This is a really strange combination I know, but this story just wouldn't go away – at least not until I wrote it. Some things to know:

General Hospital

Jason and Courtney are engaged.

Sonny and Carly are having a baby.

Elizabeth is single and never dated Ric (ewww).

Emily is seeing Nickolas

Jax and Brenda are together.

I think that's it. I know that the timeline isn't correct, but hey this is after all fanfiction!

Harry Potter

Harry is 14 and just survived Voldemort's return.

Sirius died in Harry's 3rd year.

Albus is using Harry (I mean who sends a kid into an abusive house after watching a fellow student killed right in front of him and then gets tortured?)

Fudge is on his campaign to discredit Harry and get rid of him.

I think that's all for Harry Potter. Again I'm taking license so if you hate that, don't read it.

Chapter 1 Jason Meets Harry

It was a warm night in Surrey, England. Jason Morgan sighed as he got out of the limo. While better than the baby-sitting duty that Sonny had forced him into before, Jason was not thrilled to be here. He would rather be in a dumpster in some alley on a stakeout than where he was. The mob enforcer knew that in order to maintain legitimacy in the eyes of the law, the Corinthos/Morgan coffee warehouse would need to expand slightly – which meant new buildings.

Jason ran a hand through his hair. Unfortunately, the best bid for the drills needed in the construction project was from here in Surrey, England. It was also unfortunate that Sonny wasn't about to do business with anyone that he had not personally met – there were some really shady people out there. The irony was not lost on Jason. It was also Jason's misfortune that Carly was seven months pregnant and Sonny wasn't about to leave on a trip this late in her pregnancy.

So Jason had left his fiancé in Port Charles and had flown across the Atlantic to have dinner with the head of Grunnings Drill Company. Even though Courtney had wanted to come, Jason just didn't think that he could trust her to follow instructions. The enforcer tried not to think too hard about what that might mean for their relationship. He rang the doorbell and took another look around – not that there was much to look at. Every single house looked exactly the same. The only way he knew that he was at the right one was the number four on the door. Sonny owed him big for this one.

The door opened only moments later revealing the absolute dictionary definition of obesity. The teenage boy had a series of fat rolls making up his body shape – if it could be called a shape. He had small, watery blue eyes and blond hair that sat on top of his oversized head like a bad toupee. He looked at Jason and smirked. Yeah, this kid was a spoiled little punk.

Just then the door was pushed all the way back and a walrus came out, or rather Vernon Dursley's head appeared over his gargantuan son's. Now Jason saw where the brat got his body type.

"Mr. Morgan? Welcome to our home." Vernon Dursley smiled in satisfaction as his son backed out of the way and he waved his arm extravagantly.

Jason sighed and walked into the house. At least he thought it was a house. It was more sanitary looking than General Hospital. He hated hospitals. Everything was white, the walls, the furniture, and even the carpet. Then Dursley's wife came into the room dressed in some sort of flowery dress that made her just as pale as her walls. Yeah, the little punk definitely got his looks from his father. The woman was just plain skinny. She had a long neck that wouldn't be lost on a giraffe, and frizzy fried hair. The only feature she had in common with the behemoth that had opened the door was the blue eyes. Except on this woman they were too big for her face and she looked bug-eyed. All together this was looking worse and worse.

"Mr. Morgan I would like to introduce you to my lovely family." Vernon began. "This is my beautiful wife Petunia and my handsome son Dudley."

Jason nodded at them and tried to ignore the blatant staring that Petunia Dursley was doing. "Mr. Dursley…"

"Vernon please." Vernon interrupted.

"Vernon, I was under the impression that your nephew lived with you as well." Jason continued. Never let it be said that Benny wasn't thorough.

Jason was very interested to see the affect that the mention of the nephew had on the family. Petunia Dursley lost what little color she had in her face and her eyes widened sickeningly. Dudley Dursley sneered and glanced at the door under the stairs while Vernon Dursley quickly turned purple. He reminded Jason of a children's dinosaur character that Michael had been obsessed with a few years ago – everyone had been ecstatic when that particular phase ended.

"I'm afraid that he is away at school right now. He's a bit of a delinquent I'm afraid – nothing like our Dudders here. He attends St. Brutus' School for Incurably Criminal Boys." Vernon explained quickly.

