If one were to believe in the hands of fate he would have to believe that no matter what he did in life he would have to go down the preordained path before him. Trekking down this path to an end that could never be changed no matter how many times he tried to leave the path chosen for him.

He believed it to be the biggest bunch of nonsense he had ever heard. His life was his own and fate was nothing but a nonexistent thing beings created to blame the unknown and unfortunate on. Things that were beyond their own control or things they didn't want to take responsibility for.

He took responsibility for the things he did and never tried to pass the blame off onto some nonexistent entity in an attempt to avoid retribution from the here and now. The things he did he was proud of no matter the title labeled to the things he did. Evil, wicked, deadly, cruel, and on the list went and if anyone didn't like what he did he didn't care.

That was just the kind of being he was.

Therefore he didn't believe it was fate that caused him to do what he did he did what he did by his own choice. Choices were made after they were thoroughly analyzed until they brought about the result he wanted. If it didn't work out the way he wanted he rethought the problem out, found the flaw, reorganized, and set everything into motion.

The only thing he couldn't control were the forces that he couldn't… well… control; such as the sun and stars. No matter what he did they continued to move across the sky in a mocking dance to a tune that none influenced or determined. Yet the control over the skies was not his concern. If the skies wanted to circle the lands who was he to care how or why they did it. He had other more important things to control mainly the circle of time and life he was stuck in.

No matter how many times he made the trip around the ring of time he never once remembered making the circle; until now. After analyzing the constant cause and effect of the ring of time he made his wish upon the jewel with a only a minor alteration in his wording.

It was one thing to wish to be completed it was quite another to wish to be complete with all memories of his previous walk around the ring of time. From the all the information supplied to him through his wish he learned one very important factor. He found that every time he made the wish to become complete that it was he who forgot the girl that helped him not the other way around as he surmised.

They would become enemies through chance and hurt. She would be hurt because he forgot her and would suppress the memories of him until he was no longer recognizable to her. That however was an easy fix it was that other entity known as chance that was the problem.

Chance was like the sun and stars; incontrollable. Chance played by its own rules no matter what anyone said or did about it. It was by choice that he made the wish he did it was chance that put the time line just days before her first jump through the well.

Some would interchange chance and fate depending on which side benefited them the most and allowed them the least amount of responsibility. That wasn't him however he accepted responsibility for each and every thing he did even if it wasn't known by any other but him.

So for him to take responsibility for what he did to stop the first jump through the well was no skin off his back. He was dark and evil and did as he pleased when he so pleased to do it even if that meant kidnapping a young teen to break the ring of time.

He would never hurt the girl as that would go against the whole purpose of freeing her sealed memories. He needed to alter his own past so that his completion would come when he wanted it not when the ring of time decided it. Time didn't control him just as fate didn't control him. He controlled his own path in life and the path he wanted was one where he was complete just after Inuyasha was pinned to the tree and the girl never released the hanyou from his prison.

However there was a problem with this the time line now was well past that time line then. So he had to settle for the mere fact that then flowed just as the now did and that he wasn't going to get his completion when he truly wanted it. That was what had him in such a foul mood currently the fact that as much as he could play with time he couldn't control it any more than she could.

His crimson raked over the small body curled up into a small ball in the middle of the bed. When he took her she didn't scream or fight him which disappointed him somewhat but also gave him hope that she hadn't forgotten him completely. Then once he had her settled into her new room to his surprise and pleasure she informed him of what she knew.

'I know you… I think. But you're not supposed to be here now?'

Her eyes and voice were laced heavily with confusion and uncertainty as they should be. He didn't confirm her suspicions as he had to contemplate what he was going to do about the ring of time and how he wanted to force it to flow.

