CSI: NY Rate M for future references

Name: We've run out of Time

Chapters: Complete

Chapter 31

When Stella got to the hospital, she ended up in surgery having a caesarean as the baby was the wrong way round. Mac was in with Stella as the team were outside waiting for news.

"Oo… I hope it's a girl!" Cooed Lyndsey

"Why?" Asked Danny.

"Duh, when it's older we can take it shopping"

"It?" Danny laughed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. She!!"

"I was just saying Montana chill"

At that moment Mac came rushing out.

"It's a girl"

"Whoooo!!!" Shouted Lyndsey.

"Stella and the baby are just being cleaned up and things. You'll be able to see her in about an hour"

The team congratulated Mac and waited in the waiting room for permission to see Stella.

30 minutes later…

Stella was cleaned up and sent back up to her private room. Mac entered soon after carrying their baby girl.

"Stella you did it."

"No we did it"

Mac went over and sat next to her in the bed and handed Stella her daughter.

"Oh my god Mac, she's the cutest thing ever. She's got your eyes."

Mac smiled and kissed Stella.

"But she's got your nose, mouth and most of all your gorgeous curly hair"

Mac stroked a thumb over the little wisps' of hair; he could tell that once it grew it would be as curly as Stella's. Mac looked at Stella and saw that tears were running down her face. Mac kissed them away.

"It's alright Stel."

"She's just so beautiful, I've dreamt of having a family my whole life and it's actually coming true."

"I love you Stella and I love you my little baby girl"

Mac leant down and kissed the top of his daughters head.

"I love you both too, more than anything in the world."

Mac smiled and kissed Stella again.

"You want to see the team now"

"Yeah, I bet Lyndsey's frantic."

"She is. Anyone normal would think she'd just drunk a gallon of coke."

Stella laughed as Mac went out to call the team.

When the team entered, Lyndsey ran straight to Stella's side.

"Oh my god she is the most gorgeous thing ever" said Lyndsey

"I know"

"Well we know whatever thing created by these too was going to be good looking" exclaimed Flack.

"Thing? Are you saying my baby girl is not human?"

"No, she's hot"

Mac turned to Flack.

"Hot? You didn't just say that"

"Well not hot but she probably will be when she's older."

Danny put a hand on Flack's shoulder.

"I would stop talking before Mac kills you"

"Um sorry Mac"

Stella laughed.

"It's fine Flack we know what you meant"

"So you got a name yet?" Asked Sheldon.

Mac walked back over to Stella and sat beside her.

"Not yet, what do you think Stel?"

"I was thinking Madison or Grace."

"I like Madison"

"Really Mac"

"Yeah, I love both of them, but Madison suits her"

"Okay, Madison Taylor."

"Stel, How about Madison Grace Taylor."


Stella smiled, it was the perfect name.

"I guess that's final."

Mac leant down and kissed his daughter's head,

"Hi Madison Grace Taylor"

Madison started to wriggle as she opened her eyes.

"I think she's hungry" said Stella.

"How do you know?" Asked Lyndsey.

"I don't know instinct I guess."

"Do you want us to leave Stella?" Asked Danny

"No, you can stay and talk, I don't really mind but you can go if you want"

"No it's fine, I was just asking."

Mac helped unfasten the side of her gown. Stella lifted Madison to her breast and she started to suckle away.

"She's hungry"

"Um she is Mac"

"I can see why you married Stella, Mac. I mean just look." Danny smiled

Mac stood up and glared at Danny.

"You best not be looking at my wife Danny Messer."

Danny put his hands up and laughed.

"I was only kidding Mac, It was a joke."

Stella laughed,

"I think you best all go before Mac does something he'll regret later."


The team started to leave the room, saying goodbye to them. Stella and Mac heard Lyndsey shouting at Danny outside.

"Danny you idiot, I wanted to hold the baby and you got us thrown out!"

"I'm sorry I was only joking"

"You'll pay for it"

Stella laughed and snuggled into Mac's side.

"Danny is going to get badly hurt one of these days"

Mac laughed,

"Probably, you've already slapped him twice."

After Madison had finished, Mac held her in his arms.

"Look Stel" said Mac in delight

Madison had wrapped her little hands over his little finger.

"She's so smart."

"Like you then Mac"

Mac smiled.

"I love you my little baby girl."

Stella moaned.

Mac lent down and kissed her on the lips.

"And you my big girl"

"I'm I dreaming Mac, everything is too good"

"No you're not dreaming, you are just in love."

Stella smiled,



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