03 That Was Almost Disappointing

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Warnings: Minor swearing, minor violence, use of Japanese suffixes or words, bastardization of canon and pokemon.


-pokemon speech-

Pokemon Attack

Raikou, Legendary Dog of Thunder, was almost disappointingly easy to rescue. As his brothers were, Raikou was trapped in a glass sphere embedded with strips of electric blue metal. The dogs conversed for a few tense moments before Raikou relaxed and the metal strips dimmed. Harry and Sirius never left Suicune's back; Entei guarded the entrance while Suicune leveled two Aurora Beams at the locking mechanism and in a shower of glass the final dog stepped out.

Raikou was much like his brother Entei in that he looked more feline then canine. Long limbed and lean, Raikou's short yellow fur was tiger stripped. A thin blue tail shaped much like Harry's scar ended in a star burst. The dog's primarily white face had a dark grey crest that protected his face. Long fangs like a saber tooth tiger's hung from jaw. On his back floated a "cape" of shifting grey, which looked suspiciously like a thunder cloud. Red eyes glared at the impertinent human's scrutiny.

While Suicune's brothers appeared feline, there was something indefinably canine about them relating them to Suicune.

Snuggling down onto Suicune's back while clutching Sirius tight to his chest, Harry tightened his legs around Suicune's ribs to signal his readiness. A sharp bark to Entei and the Legendary Dogs flew from the room.


The first breath of cool night air was liberating. No overly sterile scent of hospital or stagnant recycled air, no dust and debris from crumbling walls or the thick odor of ozone from animal attacks. Even the lingering damp from the Death Room dissipated in the slight breeze.

Suicune shuddered under him, like he too was throwing off the last tendrils of captivity. Fluid movements became more so showing his true affinity for the element. Right and left, Entei and Raikou visibly perked up before laying on a boost of speed, leaving the merrily burning Rocket base behind.

Entei broke away and disappeared for a time before he returned with something in his mouth. Harry was too exhausted to notice, grimly focused on clutching his precious treasure to his chest and not falling off. At the speed Suicune was going such an error would prove fatal.

They ran for miles, never stopping or slowing. Somewhere in the exhausted recesses of his mind Harry started understanding just how powerful his companions were. However, as quickly as it came it went, chased away by his single minded will to Not. Fall. Off.

Eventually, Harry could not hold on any longer and, limbs heavy, he started slipping from Suicune's back. Entei moved up beside his brother to catch the sleeping child across his back. Volcano and Northern Wind slowed down while the Storm dog ran on faster, disappearing from view.

Moments later a howl rand out, thunder rumbling in the clear dawning skies. Suicune and Entei moved quickly to the howls origin where Raikou stood before a breach in a craggy cliff face. Nodding to his brothers Raikou slipped inside easily. Entei shifted against Suicune's side jostling Harry back onto his back. Suicune entered slowly with Entei close behind to prevent Harry from falling.


Eventually the running stopped but, by that time Harry's thoughts were solely focused on hanging on. He clung like a limpet to Suicune's back with Sirius' small form clutched to his chest. Both were exhausted, drained by the transition between their world and this then the onerous escape from Hell incarnate. Neither noticed when the running slowed as the three dogs wove their through a crack in a cliff wall, down a steep embankment and into a hidden cavern. When Suicune tried to slip the boy from his back Harry roused just enough to cling harder. Eventually, Suicune gave up and lay on the ground to rest with the child still holding onto to his back.


It was soft and warm when he awoke. He did not open his eyes at first; he just basked in the feeling of safety. Clasped in his arms like a teddy was his transformed godfather adding to his comfort. His eyes blinked open when his pillow rumbled. A blunt nose nudged under his chin and Harry looked up into the red eyes of Suicune.

"Morning Suicune," Harry said, smiling sleepily. Looking down at Sirius he smirked before abruptly shaking his arms. Sirius yelped and jumped away, eyes wide with panic. The teen couldn't help it, he started cracking up. Finally understanding the little dog turned to glare at his laughing godson.

"I will get even Harry James Potter. Mark my words," he growled.

Suicune crooned then grabbed the sleeve of Harry's stolen uniform and pulled. Harry followed, looking back at Sirius confused.

"Breakfast time," Sirius translated, following at his godchild's side.

When they stopped at Harry's feet laid a pile of various berries he had never seen before. Sniffing at the pile Sirius carefully pulled out some type of banana. Biting into it the taste exploded on his tongue and he barked happily at his godson before diving in. Blinking in surprise at his godfather's enthusiasm Harry hesitantly reached into the pile removing a lemon shaped fruit. Biting into it Harry was almost bowled over by the sweet heat.

Neither teen nor dog could remember how long it had been since they ate but they were ravenous. Between the two of them the pile of fruit didn't last long.

A rumble erupted from the direction of the dog trio and Harry opened his eyes when his godfather translated for him.

"They want an explanation."


