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"Just when I am starting to like your fiancée, he decides to have your ceremony in a cemetery!" Hippolyta complains. The Bride and her maids have reached the destination Alfred led them to, to find a large graveyard awaiting them.

"He has a reason. One that I cannot fathom at the moment, but I am sure it exists." Diana explains. Since the top of her wedding dress was destroyed she is wearing the breastplate of her Wonder Woman armor, but the rest of her ensemble remains the same.

"I think this place looks rather...peaceful." Artemis comments, earning a glance from everyone.

"It seems very Batman to me." Vixen says.

"Maybe he wants the spirits of those who have passed on to celebrate with us?" Fire guesses.

Ice looks at her, "Sometimes I just can't imagine what's in your head girl?"

"I am so having my wedding in a grave yard!" Helena says.

The group proceeds to a large double headstone which Alfred and an elderly woman stand in front of. "Alfred it is a relief to see you!" Diana says, hugging him, "and who is this?"

"May I introduce an old friend of the family, Dr. Leslie Thompkins." he says, bowing before said woman.

"Its a pleasure to finally meet you my dear." Leslie says, shaking Diana's hand, "I am sort of the Bat family physician, which explains why someone like you would have little need of my services. Also I suppose old dark and gloomy hasn't mentioned me?"

"On the contrary, he has." Diana says, "When I asked him what it was like to grow up without a mother, he told me about you. I believe you are more to him than just a doctor."

Leslie smiles, "And he is more to me than just a patient, I assure you." she says.

"Can either of you tell me why I'm getting married in a cemetery?" Diana asks.

The two part revealing the tombstone, " Diana, may I introduce you to Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wayne ." Alfred says.

Now in complete understanding, Diana steps forward and places her hands on the stone. She prays to the spirits of those who her love has fought so hard to avenge. Then she turns to her mother, "I think this will be a lovely spot for the ceremony."


The Joker stands in the middle of the church. Kneeling before him, held by two thugs is the priest. The Joker holds in his hand a goblet of toxic poisons. "This is my blood," the Joker says, his voice full of fake seriousness. He looks down at the priest and gives him a wicked smile. He grabs the man's jaw and forces it open, "Drink this in remembrance of me!" he shouts, about to pour the foulness down the man's throat.

At that moment all the lights shut off, and the only illumination comes from a few scattered candles and some eerie light coming in from the stained glass windows. The Joker tosses the goblet of horrible liquid aside and pulls out his revolver as his goons drop the priest. His whole gang fans out keeping their weapons and eyes on the roof. "What blasphemy is this?!" the Joker shouts, "Has the beast come for us all?! Have you Fatman?!"

A loud crack comes from the farthest corner of the roof. The darkness is illuminated by gunfire as the Joker's entire gang open fire into the corner. One by one the gunfire stops, the hostages hear oofs and the sound of bodies hitting the floor from where each of them disappeared.

The Joker, feeling rather alone, grabs the priest and jabs the barrel of the revolver into his chin. "Why don't you come out now? I would hate to have to get the padre's brainmatter out of this nice suit!" he threatens.

The Batman appears in front of the large stained glass window above the doors. " I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." the Dark Knight says.

The Joker nods, "Good quote." he admits, before turning the pistol at him and opening fire.

The Batman dodges the first shot, then throws a batarang, knocking the gun from the clown's hand. The priest takes the opportunity and flees. Batman jumps out, shoots a line, and swings down into a vicious kick, knocking the Joker several feet back and off of his feet.

The Joker laughs in mad glee, then springs to his feet with his fist ready in the air. In a ring announcer's voice the Joker says, "Now starting the battle to end all battles. In one corner, the good Father Joker. In the other, the dark and gloomy Batman devil. Folks get ready for a fight the likes of which you have never seen!" he shouts, aiming a right hook at his adversary.

Batman easily dodges the punch. Then the Joker throws an awkward spin kick at his head. Again the Batman blocks, but when he does so a blade at the end of Joker's shoe sinks into the flesh just below the caped crusader's armored gauntlet. The Batman grunts in pain and the Joker laughs in triumph. "Hallelujah!"

The Clown pulls a knife and goes for his enemy's guts. The Bat dodges to the right and answers with a thunderous jab to the Joker's face. He then gives him a strong side kick to the chest, breaking the Clown's rib.

The Joker regains his footing and holds his left hand over his chest. "Okay Batman," he sneers. He gestures with the knife, "Let's end this!"

In answer the Batman rushes at him. With his left hand, he grabs the knife, with his right he grabs the Joker's neck in an iron grip and lifts him up. Then with a great roar of rage he slams the villain down, into, and through the church's alter. He then steps back and looks at his foe, who is bleeding hurt and entangled in the wreckage. Before the wretch can struggle his way free, the large hanging crucifix falls, impaling the Clown's shoulder and pinning it to the floor.

The Joker screams and claws at it shouting, "This isn't funny!" at the top of his lungs.

In awe at the sight, the Batman does something he hasn't done since he was a child: he crosses himself and in a whisper quickly prays to the Almighty. He is gone when the lights come back on.


Gordon watches as Bullock and his men drag the Joker's gang out and cuff them. He is surprised to see Nightwing ride past with Robin hanging on behind him on his motorcycle. Then the Batmobile pulls up beside him. "Something go wrong?" he asks into its opaque window.

The cockpit slides open and the Batman turns to him, "Get in, we've got some place to be." the Batman answers.


As Batman had predicted, the wild fire had been taken care of quickly and Superman, the Flash, and Green Lantern are able to return. Also the sweep of the city was completed in short order and now everyone waits in the graveyard for the Groom and his sons to arrive (John waits with at least three people between him and Vixen).

