In Which Sarah Gets A Kitten

By VampireApple


Sarah was rather sure that the owl was Jareth. Or at least a feathery minion of Jareth.

Even since Sarah had gotten home for the Labyrinth a white owl had been nesting in her tree. At first she had refused anything to do with Him, and once or twice had run screaming from Him. After a few weeks she had slowly gotten over her paranoia. When she went to the park she would talk to Him. Slowly the owl got closer and closer, until He was able to perch on Sarah's arm or shoulder.

When the weather got colder Sarah felt sorry for Him. He would stay on the tree branch next to her window and hoot pathetically. One cold night Sarah had cautiously let Him in. He had flown right to her bed and stared at her expectantly. Sarah debated about throwing Him out again, but decided against it. Instead she got in bed and was pleasantly surprised when He cuddled up to her. When spring came Sarah still let him come in and sleep with her. She never called Him by name, or gave Him any sort of nick-name. She only referred to Him as Him, or the owl. Anything else seemed too weird.

Now, three years later Sarah was inseparable from her owl.

During the school year He would come in the afternoon, right after Sarah came home from school. He would leave when Sarah walked out the door for school. Then during summer vacation He would be with her often. Sometimes Sarah would wonder about His Kingdom, but figured He could bend time to suit His needs so she didn't worry over much.

At first her parents worried about the strange bird that followed their daughter around and voiced their concerns. Sarah ignored them and they fought semi-constantly over it. They tried to interest in other animals or activities, with no luck. Then on Sarah's eighteenth birthday her parents got her a kitten.

Thus the war began.

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