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Naruto hated this. He hated it with a passion. Every time he was hurt, he was always over watched and kept under tight guard. It wasn't as bad as Sarutobi would only come in and check on him every couple of hours. When Tsunade became the Gondaime, it worsened as she kept a vigilant eye out on him along with Shizune. Now he had Sakura and Shizune coming to check on him every few hours along with two worried fiancées that slowly began to eat away at his sanity. While he loved them, he wasn't a child and could take care of himself. And it was his arm hurt, not his freaking legs! Why couldn't he get up and out of his room?!

What really annoyed him was the two Iwa jinchuuriki. Before they had disliked him and stayed their distance but now they were checking up on him and going over battle strategies with him. While it was a start, why did it have to be when he was injured? Riki would come up with Kirabi every now and then and inform him what was going on so he could still be kept in the loop, which his medics were keeping him out of pissing him off even more. At least Gaara only checked up on him once a day and hadn't stuck around too long either time.

But for the moment, he would bare with it as he just woke up and was feeling a lot better then he had in years. And the fact that his head was in Yugito's lap while Akira was lying next to him improved his mood far better.

Yugito smiled lightly at her blonde lover as she brushed her hand through his spiky hair. She was happier knowing that her master had come last night and fixed Naruto's seal and was why they were looking over him so much. Sure they knew he was okay, but it couldn't hurt to be sure. In fact her master had even slept in the other spare room to stay just in case the seal began to malfunction. While they hoped it wouldn't, there was always a chance that it would. Sighing and shaking her head, her eyes widened as the door opened to reveal her master. "AHK! Kihana-sama! I'm not decent!"

Kihana had a large sweat drop as she saw Yugito panic and then use her male lover's face to hide herself. Shaking her head, she spoke in a soft voice to calm her student down. "It doesn't matter young one, I've seen you in worse exposure. But I am sure your lover would love it if you didn't use his head as a hat rack, if you catch my drift."

The said blonde eyes widened as she looked down and sure enough, she had put Naruto's face right between her twins. And seeing that she was only wearing a bra at the moment meant that Naruto was getting a very, very good view of her cleavage. Blushing madly just as Naruto was, she quickly jumped up and grabbed her shirt nearby and put it on while Akira stayed latched to Naruto underneath the blanket, mainly because her night wear wasn't very appropriate to meet company with. Shaking her head as Yugito was panicking; Akira spoke to calm her down. "Yugito it is alright. It's not like she hasn't seen it before as she has trained you. Us on the other hand… We'll just stay hidden under the blanket."

Another sweat drop fell from Kihana's head as she was coming in to expect Naruto's seal once more. But seeing that her student's other love was indecent at the moment made things a little more difficult. As she was trying to figure out whether to wait and let them get decent, Naruto got a better look at her having not seen the woman before. She had golden locks braided to her hip and crystal blue eyes that shown brightly with the rising sun. She wore similar clothing to Yugito making it seem if she was the one that Yugito based her attire on except she had black shoulders and a green torso. Also, the radiant red jewel on her necklace caught his attention, but it was her face. It was like his except without the whisker marks and fifty years older. That made him wonder as the last person he knew that looked like him ended up being related to him and that was the Yondaime.

Before he could think on it more, Kihana shook her head before stepping over to the two. "Well, I need to check and see if I corrected the seal Minato had made and the damn toad fucked up." Understanding what she was saying, Akira wrapped the blanket around her before moving and sitting on Naruto's lap just in case he became too stimulated.

Not even going to try and understand why the girl did that, she sighed lightly as she kept from reacting. This was her grandson in front of her, yet just like with Minato she couldn't interfere in his life. She knew that if she had kept either she would have killed them before they reached ten as she was not the caring type. She would admit she had softened as of lately especially with her training Yugito to become a seal master, but her and children just didn't mix. She felt guilty every day she wasn't with Minato or her grandson, but it was for their best interested. They did not need to know of their clan's past after she wiped them off the face of existence.

Shaking her head, she lifted his shirt up and began examining the seal. She could tell that her son did a very good job with the seal as it was almost perfect in every way. In fact, she knew it was even better then her best work. A small smile crossed her lips glad her old lover gave Minato the scroll of seals she wanted him to have. She growled lightly as her animal instincts began to seep into her body but she quickly forced them out as Naruto was not ready to deal with their clan's true downfall. Taking a deep breath as she calmed herself down, she lowered the shirt and nodded. "My over-seal has been set. Please refrain from using too much of the beast's chakra for a couple of months. Only use it when you absolutely have to. Now I must leave… Yugito, if you would come with me please. I have something to give you."

Yugito nodded as the shirt over her night gown kept her decent and followed her sensei out of the room and into hers. As soon as she did, the room lit up in a light blue color indicating that she had used a privacy seal to keep anyone from hearing what her sensei was about to say. Wondering what could be up, she was about to walk over and find out when Kihana growled out at her in an animalistic voice. "Don't! My instinct is acting up. That is why I must leave."

Yugito's eyes widened hearing this having seen her master only lose control over herself once before. Seeing this, Kihana pulled out a small scroll before unsealing a larger scroll along with taking out another small one before placing them at the side of the room as she didn't trust herself to keep from lunging at her student. "The large scroll is the list of all the seals I have made. Both you and the boy can go through them as they are yours to learn and pass on now. My time is at an end, they need to be in the hands of the next generation of seal masters."

"W-what?! Master, what are you talking about?" Yugito said in worry seeing the look on her master's face and tried to walk next to her only to be snarled at and barely dodged a swipe at her face. Looking at her master in shock, Yugito backed away as she neared the door in case she could not remember herself. "M-Master?! What's wrong?!"

Kihana growled loudly as she looked at the girl in front of her. Her blood was calling out to her, but she did not want it. She wanted the boy's. Trying to shake off her instincts, Kihana fell to one knee and started panting heavily as her body began shaking. "I can't stay here any longer. I will only kill my grandson… And I don't want that to happen. Yugito, please give your male lover the scroll… It is for him and him alone. I'm sorry my child… I just can't stay."

And with that the privacy disengaged and the window was suddenly open with Kihana no longer in the room.

