My Siren

It's the sequel, guys! The story is going to be told in a series of oneshots, and sorry for any boring film dialogue, but it's kinda necessary since the story is following the films quite closely. Anyway please R&R, hope you like it, and long live Beckabeth!

Elizabeth Swann stumbled through the streets of Port Royal, her limbs lethargic and heavy. And by God, did she know why. The memories of her encounter with the manipulative Lord Beckett flooded her mind, despite her determination to block them out.

His lips invading her mouth, his tongue flicking hers, his hands on her body, inside her body…

Stop it! She shouted to herself.

She looked back at the EITC offices, imagining him awaking alone, his bed devoid of her presence. For one moment her heart tugged her back, back to his warm bed, but she squared her shoulders and strode on, away from the EITC offices. She shut out the clamouring screams of her body, demanding her return to him, but in the end, they had wrapped up their 'deal'. He would probably just hand her over to his agents, if he woke up to discover her still beside him. God, he was so odious! She stalked into the shadows, searching the docks for any drunken sailors who would relinquish their clothing.

Beckett awoke groggily, before snapping back to full awareness. The bed beside him was empty, devoid of Elizabeth Swann. He smirked, and swung out of bed, swiping his discarded clothes off the floor. He threw them onto a chair, and picked fresh clothing from his armoire. Dressed and shaven, he strode through to the main office area.

He noted wryly that the Letters of Marque were gone. He chuckled, as he wandered onto the balcony, to lean on the railing. His cold eyes surveyed the bustling scene below, randomly searching out a golden-haired head, a lovely face.

Searching a haystack of humanity for a beautiful needle.

He suddenly straightened, as the sun peeked over the horizon and he spotted a very familiar head striding towards the docks. He watched the lone figure stop, then visibly rally and marched off, chin in the air. He smirked; he would know that figure anywhere after last night.

He had spent half the night worshipping it.

He felt a presence behind him, and partially turned his head to find Mercer waiting behind, a silent shadow.

"Well?" he asked impatiently, playing the charade for a little longer.

"Not a sign, sir," Mercer reported, a perturbed look in his dead eyes. He had been looking for the Swann girl the whole night, and the exhaustion showed in his annoyed tone. Beckett smirked, mentally replying that would be because she was in my bed half the night. But he didn't tell him that.

"She broke into the offices and stole the letters of marque," he told Mercer bluntly. "I have a feeling she will be heading to Tortuga. Follow her there, observe her movements, and report back to me,"

"Aye sir," Mercer bowed obsequiously, a pleased smirk on his weather-beaten face.

"And have Governor Swann thrown into the lockup, at least until we have information on his daughter. That ought to weaken his obstinacy," Beckett finished, waving his aide away. Mercer bowed once more and left. He leant back over the railing, searching for that elusive flash of gold, but she had disappeared. He smiled, the smile of a predator scenting his prey.

Enjoy your freedom while you may, Elizabeth. I'm coming for you, soon…