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"And please extend a warm welcome to our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Mr. Harry Potter."

Harry stood up and smiled to acknowledge the smattering of applause in the Great Hall and nodded to Dumbledore. He sat down again, eyes doing a quick survey of the sea of students in front of him. His eyes landed on the Slytherin table, where not a single student was clapping. His gaze was on a certain platinum haired blonde whose face seemed even more hostile than the others. The blonde regarded him with cold silver eyes…

"He's a teacher?" remarked Pansy Parkinson, "looks young enough to be a student! Urgh! I'm sure the girls are already drooling over him…"

"I hope for your sake that you aren't one of them, Pansy," said Blaise Zabini casually.

"Oh please, I have high standards!"

"He's younger, that means he's inexperienced," Draco Malfoy cut in smoothly, lips curling in a grin, "That means he'll be an easy target." His looked at the new teacher and met his gaze. Draco inhaled sharply, those emerald eyes seemed to penetrate him, see what no one else could see. The contact lasted for about two seconds and then Harry turned away.

It was only then that Draco realized that his heart was beating rather fast…

"Professor Flitwick," Harry looked away and turned towards the tiny wizard next to him, "Who is that student at the Slytherin table? The one with the pale blonde hair?"

"Hm? Oh that's Draco Malfoy," Flitwick squeaked back in response, "I'd suggest you'd watch out for him. He's the reason why we haven't been able to keep a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for more than a year for the past two years now!"

Harry gave him a quizzical look, "I'm sorry but I don't understand. What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I don't mean to discourage you or anything and I'm sure Albus would talk to you about this tonight, but lets just say that Mr. Malfoy seems to have taken it upon himself to make sure no teacher wants the job after dear old Quirrel retired."

Harry frowned, he didn't like the sound of that, "So…the previous two teachers didn't want to keep the job because of Draco Malfoy?"

Flitwick nodded, "I don't have a clear take on how he does it but Albus would most probably. Actually, I'd suggest you should prepare a bit extra for facing the rest of the Seventh Year as well. It's a nightmare I tell you. Especially if Slytherin and Gryffindor are together!"

"Same reason I presume."

"Right you are. Astonishingly bright students but it takes your soul to manage them. Take tips from Severus if you want. He's really good at it. Which isn't much of a surprise since he's the head of the Slytherin house."

Harry nodded absently, looking at the Slytherin table again. Albus had personally requested him to take up this job…and now it didn't seem as odd a request as it had done then.

As Flitwick had said, Albus Dumbledore did come to visit him after the feast that night. He was preparing to sleep when there was a knock on his door.

"Oh, hello Professor Dumbledore," Harry said, opening the door to let the headmaster in.

"Pardon me for the late intrusion, Harry but there are certain things that I simply must talk to you about." Dumbledore smiled at him, eyes twinkling, "It seems that you were expecting me."

Harry nodded, "Professor Flitwick did say you might drop by."

"Honestly Harry, you can address us by our names. You are a teacher here yourself."

"I know, Professor Dumbledore," Harry grinned, "So, has this got something to do with Draco Malfoy?"

"Indeed it does. I'm sure Filius already told you this but please, do be wary of him. The last two teachers were highly competent but were more than happy to leave Hogwarts. And no one else was ready to take this job until Draco finished his schooling here."

"So…that's why you asked me to take up this job?"

"I hope you can forgive me for taking a year of your Auror job. But trust me, you'll find this job as challenging as any of your missions."

"I don't mind the slightest, Professor. But why me? I hardly have any experience in this."

Dumbledore smiled his mysterious smile again, "That is precisely the reason I chose you."

Harry waited but didn't get any further explanation, "So, how exactly will Draco Malfoy trouble me?"

Dumbledore stood up, midnight blue robes swirling around him, "I'm sure you'll find it out by tomorrow. I wish you the best, Harry."

Harry frowned as the door clicked shut. Curse Dumbledore for being his enigmatic self as always. But in any case, he was kinda bored of his job at the Auror office. Two years as an Auror and still no exciting case. In comparison, teaching seemed like a new and more exciting prospect and someone had made things a lot more interesting now.

Harry woke up early the next morning and it took him a moment to realize where he was. He smiled, it was his first day as a teacher and he was looking forward to it. He went through his time-table for the day, quickly jotted down what he was going to teach and collected the reference books for it. Having done that, he tried to futilely comb his messy jet black hair and made his way down for breakfast. It was still quite early and hence not many students were present in the Great Hall. After greeting the other teachers present, Harry poured himself some juice and started reading the Daily Prophet. Nothing eventful had happened until Harry was making his way back to his office.

"So, did you do it?"

Harry halted.

"Ye-yes Dra-"

"Shut up. Who said you could use my name? Now leave!"

Harry strode towards the corridor from where he heard the voices. There was Draco Malfoy and with him was a tall black boy. And judging by the sound of running footsteps, whoever they were bullying had run off. The two had their backs to Harry and hence hadn't seen him yet.

Harry cleared his throat, "Morning, Draco."

Draco whipped around and so did his friend. Harry noticed the Head Boy badge pinned to his robe. If Draco was surprised at seeing Harry there, in no way did he show it. He smiled coolly, "Morning, Professor."

"I don't think you've been down for breakfast. You'd better hurry if you don't want to be late."

"Yes, that's where I'm heading."

"Really? I didn't know threatening younger kids was breakfast for you, Draco."

The silver eyes glinted dangerously.

"I'm looking forward to your class, Professor." Draco said, meeting Harry's challenging gaze with his own.

Harry raised his eyebrows slightly, "And I'm looking forward to having you in my class."

With that, Harry turned and walked off.