Yugito looked on in shock, not sure what had happened. She knew of her master's blood and knew how dangerous she could be, but she had never truly seen her act that way towards her before. So why now of all time would she be so vicious. And why did she say grandson then give the scroll to Naruto… It dawned on her as she slowly began to piece together everything she knew of her sensei. 'Naruto is her grandson… But then why was she never there for him?! …Wait. I remember her saying she had a child, but she was forced to put him in an orphanage because she was losing control of herself and wanted his blood. She said he was a shinobi but never said what village, so I never knew which village he ended up in. Only that he was the best in the world when it came to seals…'

Her stops came to a stop as there was only one person she had ever heard her sensei admit who was better then seals then she was. The Yondaime Hokage of Konoha. And Naruto was from Konoha and she called him her grandson which meant that Naruto was… "The Yondaime's son… But then why did Naruto not tell us?!"

Wanting her answers as she was being thrown around in loops, she picked up both scrolls before marching into their guest room. Setting down the larger one, she threw the small scroll at Naruto who caught it as he looked at her in wonder as Akira, who now was somewhat decent wearing her tank top over her fishnet shirt. Not even giving them a chance to ask her what was going on; Yugito sat in front of Naruto with her legs crossed. "Why did you never tell us that you were the Yondaime's son?"

Naruto winced at this as he gave both girls a pitying look. He could see Akira was looking at him with some shock but it was mostly expected when he used both signature techniques of the Yondaime. Yugito on the other hand had a hardened look that he could not decipher. He winced more at this hoping this wouldn't become a problem in their relationship before taking a deep breath as he brushed his hand through his hair. "I didn't really want anyone to know. While he is my father and all an I'm proud to be his son, he was also the one that cursed me with the life I have. I didn't tell either of you because I wanted you to see me as me and not his son."

Akira quickly understood his reasoning but a part of her was still hurt that he hadn't told them before. Yugito on the other hand softened far more as she understood perfectly why he wanted to be seen as him. It was all he craved during his life was to be seen as him and not the fox and with people learning he was the son of the Yondaime a lot of people would be swayed to think of him as his son and not him. Closing her eyes, she reached out and placed her hands onto Naruto's before leaning in and kissing him lightly on the cheek. "It's okay. I can understand… But I have learned something else about your family. Your grandmother… Is my master."

She could see the shock in his face but it slowly turned to anger and she knew exactly what he was planning on doing. Keeping a firm grip on his hands, she nudged the scroll into his hands as she looked him in the eyes. "Don't Naruto. Your family… Has a bloodline, but that same bloodline is its weakness. You'll learn it once you learn what it is when you read the scroll. I know your family has relatives and in fact the Inuzukas are a branch of your family, the animal instinct. I believe the scroll she gave you will go into more detail about it. I believe I know what animal your instinct is based on, but I will wait until you read the scroll."

Hearing Yugito's words, Naruto slowly unrolled the scroll in front of him after undoing the blood seal and began to read through it. As he was about half way through, his eyes widened as he nearly dropped the scroll but continued reading. As he finished, he rolled the scroll back up and closed his eyes as tears began to water his eyes. Saying nothing for a few minutes after he finished reading the scroll had both Akira and Yugito worried as they inched closer to him when he finally spoke. "Now I finally get it all those moments when I felt like an animal was controlling me. It wasn't the fox, it was my inner animal. The seal keeps Kyuubi from ever taking control, but it doesn't stop my animal instincts from doing so."

Sighing in relief that he was talking, Akira sat on his lap and curled up against him as Yugito crawled behind him before leaning against his back. Knowing what the two were doing, Naruto smiled lightly as he held Akira closer to him before sighing lightly. "I guess it does make sense. She couldn't look after me or father as her serpent instincts would want our blood… Seeing that we are birds. But I don't get why she would kill our entire clan the way she did… It was as if she didn't… Didn't care. Did she ever act like that around you, hime?" At the end he turned to Yugito with a questioning and frightened look on his face.

Yugito shook her head and sighed as she laid her hands down his chest and into Akira's hair to softly stroke it. "Yes, she showed me her aggression many times but never acted upon it. Today, she nearly did and I was ready to run to… Kirabi. He was with me during my training with her and whenever her instincts took over, Kirabi appeared and she would instantly calm down. The fear of his Ushi-oni kept her inner serpent in check and it wanted nothing to do with it. I really did want to run to both of you, I truly did but somehow I knew it would only make things worse. I was glad she regained control of herself and left as I knew I wouldn't be able to make it if she had attacked."

Before she knew it, she was wrapped into two firm hugs as Akira quickly jumped up and had gripped her tightly as Naruto turned around and did the same. Feeling both hugging her, she sighed deeply and smiled at both before grinning as she flipped them onto the cot with her on top. Both were blinking at her as her hands slowly snaked their way to both of their chest but all was stopped once more as a gruff voice spoke in the corner in a poof of smoke. "Sorry to interrupt, but I have some business to attend to with the pup."

All three's eyes widened hearing this and pulled out kunais and littered the corner of the room with them, only to see an elderly toad jump over them and onto the window railing and held on for dear life. Naruto's eyes widened instantly recognizing the elderly toad and bowed to the toad. "Sorry Lord Toad, I did not know it was you."

"Eh… Don't worry about it. I've had worse happen." Pa spoke as he jumped back onto the floor, glad that nothing serious was injured or take away from him. Both girls looked at Naruto strangely as they had never seen him bow to anyone before and now he was bowing, to a toad of all things! Neither were taking it very well as tick marks appeared on their foreheads. Pa of course noticed this and shook his head as he knew Naruto acting this way caused that affect on people. "I see Jiraiya taught you his ways boy, but at least you found true love. Now onto the reason why I was called here."

Taking a deep breath, the elder toad closed his eyes before opening them and looking at Naruto dead in the eyes as he sat up on his knees. "Pup, Jiraiya is dead. Killed by the leader of the Akatsuki, Pein."

For the third time in his life, Naruto felt as if the world around him had begun to crumble. The first time was when he learned of Kyuubi sealed within him and the other was when his heart shattered during Sasuke's retrieval mission. Now the man he had looked up to and had trained him for the last three years had died against the Akatsuki. He felt his stomach drop to an all time low as the first man to truly train him had given his life to try and protect him. Just as it almost always happened in the past, someone he cared for left him. "No… Not sensei."

Pa sighed as he knew this was going to be difficult for the boy, but he needed to know and step up to take his place. "Pup, as much as his lose hurts, it is not the end. We toads will miss Jiraiya, but we still have a new hope for the future. You are that hope boy and that is why tomorrow you will come to my home in the morning. Time is short and we don't have any to waste and we will have to cut your week here short. I am sorry as we planned to give you two extra days but with this alarming turn of events we have to act quickly. I'm giving you the rest of the day to say goodbye to the rest. I've already informed everyone about the weakness of the remaining members, but you will be coming with us to learn how to stop Pein as you are the only one that can."

