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Warning!! This chapter contains sexual content and is not for those who do not want to read it.

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In a dim room, six figures were sitting around a table. The vast majority of the group was male, but there was one particular one that happened to be a female with dusty blonde hair and a buxom chest that stood out making almost every man there drool thanks to the Toad Sannin's works. Of course this just pissed off the Slug Sannin as she glared down the rest of the six. "If you all keep staring, I'm going to rip each of your pride and joy's off! Now can we please get to why we were called here by our land's lords in the first place?"

All but one male in the room flinched and scooted their chairs away from the irate blonde Hokage. The first to overcome his fear of having his life ripped off was a dark skin colored man wearing a yellow version of the Hokage's robes, which Tsunade forsake as they just didn't fit her or her style. "Yes, as much as we all want to marvel the woman Jiraiya writes about so often, we have business to attend to. Mainly, the safety of our demon vessels and the growing threat of the Akatsuki." Tsunade twitched hearing Jiraiya's name and reminded herself to kill the pervert when she ran into him again as the Raikage continued. "I fear for my brother's sake as they have already attempted to capture the six tail vessel and are beginning to hunt down the others. We must unite our forces until they are eliminated."

All nodded in understanding except Tsunade who narrowed her eyes knowing that the Cloud Village had another vessel and he made no mention of her. Pushing that aside but making a mental note of reminding Jiraiya to get her to defect from their village if she was treated as bad as she thought. She knew Naruto wouldn't mind to having someone that knows his pain around. "As much as I hate to say this, but I do agree with you on that point, Gin. I also fear for my godson's safety as he has stayed innocent even through the hell he has gone through. Being chased down by nine S-rank nukenin from each of our villages is only going to add to it. But what do you propose we do. It is a well known fact that most of our shinobi dislike each other for the wars in the past or some other stupid reason."

The red head sitting next to her and was unfazed by her commits before nodded in agreement as his aquamarine eyes scanned through the area as a man wearing a Waterfall head band spoke. "It is a possibility that we gather all of our vessels and have them form their own teams to fight against those who are assigned to capture them."

Gaara narrowed his eyes at his commit and shook his head work. "That will not work as I cannot leave my village as the only other that can run it is running out of time. While your plan has merit, it isn't the best solution. And if I could leave my village unattended for a short intervals, we would have to form teams of three to four who more then likely have the same problems Tsunade has voiced."

Tsunade was actually stunned that Gaara spoke so much, but her eyes picked up as she had an idea. "Actually Gaara, his plan isn't half as bad as you think and you do not give Chiyo the credit she deserves as she is still very capable for her age." Once again with all attention on her this time without them admiring her because of her perverted teammate's work, she smirked as she continued. "As he said, we should gather the eight and form teams that would be best suited to taking out their captors. Not only this, we send one of our most trusted shinobi along with them if they cannot look past the hate for the other villages and keep the others from head butting too often…"

"Sorry to interrupt, Hokage, but that plan will not work." Tsunade narrowed her eyes as the Tsuchikage glared at her with much disdain having ran into each other several times in the past. "I personally witnessed the power of one of their shinobi when we tried to lend Ame aid during the civil war that is still going on there now. That one man decimated my entire force killing over fifty jounin, thirty-five chunin and would have defeat me as well if the Ame force hadn't arrived. That one man could match your Kiroi Senko seeing that he defeated us within five minutes with nothing but his bloodline and a few summons."

All the Kages and village leaders narrowed their eyes hearing this. Even if they didn't like to admit it, the Tsuchikage was pretty damn strong and if he was defeated along with an assault force being wiped out, this guy must have been in lack of better words, godly. But at the end, Tsunade smirked as she remembered one thing that Jiraiya had mentioned that Naruto had learned. "Yes, but he has yet to run into the NEW Kiroi Senko." The blood of all the older Kages and village leaders left their face hearing this before Tsunade continued on. "That is why letting the eight of them form their own teams is not a bad idea as if comes down to it, he can be there in seconds to change the course of a battle."

"I agree. Chiyo can look after my village for short intervals but I request who may be on my team have passports to cross into my village and passports for any of the villages they are from." Gaara spoke in his usual emotionless tone though he instantly figured out who Tsunade was talking about and he was mentally smirking at this, wanting to see how strong his friend had gotten.

Hearing this, one by one the Raikage, Mizukage and the Waterfall leader agreed to the plan as it was the only one they had. The last one that had not agreed was the Tsuchikage who was glaring at Tsunade. "I will agree only on the condition that no Konoha shinobi is to cross my lands or it will be the death of them and a new war between our villages. And as such, Tenchi and Renji will not be placed on a team with your vessel either."

Tsunade was glaring daggers at the man, but concede knowing exactly what was shoved up his ass when another voice spoke that came from the Waterfall leader. "Fine. So then we all agree with our own conditions that uniting our jinchuuriki is the best decision at this time. I have another point to bring up, who to lead them? I truly believe that Jiraiya of the Sannin will be the best choice as he still freelances for us in difficult times."

"I concur. Jiraiya has been most useful with his spy network as it has given me enough knowledge to know my brother is in danger. That and as of this moment, I do not think anyone at this table could defeat him so he may be the only one that could stand a chance against the one that beat you, Lang. But to add on to that, I believe Gaara-dono should also be a team leader. After all he is one himself and is the Kazekage." Gin spoke as he agreed whole heartedly with the Waterfall leader's suggestion added his own but at the end was looking over at the Tsuchikage.

As Lang growled, both Gaara and Tsunade agreed as well making him further angry. While he knew the pervert was powerful and he thanked god he didn't kill him thanks to the Icha Icha series, but to admit he was more powerful then he was insulted his pride. "I will not agree to Jiraiya leading them, but seeing that I've already been out numbered, I will allow it if he stays away from Renji and Tenchi."

