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"So then she finally said 'Senpai, I can't go out with you anymore. There's this other guy I like'." I said trying to keep as calm as possible. I was excited that Asahina and I finally got together. I felt great. I really don't know what else to do now.

"Well I'm happy for you, Yamato." Yasunobu said as he took a bite of his corn dog. "I'm glad that you didn't waste a whole year of your life for nothin'."

"Thank you, I appreciate that." I replied sarcastically.

"No really. I'm happy for you." he retorted with a mouth full of food. "And you did it without my help. I'm proud of you, man."

"I just hope it lasts." I sighed, resting my elbow on the table and propped my chin on my fist.

"It will, you know what she's like. Just don't do anything stupid." he said rather loudly.

"Is he hounding you again?" said Hashiba as she walked by our table. "I don't see how you put up with him."

"No, no. He's not hounding me." I sighed.

"Turns out that he and Suzuka finally hooked up." Yusunobu nearly shouted. Hashiba's face lit up, mine sunk into my folded arms.

"Really? Oh my goodness, Yamato. Congratulations." she beamed.

"Do you have to be so loud?" I whispered. I didn't want Asahina to know that I've been telling people.

"Well, you worked so hard I just thought that you'd want to be recognized for it." Hashiba shrugged as she put her tray on the table and sat down behind it.

"Well recognize me after you see us together. What if people find out? She'll think I've been going around telling everybody." I said.

"Telling everybody what?" Asahina said wearing her usual emotionless gaze.

"Uh. . . , Asahina!" I said uneasily. It's amazing how even though we're together she still makes me nervous. "It's n-nothing."

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, Yamato." she sighed. "I don't care if you tell your friends about us, just don't go crazy with it." she said softly before she just walked off.

"Uh, okay. I won't." I said before laying my head down on the table in defeat.

"So how do you plan on maintaining this relationship?" Yasunobu asked.

"Didn't you just say that If I don't do anything stupid that I'll be fine?" I said, my face still planted on the table.

"You don't have anything to worry about Yamato." Hashiba started. "Just be yourself and if it doesn't work out then it wasn't meant to be."

"What she means is when you two break up then she's available." Yasunobu said through cut eyes. "But like I said, it's not good to rebound with your friends."

"You are one sick little boy." Hashiba shook her head as she pulled her chopsticks apart.

"I'm not sick. Maybe it's you. You're the sick one." Yasunobu growled. "It takes a sick person to know a sick person."

"I'm not the one talking about rebounding with your friends." she replied as she started into her noodles.

"Yes you are! You've been trying to get with Yamato ever since he joined the track team!" Yasunobu yelled.

"Cut it out you two. Asahina's still in here." I whispered loudly.

"Well it wouldn't have mattered because he's liked Suzuka since before school started last year." Hashiba screamed back.

"Are you even listening?" I said again, now covering my head with my arms. I could feel Asahina drilling holes in my head with her gaze and I don't even know where she sat.

"It didn't seem to stop you. You kept giving him all those private practices and forced him to take you out on lunch dates." he shouted.

"Please?" I said softly.

"They weren't lunch dates. And I was trying to help him with his baton work." she said competing with his loudness. "But then you wouldn't understand because unlike you Yamato isn't a slacker."

"So if you had a chance at him right now; if Suzuka wasn't your best friend and they weren't together right now, would you try to get with? And tell the truth." Yasunobu bellowed.

"SHUT UP!" I yelled and slid my chair back as I quickly stood. I hadn't really noticed that people weren't really even paying attention until I started shouting, the whole cafeteria grew silent. So to keep myself from looking like a complete fool and embarassing Asahina, I walked out of the cafeteria. I didn't know what to do or where to go after that so I just leaned against the wall by the door. I ran both my hands through my hair and rested my head against the wall. It's over, I thought. She hates me, even more than she usually does."Ahh! Why am I such a stupid idiot!?" I yelled, banging my head against the wall after every other syllable.

"Being a stupid idiot isn't bad." Asahina said, standing on the opposite side of the door. My head whipped around quickly. "They cancel out so I stupid idiot is a smart person, or at least an average person."

"I'm sorry for all of that in there." I said, rubbing the back of my head bashfully. "I tried to get them to stop but. . . ."

"It's okay." she replied. "They're still in there going at it. Now they're arguing about who made you mad."

"They fight like a married couple." I said, retreating back against my side of the door. "I'm sick of it."

"We used to fight like that," Asahina said quietly. ". . . more or less."

"Yeah, I guess we did." I said, rubbing the back of my head again and letting off a goofily awkward smile. "We turned out okay, right?" I regretted those words as soon as they left my mouth.

". . . . I suppose. . . . We are a couple now." she whispered.

"Yeah," I replied in my usual uneasy tone. Almost right after my statement, the bell for last period rang. The hall quickly filled with students. I made my way through the bustling crowd toward Asahina. "You want me to walk you to class?" I asked. Unfortunately we weren't in the same class anymore.

"No, that's okay. I can manage," she said distantly.

"Well, okay." I replied slowly. "I guess I'll see you at practice then."

"I guess you will." she said softly. "Bye." she waved and disappeared into the rolling crowd.

"Bye." I sighed, jamming my hands into my pockets. I don't know what it is but it feels like were in a dead drift. We're not getting any closer but it's not like we were any less social than we've always been. I mean the most we've ever done together as a couple was walk to school holding hands that one time. I guess it'll get better. I hope it does. I hope I can be the man she needs in her life. I don't want to let her down. I mean, it was a big step for her to get over Kazuki. I don't want that to be in vain. I suppose I can use what I've learned from dating Honoka. I'm gonna need some help.

"Yamato." came Hashiba's voice.

"I don't want to hear it." I said quietly.

"Listen Yamato, I'm sorry if we embarrassed you in there. We had no right to be loud about your relationship with Suzuka." she smiled apologetically.

"It's not too much of a relationship, really." I sighed. "She acts so distant. I don't really know what to do."

"Ask Hashiba, maybe she'll go shopping with you to find her something nice." Yasunobu said in his usual obnoxious tone. "Then she can make you buy her lunch again and maybe you'll fall in love with her like in one of her dreams."

"Mind your own business, we were talking and it had nothing to do with you." Hashiba scoffed.

"You're one to talk. You butt in when me and Yamato talk all the time. . . ." he started. I didn't even adress it this time. I just walked away. Their bickering isn't helping me. I need some help and I don't know who to turn to. Maybe I can talk to Nana, she seems to know quite a bit about relationships. Yeah, she'll help me.