Both Akira and Yugito gasped hearing this while Naruto looked at the elder toad in shock and voiced his opinion. "W-What?! If Jiraiya-sensei couldn't beat him, how in the world can I?! I only have Hiraishin and I'm still trying to master it were it will be useful in one on one fights and he will know about it making it harder for it to be him! With my best weapon in my arsenal useless, how do I beat someone that killed my sensei and the first ever to truly train me?!"

To the teen's surprise, Pa did not flinch or even show any kind of reaction. Instead the elder frog looked Naruto straight in the eye. "I do not know if you can or not the way you are right now, pup. All I know is Jiraiya had faith in your abilities as I quote him near the end of the battle after Pein told him he could not win. I know I cannot, but there is one that can. One that will rise in my place with strength beyond even the Yondaime Hokage. All he has to do... is believe. …He believed in you pup and I'm not going to go back on my word to train you in the sage arts. He firmly believed that you have had the power all along to defeat even the toughest of enemies; you just had to bring it out. And he wasn't talking about the fox sealed within you."

Naruto was dumbfounded as he looked at Pa, who was still looking him in the eyes. Jiraiya had shown him that kind of faith? Was that why he went all out in their spars against him? Did he truly believe that he was the one that could replace him when his time was done? And if so, why didn't he tell him before as while Jiraiya was critical in him, he always voiced his confidence in him. And why couldn't he use this strength he was talking about if it wasn't the fox?

As if seeing this through his eyes, Pa turned to Akira ignoring that she was somewhat indecent at the moment. "Girl, Jiraiya mentioned that you have the power to view and take others to view people's minds. Can you do so?" Akira nodded as she looked over at the toad then Naruto having a feeling she would be asked to go into one or the other's mind. Pa nodded hearing this, before turning to Naruto. "Then I will ask you to take all of us to watch a memory that Naruto does not remember and was the reason Jiraiya has the utmost confidence in the boy. Jiraiya used a technique that transferred the memory to me, but I'm afraid I cannot access it without Naruto. I would like to see it to know why myself as I see nothing but a spineless kid that needs to grow up."

At the end Naruto was narrowing his eyes dangerously as if asking the toad to say that again. Just as Pa was about to add more insults to what he said, Akira nodded as she gripped Naruto's hand as Yugito gripped her shoulder, not wanting to be left out of something that dealt with one of her lovers. Seeing this, Pa nodded as Akira touched his forehead and all were sucked in.

Standing in a completely white clearing, Akira was looking around in shock thinking she did something wrong before an image of a clearing in a deep green appeared. Not understanding as she always had gone through a door before, Pa answered her confusion as the others looked around. "It was set up so that if someone were to enter my mind they would witness this memory. Now stay quiet so we can watch."

Just as he finished, both Jiraiya and a beaten down Naruto appeared in the middle of the clearing, the former speaking in a commanding voice. "Come on Naruto! You can do better!"

Before Naruto could even respond, he was savagely punched in the face and driven into the ground. He attempted to push himself up but found Jiraiya's foot slamming onto the center of his back made it impossible as a loud crack was heard. Naruto's scream was heard throughout the clearing as he tried to scrape his way out from underneath Jiraiya's foot when they suddenly heard him say something but his lips didn't move. "Come on Naruto. I know you are stronger then this, but what is holding you back? Dammit, I don't want to get too rough without figuring out what triggers it. Better call this a day before he really gets hurt."

Removing his foot, he drove it into Naruto's stomach sending him rolling into the sky before falling a few meters away from Jiraiya. But even then they were wondering how come they could hear Jiraiya's thoughts as they weren't watching this in first person view. Before they could ponder that, Naruto slowly picked himself up panting as he glared at Jiraiya before sliding himself into his stance. "Naruto, let's call it a day."

Naruto growled at this as chakra slowly began to swarm around him as it gathered more and more. "I will not quit! Not until I can finally hit you!"

Jiraiya was put on the defensive and was surprised as Naruto should have been practically drained but it seemed that was not the case. Getting annoyed quickly that the brat was somehow faster after he should have been slower from the kick he delivered the brat; he slammed his fist into his solar plexus that would put him out. Naruto flew back from the blow and slid onto the ground and began coughing heavily, even a few with some blood mixed with his saliva. Seeing this, Jiraiya sighed as he walked over to Naruto. "Stay down and rest. We can continue tonight if you wish."

Shaking his head at his stubborn student, he walked past him when he noticed the leaves around them beginning to swirl around them madly. Feeling a chakra spike where Naruto was at, he began to wonder what was going on and turned around only to see Naruto standing up with a dark blue aura of his own chakra surrounding him. Jiraiya narrowed his eyes seeing this before his eyes slowly began to widen as the chakra began expanding around him as Naruto's eyes opened and electricity within them seemed to be flowing madly as he looked over at Jiraiya. "I'm not finished… Not yet. I still… have more… To go!"

The chakra around Naruto spiked as it started ripping the grass and ground around began to give way as his aura expanded drastically. Jiraiya stepped back as his surprise became evident, not expecting such a power surge from Naruto. "What's going on?! One moment he was about ready to pass out and now he's stronger then ever! And that chakra… It feels like there is so much more where it is coming from. Is this what Sarutobi-sensei meant by saying Naruto already had the power to surpass him; he only needed to find it? … Minato… Is this your work somehow?"

As Jiraiya was trying to find answers, all but the elder toad looked surprised. None more so then Naruto as he couldn't remember this ever happening but now his memory was slowly beginning to return and it was becoming clear to him. Pa just looked on, though he wouldn't admit it he was slowly becoming impressed as the boy in front of him was far more worthy then he let on to be. Now he just had to finish the memory before testing the boy himself.

Back to the memory, Naruto's chakra had seemed to make out before one more burst erupted from him as he rushed towards Jiraiya as fast as he could run now. Being unable to counter such a quick burst in speed, Jiraiya only was able to avoid the punch before the next repaid the favor and slammed into his solar plexus. Growling loudly, Jiraiya back handed Naruto with far more force then he had attended and the boy skidded on the ground as the chakra around him receded. Not expecting such a burst from the boy, Jiraiya sighed at himself as he was caught off guard before walking over to Naruto's unconscious form and shook his head as a warm smile graced his lips. "Brat, if I didn't know better I would think that sensei was right in choosing you as his first successor to become Hokage."

Then the warm smile on his face suddenly became perverted. "That way Mune-hime wouldn't have to leave the onsen so much and I could gaze upon her gorgeous bod all day."