The Mizukage nodded in agreement with Lang before speaking. "I have the same condition except if my son is in danger for him to step in." Seeing everyone nodding in agreement which more, he had seen enough mirales for one day and called it quits. "Then it is settled, have them report here at this time in one week."

Seeing everyone nod, they all disappeared not wanting to be there any longer and to inform the ones they would be sending her to head out.

"Ero-sennin! What is the deal with coming here?" Naruto complained as they were outside of a village he had never been into. "I mean we were suppose to head back to Konoha so I…"

"Naruto, shut up. There is a reason Tsunade sent us out here and it deals with your protection. The other seven should be arriving soon." Jiraiya responded getting annoyed at Naruto's constant whining. While he could understand the boy wanted to go home, there were other problems at hand. "Retrieving Sasuke is going to have to wait. Besides, this is going to draw him out anyways seeing the one he is after is going to be involved with this mission."

"Akatsuki?!" Naruto said in a low voice as he began to understand what Jiraiya was saying seeing that he knew that there was one person that could draw Sasuke out into the open. Seeing Jiraiya nod, he refrained from growling knowing this was not going to be a picnic as whatever this was making Jiraiya nervous before he spotted someone in the distance and didn't recognize them. As they approached, Jiraiya instantly recognized both as he had been gathering information on the Cloud. As they walked up, Naruto began to notice key details about them.

The first he noticed was the rather large dark skinned man wearing a hood on his head that was kept on by his Kumogakure headband. He didn't wear a shirt which in turned showed off his ripped torso and with the white fingerless gloves he wore made him believe this guy was a Taijutsu expert as he seemed to look similar to a body builder, kind of like Gai…

The other with him was dwarfed by the towering man, but still had an aura of power around her nearly that matched his. She had long golden blonde hair that was wrapped in bindings from her neck down. Her emerald slanted eyes caught his attention along with her somewhat tomboyish looking face. Her clothes were rather decent as they weren't too tight except for around the chest which Naruto immediately avoided as he seen what happened to Jiraiya when he stared as Tsunade.

As he finished examining the two, the dark skinned man bowed as he noticed Jiraiya which in turn had the girl bow as well seeing that her partner was doing so. "Jiraiya-sama, I did not expect you to be here so early." Seeing Jiraiya giving them a slight nod, he stood straight up and turned to Naruto. "So this must be the Kyuubi vessel…"

Naruto scrunched up his nose as he glared at the taller man, not liking the fact that he knew of Kyuubi and referred to him that way. Seeing this, the girl quickly intervened as she walked in-between the two. "Sorry for Kirabi. He can be a little straight forward. My name is Nii Yugito, the vessel of Nibi and Kirabi here is the vessel of Hachibi."

Naruto's eyes widened as he begin to choke as he heard this not having expect to run into others like himself out in the middle of nowhere. Just as he began to gain control of himself, another voice was heard from behind them that he recognized. "Uzumaki, do not be surprised. There are still five more of us to show."

Wheeling around and looking up as everyone else slowly looked in the same direction, Gaara sat on top of the building they were standing next to with Temari standing next to him, wearing a black version of her old outfit as she grew quite a bit more. "Gaara! Temari! Long time no see… Wait, where is doll boy?"

Temari chuckled hearing this as he didn't know how accurate he actually was for calling him that as Kankuro did play with his puppets like they were dolls. Not to mention that he collected action figures. "He is helping Chiyo-sama run the village while Kazekage Gaara and I are away." Seeing Naruto's dumbfound face, Temari shook her head as she jumped down besides them and slapped him in the back of the head. "Come on Naruto. We told you that Gaara was the next in line when you two stopped by. Did you honestly forget that?"

A large bead of sweat dropped from Naruto's head which of course made Temari face fault as Jiraiya looked at him with a dead pan expression. "Boy, how in God's name are you able to remember each and every seal I taught you but are unable to remember something as simplistic as that?! Do you have no brain outside of battle and training?!"

As everyone was sweat dropping looking at the unfortunate blonde at the center of attention, another arrived, this one with green hair that reached her shoulders and a gold clip in the right front of her hair. She had a dark tan but by no means was dark skinned and with her pinkish-purple colored eyes, she blinked at everyone as they sweat dropped at Naruto. "Um… Did I miss something here?"

Yugito's eyes widened as she turned around before growling and jumping the girl faster then anyone could catch. Everyone was about to try and break them up when they found the two girls kissing deeply which in turned made Naruto slap the notepad that was in Jiraiya's hand before Temari slapped her fan into the back of his head. As they kissed, he managed to get a better look at the girl Yugito was feverishly kissing. She wore a fishnet shirt underneath a small white tank top that barely covered her rather petit chest and she wore white pants that were barely hanging off her hips and even showing the crease of her pelvic region. And finally he had to wonder what she was carrying in that red pack strapped to her backs as was in long rectangular shape. As the two broke the kiss, Yugito turned around with everyone as the girl shook her head. "Well, there went keeping that secret Yugi."

"Sorry… I just haven't seen you in so long…" Yugito answered ashamed of herself for letting her emotions and body get the better of her. The green head shook her head and whispered into her ear which seemed in turn to comfort the blonde haired girl as she nodded back before turning to the rest of them. "Sorry, this is my lover from the Waterfall and vessel of Shichibi, Akira."

As the majority of the guys were in shock seeing that, Naruto nodded at the two as he greeted them, not letting the disappointment that the two were taken and by each other. "My name is Naruto, the future Hokage…" At the end he pushed the two girls out of the way before just jumping out of the way of a large boulder that was thrown at them. Turning to the direction of where it was thrown, he noticed two men wearing Iwagakure headbands and growled lightly as his hand slowly slid into his pouch. "Hey! What was that for?! You could have killed us you know!"

