I've gone over the reviews again after about a year, that I'm still getting by the way and felt moved to re-read my story. And as usual I don't think it's all that good. Found a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes that I'm too lazy to fix. But you guys love it. I'm glad you do. I'm glad you all support my work and thank God for you guys. So just as a thank you, and by popular demand, I decided to put in one more chapter. Enjoy.

On your mark, get set, GO!

We set off on a maddening sprint. I had a wiid grin on my face. I knew I was gonna win this one. I mean look at my competition. Piece of cake. We had run about 50 meters of the track already. Now here come the hurdles. Even if I don't make it over I can still at least outrun these guys. I mean come on look at who I'm racing. I've got this in the bag. Heres the first hurdle... Hah! Made it alright lets keep this going. One... two... three... one... two... three! Yes! I should run backwards just to show off a bit. Hehehe.


I turned around to answer my daughter who I'm sure I had burned already. "Yes honey..." No one was there...

"Over here Dad." I stopped and turned around again and saw Fuka and Suzuka standing at the finish line.

"Oh..." I said uneasily. "Guess I'm not the sprinter I used to be."

"I guess not." Suzuka replied with a grin.

"Maybe hurdles and long distances just aren't your thing?" Fuka chuckled. She had grown so much. It seemed like yesterday she was just learning how to walk. Now she's a 13-year-old top 20 ranked junior high hurdler and an honor student. Looks so much like her mother too. I'm so proud of my little girl.

"Very funny." I said as I approached. "I'll have you know that when I was your age I was-"

"The number two sprinter in all of Japan." mocked my wife and daughter. "Honey, you were the second high school sprinter in Japan." Suzuka smiled.

"Well I was above a whole lot of other people. There are alot of kids in high school y'know." I smiled confidently. "At any rate I had to discontinue my carreer to raise my beautiful daughter and support my wonderful family." I said as I took Fuka then Suzuka into my arms.

"Yeah, yeah." Fuka smiled. "Love you, too Dad."

"Ready to go, Fuka?" Suzuka asked.

"No, I'm gonna hang around here for a little bit practice a little bit more." Fuka smiled as she walked back towards the starting line. "I'll be home in time for dinner."

"Alright, dear. Don't work too hard." I said as I waved to her.

"I won't." she replied. "See you guys."

"See you when you get home dear." Suzuka waved. We both turned and began down the street. We decided to stay in Tokyo after we had Fuka since schools were much more convient here. And everything was walking distance. We thought about moving to Hiroshima but that was pretty far and we really didn't have the money to get there and buy a house. So with a bit a saving, a few raises and some favors we managed to find a nice house right in town. It's a pretty nice place. I glad we have a good home to raise our daughter in. So far its been going pretty well but her teenage years are here so anything can happen at this point. But I'm sure everything will be fine.

"I'm so proud of our daughter." Suzuka said with a smile. She smiles alot more often now. And I'm happy she does. After all the hard times we've been through together I'm glad she can relax now.

"Aw, you say that every day." I teased. "You sound like a broken record."

"I am!" she replied. "I'm glad that she wants to do track and that we didn't have to make her."

"It's in her blood. I'd be surprised if she didn't want to do track." I said boastfully.

"And what if she didn't, Yamato?" she asked.

"Well..., then I'd still support her in whatever she wants to do." I hesistated.

"Don't try to relive your high school day through Fuka. Let her live her own life." Suzuka said calmly. I like that about her now. Ever since we had Fuka she doesn't really snap at me anymore... she moreso advises. It makes things alot more peaceful. I'm glad shes found patience.

"I am. I'm not trying to force her to run track. I'm proud of whatever she wants to be. I'm just being supportive. And since I'm supporting her in track I just want her to be the athlete I never got to be." I said. I took her hand and locked my finger between hers. "Have I told you that I love how you grew out your hair?" I looked her in the eyes with a smile.

"Almost every day." she smiled back. "Have I told you that those glasses look ridiculous on you?"

"N-no! They do not!" I stopped in my tracks. "They make me look more fatherly."

"Whatever you say, dear." Suzuka said as she continued to walk pulling me along with her.

"Well I'm still the same Yamato Akitsuki that you fell madly in love with not too long ago." I teased with a smirk.

"I suppose," she said with a smile. "Though the Yamato I fell in love with was a pain. And still is."

"Very funny." I replied sarcastically. I looked around a bit as we continued to walk hand in hand until we walked past the park. "Hey come here!" said as I tugged her down the steps into the courtyard of the city park.

"What's down here?" Suzuka asked.

"This, since it seems you have forgotten, is where we had our first kiss." I smiled as I took both her hands.

"Oh right I remember." she smiled as she looked into my eyes. "And when I slapped you three times and called you a jerk after?"

"I've rubbed off on you haven't I?" I said with a dropped expression.

"Yes, dear." she replied with a smile. I couldn't help but smile back. "Didn't you cry after-"

"That was rain. I was not crying." I replied quickly.

"Are you sure because if I recall correctly..." she started.

"Aw, just shut up and kiss me." I smiled. She smiled back as our lips met. Even after all these years it still feels the same way. I'm still crazy for Suzuka and my little Fuka. The two most important ladies in my life. They've helped me grow up so much and make my life so much brighter. I don't regret a thing thats happened to me and it's all because of them. My hand withdrew from hers and carressed her face gently. She threw both her arms around my neck and I used my free hand to pull her closer. We really haven't had a chance to kiss like this in a long time. It's a quite a breath of fresh air. She broke the kiss but still had her arms around my neck. Mine were still on her waist and cheek.

"It's been a while since we've done that." she smiled.

"Yep." I replied coolly. I heard applause from the people around us. We both looked around and blushed. "I forgot people were here." I whispered to her.

"So did I." She whispered back. I pulled her in for a hug a rested my chin on her head. "I love you Yamato Akitsuki."

"I know." I chuckled cockily. She backed away delivered a swift hit to my chest. I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled it back around my neck. "I love you, too Suzuka Asahina." I captured her lips again as the crowd continued to applaud I heard a cheer or two in the background but it all faded away as I went back into my own world with my wife and the love of my life who caputured my heart with a single high jump.