The Shinigami Kids Society

Chapter 1: The Disappearing Boy

"Matsumoto!" shouted 10th division captain Hitsugaya, startling his lieutenant from her nap on the office couch.

Matsumoto gave a slight yelp as she fell off the couch and landed heavily on the floor.

"Yes Tou- I mean yes Taicho," she said quickly.

"I'm going out now, so could you please stay awake and watch over the office and perhaps actually do your work," he said gesturing to her desk which was covered with piles of paperwork.

Matsumoto pouted on the floor for a moment before standing up and walking to her desk. Hitsugaya quickly straighten his desk and walked briskly toward the office door, stopping once to glare at Matsumoto as if to say "You better not fall asleep again."

"Say Taicho where are you going?" asked Matsumoto, she'd been curious at her little Taicho's recent behavior.

"Nowhere, just off training," he said quickly before shunpoeing away.

As soon as he left Matsumoto went back to lying on the couch. She was thinking to herself over the craziness of the past weeks. The Shinigami Women's Association had been taken over by Nanao and Nemu, who were fed up with Yarichu's mistreatment of them. The former president had threatened to cry to Kenpachi, forcing the association to find a new hideout where the vengeful Yachiru and Kenpachi couldn't find them.

"Serves the little witch right," thought Matsumoto, "Messing with my soul-candy and selling the tapes of my gigai putting the moves on Ikkaku."

She laughed at the thought though. It had taken Yumichika and the rest of 11th division to hold the bald shinigami down when he saw the tape.

"But back to the taicho's behavior," she thought reining in her wayward thoughts, "he's been going out three times a week for four hours in the afternoon for almost two weeks now."

This was indeed strange for Hitsugaya Toushiro, who seemed to think it was his life's goal to be the only captain out of the entire Gotei 13 who actually did his paperwork.

"He's always so stuffy, in this office from morning to evening with hardly a break for lunch," she sighed, "He's so cute though when I find him asleep on his desk with the little ink prints on his cheek." She smiled at the memories. Each time she found him like that, she would pick him up, careful not to disturb him and take to his rooms down the hall. She would tuck him and say goodnight with a quick kiss to his forehead. Then she would hurry back and straighten his desk so he would think that he'd left on his own. It was a good thing he was a heavy sleeper or her cute little taicho would have frozen her if he woke up in her arms.

Matsumoto sat up on the couch, "But now just where is he going? Training…yeah right, lame excuse." She pulled her knees up to her chest and smiled. She was curious, as curious as a cat and well her zanpakuto was Hainiko. What sparked her interest was the look in his eyes though, when he had turned to leave and thought she wasn't looking. His mask of indifference had dropped and for a moment she had seen something she'd thought she never see, a look of happiness in his eyes.

"That does it," she said while standing up, "I'm going to find out what he's been up to."


Toshiro Hitsugaya landed on top of a roof of a two-story building on the outskirts of Seireitei. He looked around quickly to make sure no one was following him. Satisfied that he had made it here undetected he dropped down to the street below. A rare smile played on his lips as he walked up to the door and knocked twice.

"What's the password," a high pitched voice said.

"Watermelons," he replied and the door opened.

Back to Rangiku-

Matsumoto stepped out of the 10th division and quickly scanned the area and feeling a familiar icy trail she set out following Hitsugaya's reiatsu. No matter how hard he tried to mask it he could never completely hide it from Matsumoto.

As she followed the trail she noticed that she was entering one of the deserted sections of Seireitei.

"Why would he be out here," she thought worriedly, "Certainly not for training….but what could it be?"

She landed on top of a building and felt the familiar pulse of her taicho's reiatsu below, along with several others. After determining that everyone was on the first floor, she snuck in through a balcony on the second. She walked around until she heard voices coming from below. Satisfied she sat down cross-legged on the floor.

"Now to see what you're up to, buddy," she said like a mom catching her kid in the act.

She whispered a quick kido chant and placed her hand on the floor. A large section became transparent so she could see below. It was a technique she had learned from Soifon, who was commander of the secret mobile corp. It allowed the user to spy through solid objects. She had used it often to get the best stories for the women's association. What she saw below made any story of hers pale in comparison.