The one with red hair tied in a pony tail and wearing and odd headband holder that looked to be a helmet glared at him as the monstrous sized man wearing old samurai armor spoke for him. "You Konoha ninja and your enthusiastic ways make us sick. And having the balls to tell us you are the next Hokage is enough reason for us to attack you for what your Yondaime did to us. Now prepare to die, future Hokage…"

He couldn't finish his sentence as a large sword with a hook as the tip and a green flower on the edge of the blade was placed at his throat as a young boy with dusty blonde hair was underneath him. Before anything else could happen, Jiraiya's voice shook all of them as the amount of killing intent and dominance radiating around him in a frightening manner. "Enough! If you want to kill each other, do it on your own time! Not when our villages have united to take care of a threat to all of you!"

The young blonde haired boy with a scar underneath his left eye pulled the blade away from the tall man's throat and nodded as he walked over to the rest as Naruto gave the two shinobi from Iwa one last glared before turning to Jiraiya. Seeing that he had all of their attention, Jiraiya continued on in the same voice he did before. "All eight of you are in danger from a similar threat, the Akatsuki and they are becoming more and more active each day as they search and hunt each of you down. Our villages have united all of you to fight back so you will learn to get along as I was asked by all but the Tsuchikage and Mizukage to lead this mission with Kazekage Gaara."

Seeing that all were calmed down besides the two pissed Iwa jinchuurikis, Jiraiya looked over at all of them as Gaara teleported besides him being the only Kage among the group. "And as such we will have total obedience or you might as well hand yourself to the Akatsuki know as they are going to work as a team to capture us. So what is it going to be, work together or die?" All eight narrowed their eyes but one by one, they nodded in agreement, most doing it half heartedly as they did not like some of the others around. Seeing them agree, Gaara continued. "Our first mission is to separate ourselves into a few teams with me leading one group and Jiraiya-sama leading another. The last can be up left up to the group that chose to."

"Afterwards we will be searching for the vessel of Rokubi who has gone into hiding after the Akatsuki attempted to capture him." Jiraiya continued as he pulled out eight pictures of a brown haired teen that was playing a pipe of some kind and handed them out.

"He was last seen in Nami no kuni, but he can be anywhere now. Because he could be anywhere; we will have to split up into three groups. Seeing that none of you will group yourselves at the moment, I will take over this for now. Tenchi, Renji. Both of you will join Gaara as you follow my leads saying that he was heading west after the attack. I have contacts for you to meet up with so just enter the brothel and ask for Sasume. Kirabi, you and I will head north to follow the two that attacked him to learn more on them. The rest, you will head to Nami and see if you can find any clues that lead to where he is. Naruto, since you know the layout best there you will be team leader."

The two Iwa vessels grunted but did not dispute their team. They rather be with the Kazekage then stuck with either Konoha ninja. As they headed out right after Kirabi and Jiraiya left, Naruto looked at all three of them nervously having no clue what to do. Cussing Jiraiya out for leaving him without any instructions, he was about to order them to follow when the young swordsman took the lead and headed towards the Wave without hesitation. Sighing lightly, Naruto motioned for them to follow before chasing after the young boy.

As the day ended, they were nearing the Wave when Naruto called for camp. Sighing lightly as he still really didn't know why Jiraiya assigned him to lead, he looked over at them as he created the fire and thought of what to do. Sighing again as he would do it himself, he created a few Kage Bunshins and had them go out to hunt as he pulled out his tent and quickly had it set up. "Alright, we'll head out tomorrow at dawn. We'll check the bridge first before asking the people if they have seen him. …Um kid. Did you know Zabuza?"

"Yes, he was my jounin instructor." The young swordsmen spoke in a much younger voice then he looked that surprised all three there which in turn made his face turn sour. "Hey, just because I'm only ten doesn't mean I'm not capable. I am a jounin and one of the seven swordsmen of the Mist."

Naruto shaking his head at this even though he was still in shock that the kid, who was younger then him by five years, was one of the seven. He was even more in shock that he was more then likely the lowest ranked of the four of them yet he was leading them. Sighing as that was kind of depressing to him; he looked at the young boy with dusty blonde hair and violet eyes wearing a mesh shirt and a large green scarf around his neck. "Their graves are here. If you wish to visit them, I will take you to them tomorrow night. For now we rest, I'll take the first shift."

Nodding as the boy heard this, he spoke his name. "I see… My name is Riki and don't think you can boss or order me around. And I doubt Zabuza-sensei would give a damn about a gennin from Konoha." Both girls nodded not seeing the Konoha symbol of higher status on him anywhere but also seeing that they noticed Naruto's face fall when Riki mentioned he was a jounin. "I'll take the last shift as I always wake up a couple hours before dawn. Now good night." His voice was full of hatred, not wanting to be of any part of this as he put up his tent and walking into it.

Sighing more as his eyes dimmed as he stood up as his clones brought a few skinned rabbits. Knowing that one found a clearing and dropped a kunai it, he disappeared in a flash of light surprising the two girls and appeared into the clearing. Growling as he was getting angry at everything that was happening, he took off his orange and black jacket and laying it down as it was a rather warm night. Pulling out two kunai, he aimed his focus on the largest tree and began assaulting it to relieve his anger. Stabbing it twice and embedding his kunai deep within it, he charged up a Rasengan before slamming it into it resulting in the area he hit on the tree exploding from the force.

After destroying a dozen more trees, he sighed as he still hadn't burned off his excess anger. Shaking his head, he was getting ready to head back to camp when he felt a pulse from within him and noticed a red aura flowing around him. Realizing that Kyuubi was flooding chakra into his system, he knew that it was trying to force its will upon him once more in another attempt to escape. Quickly reaching into his pouch, he pulled out two suppression tags and ripped off his shirt and slapped the tags on his stomach. He hissed in pain as they burned his skin as he felt himself go into one tail form but slowly the red haze of chakra around him began to fade away. As it did, Naruto nearly collapsed onto his hands and knees as he started panting heavily. "Damn that fox!"

