Hey guys! Wanted to give you an update. I'm having some major tech problems with my stories on this site. I'm having problems uploading. When I upload a chapter every sentence, every paragraph runs together in one long jumbled mess. I can't edit any chapters of any of my stories, and I can't even seem to access my own profile to edit it. Just to let you know I have about 5 new chapters up on this story over at Dokuga. So head over there and check it out. Be aware that I have no author's notes on that site so the numbering of chapters is different. Be sure you don't miss any chapters. A LOT is happening now.

Also, if these tech problems don't get resolved soon I'm going to find another site to post on. FF dot net is so big that it takes them forever to get anything done. Don't get me wrong I love this site for is diversity, but sometimes bigger is not better. I promise not to disappear however. If I do decide to move I will post an announcement on my profile and leave it for a month telling what site I'll be moving to so you guys can find me.