In the brightly lit room below was a long wooden and seated there was the most unlikely group of shinigami she would have thought to see in the same room. At the far end of the table sat the disposed president of the women's association, the pink haired terror Yachiru herself, with her soul phone out. She looked like she was showing the person next her something. Wait, Matsumoto did a double-take, was that Kiyone. Well the girl had been missing the women's association meetings, but what was she doing here?

On the other side she saw Hanataro and Rin sitting together also discussing something over their phones. "There's no way those two aren't related somehow," she thought, "They're practically twins side by side. Oh, cute Rin just gave Hanataro some candy" Hanataro happily sucked on the piece of candy Rin had offered him.

"Oi, Whitey-chan, it's your turn," Yachiru called out.

Matsumoto watched as all eyes turned to the white haired taicho, who was sitting next to Kiyone. Amazingly he didn't rebuke her for not addressing him properly.

The said taicho stood up looking a little embarrassed. "Um well," he stuttered, "My vote is for Bejeweled because it involves strategy and having to see the whole picture at once; plus it looks nice."

Matsumoto had to pinch herself to stop from laughing out loud. This couldn't be true. Her taicho, the boy genius who always had to act so mature, was arguing with the other shinigami kids about what games were best for their soul phones!

"Yay for Whitey-chan," Yarchiru chirped happily and threw him a piece of candy.

"You know I don't eat candy Yachiru," he said looking a little afraid of the pink piece of hard candy in his hands..

"Come on Hitsugaya," Rin said, "Candy is the greatest invention ever."

"Don't worry, it won't kill you," said Hanataro the medical Shinigami, still happily sucking on his own piece.

"Yeah, join the fun," said Kiyone punching him lightly in the arm as her own form of encouragement.

"It's good," Yachiru said grinning evilly before going for his weak spot, "Plus… it's watermelon flavored."

Matsumoto held her breath. Was he actually going to do it? She watched as he carefully unwrapped the candy and then slowly brought it towards his mouth. He hesitated for a second before popping it in.

Hitsugaya's thoughts-

Hitsugaya couldn't stifle the giggle that escaped his mouth. It tasted good, wonderfully good. Why had he been so against candy before. Oh yeah candy was for kids, but here it didn't matter, because no one was going to tell. He knew he was probably grinning like an idiot in front of everyone, but for once he didn't care.

Back to Matsumoto-

She couldn't believe it. He had laughed. Hitsugaya had actually laughed when he tasted the candy, and now he was smiling. Not his usual smirk, but smiling. All the sharpness of his features seemed to melt away as sat there smiling savoring the piece of candy.

"Why doesn't he do that more?" she thought, "It makes him look so cute, oh wait that's probably why."

Hitsugaya simply said to the others, "It's good."

"Told you so," they all said together. Hitsugaya blushed lightly at the mild rebuke.

"Alright, I guess that's enough for today," said Yachiru earning a moan of disappointment from Kiyone.

"I didn't get any today," she complained.

Yachiru threw some at her and she threw the some more at Hitsugya. "You need to catch up with rest of us," she told him.

He grinned again and told her thanks.

"Next meeting for the Shinigami Kids Society will be held same time as always, so none of you be late," commanded Yachiru.

Hitsugaya blushed at Yachiru's name for their group but didn't say anything.

When they all started to get up, Matsumoto knew she had to get out of there fast to escape detection. She dispelled the kido and shunpoed out of there as fast as she could. Once she was far enough away she slowed down to a more leisurely pace.

"They were all so cute together," she thought, "Secretly meeting and having fun together, who would have thought taicho would be involved?" She knew she couldn't gossip about this though. Poor Kiyone would die of embarrassment if her older sister knew and Sentaro would never let her live it down.

Hitsugaya she knew would probably never speak to her again; if he knew she told. Besides she could never bring herself to hurt her little taicho. She always watched out for him, making sure he slept and ate regularly, as he was prone to forget while doing his work. It was probably just maternal instinct she thought; but she truly, deeply cared for Toushiro.

But a secret this big was too much for one person. She had to tell somebody, but who could she trust. A slow smile crept across her face as she thought of the perfect person.

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