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This Could Be the Last Time
Chapter One
by Special Agent Starr

Abby made her way through Tim's apartment, her destination, the bathroom.

McGee had invited her at work to come over that night because they were celebrating Lacey's, an old friend from college, birthday. He claimed that all his friends that were attending had told him to make sure she was going to be there, otherwise it wouldn't be the whole gang, and of course he wanted her to be there as well. He was on the verge of getting down on his knees and begging her with pouty lips when she laughed and agreed to go. She had planed on going anyway.

Although Tim had known these people longer and knew more about them, Abby had managed to win their friendship in true Abby fashion in no time at all. It wasn't really a big shock that she got along with his pals, they were a lot like him, but unique in their own way. She supposed they thought the same about her, especially her uniqueness, but they accepted her just as if she had sat next to them during one of Professor Mason's "you better hope you brought tissues, because this is gonna bore you to tears" lectures.

She smiled, as she finished washing her hands, hearing the laughter and chatter in the other room through the walls. She did notice one voice, in particular, that made her smile expand and her heart warm. This one she had known for about six years, and considered him her best friend. When she pictured the group sitting in the other room, joined together in whatever conversation they seemed to be having, he stood out. He was the one of the bunch with that extra flare that attracted her like a moth to flame, and that wasn't just because he was packing major heat on a daily basis.

Deciding she better get back before she missed all the fun, Abby flicked off the switch and her made her way back through his bedroom. The lamp on his bedside table lighting her way, she had only made it out a few steps before she noticed that it was oddly silent as apposed to the events of a few moments ago. She had made it about halfway across the room before she heard a woman scream.


If she wasn't mistaken the owner of that scream was Lacey. She was about to quicken her pace and dash to the others, when the words that fallowed stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Yes, Tim, yes I'll marry you!"

Abby felt like all the blood had been drained from her body and replaced with liquid nitrogen. She was sure that if anyone had touched at that very second that she would have shattered into a million microscopic pieces. She was cold, so cold; she was surprised that there wasn't stem flowing off her skin, like the effect of pouring water on dry ice. The task of breathing had become increasingly difficult as well. However, as her body seemed to be shutting down, her brain was in maximum overdrive, which is what lead her to the doorway. She needed some kind of proof, any kind of proof that what she'd heard had actually happened and not just some horrible joke her mind had played on her.

She poked her head around the frame, hoping not to be spotted and that her at the moment lifeless body would keep its balance and not send her crashing to the floor. Her piercing green eyes absorbed the sight in front of her. It was true. The many faces were smiling and apparently there was cheering and clapping too. All of that was lost on Abby though; she couldn't hear anything, like she was watching TV on mute, and she'd made it just in time to see the main scene. Tim's back was to her, which she was actually thankful for because she had a quick feeling that if he'd been facing her, his Abby-senses would start tingling and he would've opened she eyes and looked directly at her. If that had been the case, she would have lost it completely. She could see Lacey's face, she looked so happy there, tightly embraced in Tim's arms. Abby couldn't blame her, she would've been too, if it were her.

All she could do was turn around and walk back into his room. She walked to the farther side of the mattress and laid down, her back to the door. Immediately the smell of him attacked her already fragile senses. She thought back to the nights she had spent in this very spot, no matter what the situation, he was always no more than her arms length away. That would be changing soon, very soon. Lacey would be here from now on. 'This could be the last time I every get to be in this bed' Abby thought sadly, but she wasn't going to waste the opportunity. She would take it, if even for a short while. Then after the pain had seized, she would have to face the cold hard fact that now faced her, she was going to have to let McGee go, for good this time.

She reached for the lamp, the light being too much for her eyes, almost being able to turn it off before the first wave of tears escaped from her eyes.