Taking a few more deep breathes as he began to catch his breath; he stood up on his knees when he felt two hands on his back. Looking up, he noticed both Akira and Yugito looking at him with worry, noticing the suppression tags placed on his stomach. Yugito being the first to recognize what was going on knelt in front of him and checked the seal after pulling off the suppression tags. "Its weakening and fast. Whoever tried to put this limiter seal on you fucked up big time. I cannot fix it as my master didn't teach me how to. All I can do is slow down the time it will take the fox to get out until someone better can look at it." At the end her hands glowed green as she placed her hands on his seal and attempted to override the limiter seal.

Looking at the two, he wondered why they were here even though he knew he flashed away in front of them. His instincts told him to be on guard as Kumo was an enemy to Konoha yet the Waterfall was an ally. So maybe the blonde didn't harbor him any ill feelings seeing that she had said the other girl was her lover. He lightly grunted as the seals she was trying to override did hurt like hell, but he had gone through far worse in his life it was nothing he couldn't handle but the constant flow of it was starting to get to him. So finding something to say, he did so to keep his mind of the pain. "Ero-sennin attempted to draw out more of the fox's power and it backfired as the kitsune decided to try and escape sensing a weakness in my seal."

"Is that why you use suppression tags then?" Akira spoke in a soft voice as she pointed to the tags that Yugito had pulled off. She was worried as her demon was kept in check with her seal and seeing that he contained the strongest of the nine, he damn well have a better seal then her otherwise they were all in trouble.

Naruto nodded as Yugito finished up and started panting lightly as she sat down in front of him. "I cannot do it. Someone with absolute mastery of seals would have to fix this. The limiter and your seal are far beyond my skills to comprehend much less fix." Having figured that, Naruto sighed as he was about to get his jacket when Akira had already picked it up and handed it to him. As he was beginning to put it on, Yugito stopped him as her hand reached to where his heart was. "Those are lighting burns. But how? A lighting attack to the heart can and will kill anyone."

Flinching at her question, he quickly tried to finish putting on his jacket when Akira noticed the burns as well and had stopped him and pulled off the jacket when she noticed his wrist. "What the fuck? Are these… What I think they are?"

Getting annoyed at their persistence, Naruto attempted to push them away but for some reason he found himself far too weak to do so as he looked into Akira's eyes. He could tell she was flowing chakra to them putting him in hypnosis like state. He knew the feeling as Jiraiya used a technique on him to get him ready for taking on both Itachi and Sasuke. Having experience with it, Naruto looked straight at her and shook his head to inform her it wasn't working. "I don't want to talk about it… I've had enough disdain in my life and I still have all this crap to go through."

Yugito nodded softly as she understood what he meant as Akira sat down next to her but firmly keeping her eye on Naruto before placing one hand over Yugito's. "But it does help to talk. Yugito and I have had each other to talk to for the last couple of years making them bearable. Both of our villages show nothing for contempt for us, but just by talking to each other we manage through. I know it is hard, but if you keep it bottled up it will eventually explode and destroy everything you have worked for. You said you wanted to become Hokage right? Well if you don't start releasing some of your pent up emotions in a non-violent manner you will take your legs out from underneath you making it that more difficult to achieve your goal."

"Kira is right about that. If I hadn't talked to her about the crap my village put me through, I would have gone ballistic and then killed by the village. Kirabi helped a little, but he really doesn't have that much power over the village and the Raikage only sees me as a disposable weapon. I know if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be who I am right now." Yugito added as she gripped Akira's hand and smiled softly as she kissed her on the cheek.

Of course that really didn't help Naruto as even though he didn't want to admit it, thinking of two girls that way was… hot. He was finally beginning to understand why the girls drew pictures of Sasuke with the others boys in the class. To the opposite gender, it was hot to think about the other gender being that way. But two guys being with each other still was a repulsive thought. Shaking his head of that, he sighed seeing that neither girl was going to let it go so his two options were to flash himself out of here and to Jiraiya's side or stay and talk. And he really didn't want to waste that kind of energy to explain things twice. "… Fine. I don't want to, but seeing that neither of you are going to relent, are you?"

Seeing both shake their heads, he sighed deeply as he really didn't want to do this. But maybe they were right and it would help him. "I guess my story starts the day Kyuubi attacked our village. The fox was unstoppable and there could be only one way that could stop it. The Yondaime sealed the demon away within me minutes after I was born into this world and that is when my hell starts. I lived in an orphanage for six years and was underfed, picked on by all the kids and matron and when I was old enough to enter the ninja academy, I was thrown out to fend on my own. I lasted a month without shelter as some of the local shinobi were kind enough to give me a bite to eat. It wasn't too longer after the Sandaime found me and gave me an apartment and enough money each month to get by. It was then soon after on the day Kyuubi attacked, my birthday, I was walking back to my apartment when I was surrounded in the alley as it took the shortcut home. That night I nearly died from everything they did and even with the fox's healing, which I didn't know about at the time, still took over a month to leave the hospital."

As he said this, Yugito winced and tightened her grip as Akira looked mortified at what they did to him and voiced it in an outraged tone. "How could they do something like that to as six year old child?! That is just sick!"

Naruto sighed as he looked over at her with his blue eyes dulling over from remembering his past. "They did it because humans fear what they do not understand. As far as I know in all the villages' history, Kyuubi was the only one that had ever attacked a hidden village. It was because of this that drove their fear and hatred upon me believe that Kyuubi still lived on because of me and would one day attack again. While I don't like what they did, I do understand it thanks to the training Ero-sennin has given me over the last two and half years." Neither girl looked really convinced hearing Naruto basically admit he didn't hate them for what they did, but once again Naruto shook his head and continued. "I do not hate them because they were killed soon after it happened. They all were slaughtered by one man in gruesome manner leaving only one left in their clan, who has now abandoned the village to find and kill their killer. That killer is the one assigned from the Akatsuki to capture me, Uchiha Itachi."