He knew that if he turned her loose onto the well now the same old circle would continue just with a weeks delay. What he needed was for he to go back to him now bypassing the inu pinned to the tree but there was a problem with that. If she were to go back and seek him out now he would kill her without delay. Which wasn't really that big of an issue other than he wasn't all that fond of the girl losing her life when she was meant to help him. She was the key to his existence and her death would break the ring sending them into the arms of the unknown known as chance. That was a risk he did not want to take.

He wanted to conform the ring of time into something he wanted so that each time it played out he came out the victor well before the circle began its cycle over again with the girl at his side and not his enemy's side.

He sat down on the bed next to the little bundle curled up within the sheets sleeping like she was home in her own bed. He brushed the raven strands of hair from her serene face and realized something.

As much as he understood the principle of love he had no real notion of what it felt like. Upon investigation of the emotion love he found that love meant you would do anything to be with a being. To feel their warmth, to see them happy, to just have them near. It also meant that you would die for them if the occasion called for such a thing.

So that left him where with the girl exactly? Would he die for her? He knew the answer to that as well as he knew his name; he wouldn't. Yet that didn't necessarily mean he didn't love her she was a very important piece of his existence and it was her love for him that in the end completed him.

If he were one to play fair in the game of love and war he would return to her all that she had done for him. However fairness was a game he didn't play nor would he ever at best she could expect compassion out of him for her and her alone.

"So what are you going to do with me?"

He looked down at the girl still curled up into her tight little ball. "Kill you perhaps." He said like it meant nothing to him whether she lived or died.

"If you were going to do that you would have already."

She was right if he wanted her dead he would have killed her. "You are the key to the circling of time."

Kagome sighed as she sat up and stared at him. "You can not change what has already been decided by the Kami."

Naraku locked his deep crimson with her deep blues. "Iie; if that were true you would not be here now. Your birthday has long passed and you are still here."

She pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on her knees. "What do you hope to gain from this?"

"You." He answered as he rose to his feet and walked to the window. He looked out over the city and its many lights illuminated brightly against the darkness of the night. "The time line must be changed and you are the key to that."

Kagome stared at his broad back as he stood there silently. "It can't really be changed; can it?"

He turned to face her and eyed her critically for a moment before he responded. "It has already started. You will go back however in order to complete the change you must find me as soon as possible."

Kagome sighed. "You will kill me should I return and go straight to you."

And that was the major issue he was having. Should he send her back with anything that belonged to him that would be recognizable to himself in the past he would think she was casting spells in an attempt to kill him.

There was no doubt in his mind that she had to go back but he needed her to go back on his terms so that things played out the way he wanted them to. So how was he to ensure that she crossed his path, kept her life in her body, and he gained his true desires.

"It is you that makes the change within yourself to accept me." She said as she rose to her feet and moved to stand in front of him. "Without that change I'm dead." She leaned into him, wrapped her arms around his waist, and placed her head on his chest. "Why can't you just let it end. Break the circle for good and end it all."

That thought had crossed his mind several times. Yet to do that would mean he would have to give up his desire to become whole which he was now but not so back then.

"What difference does getting your wish now make? It will start all over again anyway."

He stoked his fingers through her hair as he considered her question. The difference would be he would have everything he wanted. He wouldn't have to give up one thing for another he would have it all. Plus he also knew how to keep her from being placed into the jewel upon making his wish so everything was set except from keeping his past self from killing her. "Do you wish to continue to be sealed away over and over again? To never have the true happiness that you so desire?"

She slowly closed her eyes in contemplation before slowly opening them. "No." She whispered against his chest. "But fate will make sure our paths end the way they always have."

At that he snorted. "Fate does not dictate my life. I do." He growled darkly.

Kagome looked up at him blue eyes tainted with knowledge beyond her years. "If that were true we would not be walking this circle over and over again." She sighed deeply. "Even with me being here now it will not stop how things are supposed to be. We are only delaying the inevitable." She reached up and palmed his cheek. "In order to bring it to an end we must end it now. It is impossible to alter a time that has already been dictated."