----- x ----- x ----- x -----

He looked around at all the joyous faces around him, someone was missing, and it was someone that he wanted to see more than anyone, especially after the big announcement. He remembered her telling him that she had to pee, so that meant she'd be in the bathroom. He looked at his watch. She'd bounced in that direction about an hour ago. Something wasn't right, his gut started backing him up on that as he got closer to the entrance of his bedroom. When he went round the corner, he saw a body on his bed. Certainly he knew who it was; he'd recognize her anywhere, even with her back toward him. His heart started beating faster. She could be hurt, or she could just be taking a nap or something? 'I doubt she's passed out because she only had two beers tonight' he concluded, or 'someone might have knocked her out' his mind contradicted. Whatever the case, he knew there was only one way to know for sure.

"Abby?" he whispered.

There was no response, moving closer and hoping that she simply hadn't heard him, he tired again.

"Abs…?" Keeping his voice low, in case she was sleeping, he didn't want to startle her. That's when he thought he saw her shaking. Throwing the slow and quite approach out the window, he quickly made his way round the bed and crouched down beside her. Her face was buried in the pillow, he heard faint sobs as he leaned closer to her being muffled by the pillow, placing his hand on her shoulder he felt the muscles tremble beneath the fabric of her shirt.

'This isn't good!' he noted, his concern growing by the millisecond.

When he touched her, the shaking stopped, as well as the noise. He was just about to ask a question, when she raised her head. She turned her head away from him, bringing a hand up to her face. She must have been trying to hide the evidence that she had been crying, but it hadn't worked, as McGee noticed the watery black mascara that now stained her pale skin. It wouldn't have worked anyway, he knew her too well.

He plucked a tissue from the box on the table, when she sat up swinging her feet around the edge, he handed it to her.

"Thanks" she managed to mumble in a congested tone and then sniffled a couple times.

It was obvious she was trying to hold back her emotions; she was avoiding eye contact and looking down at her hands. Tim was determined to get to the bottom of this. Something had really upset her and he wanted to know what, he never liked seeing her shaken up. Not wanting to risk upsetting her any further if he happened to say the wrong thing, he took his finger and pushed her chin up. The second their sights connected with one another tears began to slide rapidly down her checks. He couldn't recall her ever seeing that amount of pain caught in those gorgeous eyes.

He reached towards her, softly using the pads if his thumbs to wipe away the wetness as much as he could before it streamed down her face.

"Abs…" he said soothingly "what's wrong?" He had barely gotten the last word out of his mouth before he was crushed into a hug that nearly sent him flailing backwards. She pressed her face into the crook of his neck. Half hearing, half feeling her saying, "Oh McGee... I'm so sorry" as her lips trembled against his tender skin. Then he felt wetness begin to soak his own shirt, the shaking had started again, and the sobs a bit more forceful. The damn she had built to hold back her emotions, had crumbled into pile of rubble.

He couldn't tell whether she was pulling away from him because she was ashamed for acting like this or simply because of how hard she was crying. Whatever the reason, he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight to him as he began rubbing soft circles on her back. Deciding he'd let her "get it all out" before he pried as to why it had started coming out in the first place. What was she sorry for?

Her body stilled, the sobs had subsided, and though they still held onto each other their grips were more relaxed now. Tim figured now would be a good time to get her to elaborate. Placing his lips beside her ear, he whispered, "What's wrong Abs?"

Feeling her tense at his words he was afraid that maybe he had spoke too soon or asked the wrong question. He knew one thing for sure though; they were not leaving this room until he knew she was feeling better. He took another shot.

"Come on Abs… talk to me… please? What's wrong?" his voice soft and genuine.

Now she began to pull away slowly, and this time, he allowed her. With a few sniffles and a deep sigh, she willingly looked him in the eyes, and finally answered his question.

"Everything" she replied weakly.

While her words had sunk into his mind, she had gotten up and started heading toward the door. Tim stood up, prepared to catch up with her before she could disappear and avoid the situation. He stopped however when he saw her shut the door and turn back towards him.

"We need to talk"

It was McGee who tensed this time. The last time he had heard those words he ended up being hurt by what she had had to say, something he didn't want to hear, but they got through it, and she obviously needed to get whatever this was out if it was affecting her this bad. So, bracing himself the worst, he allowed her to take her hands in his as they sat down on the bed.

----- x ----- x ----- x -----

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