At this, both girls were surprised and a little fearful hearing that the genocidal maniac that wiped the Uchiha clan from the face of the earth. Seeing this, he shook his head at them. "Don't worry. He isn't as strong as you would think. Itachi does not attack until he's attacked and will let his partner do more of the work as he is a master genjutsu." Both girls calmed down hearing that as they were good against genjutsu users as Naruto continued on with his story. "Now as I was saying, after that attack I was never attacked again. I later found out that I had a few Anbu stationed around me for protection and the occasional training. But it did not matter as I could not pass the academy no matter what I did because I could not perform a Bunshin and even to this day I still can't."

"Wait, why can't you do a Bunshin? That is the simplest jutsu there is besides Henge." Yugito asked as she looked at him curiously, wondering exactly why he couldn't do it.

Shaking his head at the question, Naruto sighed lightly as he pointed to the seal. "This seal is designed to merge its chakra with mine which is constantly sending me chakra screwing my chakra control to hell. Because of that I can never use the Bunshin as I just don't have the control to do it. For some reason I can do the Henge, but it always seems like I actually transform into what I do and began to think like one, no matter what it is whether it be an animal or a person of the opposite gender."

This had both Akira's and Yugito's attention as the fact that Naruto could transform and actually think like a girl. But putting that aside for now, the continued on with his story. "Anyways, on my last and third try to pass the exam, I failed to use Bunshin once more and failed as I just wasn't a good classroom student. After the test I was swing on my swing watching everyone that passed the academy excitedly tell their parents they had passed and then the congratulated them. Soon as most began leaving, one of my teachers took me out for ramen and told me of a fake test to become a gennin. What happened was that I stole the Forbidden Scroll and headed to the place I was told and learn on jutsu from it."

"Wait. Why in the world would you fall for such an obvious trap? I mean everything you had been through before should have clued you in on that it was a trap." Akira questioned as she looked at him with her eyebrow raised. Yugito nodded along with her as she was thinking along the same lines and knew there were always people that would try to gain something while a demon vessel got screwed over.

Naruto sighed and rubbed his face as he really didn't want to say the truth. "Because, I was blinded by my want to become a ninja… and because I wasn't very bright back then." He blushed as both girls snickered a little at him admitting he wasn't smart before his glare at them told them to shut up. "Anyways doing as he asked, I learned the jutsu I used to hunt and skin the rabbits from the Forbidden Scroll just when my other teacher showed up and asked what was going on and I told him about what I was told. Soon after Mizuki attacked us and told me about being the jinchuuriki of Kyuubi. It was up till that point in my life I didn't understand why I was hated and the way he said it made me believe I was the fox, so I attempted to flee the village."

"When I was trying to escape, the teacher that cared for me protected me and gave me a reason to believe and I fought defeated my other chunin teacher. Doing so I was allowed to become a gennin and became a member of the cursed team seven with sensei Hatake Kakashi and teammates Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke. We were a dysfunctional team at best but at times we showed Kakashi a glimpse of what we could be so he took us on what was suppose to be a routine C-rank guard mission here in Nami. The only problem was he didn't tell us that Gato had hired shinobi to stop him from completing the bridge and bringing hope back to the then poverty stricken community." Both girls looked surprised at this as missions normally were looked into before they were issued out.

Sighing once more as he had to admit it was get getting everything off his chest, he continued. "That is when we ran into Zabuza and Haku. The first time around, Kakashi got trapped so Sasuke and I had to free him. But on the second time we could not intervene as we were fighting Haku, who became my first friend only a few days before. That day Haku died defending Zabuza and after I yelled a few words at him, something changed within him and he died avenging Haku for what Gato did to his corpse. That day I found my nindo because of those two and I am forever in debt to them for that."

"Naruto, you don't have to go through the rest. I'm pretty sure we get the picture of what happened. But why you never explained why you cut yourself or what that scar was on your chest. After you tell us about why you did that, we'll let you go." Akira spoke up in a soft voice after having a quick conference with each other.

Naruto winced as he really didn't want to explain about either as he was getting tired of talking, but seeing both looking at him with caring eyes he caved in. Looking down at the scars on his wrists before rubbing his chest over his heart, exactly where the scar was, he looked up with them eyes that were filled with water. "I got this scar from my best friend, brother and teammate, Sasuke, the day he defected from our village to the Sound and Orochimaru. He used the jutsu Kakashi created known as Chidori in an attempt to kill me to gain his clans ultimate power." Seeing both girls astonishment hearing this he sighed as he rubbed his wrist. "These scars are due to the many times I've tried to kill myself just to stop being hated so much over my life. Hated like I was responsible for the death of thousands and unloved by but a few in the entire world."

With that, Naruto was about to put on his jacket and head for camp when two hands grabbed both his and kept him seated as both girls looked at him, Yugito speaking first. "There are those who will love you. You just have to find them…"

"I've heard that many times Yugito. While it is true for friends, it isn't for love. There will never be someone that will love me for what I am. I am the keeper of a mass murderer that nearly wiped out my home village. The only thing that will be seen is the demon inside of me. I always have wished to become Hokage to prove that I could overcome their hatred, but their hatred… Drives me to the brink of sanity. And with no one that can comfort me or to care for me like no other, it is consuming my soul little by little allowing Kyuubi the power he holds now. The seal is held up with my will alone as that is the way the Yondaime designed it when he sealed the damn thing into me. That much was proved when Sasuke attempted to kill me the first time when he lit me on fight then snapped my neck." At the end tears were freely falling from his cheeks.

