title: fall for me
for: meantimegirl
prompt: cartwheels, lollipops
word count: 381
note: Sequel to 'cat calls.'

"Sakura, why are you smiling like you just got away with murder?"

Sakura skipped down the hallway towards Ino, a smile spread wide across her face. "Everybody's finally forgotten about the chocolate cake incident with Sasuke-kun! I think even he forgot about it!" Squealing with delight, she popped her lollipop back into her mouth.

Ino giggled. "Yeah, and it only took a whole month, billboard brow!"

"Hey! It felt like an eternity! Sasuke-kun's fangirls stalked me the whole time, giving me evil yucky glares! It was hell!" Her cheeks puffed up. "You wouldn't understand, Ino-pig, everybody worships the cheerleaders! I should've tried out for the team when you did!"

"You would've looked amazing in our uniform, it makes your eyes stand out... too bad you're clumsier than a duck!"

Sakura gasped, almost dropping her lollipop. "Am not!"

Ino smirked. She loved getting her best friend all riled up. "Let's see you do a cartwheel then." Her smirk grew when Sakura shoved her books into her hands.

"You're on! I'll even do it one-handed, you'll see!" She took a deep breath, and before she could chicken out, she threw herself forward onto one hand. Halfway through the cartwheel, she heard people gasp, and before she could wonder why everyone was staring at her, she collided into something hard.

Oh no... This felt all too familiar. Looking down at the thing she'd collided with, she felt her soul leave her body when she realized it was a he. "S-Sasuke-kun...oh my god. I am soooo so sorry! I-I'm sure it'll come out if we just..." Her hand reached out tentatively, stopping only inches away from his head.

Sasuke seemed frozen in place, the lollipop that had been in Sakura's hand seconds before sticking out of his hair.

Her breath caught when he locked eyes with her, not a single trace of anger in them. He almost seemed to be laughing. She gulped. "S-Sasuke-kun...?"

"We really need to stop meeting like this, Haruno." He reached up and tapped her forehead twice with his knuckles. Smirking, he breathed out, "Looks like you didn't listen to me last time about wearing shorts. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were flirting with me."

Her jaw dropped.

Yeah, she was definitely getting murdered by his fangirls.