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"You are horrible at this game Clark," Batman says, moving a piece on the board.

"At least I can beat Wally sometimes now," Superman answers, staring at the chessboard.

Batman nods, "You still haven't given me an answer yet." he says.

Superman looks up from the board, "I have to ask, why do you want me to be your best man?" he asks.

"Gordon doesn't know who I am (or at least that is what he has to pretend), I don't want to show favor to Dick or Tim by choosing one of them, and Alfred is giving away the Bride." Batman answers.

Superman finally moves a piece, "Still we haven't ever been all that close." he says.

Batman shrugs, "I've known you longer than any other in our line of work. We've saved each other's lives more times then I'd like to remember. You're my friend." he answers.

Superman smiles, "What would this job entail?" he asks.

"You would handle the bachelor party, embarrass me in a speech after the ceremony, and then take home your choice of the bride's maids." Batman answers.

Superman frowns, "I think I'll do all but that last one." he says.

"Lois will be crushed." Batman says.

Superman blinks in surprise, "Lois is a bride's maid?" he asks.

"Yes. Apparently Diana befriended her at your funeral," he answers.

"You mean the funeral you didn't attend?" he asks.

"I knew you weren't dead didn't I?" Batman asks.

Superman sighs then smiles, "Okay, I'll take the job." he says.

"Excellent," Batman says, then moves his knight into checkmate.

"Want to play Uno?" Superman asks.


"You think this marriage will last longer then his last one?" Dick asks.

"The one where he married a plant thing? Sure." Barbra answers.

"I think he prefers blonds." Opines Dick.

The two are lounging on a couch in the Manor watching Tim play Xbox.

"What makes you think he prefers blonds?"

"Selina was a blond when they met." Dick says.

"Lois, Talia, Selina after the bleach job, and Diana. Need I say more?" she retorts.

"Barb is just disappointed he doesn't like red heads." Tim says.

Barbra gasps in shock and Dick turns a curious glance at her. "Well?" he asks.

She stutters a second then groans, "I was a teenage girl in Gotham, we all fantasized about Batman." she says. Dick makes sounds of slight disgust and Tim laughs so hard he has to pause his game. "Well if you wanted more attention from the girls, you should have designed a better costume."

"She's right about that man, yellow, red and green?" Tim asks (only have ever worn the red and black version).

"I was twelve!" Dick shouts in protest.

A few minutes pass and the laughing dies down. "So when does the craziness kick in?" Tim asks.

"Be supportive!" Barbra commands, tossing a cushion at him. "Both of you." she say pointing a finger at Grayson.


Batman sits in his throne like chair, in the heart of his cave, staring his wife to be up and down. "No." he says.

"No! What do you mean no?" she asks.

"I mean no." he answers coolly.

"Give me one good reason." she huffs.

Batman sighs, "Because your disguise consists of a pair of glasses, a different hair do, and a name change from 'Diana Princess of Themyscira' to 'Diana Prince'!" he answers.

Diana looks down at herself, "Kal said it was a good disguise." she says.

Batman rolls his eyes and mumbles, "He would." He then looks at her pointedly, "It won't work in Gotham. Not when you're dating a celebrity." he explains, "I told you this wasn't necessary."

"Oh so you can enjoy a night on the town without me?" she asks.

"Yes acting like an idiot fop is the top of my day." he answers.

"An idiot fop who is also a womanizer." Diana adds.

"You are one of the most beautiful things in creation...and you know it, so I'm not playing that game with you." he says.

Diana clenches her fists to her waist, "Batman is getting married, which means Bruce Wayne IS getting married! And both of you are marrying me!" she tells him.

Batman considers this for a second, "Fine. But we have to work on your secret identity." he answers.

Diana looks up at the screen behind him, "What are you working on?" she asks.

Batman spins his chair around and answers, "Joker."

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