Shinigami Kid's Society

Chapter 20: In the Dead of Night

The moon shone brightly in Seireitei as the captains and lieutenants made their way to 1rst division. The buildings of the Seireitei glowed in the glistening light.

As they stood at attention in the great chamber, Renji and Matsumoto could not help but notice the gaps in the formation. As usual the places of the three traitors were empty but now many others were as well. Hitsugaya and Yachiru were of course absent but so were Himanori and Isane. Captain Ukitake was also gone. The Captain Commander didn't look so well either. Instead of standing he sat on a chair, his skin sallow, his breathing heavy.

"Report," he croaked, still managing to sound intimidating and authoritative.

"The disease is spreading at an alarming rate," began Captain Unohana, "Most of the younger shinigami in the Court of Pure Souls have contracted it. The academy has been decimated, every student is ill and most have slipped into a coma."

"But it obviously isn't contained to the young," said Captain Kuchiki, gesturing towards the Captain Commander.

"We are all at risk," said Unohana, "after the young those with comprised bodies began to be ill such as the Captain Ukitake and the Captain Commander but even those who should be healthy are falling ill, my own Lieutenant has fallen to it."

They all looked uneasily at the empty place behind her.

"What have you discovered?" asked the Captain Commander.

"The disease is contained to the Court of Pure Souls so we operating on the premise that it is something environmental. What is most troubling is that the disease is behaving unlike anything we have ever seen. The symptoms are erratic and though similar are different from person to person. Also different groups have different symptoms. None but the young have experienced any of the range of amnestic symptoms we have…"

"Amnestic symptoms!" Captain Kurotsuchi cut in, looking at once both fascinated and troubled, "What amnestic symptoms?"

"Didn't you know?" asked Matsumoto, "One of your own divisions members has lost the memories of everybody he knew."

"I don't keep track of the insects," he replied.

"In to specific memory loss others have experienced personality shifts and blanket memory loss. Some seem to have completely lost their memories; they are blank slates," continued Unohana.

"Do you have any information pertaining to this?" demanded the Captain Commander.

"Of course not," retorted Kurotsuchi, "I was merely curious as to this bizarre set of symptoms."

"Very well, as of this moment all units are to assist the 4th division in its efforts to combat and cure this plague," commanded the Captain Commander.


Kenpachi stopped Matsumoto on her way out to ask about Yachiru. After ensuring the big man that his little lieutenant was doing well and was not experiencing any of the memory problems like the others she went over too 13th division to see Captain Ukitake as Kiyone would be distraught to learn that her captain was sick and she was not there to help him. Ukitake was ill much like the commander but he was not experiencing anything like the young ones were. He just seemed to be feverish and he had a bad cough. After receiving his firm orders to make sure that Kiyone remained with her, Matsumoto headed back to her own quarters.

Unohana remained for a while with the remaining captains organizing them into specific groups for labor. Captain Kurotsuchi had slipped right as the meeting had ended.

"That man," she hissed, she could really use the science division's help on this.

"I'll see to him later," she told herself.

She quickly assigned the 11th division to report to the 4th for assignment to the manual labor that they desperately needed. Supplies were desperately needed all over the Court of Pure Souls and they were going to deliver them. She assigned the 5th division messenger squads to go out and gather information. People were falling sick all over the place and she needed an accurate count of who was ill and what condition they were in.

With those preliminary details out of the way she began to make her way back to her division. The Captain Commander had given her a heavy burden. The resources of Soul Society were now at her command and she had to decide how best to effectively use them.

Captain Kurotsuchi and his lieutenant moved quickly through the moonlit streets of Seireitei.

"Nemu, organize a search party immediately and make a sweep of the warehouses," he ordered, "make sure no one sees you and that no word gets out."

"Hai Mayuri-sama," she replied, "What are we looking for?"

"Something impossible but make sure you search every inch and report back to me quickly!"

As she flash stepped away to go organize the search teams Kurotsuchi Mayuri felt the beginnings of a major stress headache beginning.

"If those incompetent fools dared…I'll string them alive and perform surgery on them for the rest of their lives!" he shrieked in rage.