In Which Sarah Gets A Kitten

By VampireApple

Stone House

With the soft pillows beneath me and the fire at my back, I was in heaven. Now if only Mistress would pet me. I purred louder. Maybe she hadn't heard me. I opened one eye and peeked over at her.

She was playing with her other pet. They always tossing balls about, but never let me join in on the fun.

Other then that, I couldn't complain. Here, at the Stone House, I was Queen of all the stupid creatures. They ran in fear of me, and they did every thing I said. Mistress's pet seemed to like when I bossed them around. He would always rub my ears when I did it.

At first Mistress only took me here a few times a season, but then we started coming more and more often, along with Little Master. Mistress and I had now been here for three solid summers. Little Master came down a lot too. I enjoyed playing with him.

Little Master was also allowed to play with the balls. He, unlike Mistress and her pet, let me play too.

This always seemed to annoy Mistress's pet.

The best part about this place was that there was no White Beast. I still saw bits of its fur, and caught the scent of it sometimes, but I was mighty enough to keep it away.

I decided enough was enough and stretched. Then I moseyed over to Mistress and her pet. I plopped down on Mistress's lap and looked up at her pitifully.

"Aw, poor little Firepoint. Have we been ignoring you?" Mistress cooed. I purred and she started rubbing my ears.

"Sarah, we are not done," Mistress's pet said. We both ignored him. "Sarah, you almost had it."

Mistress looked at him and smiled. "I was no where close and you know it. It'll take me a little longer to conjure anything inside a crystal. Besides, I bet Firepoint is hungry, aren't you cutie? How bout some fish?"

I knew the word fish and started to purr louder. Mistress swept me up in her arms and headed out the door. I smirked at Mistress's pet over her shoulder. He glared at me and followed us to the kitchen.

"By the way, Toby can spend next week with us. I've convinced Karen that I can handle a nine year old for a whole week," Mistress said as she got a plate out for me.

Mistress's pet grunted.

Mistress laughed. "He's looking forward to it. Or it might be that he only has one more week of school left. Goodness knows he wouldn't want to spend his summer vacation with an old man. But he's been talking about wanting to learn how to change objects into something else." My eyes where glued to the fish as she brought it out and set it on the plate.

There was a sign then he replied "I am not that old. The boy is smart and can learn anything he sets his mind too."

The plate touched the floor and I blocked everything out but the taste of fish.

I love living in the Stone House.

I know I said that the fic was over, but a lot of you said the ending didn't feel right, and I agreed. Well, this popped out of my head, and I think it fits much better. Kinda wraps everything up with a nice bow, doesn't it?

Anyway, thank you to all my reviewers. I hope you have enjoyed this fanfic!