There were four thuds heard as the memory ended as they all face faulted at what Jiraiya had said. All four grumbled as they stood up before Pa shook his head and looked over at Naruto. "Boy, you have forgotten what it means to be a toad sage. I will reeducate you on that when I take you home tomorrow, but rest for now. I will be back here in the morning, be ready to leave by eight." And with a poof of smoke, Pa was gone leaving the three of them to think.

Both Akira and Yugito looked over at Naruto trying to figure out what he was going to do when a knock was heard at the door. Not wanting to be indecent in front of others again, both girls went into the bathroom to change clothes and wash up as the door opened to reveal both Roshi and Teyaki. While that was an odd pair, Naruto let the two in as the girls' hatred for Teyaki lessened, as long as he kept his hands away from them. Motioning them to sit, they did so besides Naruto who was now sitting at his cot once more. "So what's up for you two to come up here at the same time?"

Teyaki winced at this while Roshi remained passive but on the inside was raising his eyebrow at Naruto knowing that the toad had came and told them of Jiraiya's fate. Whether he liked him or not, losing one's sensei was a crippling blow as there was a parent/child connection after years of training and getting to know each other. Shaking his head as this was the way he would cope with it, he would not say a word. Teyaki on the other hand looked at him in slight shock and a little fear as he did not want to be the one that told him his sensei had died. "You've heard right?"

Naruto's eyes darkened at this but nodded as he tried not to pay too much attention to it. He was lucky that his angel and princess were quickly at his side and attempting to comfort him having been ready to do that earlier before they showed up. Smiling lightly at them even if it was a little forced, he turned back to Roshi and Teyaki. "I know, and I will be leaving here tomorrow for a week to train in the Toad Arts. Inform the rest that I will leave tomorrow. If they wish to come up here, that is fine but I don't think I'll leave… I have too much to think about right now. And nurse nosey and nurse Tsunade-remaded won't let me leave anyways." As he finished two squeaks were heard as both ran back down stairs.

The other four occupants of the room sweat dropped at what happened before shaking their heads, not really wanting to know why they were listening in to them. Shaking his head and standing up, Teyaki was about to walk out when he noticed Roshi was still sitting down as his eyes gazed at Naruto. "Naruto, while I do not like you I respect you because you have the wind's respect. I listen to Mother Nature and she tells me what is happening and the wind is whispering something for you. And I believe it is not a good omen. It says that the one with its favor is in danger from the lighting's favored. And I've noticed that there has been an increase amount of electrical surges to the north of our location. And there has been a stench of snakes that has been blown by the wind to inform the lighting one was here."

Tensing up as he heard this, Naruto's eyes flashed red as Kyuubi's chakra attempted to flood into him only for it to be pushed back by the strengthened seal and Naruto's will. Standing up, he removed the cast on his arm before testing to see if it worked properly by creating a Rasengan. Seeing that everything seemed to be right, Naruto's eyes narrowed dangerously before he jumped out of the window and onto the tree tops. He was not going to let this opportunity pass. This would end; one way or another.

As he left, the door busted open with Sakura looking around hearing the window open only to see Naruto was gone with both Akira and Yugito jumping out to chase after him. Seeing this, Roshi furrowed his brow before shaking his head. Sakura narrowed her eyes and gripped him violently by the collar and was ready to start shaking him. "What did you say to Naruto run like that?!"

Roshi sighed at his position and thought about his options. He could not tell her, but then she would more then likely beat him into a bloody pulp then beat him some more or he could tell her. Sighing once more, he went with option two as it would be less painful and he rather not have to be healed only to be beaten more. "The wind whispered to me that the lighting favored was here to take the life of the wind favored. I warned Naruto of this and he raced head on to meet what the wind said his best friend, but his worst enemy."

Sakura dropped Roshi hearing this as her eyes widened knowing exactly who it was before jumping out of the window and following the other three to help with what was about to happen. Seeing this made Roshi furrow his brow more before standing up. "Teyaki, inform everyone to head north. There is about to be a battle of two unstoppable wills. But will it be lighting or wind that will be victorious…" And with that Roshi jumped out the window and chased after the rest, not wanting to miss what was about to happen.

Naruto raced through the tree tops, not even feeling it when the branches slapped his skin harshly and leaving bruises from the speed he was traveling. He knew where he felt him to be. Only one person he knew had that feeling and he was going to meet him head on, even if he had three gooneys with him this time. Bursting from the tree lines as his chakra pulsed, he pulled back his fist as he gritted his teeth before yelling the name of the raven haired teen in front of him. "SASUKE!"

Just as he reached the raven haired boy, the four jumped back and Naruto's fist crashed into the earth leaving a notable crater as if it was hit by a small scale bomb. Sasuke narrowed his eyes seeing this as chakra flowed freely around Naruto in amounts far beyond what they should have been after training under a Sannin. Seeing Naruto slowly standing, his eyes caught his and noticed the electricity burning in his eyes as his chakra level began to rise even higher then before as the ground started to be torn asunder beneath him. Not letting this effect him, Sasuke looked Naruto dead in the eyes as his Sharingan came to life. "Naruto."

The three with Sasuke looked back in forth between the two, wondering what was going on before the red head growled not liking that Sasuke was paying more attention to him that he had gave her the entire time. Letting her emotions get the best of her, she marched forward as her crazed side took over. "What the fuck do you want shit stain?! Never mind, I don't care! Get the hell out of here before I rip your balls off…" She wasn't allowed to finish that sentence as a sai found its way into her stomach.

Akira glared dangerously at her before shoving Karin off her sai. But before the downed girl could even groan in agony, a foot was placed on her throat by a growling Yugito as she glowered at the girl. "Never, ever threaten OUR future husband like that again! Do you understand?!"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes as they tossed Karin aside as soon as she nodded. The dobe had picked up two rather attractive women that were a few years older then they were but couldn't get hitched with them because of Konoha's laws. Just as he was about to point out the obvious, his eyes narrowed further as he noticed a seal appear on Akira's stomach while he could sense another on Yugito's. Seeing that both were jinchuuriki themselves, things just became a little harder for him as they would step in if he was close to taking Naruto out. As he sensed both Juugo and Suigetsu preparing to attack, he placed his arms in front of them. "No outside interference. I want this to be a clean fight, so do not let anyone intervene until our fight is over."

Hearing this, Naruto attempted to walk in front of his two fiancées even though both gripped his shoulders not wanting to let him go. Sighing at them, Naruto kept his gaze on Sasuke as he spoke in a far more commanding voice then he used on them before. "Hime, tenshi, do not interfere in this fight as well and keep the others from doing so. I know Sakura will so keep your focus on her and if you have to, have Kirabi hold her back when he arrives."