Neither girl knew how to handle this. They had near death experiences before themselves, but from what he was saying was that he was almost kill twice by someone he considered family. In fact by the wounds he had received from him, he should have died as most living beings including themselves would have been killed by those type of injuries. But his voice scared them when he was talking. It was hollow and dead. His entire being felt nothing but pain and it was hurting the two that watched him break down in front of them was difficult to watch as he put on a strong front before.

Gulping lightly knowing the only way to reach him now was something to show him physical love; Akira looked at Yugito in forgiveness before she quickly pressed her lips against his. But to her surprise she felt a third set of lips join them almost a split second after words. Her eyes snapped open as she noticed Yugito pressing her lips against both hers and his which in turned opened their eyes as neither had expected this. All three broke the kiss and looked at each other in shock at what just happened. Akira quickly was the first to recover and quickly bowed to both Naruto and Yugito. "Naruto, I'm sorry! It just seemed you need something to prove you can love… Yugito… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…"

Yugito silenced her as she knelt besides her and lifted her up and kissed her gently on the lips. "I already forgive you… But I did it as well… Naruto, I'm sorry." She then turned to Naruto and bowed in forgiveness.

Naruto on the other hand just continued blinking at the two of them before moving his hands to his lips before looking back at them. "Why did both of you kiss me?"

Akira sighed lightly as she hung her head while Yugito closed her eyes as she returned to a seat position. Surprisingly enough both said the same words at the same exact moment. "No one should have to go through so much pain." Hearing each other say it, they looked at each other and smiled as they lightly kissed once more.

Just watching the two, Naruto began to understand why they were a couple. They thought way to alike and helped each other through the darker times of their life. But it seemed that they both were looking for something more. He questioned why he thought this before both of their eyes fell upon him once more. Akira taking the lead, she placed her hand on Naruto's forehead as she gripped Yugito's hand tightly before her eyes glowed to almost a red color.

In an instant, both Akira and Yugito found themselves in a water filled dungeon that looked eerily like a sewer. Yugito having only done this before because Akira allowed her into her mind was frightened at what she saw as the look of the person's mind was who they truly were. Sensing this, Akira quickly calmed her down. "Relax. Naruto isn't an evil person. This kind of darkness means great sadness and despair as there is dimly lit lights. The water tells me this alone they are unshed tears and the… The cracks in the wall represent his mind is breaking under the strain." At the end Akira looked worried as this was the worse condition she had seen a mind in.

Shaking her head, she motioned Yugito to follow her as she leads them to where she knew the memories were. She could tell the fox was pissed at their entrance and wanted nothing more then to devour them, but she wasn't going to allow that to happen as she found the white door of Naruto's memories. Slowly opening it, the two walked in to see a hall way of light with colorful doors around the room. Counting the doors and their colors, Akira narrowed her eyes as there were far more bad memories then good. In fact, the good memories were out numbered almost three to one. And in about every couple hundred doors there was a dark memory out of around a thousand and there was only one pure white door in the entire hall way of doors.

Akira did not like this at one bit as she visited her mind and others thanks to Shichibi's gift and there was at least twenty to thirty pure white doors and maybe a golden-yellow while dark doors were rarely ever seen except in a traumatic event. And if his mind was saying this, he had gone through a few traumatic events and still hadn't snapped, which was quite impressive in her book. Shaking her head, she walked to the first black door. "Okay, I believe Naruto was telling us the truth, but this will confirm it, I think. Wait… No. Judging by the doors he would only be four when this happened. What the hell happened when he was only a toddler?!"

Yugito narrowed her eyes hearing what her lover said and quickly opened the door, wanting to know exactly what was wrong with the boys mind. She soon wish she hadn't as the events began to unfold.

They found themselves in a very dark room, not unlike Naruto's mind but it had a small cot in it with not as cracked up stone walls. Then they noticed the image of a young Naruto not much older then four years curled into a ball as he tried to cover himself with a ratty blanket that couldn't cover an infant. The mist coming from his mouth and the shivering of his body alerted the two that he was freezing and would have tried to move and comfort him but as they did so, their hands went through him like they weren't there. Truthfully they were suppose to go through but Akira narrowed her eyes as she was able to interact with all the memories of other people to help them through their pain, but why not here? Could it possibly be the fox or even the seal?

Before she could get an answer, a low male chuckle was heard a quite large man standing by a women in her night gone who seemed to have led him there before walking out and leaving the two alone. Hearing this, the young Naruto jumped up when suddenly to older man was on him and covering his mouth. "Scream and I will kill you. You got that demon? I paid big bucks for this and I'm going to enjoy every last second." At the end he pulled out a strip of clothing and forced it into Naruto's mouth before undoing his belt and tying it tightly over Naruto's mouth before picking him up and dropping both of their pants.

Both girls looked on in horror and disgust and Akira could not handle another second of it and went to stop the man when she fell through him just as they did with Naruto before. Growling lightly, she tried to stop what was about to happen as Yugito ran to help when it happened. Both girls looked repulsed at the act and quickly tried to pull him off, but were unable to do so. Beginning to get sick to their stomachs, Akira attempted to break the mind connection only to find she couldn't. Her eyes widened in horror as she turned to the door only to see it wasn't there any more. Something wanted to make them watch this and whatever it was had Yugito on the floor vomiting as the man wrapped up and had climaxed as Akira fell to her knees with tears trailing down her eyes.

Just then a hand gripped their shoulders and yanked them out of the memory and they suddenly found themselves looking face to face to a panting Naruto back on the outside world. "You two… shouldn't have seen that… I thought… I locked that memory… away forever." At the end Naruto flinched as it was fresh on his mind once more.

