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Trinity Blood: The Bad Abel Blue

Part 2

Abel caught up to Esther as she stormed across the central courtyard toward the main gate, still muttering and cursing, her fists clenched at her sides. Abel stumbled over benches and hedgerows in an attempt to keep up with the enraged young woman.

"Esther…" Abel tripped over a bush, "Wait…" a bench leaped up and caught him around the ankles, toppling him over, "Esther…" a fountain came out of nowhere, dropping him in like a lucky penny into a wishing well, "Esther, please, wait!" he sputtered, dripping water. Esther ignored his outbursts, stomping up to the gates. Abel looked about at the waters of the fountain, and dove face-first into them, thrashing loudly. Passersby stared in disbelief and confusion as Abel seemingly struggled to keep his face above the water.

"Esther, please, help me! I'm drowning!" he spat water and thrashed harder.

"Just so you know, drowning people are incapable of calling for help," the Professor smirked as he passed by.

"Thanks a lot," Abel sat up and watched as Esther disappeared through the gates. He leaped from the water and tumbled across the courtyard, his robes dripping as he ran to catch up.

Abel finally caught up to Esther as she entered the Vatican market commons.

"Esther…" Abel tripped over a basket of apples, raising indignant shouts from the stall owner, "sorry…Esther! Please wait!" his ankle caught a stray cat, eliciting a yowl as he tumbled face first to the pavement. He lifted his head and straightened his glasses as Esther disappeared around a nearby corner. He sprinted after her.

He rounded the corner to see Esther stop at a bakery cart about halfway down the street, perusing the wares. Abel glanced around and ran up to a flower cart, picking out a long, vivid rose.

"How much for the flower?" he asked the keeper breathlessly.

"One dinar," the keeper answered. Abel opened his coin purse and placed one of his four remaining coins on the florist's stall, hurrying off after the departing nun.

He caught up quickly, breathing hard, and held the rose out to her.

"I got you a flower…" Esther picked the vivid red blossom from his hand and tossed it over her shoulder, where it quickly disappeared in the bustle of the marketplace. Abel frowned, looked around, and sprinted to a jewelry cart, quickly selecting a short silver chain. He held it up breathlessly, a questioning look in his eyes.

"Three dinars, sir," the vendor answered. Abel opened his purse and sighed as he stared balefully at his last three coins. His face hardened and he laid the coins out, taking off before he lost Esther in the shuffle. He held the chain out to her. She grabbed it, and tossed it away, just as she had the flower. Abel's face drooped.

"Esther, please, what must I do to earn your forgiveness?" he begged helplessly. She sniffed and turned up her nose as she continued on towards the park. Abel, in desperation, dove at her legs.

"Esther, please, in the name of God and every angel in Heaven, talk to me!" he wailed as he held her about the legs. Esther pulled one foot free and fought for every step, dragging the wailing, crying priest after her. Abel refused to let go, and she finally stopped.

"Abel, you're making a scene!" Esther glared down at him. His face brightened and he leaped to his feet.

"Good! You're talking to me! That's good progress!" he grinned. Esther rolled her eyes and turned away, but the hint of a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth, "And a smile! I saw that! You smiled! I got you to smile!" Abel danced around in front of her gleefully.

"Abel…" Esther growled warningly, stopping short as Abel pushed his face in front of hers, a sloppy grin plastered on it.

"Admit it, Esther. I make you smile!" he gloated. Esther finally let a full grin break out as she shoved him aside, continuing into the park.

"I have every right to be mad at you! Stop cheering me up!" she giggled back at him. Abel sighed in relief and nearly fainted in the mid-market traffic. He hurried after her, and stopped short as he entered a clearing where a long table laid out with presents, sweets and punch sat in splendor. Cardinal Caterina sat with several other AX members, including Father Leon, the Professor, Sister Kate, Father Hugue and even Father Tres. Abel smacked his forehead. The party! Caterina smiled as Esther seated herself, motioning Abel to do the same.

"Before we begin with the luncheon, perhaps Esther would like to open her gifts?" Caterina announced, "so if Abel would be willing to start us off?" she smiled at Abel. His face fell, "Abel? Your gift for Esther, please?"

"Um…she sort of…threw them away," he glanced up shamefully. Esther's face darkened again.

