Zim's Plumber Problems

Chapter 1: Highbreed Diversion Scheme

A certain paranormal investigative expert known as Dib had been trying to expose his arch nemesis Zim for at least five years since the Irken landed and vowed to take over planet Earth. The scene opens with Dib on his computer laptop talking to what seems like a fellow paranormal expert.

"So, you're saying that you belong to a galactic enforcement group known as the Plumbers?" asked Dib to his fellow paranormal expert on the computer screen.

"Yes" replied the man on the computer screen, "I am part of the Plumbers society, we are indeed the galactic organization you speak of. We for years have been secretly trying to find more recruits."

"Then that's why you were the ones whom also hacked into my laptop?" asked Dib.

"Well, yes" replied the man on the screen, "you see, we are both on the same page when it comes to tracking down rogue alien activities. The Irken alien known as Zim you speak, he's the top of our list, on the Most Wanted List to be exact. Bring him to some of our fellow Plumber operatives and we'll take care of everything."

"But who will I be able to contact?" asked Dib.

"You may contact Ben and Gwen Tennyson, along with also Kevin Levine an associate of theirs" replied the man on the computer screen, "I should also note that Ben Tennyson also has the legendary omnitrix in his inventory which would be able to help take down Zim."

"Where was their last location?" asked Dib, "I need to contact them."

"I can upload the coordinates of their last activities" replied the man on the computer screen, "the rest you'll have to do on your own."

"Don't worry, this time Zim, I'll get you for what you've been doing for the past five years, finally!" laughed Dib.

"Shut up in there!" cried Gaz who was busy studying for a test, "I'm trying to study here!"

After the coordinates of the locations of Ben, Gwen Tennyson and also Kevin Levine were uploaded, the scene then changes to which the man on the computer screen reveals himself to be a DNAlien drone with a Highbreed commander overseeing the deceptive diversion operation.

"Did the foolish Earthling bought it drone?" asked the Highbreed commander.

"Yes commander" replied the DNAlien drone, "he bought it as if it were the real deal."

"Let's hope the lone rogue Irken can be a tool for our diversion, to ensure the Tennysons and Kevin Levine don't find out about our true intentions with the little Irken" laughed the Highbreed commander.

But apparently, as usual the main target of the Highbreed was quite well unaware of the plot against him. The red-eyed, small green Irken alien wasn't growing as fast as the rest of the Earth children he had come to know while still being able to hide through a disguise only his arch nemesis Dib could see through. An annual report to the Almighty Tallest was in order by the Irken alien, as he was in his real alien form. The alien was awaiting contact from his Almighty Tallest leaders, for which he was impatiently waiting on a comfortable seat next to the large computer screen in his hideout.

"Greetings my Tallest!" cried Zim as both the purple and red-eyed tall Irkens glared at Zim.

"Why does this guy report in to us?" whispered the red-eyed Tallest one to his purple-eyed counterpart.

"Let's just play along with him" replied the purple-eyed Tallest to which case the tall purple-eyed Irken alien changed his tone, "ah, Invader Zim, who goes your report on your attempt to conquer planet Earth?"

"Fine my Tallest" replied Zim, "I spent five years on this planet, and none of them suspect me of any nefarious deeds!"

"Well, that's quite surprising" added the red-eyed Tallest Irken, "even I could see through your disguise."

"Don't make him suspect anything, we need to keep it up" replied the purple-eyed Tallest Irken alien as he slapped his red-eyed counterpart.

"Since I have been on this planet for five years, I think I deserve some additional Irken technology to help me in my conquest" replied Zim.

Suddenly before the two Irken Almighty Tallest could send any out of date Irken technology which obviously failed the tests to Zim, they received a report as a robot immediately came forward with urgent news.

"This better be good" said the red-eyed Tallest Irken to the hovering robot.

The hovering robot then began to whisper the message of a galactic organization known as the Plumbers whom are designated to stop rogue alien activities.

"Hmm, this is quite odd" said the purple-eyed Tallest, "we've never had this problem before with the Plumbers."

"Say who the heck are the Plumbers?!" cried Zim, "Zim desires to know who they are!"

"Sorry Zim, but it seems we have to cut our transmission short" replied the red-eyed Tallest, "we can't have any transmissions be intercepted by the Plumbers, so see ya!"

"Wait, wait, Zim desires to know more about the Plumbers!" cried Zim.

The Irken, after his annual yearly transmission just simply sat down in his seat.

"Computer!" cried Zim, "Search for an organization known as the Plumbers, if the Almighty Tallest are too silent about it, these Plumbers must be a great danger to my cause!"

"Searching, searching" replied the computer to which an image of an extremely fat man with a plunger came up, "search found. This is an image of an average plunger, don't be fooled by his lack of intelligence, as his job provides a hefty amount of cash for his reward in helping the homeowner clean up any plumbing problems."

"That's what I should be afraid of?!" cried Zim as he began to laugh.

"He looks scary" cried Gir as he was hiding behind Zim's seat.

"Gir, I got a job for you" said Zim as he gave an evil grin, while he turned around his chair and noticed the robot cowering there.

While Zim was misleading himself into believing what the Plumbers organization would look like, Dib, Zim's arch nemesis had found the hangout of a certain Ben Tennyson where he noticed that a certain Kevin Levine was watching over his car.

"Excuse me, are you Kevin Levine?" asked Dib as he was trying to catch his breath.

"That depends techno geek, what do you want?" asked Kevin.

"I got information for you and your two friends on rogue Irken activities taken place right here on Earth" replied Dib, "I have been tracking an rogue Irken Zim for at least five long years."

"Just one pointless rogue alien?" asked Kevin, "Let's see what you have first."