Akira didn't waste a second as she was at Naruto side and hugging him for dear life. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bring such a painful memory back… I just wanted to see…"

"I know, but you still shouldn't have done that without my permission and my guidance. My darkest memories can destroy people just by watching." Naruto spoke in angered, yet still understanding and caring voice. He didn't understand why as he should have been furious that they were in his mind watching his most painful memory. Yet, it seemed that from both of their eyes that something happened to them as well and they understood him far better then they did before.

Nodding in understanding, Akira slowly released Naruto from his hug as she noticed Yugito looking down in shame for their actions. "You're right, we should have. To atone for our actions that brought that painful memory back, I will allow you to see one of my more, private memories."

Blinking as he heard that, Naruto could only nod as it was an eye for an eye. And the tone of her voice suggested something that would either be something she didn't want to show to others or was something that Jiraiya would love to peep at. His latter suspicion was confirmed as she placed her hand on Naruto's head and transferred the memory, blushing the entire time. Of course Naruto had a large nose bleed but he felt something. Something was missing in his mind so he entered to see what it was. Entering his memory room, his eyes widened as he quickly went into his memory hall and found a yellow door were his first black one was. Exiting his mind in a hurry, he saw Yugito calling out for Akira as she curled into herself and shaking madly. Quickly placing his hands on her cheeks, he lifted her up with shock and spoke. "Why?! Why did you switch that memory for mine?!"

Yugito looked alarmed as Naruto said this and quickly wrapped her into a tight hug and began whispering lightly into her ear. After a few minutes of this, Akira's shaking stopped as she looked up at Naruto and leaned her head towards his till their lips met for a very short kiss. "Because you need some sort of loving memory. Even if I had to sacrifice my first one with Yugi… At least you now have one." At the end a puff of mist left her as she began to shiver once more even though it wasn't cold out.

Not thinking twice about it, Naruto wrapped his jacket around her before focusing on the kunai he left in his tent and flashed them into it. Just as he did, one of his clones ran in with a bowl of rabbit stew as if it knew what was happening and handed it to Yugito, who instantly began to feed Akira but she would take it as her body temperature was dropping and quickly. Knowing this, Naruto pulled out the sleeping bag Tsunade gave him before they left as Yugito stripped Akira of her now soaking clothes. Both quickly guided her into the bag and zipped it up and turned on the warmer to eighty hoping it would help. Seeing that it was working, he turned the temperature up to a higher degree as she was began to eat the food that started to warm her up faster.

In about ten minutes, her core temperature returned as her eyes closed and looked away from both of them. "Sorry… The worse a memory I take is the lower my temperature drops. I didn't know it would be that serious."

Naruto shook his head at her as he looked at her in worry. "That doesn't matter right now. You need to recover…"

"I don't need to recover. Another of Shichibi's gifts to me is rapid regeneration. Basically, as long as either of us haves chakra and flows it, any type of injury I receive can be healed as long as it isn't fatal. Hell, if anything I feel better then I did this mourning now." Akira interrupted as she looked Naruto dead in the eye and tried to get out of the sleeping bag when she spotted her clothes at the other side of the tent. "Eh?! You two had to strip me?! I was that fucking cold?!"

Surprised that her voice didn't wake up Riki, who must have been a dead to the world sleeper, Naruto blushed as Yugito nodded and answered for him. "I stripped you as he pulled out the heat bag you are in right now. We both had to guide you in as your skin was beginning to turn blue. Then you ate some of the stew he just finished. If you like, I can get some more for you."

"No, Naruto would you be a dear and get it but can you give me a few minutes to talk with Yugito." Naruto nodded in understanding and exited the tent to do so just as Akira did a privacy seal to keep anyone else from hearing. "Yugito, when I took that memory from him I looked through is other dark memories and his happiest one. The one we witnessed… was tame in comparison. His happiest memory was right after one of his darkest which is him learning of Kyuubi. …Becoming a gennin is his happiest memory."

Yugito's eyes widened as she heard this. For one, she was surprised that something so simple could be his happiest memory. Two, the memory they had watched together was tame. And three, she went into his mind again without his permission, even though he did give her the opportunity to do so and Kira was an opportunist. "Akira, why did you not listen to him? Memories can be dangerous, you know that and that one we witnessed was testament to that. I would never want that to happen to even my worst enemy as a child let alone a good person. Then you transferred one of our personal memories to him. While I have this weird feeling in my gut when around him, I don't like the fact he already knows what I look like without any clothes."

Akira sighed deeply as she looked over at her lover and closed her eyes. "I know and I am sorry about that Yugi, but after seeing all those memories he needed something that would classify as a truly happy event. Honestly, what would you do if the happiest thing in your life was graduating from the academy with all those hellish things happening once every couple of years along with the stares you got but for being a murderer along with being a demon in human skin." The blonde girl flinched at her lover's voice and nodded as she continued. "That's why I'm going to stay and comfort him tonight and for however long we are here till we find the six tail vessel or one of the others does. I'm sorry Yugito, I do love you but he needs to be shown love as well."

Hearing her lover say this, Yugito took a deep breath before nodding. "Alright, but under one condition." Akira nodded at her wanting to appease her anyone for what she was doing making Yugito smirk as she pulled out a second warmer bag and connected it to Naruto's. "That I get to sleep with both with you to make sure nothing happens that I don't approve of. Besides, you aren't the only one that wants to comfort him after what just happened. He's too nice for his own good."

A small smile crossed Akira's lips as she nodded as Yugito slid out of her shirt revealing a black tank top underneath it before sliding into her sleeping back as the privacy jutsu dispersed just as Naruto walked in. "Here you go Akira… What is going on here?"

Both Akira and Yugito smiled softly at Naruto before the latter beckoned for him to join as Akira spoke in a soothing tone. "Sorry, I just had to send you out to talk to her for a moment but I'll still eat it as I'm a little cold. Now come join us." A large blush crept onto Naruto's face as the memory Akira gave him came back with full force making her glare at him. "That's not happening mister. We both just want to make up for invading your mind. Now will you join us or not?"