"So, when did you know this was going to happen, that they would marry?" Clark asks J'onn.

"I felt something from Diana the moment she met Bruce," the Martian answers, "Bruce however...is hard to read, but the feelings were there."

Clark nods, "So when are you and Xui getting hitched?" he asks.

"We aren't," J'onn answers.

Clark looks at him confused, "I thought you proposed?"

"I did," J'onn explains, "she said she would prefer that we live in sin."

Green Arrow lounges against a tombstone next to Dinah. "So what do you think about the Batman getting married?" she asks him.

"I think its a smart idea. Diana's one hell of a catch, for him anyway, and he isn't exactly a spring chicken anymore." Oliver answers, "When someone starts getting to his age, they should think about settling down."

"Its interesting to hear you say that," Dinah says, "because you know, I'm the same age as Bruce."

"Heh, no you're not?!" Oliver says. Dinah nods slowly at him. "Well...what I meant to say..." he stammers.

"Oh I know what you meant to say," Dinah tells him.

"You do?" he asks.

"Yeah. What you meant to say is that people my age should get married."

Nightwing parks the motorcycle and he and Robin jump off and run to meet everyone. "He's coming." Dick assures them.

"Where is he?" Diana asks.

"He had to pick someone up," Robin explains.

On cue the Batmobile roars up and parks. The canopy slides open and Batman jumps out followed by Commissioner Gordon. "Tie cans to this car and die Flash." the Batman warns as he walks up the hill.

"Oh come on its tradition!" Wally complains.

"Hello everyone." Gordon says, "Hello pretty girl who I have never met." he tells a certain redhead.

"Hello daddy!" Barbra shouts while hugging him.

Batman stops to share a glance with Selina. She smiles, kisses him on the cheek and points his way to Diana. He walks over to her, placing a hand on his parents headstone and saying a quick prayer along the way.

"No priest?" Diana asks worried.

"I believe someone here is ordained," Batman answers, handing a Bible to Jason Blood.

Jason shakes his head in disbelief then takes the book. "Well then I guess the honor is mine."

"Married in a cemetery by a demon?" Diana asks, while tying her left hand to Bruce's right with the Lasso of Truth.

"Yeah, I guess I can't do anything half way," Bruce answers, then turns to Jason.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to wed this man to this woman," Jason starts, "and since you all already know this and because no one in their right mind would try to stand in their way, I think we can skip forward a bit."

"Thank you," Diana and Bruce say at once.

"I believe the two of you have your own vows, now is the time to say them," Jason continues.

"I think I will go first," Diana says. She turns to Bruce, "You are the most brilliant man I have ever known. And you can be a real idiot sometimes," she tells him, "You tell me that I am some perfect creature, higher and better than all others, and that you are so undeserving of me. You speak of yourself as someone less than normal, like you are horribly disfigured in someway and don't deserve me. You care more than anyone I've ever known! You care about people you will never see, you help them in ways they can never fully appreciate, you throw yourself into danger and almost certain death to save people who are nearly invulnerable or who want you dead! You are the greatest man I could imagine, and out of all the gifts the gods have given me I treasure you the most," she caresses his lips with her fingers, "I will love you for the rest of my life, I will love you after my death, I can not help but to love you always. That is what I vow."

In a move which shocks everyone (except Gordon, who has one of his hands over his eyes) the Batman reaches up and pulls off his cowl. He looks deeply into Diana's eyes and says: "You are the greatest and most purest light I could ever hope to shine on me. You are so bright you almost hurt my eyes, you illuminate the darkness in my soul, and I miss your warmth when you are not around. No matter what you or anyone else ever says I will never really be worthy of you and I don't know what I could have ever done to deserve you," he tells her.

"I do!" Wally yells, raising his hand. A half second later everyone else raises a hand as well.

The Batman gives the crowd a half hearted glare and Diana laughs. He looks back at her and smiles, "I vow to do all I can to make you happy for as long as the fates allow, and to love you in every way possible for as long as I live, and after, and always." he tells her, bringing tears to her eyes.

Within the crowd of guests the sound of thick weeping is heard. John looks next to him in disbelief to see it coming from Shayera. "Shut up!" she tells him, wiping the tears away with a ready tissue.

"By the considerable power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Kiss your Bride." Jason tells him. The Batman wastes no time in doing just that, as the crowd cheers.

"Let's get out of here." Diana whispers to him.

The two untie themselves and part. Bruce walks over to his family and and says, "Don't let the city burn down while I'm gone."

"We'll try our best," Barbara says, hugging him and kissing him on the cheek.

Bruce embraces each of his Gotham family, save for Gordon. The Commissioner still has his hand over his eyes, so the Batman forces his cowl into his other hand and walks away.

Diana walks over and embraces her mother, Artemis, and Audrey. " Mother,I won't be showing up to any UN meetings for about two weeks." she tells Hippolyta.

"No my daughter, you won't be for about two months," Hippolyta answers, "you have more important things to do."

"I am sorry about your dress Diana," Artemis says.

"Its okay," Diana answers, "Just don't expect me to help with your dress when you get married!" They both laugh at Diana's remark.

They each greet other guests for a bit until Diana calls for Bruce's attention. When he turns, Diana pulls up her dress, reveling the garter on her leg. Her husband kneels down and slowly slides it down her leg. Then he turns and tosses it over his shoulder as Diana does the same with her bouquet. The flowers fall into Dinah's outstretched hands, and the garter lands on the point of Oliver's hat. "You aimed that!" he yells.

That taken care of, the Bride and Groom jump into the Batmobile and drive off. Lois walks over to Superman and asks, "So Clark, did you like being Best Man?"

He picks her up and flies off with her, telling her, "I like being able to take home my favorite Bride's Maid!"

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