Looking at their love as he walked past them, both caught the electric glow of his eyes and let go. This was something they could not stop, but they sure as hell could change the results. Grabbing his arms once more and pulling him back, both Akira and Yugito pressed their lips against his and each other and this time did not break the kiss before letting go.

"Please, don't do anything stupid." Akira said in a soft voice as she was resigned to this happening.

Yugito nodded as she looked at her lovers and gripped Akira's shoulders tightly. "And do not lose."

A smirk crossed Naruto's face as he nodded and turned around just as Sakura burst through the trees. She would have attempted to stop this, but the rest of the jinchuuriki had arrived thanks to Teyaki. Gripping her shoulders tightly, Kirabi shook his head. "This has to happen. There is no stopping these change of events. This fight has to happen here and now. Whether it be win or lose, this is more the just a fight. This is to prove themselves to each other, but more importantly, themselves."

Sakura looked panicked hearing this and tried to struggle out of his grip, but Kirabi held firm as he motioned for her to watch as Riki jumped in front of Zabuza's sword and pointed Shinyami straight at Suigetsu. "Suigetsu you worthless piece of shit! I know why you are here and I will tell you right here and now, I will not let you touch my sensei's sword. So if you want it, prepare to face the full force of Shinyami's and my power!"

Suigetsu narrowed his eyes noticing the youngest member of the seven swordsmen of the Mist and was about to head over to him when Sasuke gave him a violent glare not to do so. Not wanting to piss off the one that freed him and held his life in his hands, he obeyed even if it was unwillingly. He just didn't want to die at the Uchiha's hands.

Turning back to Naruto, Sasuke's Sharingan spun madly as they tried to absorb the information that was pouring off Naruto in ways when Naruto did something he was not expecting as he reached up to his head band. "Sasuke, there is something that has been eating away at me ever since our battle at the Valley of the End. Why did you not finish me off when you had the chance? You could have gained the Mangekyou then and could have avoided this entire fiasco. But you didn't; so why?"

Not having expected that question, Sasuke thought about answering it for a moment. He toyed with the fact that it would eat away at Naruto during the fight there for holding him back and that was not what he needed. He needed someone that could test him before he faced Itachi. Looking Naruto dead in the eyes, he spoke in his normal, stoic voice. "You're right, I could have but I didn't. At the time I wanted to believe it was because I didn't want to stoop to my brother's level, but that wasn't it. Killing you then, would not have been honorable as you were not in control of yourself. I wanted to kill you as yourself to prove we were equals. But there is something more Something that told me that we are destined to do this forever."

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he pulled off his Konoha head band. "I see…" Before anyone could react, he threw his head band into the dirt at Haku's and Zabuza's grave. "Then let it been known right here and now Uchiha! We are not equals and you will learn that when this is all over. You pain is only a fraction of mine and don't you forget it! Yet I never betrayed our village even after the years of living with the hatred of being a murderer even if I was only the container of the accused! While our pain is similar, it is miles apart!"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes as this and quickly dashed in not wanting to hear more when Naruto delivered an upper cut to his jaw before back handing him into the ground where he was originally standing at. "Stay put and listen! I'm not even close to finishing yet! You had a family that loved you even if they were rough! You had them for seven years! Well guess what, Uchiha?! You had seven years of love but not only that, you had a family to support you when things got rough… But you know what I had… NOTHING! I had nothing other then the old man Hokage's and old man Ichiraku's kindness over twelve years! Twelve fucking years Sasuke! You try living for twelve hellish years with almost every single person in an entire village hating you as much as you do Itachi and wishing for your death! Do you get me, traitor!"

As Naruto finished his rant towards the youngest Uchiha, all the jinchuuriki's opinions of him rose and quickly. The two far beyond the others were Roshi and Tenchi having the least amount of respect for him. Whipping the small amount of blood on his lip, Sasuke stood up and looked Naruto dead in the eyes uncaringly. "Are you finished?"

The aura around Naruto increased drastically as his anger began to slowly call upon Kyuubi's chakra, only for something else to answer. Whatever it was though, Naruto did not care as his chakra began to soar around him as the wind picked up just as he rushed at Sasuke moving at speeds that the Sharingan user could barely pick up. But he had and managed to move to the side of the strike for his chin once more and struck Naruto in the chest. But it didn't seem to affect him as he swung his arm back and caught the top of Sasuke's hair in his hand as he ducked and threw the Uchiha into the ground. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at this as he picked himself back up. This Naruto was not the same Naruto two and a half years back. This Naruto knew the feeling of pain but not only that, this Naruto was far stronger.

Not even wasting a second, Sasuke charged Naruto only for the blonde to charge back and drew back his arm and threw it at his face. Sasuke quickly reacted and grabbed his fist as he sent his free hand to Naruto's face only for the blonde to block it was well. Growling lightly, he tried to push back only for Naruto's head to crash into his head and he had to admit, that was one area Naruto beat him in. The strength of his head. Breaking the grip, he flipped back and sent a few shuriken at him before pulling out his chokuto only to see Naruto block the shuriken with an almost invisible blade. If it wasn't for his Sharingan, he wouldn't have noticed it but now he was at a further disadvantage seeing that Naruto had a sword of his own, but the question was did he know how to use it.

Naruto answered that question as he sped towards Sasuke with frightening speeds and before Sasuke knew it, he was hissing as pain as a deep cut from his left bicep to his shoulder before he rolled out of the way. He had barely seen Naruto and have avoided that strike just enough to keep it from being fatal. This was something else he wasn't expecting from the blonde that had been so cheerful in the time he knew him. He was aiming to kill, not hurt or injure, but to kill. Seeing this, he knew he had to stop with the measure up. Naruto was going straight for the kill so he had to as well.

Seeing that Sasuke was no longer going to hold back, Naruto put away Kamikaze as there was only one way to bring this fight to its optimum. Putting his hand in front of him, a blue orb began to form in his hand and seeing Sasuke quickly catch him do this went through five seals and the sound of chirping birds filled the air. Looking at his old friend, Naruto stood straight and looked him in the eyes. "From this point on, no more talking. Now come!"

"Good memory." Sasuke answered back as he held his Chidori in hand before charging Naruto. "CHIDORI!"

Not holding back any longer, Naruto answered back as he charged with his Rasengan in hand. "RASENGAN!"