The logical part of Naruto's mind told him something was up and he knew it was right, but the majority of his brain was screaming for him to do so as he might get lucky. Cursed lightly at Jiraiya for making him read his perverted books and it wasn't helping as he was getting hard at the thought off being in the room with two of the opposite gender around his age asking him to join them in bed. Any guy would be nuts not to take up their offer and even though it went against his better judgment, he slipped in besides them as he placed the bowl near Akira in case she really did want it.

They both smiled at him and cuddled against him before reaching one hand over him and gripping the others hand. Naruto felt out of place when they did this but seeing them kiss again really negated that awkwardness and added a new one as it was hard not to get turned on and in fact he was quite sure Akira could feel his arousement seeing that her arm was right there.

Feeling this, Akira broke the kiss before brushing her head against Yugito's and sent her a telepathic message as her hands motioned downward. "I know you want to continue kissing, but if we do we're going to put him on the spot. His body is excited if you can't see that."

Seeing it indeed, Yugito tilted her head at her for a moment before leaning over and whispering in a lustful tone. "A little hand action would do, don't you think?"

Akira narrowed her eyes hearing the tone and in a moment Yugito was out as her eyes glowed a dark red. She sighed knowing she would be angry in the morning, but Yugito was letting her demon's influence out as she didn't want to escalate what was happening more then it already was. Besides, she knew she wasn't quite ready to be with a guy yet. "Sorry, I had to put her asleep. Her demon was beginning to stimulate her mind and things would have gotten out of hand. I'm really sorry about that, Nibi normally doesn't like Yugito to be touched by guys and shocks every guy that has done so with her chakra."

Naruto nodded in understanding as he heard what she had said and was having a really hard time controlling his raging hard on that was almost directly underneath Yugito's chest at the moment. Sensing this, Akira moved her lightly till she was at his other side before her hand reached down and gripped his shaft softly. "I'll take care of it. Everything that has happened so far has been my meddling so I feel like this will be the best apology I can offer."

"W-What?!" Naruto stuttered at Akira who looked him right back in the eye and kissed him lightly on the lips as she unzipped his pants and reached into his the slit of his boxers and pulled out his hard solider. She was quite surprised at the size as he was a little bit bigger then she anticipated.

He wasn't overly large so wouldn't be that difficult to do as she practiced with her own set of dildos before using them to pleasure herself with. Shaking her head of that, she brought her head to his stiffened rod and nuzzled it lightly sending a shutter down both of their spines. While she hadn't ever thought about doing this with a guy, she was always a little curious as she was bi and wanted to know what it felt like. But that would have to wait as it was bad enough she was doing this for atonement. She didn't want to feel any worse for then she already did. Akira honestly didn't know why she wanted to do this for him though other then to ease his years of loneliness and even Yugito wanted to do that to some extent. And hearing Yugito wanting to give him a hand job moments before didn't help her much either even though she knew that was more her demonic side talking then herself.

Shaking her head, she opened her mouth before wrapped it around the crown of his member and began to swirl her tongue around it swiftly yet gently as she didn't want to hurt him as she did this. Taking a few more swirls, she slowly began taking him deeper into her mouth as she slightly bobbed her head onto his organ as her hands reached down and gripped the bottom of his shaft and started to pump him gently. Working ever so slowly, she swirled her tongue softly around him as she took more and more into her mouth as it quickly hit the back of her throat even though she was refrained from doing it as fast as she seen other girls do it within brothels when she had to take those kinds of missions.

Taking it out to take a breath, she looked up at him with growing lust before she took more of him back into her mouth and pushed past her throat as it was getting hard for her not to hold back as it was before. She was quite sure Shichibi and Kyuubi had a little to do with this as both could feel what they're vessel did so they were encouraging this as much as they could. Not that she minded all that much any more as she reached down to his pelvic region which oddly didn't have all that much hair. Shrugging her shoulders as it was a good thing as sneezing during what she was doing wasn't exactly a turn on, she continued one of her hands reached down and slowly began playing with her entrance without going into herself.

Naruto was slowly losing control of himself as he watched the bluish-green haired girl work her way up and down on his shaft, sucking and swirling her tongue far beyond anything those books his sensei could write. In fact he was quite sure this was on his top two best feelings ever as he didn't exactly want to put it on top even though he knew it already was. Groaning softly as he could feel something happening within him, he brushed through her hair and warned her with a non verbal gesture.

Catching his moaning and gesture to himself, Akira knew that he was going to blow soon. That was good as she really didn't need to work herself up more or it would get out of hand quickly and probably wake Yugito up and she did not want that. She felt bad for doing this to him, but she knew it would have been worse if Yugito had been awake thanks to their demons. Gathering herself up, she took one last deep breath through her nose as she heard Naruto's final moan and a gush of gunky liquid hit the roof of her mouth. It wasn't all that different for Yugito's releases in taste but it did have a hint of masculine taste to it. Before she could start questioning herself on how she knew that tasted it, she swallowed the remains of his release before taking him out with a plop and smiling lightly.

Bead of sweat fell from the back of her head seeing that he passed out from the pleasure. Smiling as she knew virgins did that from time to time, she cleaned up her face before reaching for the food to clear the taste out of her mouth so when Yugito kissed her again she wouldn't notice it as much. As she finished it, she slid Naruto's softened member into his pants and zipped them back up before lying besides both of them and sighed. "Yugito, forgive me for this. I don't know why, but I think I'm… I don't know… I'm just so confused right now…"

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she gripped Yugito's hand lightly as she leaned into Naruto. Sighing and gripping her clothes, she dried them with a small burst of chakra and put them on as she walked outside to take her and Yugito's watch as Naruto's had passed. Sighing as she added wood to the dying fire, she looked up to the sky and sighed deeply hoping somehow, someway that she could have both before this was all over.

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