"You call that a gift? Four dinars worth of an old rose and a cheap pewter chain, which, I might add, you never would have remembered to buy if I hadn't been angry in the first place? You call that a decent gift?" she seemed to grow taller and more fierce with every word, and Abel felt himself shrinking into his seat. The other AX members shifted uncomfortably.

"But, Esther…" Abel whined.

"There are no buts about it, Abel!" Esther glared, "I thought my most trusted friend would at least remember my birthday! Apparently, I was mistaken!" Esther's words cut through Abel like a knife. His face fell.

"Esther!" Caterina's shocked voice broke the uncomfortable silence, "That is quite enough!" Esther's face softened slightly, and she turned back to Abel. He stared up pleadingly, but she only shook her head and turned away again, sitting down sadly. Abel looked around, slowly rose to his feet, turned, and strolled dejectedly from the park.

"Abel!" Caterina called after him.

"Let him go, Cardinal," the Professor said, "let's just try to make the rest of Esther's birthday as pleasant as possible!" he slid his present over to Esther, who began slowly unwrapping it as she gazed after Abel, tears in her eyes.

Abel slowly trudged into his quarters and fell face first onto his bed, tears streaming from his eyes. How had it come to this? Why couldn't he just say what he wanted? Why did he always lock up when she came near? He could act angry, sad, silly, stupid…he could do everything but act sincere. He could do everything but tell her, to her face, how he felt about her….

That was it! He couldn't tell her to her face…but maybe he could still tell her. He ran over to his desk, grabbing up some sheets of parchment and some quill pens. He sat down and began scribbling furiously. He had to work quickly, before Esther got back from the luncheon. He became entranced in his writing as his feathered quill worked across the pages…

Esther dragged herself into her quarters, tears in her eyes, and dropped her armful of gifts and trinkets onto her desk. She collapsed onto her bed and wept miserably. She didn't know why she had been so cruel to Abel. She had just been so angry. She had hoped that he, of all people, would have realized how important this day would be to her, how important he was to her. She sat up and wiped her eyes, and her eye caught something out of place on her pillow. She sniffed, and reached for the folded piece of parchment sitting neatly on her pillow, her name scrawled just as neatly on the front fold. She turned it over and found Abel's seal in wax on the back.

Esther's heart beat faster as she broke the wax seal and unfolded the letter carefully. Her eyes filled with tears again as she read:

"My Dearest Esther,

I cannot say how sorry I am to have turned such a sweet day to such a bitter mouthful. It breaks my heart to know that I have caused you so much pain, and it hurts all the more, because every pain I cause you hurts my own heart as well.

I know this must seem strange. I know that I must confuse you. I know that I must seem like the most incoherent idiot in all of creation at times. It is only because I love you so much that I am struck dumb in your presence.

Perhaps I should explain why I spit feathers in the morning…"

Abel glanced up at the knocking on his door.

"Abel?" it was Esther's voice. His heart leaped into his throat. He gulped it back down, sighed heavily, and slowly got to his feet. They felt like lead weights as he dragged himself to the door. He slowly turned the latch and drew the heavy oak door open.

Esther was on the other side. She had tears in her eyes, his letter in her hand and little else over the rest of her. A tight black mini dress barely covered her, and her wet eyes gazed longingly into his. His jaw dropped and his eyes bugged out. His mouth felt as dry as the Carthaginian desert. He worked his tongue.

"Esther…" he managed to gasp out. She shook her head and put her finger to his lips, pushing him back into his quarters, the door closing behind them. She pushed him onto the bed and leaned forward, her eyes closed and her lips parted, pleading. He stopped her gently, reached over, and pinched his arm. He glanced at his pillow, and checked his mouth. Esther giggled.

"There are no feathers, Abel," she smiled, "at least, not yet!"

"I'm not dreaming, am I?" Abel asked incredulously. Esther shook her head and sank against him, pushing him back into the pillows, his arms reaching up to embrace her. Abel's letter fell from Esther's fingers as she let Abel pull her in.

"I cannot explain the bounds of my love, for they are infinite, and everlasting. I can think of no greater gift than my own life, if you will have it. My pledge to love you unconditionally until my dying day.

Forgive every slip, every mistake, every last idiotic episode. They are the attempts of a foolish man to insert himself forever into the dreams of his dearest friend, and deepest love. Happy birthday, my darling.

Yours forever, until the end of days,

Father Featherhead"

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