For a third time the two techniques clashed as lighting begun swirling around them as the Rasengan drilled into it. The two teens poured their chakra into their jutsu to overpower the other. But the problem quickly was seen as Naruto had far more chakra pouring into his Rasengan then Sasuke could channel into his Chidori. Just as he realized this, Naruto raised his chakra higher with a primal scream as he poured more into his ball of chakra. The lighting was forced back as the Rasengan quickly out matched the Chidori sending Sasuke flying back as Naruto raced to him, not giving him a second to recover.

Soon as the Uchiha landed, Naruto was on him as he dropped a hard elbow into his stomach just as Zabuza did here three years ago. His eyes narrowed as the Sasuke he hit dispersed into numerous amount of snakes before growling as he placed his hand behind him and grabbed him by the ankle as he tried to land a blow to his hip. Seeing Sasuke throw shuriken at him in such close range, Naruto smirked as he dropped to the ground with an old favorite seal. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

The entire path way was covered with clone after clone but Naruto wasn't done yet as they all quickly attacked the Uchiha prodigy. He attempted to battle a few, but then he noticed something about the odd smile on Naruto's face as the clones glowed before erupting. Naruto escaped with a flicker to Akira, who threw her kunai down seeing what he was doing and smiled at him as he rushed back into the debris.

Sasuke was getting pissed. No scratch that, homicidal. Naruto was keeping him on the ropes as he just didn't know what the blonde was going to do next and it seemed that Naruto knew exactly what he was going to do. Had the toad sage really trained him that well or did Naruto find tendencies that a lot of people have an exploit them. He was no fool and knew he had them as well and it was getting on his nerves as Naruto seemed to be picking them apart one by one. But that and he managed to escape his own explosion even though the only was to do so was to either teleport himself somewhere else or fall off the small cliff they buried the two at. Not much of a choice.

Growling as he let his anger get the best of him as his curse seal flared to life. The black flames covered his body as his eyes gained a darkened tint to them. But before it could completely take over, he felt something go through his chest after flicker of light. His eyes widened as the marks began to recede as he saw Naruto holding the sword of wind, stabbed through his chest just centimeters from his heart. "Sasuke, do you understand the difference in levels we have. You could give Itachi a run for his money, but I will give the leader of the Akatsuki his when my training finishes."

Stabbing the blade further into Sasuke's chest he was tempted to twist it as he forced Sasuke into the ground and this was the scene all were witness to as the dust began to settle. Not caring in the least, Naruto kept Kamikaze firmly in Sasuke's chest as he placed a kunai at his throat. "Do you see the difference now?! This is the difference in our power! You fight for only your own selfish desires while I fight for everyone, but more importantly, those closest to me! The ones that make my worth something!" As he looked at Sasuke, he dug the kunai in a little deeper before calming himself. "Uchiha Sasuke, by the laws of Konoha you are either to be brought in or killed with your head cut off and your body burned. Which path will you rather choice as I'm fine with either."

Coughing up a small amount of blood, Sasuke slowly began to feel weaker and weaker at the moment before realizing that chakra cuffs had appeared on his wrist and ankles and he cursed as the demonic things would drain his chakra and only leave him with enough to survive on. But hearing that Naruto would kill him without hesitation was something he did not expect once more. But something about his eyes caught his attention before he noticed both the two girls slowly walking towards him. He was fighting for them, not himself. Closing his eyes, he spoke in a defeated tone. "I will be taken in."

A small smile graced Naruto's lips hearing this before pulling the kunai away from his throat and pulling Kamikaze out of his stomach. Sasuke grimaced at the pain but bore with it as Naruto turned his attention back to him. "That's good as I rather not kill you, old friend. But I also have a proposition for you to listen to as well. I will take the chakra cuffs off if and only if, you agree to help us fight the Akatsuki when they come for us. If you do so, I will throw in a good word and get baa-chan to support it so your sentence will be lighter. Now, what do you say? Do you want to rot in jail and have some nurse put a hose into your love maker and drain your semen so the Uchiha clan will be resurrected or do you want to recreate it yourself after taking out that bastard?"

Thinking about what Naruto said, he flinched at the tube in his penis and made a mental note for that not to happen to him. Putting that aside, it was a pretty good deal and he still got to face off and kill Itachi. There was only one problem, why was Naruto being this lenient. "Why? Why are you doing this for me?"

Naruto took a deep breath and closed his eyes before opening them and looking at Sasuke with a small smile on his face. "Because the stuck up Uchiha that I called my brother is still somewhere within you. Now let's get you looked at. Sakura, he's yours to deal with." Sakura nodded and rushed over to Naruto and looked at Sasuke for a moment before kneeling besides him with a small snarl on her face. Seeing this and knowing that Sakura would be delivering pain to Sasuke during this, Naruto turned to his Uchiha brother. "I will only release the chakra cuffs when I place a Chain of Life seal on you. You will be bound to both Akira and Yugito and if you get within a hundred feet of them, your ass will be dragged back through whatever is in your way. Now, try not to hurt him to much Sakura."

The pink hair medic nodded lightly as she cracked her knuckles before slowly getting to work as he noticed both Suigetsu and Juugo had fled with Karin and shook his head. He didn't really want to deal with Sound shinobi at the moment. Closing his eyes as everything was slowly getting to him today; he disappeared in a flicker of light and appeared besides the cot having left a special kunai by the pillow. As he did so, tears began to water into his eyes and fell freely onto the pillow as his fist crumpled up the sides of it. "First I lose the old man, the I lost Sasuke but now have brought him back, I lost my own heart that day and now my sensei! What more can be taken away from me?! I couldn't handle it if I lost both hime and tenshi! They're the first ones to ever show love to me and losing them... I would rather die and be without them. I rather let myself take the burden so they could live. I must let them go to protect them..."

Before he could finish his head was driven into the pillow before being spun around by a pissed Yugito as Akira walked into the room, not sure what just happened. Before Naruto could defend himself, Yugito gripped the collar of his shirt and looked him dead in the eyes in both anger yet with a touch of worry. "Do not EVER say that again! We both love you too much to even let you think that letting us go can help us! And if you ever, EVER start doubting that again, I personally will castrate you, understand?!"

Luckily no one else had heard her screaming as Akira used a privacy jutsu to seal off the room from the outside world. Having understood what Yugito said, she was about to walk over and give Naruto a piece of her mind when Yugito suddenly kissed him. Akira felt slightly put out at this but feeling the passion Yugito was putting into her kiss, she knew what she was doing and sat next to them as they broke the kiss and spoke in a soft voice. "Naruto, please never think about leaving us again. I love you far too much and I know Yugi loves you just as much. We both rather see the end of this world then a world with you because in this short time... You've become..."