He pulled her hand from his face. "Iie." He growled. "I will alter it as will you. We will be going into the past together." He didn't know if that was possible but it was worth a shot.

Blue eyes stared up at him in wide eyed shock. "You can't." She gasped.

A dark brow arched at her. "Yes I can and you will make it happen. You control the jewel as you are the one that makes it possible for the hanyou to traverse the well. You will grant that power to me instead of him."

"How?" She whispered in shock and tentative fear.

"You must exchange a part of yourself with me before we go. That is how you grant the hanyou the ability to come to you. You will instead give me that power."

Kagome stepped away from him so that she could lock stares with him. "I never exchanged power with him."

"Hai; you did." He placed his hand upon her chest over her heart. "Your untainted belief that he would save and protect you from harm when you released him from the tree linked you to him. His belief that you are his true love returned to him so that you can right the wrong you committed against him linked him to you. You will return with the belief that I am the one to protect you which will change the link between you and the well so that it will accept me."

She shook her head. "I only believe that Inuyasha will protect me because he saves me from the centipede youkai. How will I know that you would do the same."

At that he smirked. "Because I will be the one to save you from the beast."

Kagome furrowed her brows not understanding what he was talking about. "I don't get it."

"It will all be made clear tomorrow when you are to be taken back." He turned and made for the door. "Come; I will take you home."

Kagome slowly followed him her mind working furiously at trying to sort out what he meant by being the one to save her.


"Do you fear it?"

Kagome shook her head as she stared at the well house doors. "Iie it is the same as it has always been."

"Good." He nodded as he grabbed her hand and walked her towards the doors. "It is beginning."

She kept her eyes locked straight ahead and when he opened the doors to the well house she felt the centipede waiting for her inside the well. "So it begins again." She sighed deeply.

He looked down at her and gave a curt nod. "Hai; but you must remember what I told you. Put your faith into me."

Kagome gave a curt nod as she tentatively walked towards the dark well. Just as she came to stand in front of it the seals shattered and the centipede youkai burst forth from the darkness. She glanced over her shoulder at Naraku who was staring smugly at the youkai. A deep breath expanded her lungs before she climbed onto the well's edge.

Naraku locked his crimson with her blue for a brief moment before she fell backwards into the well. He grabbed onto one of the many arms of the youkai to activate the well and just as the blue light crept up the body of the youkai he released his hold upon her.

When the blue light settled he looked down into the dark well silent well with an evil smirk on his lips. She would now be permanently stuck in the past, she wouldn't be able to release the hanyou, and she would search him out to find out why.

He turned and left the well house. Once he was outside he held up the bright pink gem he took from her body the day he kidnapped her and watched as it turned a dark tainted purple. He closed his eyes and made his wish upon the jewel.

The jewel blazed a bright purple then vanished from his hand. Slowly he opened his eyes and smirked when his memories from the past began changing. He looked over at the Goshinboku and grinned in wicked pleasure when his eyes cast over the large flaw in the tree that was an exact replica of an inu hanyou still sealed to the tree. Over the many centuries the hanyou was sealed to the tree the tree eventually enveloped his form into its trunk making him a part of itself.

He knew that if he was to cut the bark away from the tree he would find the hanyou still sleeping underneath sealed by his true love's arrow.

He walked over to the tree and stared at the hanyou before he raised his hand, stretched his fingers out into four sharp blades. He ran them through the center of the hanyou shaped knot in the tree making sure he hit the vital organs to ensure death.

Deep crimson streams of blood rolled down the trunk of the tree when he retracted his blades. "Goodbye Inuyasha." He smirked as he turned and walked down the steps. He had to get home to the blue eyed raven headed woman was waiting for him. The woman who had been by his side for the last five hundred years.

If fate did indeed dictate things then he had just proven that it could be changed to flow the way he wanted it to. This new circle of time he created is a circle that he won't mind walking over and over again. He had his completion, her completion, and ultimate power. What more could he ever ask for?