"I'm not sure how we got here. One moment we were in the middle of a fight with the bloody Dark Lord, Voldemort, and his inner circle, the next Bellatrix Lestrange forced Sirius here," a thin tanned hand scratched behind the Poochyena ears, "through the Death Veil. Remus, one of my teachers, tried to hold me back but, I got free and dived in after my godfather." Harry paused for a moment contemplating something before venturing, "I'm not sure if this means anything but… I'm pretty sure I saw a little, green fairy creature inside the Veil before I passed out. And...," Harry's fingers fidgeted against his pants before he reached up and pulled off his cap. He ran his fingers around the inner band and drew out a small, light iridescent green feather. Rolling it gently between his fingers he held the feather out for the four dogs to look at.

Entei rumbled, gold eyes glinting from the shine cast by his brothers. Sirius shifted restlessly beside his godson. "He recognizes the feather but he can't recall a specific name. It's another legendary pokemon though."

Raikou barked from where he stood near the cave entrance. The storm dog lifted his forepaw and batted a miniature version of the cage spheres towards Entei who growled back before passing it on to Suicune. White paws carefully held the ball as Suicune turned his intense red gaze onto their small rescuers gauging them. Harry held his breath under the intimidating animal's gaze his godfather so still he could have passed for petrified. A deceptively delicate white muzzle picked up the sphere and held it out to the dark haired boy. Blinking, Harry put the feather back inside his hat then held out his hand for Suicune to drop the ball into.

The human and Poochyena were trapped under the weighted gazes of the other two dogs as the arctic dog communicated with Sirius. Barks, growls, and shifted positions signified the conversation taking place between them with occasional input from the other brothers. Fifteen minutes later the noise ceased and Sirius plopped down in front of his godchild.

"Alright Harry here's the deal, mind you, these are just the basics. We, me and the dogs, are creatures called pokemon or pocket monsters. Pokemon are the animals of wherever here is and they come is all various shapes and sizes with different nature alignments that decide what sort of powers the pokemon has. Pokemon are either tame or wild and humans can catch wild pokemon in those," Sirius pointed at the red and white ball resting in Harry's hand, "things called pokeballs. Wild pokemon, like me, can be caught by anyone with a pokeball but as soon as I'm caught by one no one else can capture me with one. So, Suicune says you need to hit me with that ball to capture me and make me yours. Hit button on the front to release me once the ball dings."

Harry raised the ball to eye level and inspected it. It was so tiny, how could anything as big as Sirius, much less Entei or Suicune, fit inside it. 'I can understand catching Siri so no one else does but what if we get home? How am I supposed to free him then? Or will he be stuck forever once I catch him?'

Feeling eyes upon him the dark haired boy gulped under Entei's intense gaze. A powerful rumble, relatively neutral for the volcanic dog, rolled from his chest, eyes never leaving the bright green eyes of the human.

"It's alright Harrikins. There's some type of energy involved that shrinks me down to fit inside the ball and keep me in a light state of suspended animation so I don't go nutters when I'm stuck inside and I don't get worse if I'm injured. And you can free me later; let me go wild again, by giving a voice command before releasing me from the ball. So, I'm not stuck forever, once you free me from the ball I have no attachment to it and anyone can catch me again. It is something to do with the ball, not the energies of this world so if we go home you'll be able to free me even there. Sound good, kiddo?"

Harry nodded slowly, glared suspiciously at the fist sized red and white ball, and then gingerly tapped the button against his godfather's nose. With a whir a red light spread across his godfather and compressed, drawing itself and Sirius back into the ball, a metallic ding announced the successful capture of his godfather. Remembering Sirius' instructions Harry pressed the button again and the process reversed itself. The small, blue eyed black dog sat primly before Harry and wagged its tail.

"Congrats kiddo, you just caught a Poochyena. Now, the only things we have to worry about is if someone steals my ball or it breaks," Sirius congratulated.

"You weren't hurt?"

"Nope, all good here."

Harry smiled and reached down to rub his godfather's ears.

"So now what? We can't stay here forever and they can't keep protecting us," Harry asked worriedly.

Suicune nudged the boy's arm reassuringly while Entei conversed with Sirius. The Poochyena yipped and nodded then turned to Harry. "We stay here and rest until tomorrow night when Suicune will give us a ride to the nearest human area."

Nodding, Harry pulled Sirius into his arms and held him close, taking comfort in his godfather's warmth. Whispering steps announced Raikou's departure from the cave. Entei grunted, annoyed at his brother's antics then got up and moved over to the strange duo where he laid down curled around them. His fur was thicker and warmer than Suicune's and the child required comfort. Muck like the little blonde girl in the past. A comfortable weight settled against his side and in minutes soft, regular breathing filled the cave.

Entei growled quietly at Suicune's amused looked before succumbing to sleep himself.

AN2: Harry is with the Rockets because when Harry went through the Veil he was spit out, unconcious, on top of the Rocket base. Being the suspicious bad guys they are, especially when a really freaky Poochyena came through in a similar state just moments before, they decide to keep him and the Poochyena to find out who he is, where he's from, and what his relationship to the Specimen (aka Padfoot) is. Harry has been captured and kept under sedation for an indeterminate amount of time.

Also, just to head this off at the pass, I will go back and introduce the green feather in chapter 1 before too long. I meant to include it but forgot it and I didn't notice until after it was uploaded.

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