"Our shining light in this world full of darkness." Yugito finished for her partner as she looked up at Naruto with streaming eyes.

Naruto's face softened seeing her like this and the words were making him feel slightly better. He still has his doubt on their safety and he voiced this. "I know, I know... But I still fear for you. Almost everyone I've cared for has either bit the dust or suffered in someway for treating me with kindness."

Akira sighed as she leaned into him before kissing lightly on the mouth as she let her hands stroke his cheeks. "I know, but we still love you and will stick it out with you. That is what being in love is about. Sticking through it till the bitter end as you never know when your happily ever after will come. We will stick through it with you, if you will let us and not push us away. We love you Naruto and will go through anything with you. Just please, please don't shut us out when we can help."

Looking at his angel and princess, a warm smile crossed his face as he smiled and leaned up and kissed both gently on the lips. Seeing the content looks on their faces as he wrapped his arms around them, his smile grew as he whispered lightly to them, not knowing the barrier was up. "I won't let you two go and even think about it. I do not know why, but you have become so precious to me over this last week. Maybe it's because I was desperate for love or that the two of you are just right for me. It may be both or another reason all together, but I do know one thing. I love both of you very, very much. To the depths of my heart to beyond the heavens."

Both girls blushed deeply hearing this before a small smile crept up onto Akira's face before she whispered in Yugito's ear. Naruto couldn't catch what she said, but the said girl stood up and walked over to the door before locking it and turning back around as she gripped her tank top and pulled it off in one smooth stroke. Blushing as he saw this, he was about to ask what they were planning when he noticed that Yugito had pulled her shirt off and dove in for a kiss. Naruto was too stunned to think at the moment and he kissed the blonde back, who moaned into their kiss as his tongue slipped into her mouth but broke the kiss seeing Akira slowly pulling on both his and Yugito's pants. "What's going on here?!"

Yugito silenced him with a quick kiss to the lips as her hands slid into his pants and slowly pulled them down as Akira successfully had taken hers off. Moaning lightly feeling her taking Naruto's pants off as well, she looked down at Naruto as lust filled her eyes. "Shush my king. We just want to give this to you before leaving. Something may happen between now and when you get back, but we want to give this to you to make sure you come back to us. ...And we want to give this to you to show that we truly want to be with you."

Before he could question what they were going to give him, he had a pretty good idea what it was when Yugito pulled off her gloves and the bindings around her arms before ducking to his stomach. His eyes widened as he felt a pair of hands reach into his boxers and he attempted to get up, but backed himself into the wall quickly leaving his two miffed lovers looking at him before Yugito crawled over to him and kissing him deeply as Akira crawled right behind her. "Naruto, it is okay. Just let us do this for you. We both want it, so please, please just let us do the work." At the end, she crawled next to Yugito before slowly sliding his boxers off.

Soon as she did, Yugito's hands darted downwards and began stroking him automatically making her smile lightly hearing Naruto's muffled moan. Not wanting to leave her out of the mix, Akira shifted to where she was behind Yugito before pulling off her bottom piece and slowly sliding her point finger into her. Hearing Yugito moan in surprise at this made Akira smirk before she slowly brought her head down to her entrance and slowly began flicking her tongue at her lower lips as she began to slowly pump the finger into her tightening box.

Moaning and breaking their kiss as her eyes began to daze over, Yugito looked at Naruto before looking down seeing his decent sized member rub against her stomach as she pumped it gently. Being caught up in the moment and wanting to please both her lovers, Yugito ducked down once more to his stomach as she began to breathe heavily onto his erected member. She knew what to do, she just wasn't sure she could match what Akira could do as her lover did learn how to do through practice on her set of fun-tools. Having more and more stimulation as Akira's tongue was slowly playing with her entrance, she breathed on his hard-on a little longer while stroking it as she thought if she should actually go through with it.

Nibi had not shocked Naruto once any time he touched her or vice a versa, so did the cat accept him as potential mate? And if so, why not tell her as the cat whole heartedly agreed with Akira being her mate and told her as much. It was strange, the cat hadn't said anything as of lately as if something was wrong. Just as she thought about, a surge from her stomach pulsed within her as her lust took over and she took the head of Naruto's member and began to suck on it gently. But did not last long as her rough tongue flicked out and licked and swirled around his head as she stroked him harder and faster while taking him deeper into her mouth.

Naruto was gasping and moaning lightly as Yugito worked on him. While he had to admit that Akira was far smoother, but Yugito's mouth had an exotic feel to it giving him a wonderful feeling and making up for any inexperience she had. That made him wonder what experience Akira had, but remember her uses of toys in the memory she gave him of the two, he blushed madly before moaning as Yugito continued working more and more each second and for good reason. Akira was now diving into her box with her rather long tongue with three fingers joining the action. Really feeling left out not having the reach to do anything to make Akira feel better, he placed both his hands on top of Yugito's head and stroked her hair wildly as he began to feel close from her quickened pace.

Akira knew both weren't going to last very long. While Yugito was inexperienced at oral on a male, she had more then enough work on her so she could use her tongue very well. Add in the fact that her tongue had a very unique texture to it, she knew Naruto would blow soon especially with her working Yugito up so much. Smiling as she wanted to taste her female lovers juices once more, she dove her lengthened tongue into her wettening entrance and attacked a bundle of nerves she knew that would get Yugito to blow and quickly. After a few quick licks, she was mildly surprised that her neko had released so quickly but nonetheless she swallowed her released while lapping up the remains of what left.

Moping slightly that she released before even getting Naruto to do so, Yugito redoubled her efforts as she slowly forced her him into her throat. To her surprise she took him in quite easily as if she had no gag reflexes. Shrugging as it made no difference, she continued on with her work as she sucked and slurped on Naruto's pulsating member. She knew that he was probably getting close as she had him in her mouth for a little bit and had been going at it pretty hard for a good portion of the time. Feeling him pulse in her mouth, she readied herself for a flood as Akira mentioned it being a lot and took out his erection till the tip was left in her mouth and stroked him the rest of the way. Then the viscid liquid hit the roof of her mouth making her nearly chock as she was not use to the texture or taste, but she swallowed as it wasn't too horrible.

