Summary: After the fall of Voldemort and his beliefs, the British Ministry of Magic decide to adopt political correctness. For once, Rita Skeeter has a point.

Author's note: I thought about adding a bit about minority groups, such as werewolves, Veela, vampires, etc. But it wouldn't really fit. I might add it as a second drabble later.

Logically Challenged

by Alexannah


With the recent fall of He Who Must Not Be Named, it is decreed that to help prevent such prejudices against the non-magical communities we must take steps, beginning with a change in vocabulary.

(1) Those formerly known as "Muggles" will henceforth be known as "magically challenged beings".

(2) Those formerly known as "Muggleborns" will henceforth be known as "those of magically challenged descent".

(3) Those formerly known as "purebloods" and "halfbloods" will henceforth be known as "equal-blooded wizards" (or witches).

(4) The phrase "blood purity" will henceforth be called "blood type".

Anyone caught using the old vocabulary, in speech or in writing, will be fined.


What Are They Thinking?

Our Ministry of Magic is not exactly known for its subtlety, writes Rita Skeeter, Special Correspondent, but "Magically Challenged"? How is doubling the syllables on the term for non-magic folk going to prevent prejudice towards them? I personally have nothing against them, but this is just over the top. For a start, why does the Ministry have to complicate things so much?

And what about "blood type"? That will confuse Healers nicely, won't it? Whoever decided to set down this law has to be logically challenged. Why not just put a ban on using the term "non-magical" altogether? Why not invite them all to join our world? I mean, isn't shutting them out discrimination? How far are the Ministry going to take this?

I did begin an interview with our esteemed Minister of Magic, but it was unfortunately cut short. He was in the middle of saying how important it was that we stamp out the beliefs held by He Who Must Not Be Named and all who followed him, and raise the generations of wizards to come to respect all human beings, regardless of "blood type". It was at this point when he had to fine himself for letting slip a forbidden phrase, and left in a hurry without finishing our interview.