"What the hell was that?" said Blaise softly, looking at Harry's retreating figure.

Draco narrowed his eyes, "This should be interesting. I actually am looking forward to his class now. Lets see what happens to that cocky attitude of his when he finds out I know more than him."

"I dunno Draco. He seems to be different from the earlier teachers…"

Harry's first ever lesson was with the Slytherin and Ravenclaw second years, which in his opinion went pretty smoothly and before lunch, he had the Sytherin and Hufflepuff fourth years. He didn't face any problems in that either, except the two detentions he had to hand out to the two Slytherins who kept on missing their targets and instead hitting the Hufflepuffs.

"So, Harry," beamed Flitwick happily, during lunch "How's you first day going?"

Harry smiled back, "Pretty awesome till now. But after this I have double period with seventh year Gryffindors and Slytherins"

Flitwick's eyes widened slightly, "Well, good luck then…"

Harry's attention was then distracted. Draco Malfoy had just entered the Great Hall. Harry did a quick analysis of him as taught in his Auror training. He was walking with the same boy from that morning and another girl. And close on his heels were several other students. So he had a lot of influence over his housemates. And judging by the furtive glances cast in his direction, popular amongst the girls too. Harry couldn't blame them, Draco Malfoy was almost flawless in appearance with his plantinum blonde hair swept back with some strands casually falling over his silver eyes. Eyes which were ruthlessly cold and demanding. Harry smirked, judging by the way Draco poised himself, he was arrogant. Hell, Pride was his greatest sin. And that would be his weakness.

"Erm…Harry…you look scary with that look on your face…"

Harry's attention snapped back to Flitwick, "Oh, sorry Professor…"

Flitwick was now regarding him with even wider eyes, "You looked as if you had just hatched a brilliant plot to kill Mr. Malfoy or something…"

"What?" Harry was amused, "To kill him? No. I'd rather say its more like, to render him helpless."

Flitwick frowned, "I guess Albus was right to get an Auror as a teacher then…"

If anything, Harry was even more amused at that.

Harry knew something like this would happen. All the students were currently standing outside the class. Harry made his way towards them.

"What's wrong?" he asked, brow furrowed.

"You should take a look, Professor," Draco said, voice laced with fake worry.

Eyebrows shooting up, Harry glanced inside the classroom.

It was a total mess.

The desks and chairs were upturned, parchments littered the floor, ink pots lay smashed on the floor, books lay toppled. The room looked as though it had been hit by a hurricane.

Taking a deep breath, Harry composed himself and came back out.

"Well, this is inconvenient. But it shouldn't pose much of a problem to clean up. Say, Draco, could you please clear up the mess? Use a string of spells please."

"Ah…sure, Professor," Draco smirked, and sauntered inside. He flicked up his wand and with one long sweeping motion, restored the room back to its proper condition.

Harry kept his face passive, "How many spells did you use?"

"Five," Draco replied smugly.

"Hm…could've been done in three. Get in everyone."

Draco felt the colour rise to his cheeks as the Gryffindors filed past him. Five spells in string and that too non-verbal was no mean feat. And yet, Harry Potter had brushed it aside as though it were nothing.

"Draco?" said Blaise, "Come on…"

Harry took out the register and checked the names of the students. Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Seamus Finnigan.

"Right," Harry said, "Now that I know all of you, lets begin! Today I was going to have a practice session of all the basic spells. But now, to make it more interesting, lets do it in string and combination…"

"Heh," Draco muttered darkly, "lets see how many spells he manages to do…"

"So…why don't all of you give me one spell each, slightly related to each other and I'll string them together and use the combination. Draco, lets start with you."

This time Draco wasn't able to hide the scowl, this teacher was getting on his nerves now…and tap dancing on them! "Oh why don't you string the Cruciatus with something!?" he snapped.

Harry looked at him coolly, "And pray what would you string the Cruciatus with? Do you not know that the Unforgivable Curses can't be strung with any other spells?"

"The Cruciatus can be strung with the Imperius so that whenever the person under the Imperius tries to disobey-"

"Detention, Draco." Harry interrupted smoothly, eyes slightly wide as to how Draco knew of that particular piece of information. That was highly advanced dark magic and certainly not to be known by NEWT level students, "Yes so never mind that. First tell me the advantages of stringing and combining with examples and then we can move on to practicing them…"

It went well after that, with Draco just choosing to silently glare at him. He had just finished giving them homework(An essay on stringing and combining spells, the basics and complexities) when the bell rang.

"Draco, stay back would you?"

Another death glare. It was a tense class that walked out of the classroom, each looking over their shoulders as Draco slowly made his way towards Harry. Not many teachers bothered to give Draco Malfoy detention these days. His performance in academics was far too extraordinary.

"That was quite an answer you gave back there," Harry said, sitting down on a chair, "Although you've been taught stringing last year, I doubt they taught you about doing so to an Unforgivable."

"Just get on with it…" Draco muttered, "What about my detention?"

"My office, seven p.m, today."

Draco gave a curt nod and turned to leave.

"Oh and Draco, you can get along any homework or study materials that you might want to."

A brief flash of puzzlement flashed across his face but only for a second and then he was gone.

Harry sighed in relief. He felt slightly guilty at having given detention when he should've been glad that a student knew so much. Honestly, Draco should be concentrating more on his exams than this…but then Harry wasn't one who'd back down without a fight…

In any case, Harry knew that Draco wanted to become an Auror(know thy enemy!) and he simply couldn't bear if he'd have to work with an arrogant bastard with an I'm-the-closest-thing-to-God attitude.

Harry was both dreading as well as looking forward to the detention…

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