Taking him out with a plop, Yugito panted lightly as she looked up at Naruto with lust filled eyes before turning to Akira as she shimmied out of her remaining clothes. Her eyes gleamed as she was ready to pounce her other lover when she walked over to Naruto and led him back to the cot. Being put out by her actions, she was about to growl when Akira motioned her over and she followed her lead as Akira was probably the most experienced in that area having to be trained in it by her sensei for she took the jobs that most kunoichi avoided. Unsure with what to do as Akira laid Naruto on top of it, she noticed her female lover shake her head as she sat herself just underneath his erection and looked over at Naruto and shifted her eyes to her to give him some sort of message.

Seeing that he didn't catch it, Akira sighed lightly and shook her head. While she by no means was experienced as she had never taken a guy, she did happen to read a lot and knew all about how to do it. Sighing as she was going to have to take over for them until she got Naruto reading Icha Icha, she took his still erected member in her hands. While she knew that this should not be the case and the guy should by all means be recovering, she knew Naruto could perform multiple times thanks to a certain fox demon's regeneration rate and the fact it felt whatever Naruto did, meaning it was having fun right now.

Shaking that out of her system, she slowly placed him at her entrance and slid herself on him. She gasped loudly as the feel was far different from any of the toys she used. While she knew this it would feel warm and much harder, the completion she felt was unbelievable. Add in that he was reaching all the way inside of her and she felt like she was in heaven. Panting lightly, she looked over at Yugito before smiling as she kissed her before whispering what to do in her ear.

Know understanding what was going on, Yugito smiled as she had a feeling Akira wanted the first run with him. After all, Naruto was introduced into their love life because of her choice. Doing as Akira told her, she slid onto his chest while facing Akira but made sure he had a good view of glistening entrance before she deeply kissed her bluish-green haired lover.

Naruto was confused at was going on, but his lust took over as Akira began to grind herself against his hips while kissing Yugito. He reached up and gripped Yugito's bottom before diving his head into her entrance lapping away. Hearing her eep in surprise before moaning along side Akira, he smirked as he dove his tongue into her and swirled it around as Akira picked up the pace a little. He groaned at the feel as all of this was new for him and the only thing that was giving him any help on what to do right now was Icha Icha: Make Out Tactics that Jiraiya forced him to read.

Moaning as she rid Naruto at a constant pace, Akira was enjoying ever single moment as she deepened her kiss with Yugito as her hands reached up and began to massage and squeeze her breasts. She knew her female lovers weakness as she fondled her breasts while giving them a slight pinch. For Yugito, her breasts were extra sensitive and if you gave them just the right amount of attention, the blonde haired girl would do almost anything. She smirked as she noticed Naruto diving into Yugito's box at a faster pace then before as she grinded her hips against him more. She knew she didn't much time before her release and was going to make sure she wasn't the first of the three to give in.

Yugito moaned into her kiss with Akira. Naruto was doing a wonderful job and she knew she was at the edge again. Mentally she frowned at this as it would be her second quick release, but she put it aside as she was in too much of an euphoric state to care at the moment. It wasn't helping either that Akira was toying with her breasts and she really didn't have much to play with as she rubbed Akira's small chest with her hands. Feeling her release coming, she tried to hold on but just couldn't.

Lapping up her release, Naruto knew he was close as well as Akira's pace had picked up far more then it had moments before. Even still, he continued licking away at his blonde lover's entrance as he saw Akira's eyes cloud with lust as she broke the kiss with Yugito and was moaning freely. Gritting his teeth as he felt himself beginning to churn, he attempted to hold it back but with a renewed pace from his bluish-green haired lover forced him to give in.

Akira pulled back her head and moaned loudly as she felt his seed spilling into her. Having never felt the feel of a male's release, her release finally came as her walls clamped down on his ejaculating member, squeezing the last few rounds out of it. A small amount of drool escape from the corner of her lips before she rolled off him with dazed eyes. Seeing her be worn out by only one release had Yugito worried as she moved from Naruto's chest and over to her side, but Akira quickly put a stop to her worry. "It's... alright Yugi. It's just... a whole new level... And it tires you... out faster." Smiling as she saw Yugito's questioning look, she pushed herself up and kissed her deeply on the lips before whispering to her once more, but this time Naruto did catch what she said. "Go ahead... And try it. You'll love it..."

Frowning lightly at her as it didn't seem fair that Akira would only get one release the whole night, a smirk crossed Yugito's face as she had an idea. Moving to Naruto and whispering to him so that the other girl couldn't hear, she laid on her side before laying her head onto Akira's lap as Naruto slid behind her. Akira frowned seeing this as she was really tired, but when Yugito motion for Naruto to go ahead, her eyes widened as Yugito's tongue dove into her entrance.

Yugito's body felt on fire as her rough tongue dove into her female lover's entrance. Naruto's intrusion while was a new feeling for her as well, was something she could get use to. While she truly thought she was a lesbian as she only found other girls attractive, after this week with Naruto she knew that wasn't totally true and once he hilted within her she could only moan as her thoughts were confirmed. Making sure to pay attention to Akira, she lifted her leg so Naruto could have better access and get deeper while moaning at the intense feeling that was coursing through her.

Naruto quickly gripped Yugito's risen leg as he was getting plenty of information on how to do this. He was unsure why the fox was so eager to help him, but he wasn't complaining as he was a novice in this area. He would take all the help he could get and he made sure to check the books Jiraiya left him as he knew they would help. Pumping himself in and out of his blonde lover, he quickened the pace as he felt himself getting deeper into her with each stroke and could feel the same barrier that he could feel within Akira every few pumps.

She no longer cared that she was tired. Yugito's tongue could do that to her as it found her nerve cluster and was attacking it without remorse. Adding in that she had not fully recovered from Naruto being within her, she was already about to climax. Gripping her own chest and massaging it as she looked at Naruto and Yugito go at it, she moaned lustfully as she couldn't wait for another turn. She knew it wouldn't be tonight, but some other night she would get the chance. Not caring, she released into Yugito's waiting mouth as the girl continued striking her nerves.

The fire coursing through Yugito was putting more effort in getting her female lover to release to make it even in her books and ignore that she nearly drowning from the flood of her juices and the remnants of Naruto's. With him pounding her and hitting her cervix every stroke now, she just didn't care as she was about to release from his treatment. She wanted this to go on forever, but just as Akira said; she knew she would be too tired to go again. It really was just a different feel then her lover's toys. Giving into the feeling, she released as Naruto continued spearing her until his juices shot into her causing her eyes to widen from the sensation.

After a few moments, all three were curled up to each other under the sheets with small smiles on their face. None spoke as the look on their faces took care of all the words they could say. For now, they would just rest with one another and let a new day come as they were now truly one.

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