

For years he dreamed of this moment.

He waited for her body to lay still with her lips parted, wet and moist; he yearned for her hair to be spread across the sheet like angel wings.

But he wasn't sure if this was how he imagined it.

He wasn't sure if it were supposed to hurt so much.


He always hated her

Or so he thought.

For years he dreamt of delivering her to the grave.

He hated her for his father's death. He hated her for the things she had. He hated her for her innocence, her sheltered life

~ Oh Neji~

But he also dreamed of her withering in pleasure beneath him.

He dreamt of his lips touching skin that no one had seen.

He loved the way her hair contrasted with his sheets.

Loved how she wrapped her busty frame with his towels.

~faster nii-san~

But here she was. Laying here in the serene coffin.

She looked like an angel.

Too bad Neji was the devil.

Her death had been tragic…

Once again Neji was her traitor.

He thirsted for her blood. He yearned for her pain

~ Neji, you know I love you ~


He never knew that the girl he beat up physically before would die because of something emotional.

But he should have guessed, she fought with her heart. Loved with her heart. And died because he broke her heart.

So Neji, do you take Tenten to be your beloved wife? Through good and bad, sick and health?

'I do'

He remembered that day well.

~ Hinata-sama, I am getting married tomorrow.

I can't have sex with you anymore.~

~Nii-san? We aren't getting married tomorrow~

~Not we, just me~

Tears fell from his eyes.

He had succeeded in during what he always wanted; killing Hinata.

Sadly, he came to realize everyday without seeing her was going to kill him.

'I can't'

Why not Neji?

'Because she took my heart with her in that grave'

Maybe if he learned the lesson the first time he would have understood…

Hinata was his freedom.

And he was her life.