Jason kept his face blank. Dursley was lying. That immediately put the enforcer on his guard. According to Benny, Harry Potter lived with them and was fifteen years old. The Dursley's had become his guardians when he was one year old. His parents were listed as James Potter and Lily Evans Potter, but Benny had been unable to come up with much information about them. It was rumored that they died in a car accident, but there was no police report or even obituary written about it. The whole situation was a mystery – Jason hated mysteries.

"My lovely Petunia has cooked us quite the feast, if you will come this way?" Vernon motioned towards a small room off to the side with a modest dining room table.

Jason sat down as Petunia Dursley began to bring in the food. He took a little of everything and as he took his first bite wished for nothing more than some chili from Kelly's. He took a sip of the wine and fought to keep a straight face. Normally he wasn't picky about what he ate or drank, but this was the cheapest tasting wine he'd ever had. Rubbing alcohol would have been better.

"So Mr. Morgan, are you married?" Petunia Dursley asked, cutting delicately into her roast.

Jason used his napkin and forced himself to swallow. "I'm engaged." He replied, he couldn't help but notice the disappointment in the woman's eyes.

"Well a strong handsome man like you probably has to beat them off." Petunia stated, winking at him.

Jason could not believe this woman was flirting with him right in front of her husband and son. He glanced over at his host to see that the man was too absorbed with stuffing as much of the slop on this table into his mouth as fast as he could. It almost seemed to be a contest between him and his whale of a son. Meanwhile Petunia Dursley was still making "come-hither" eyes at him over her glass of cheap wine. Yeah, Sonny owed him HUGE for this.

After what seemed like months, the Dursley's finished their meal and led Jason back into the main room. As he was walking by the door under the stairs, he heard a soft cough. He looked over at his hosts to see if they had heard it as well. Vernon was turning a bright red while Petunia was still staring hungrily at him. Dudmy or Dudley was once again sneering at the door.

"What was that noise?" Jason asked softly.

The dangerous tones in his voice caught the attention of the Dursleys immediately.

"It's nothing, just something falling over in the cupboard. Our cleaning supplies are in there. Ignore it. We'll talk about business now." Vernon hurried to explain, motioning towards the seating area.

Jason's eyes narrowed. "That was a cough. Dursley I think it would be a good idea to open this door and prove to me that it's just cleaning supplies."

"Now see here!" Vernon puffed out his chest and turned from red to purple. "You can't come into my house and tell me what to do!"

Jason ignored him and walked over to the cupboard door. It was locked from the outside. He quickly unlocked it and opened the door. He was immediately assaulted by the stench. Body waste, sweat and blood permeated the air in the tiny space. He looked down and in the light provided by the main room, he could make out the small figure of a boy. Dark hair was matted and his skin was mottled black bruises. He was dressed in torn rags and his legs and back were at odd angles. He was breathing shallowly and every once in a while he would cough weekly. There was blood on his lips that alarmed Jason.

Jason pulled out his cell phone and pushed a number.

"Now see here!" Vernon began, and then stopped when the American glared at him.

"Mike, I need you to get an ambulance and the police to number four Privet Drive Surrey, and I need it fast. Tell them it's a severe case of child abuse, so Children's Services should probably be here as well. It's a fifteen year old boy named Harry Potter. I'm at his guardian's house. The uncle's name is Vernon Dursley and the aunt is Petunia Dursley. Get them here fast Mike. I don't like the look of him." Jason instructed into the phone.

Jason ended the call and turned his attention back to the teenager in the closet. Bright green eyes met his and Jason was shocked that the kid was still conscious.

"Harry? You're Harry right?" Jason asked softly making no move towards him so not to alarm him.

Harry barely nodded.

"Help is coming Harry. You're safe now. I'm not going to let anyone else hurt you. Did your uncle do this?" Jason asked, knowing that he needed to verify the abuser.

Harry coughed and nodded again. "Thank you." He whispered hoarsely before closing his eyes and passing out.

Jason remained by the kid's side as he turned his attention back to the Dursleys. "Corinthos/Morgan Coffee will not be doing business with you." He stated calmly.

Vernon smirked. "You don't really think that the police are going to do anything do you? My cousin is the chief constable. You're just making it worse for him. You'll be gone and he'll be right back here."

Jason stood and took his phone back out. "Mike, I've just been informed that the chief of police around here is Dursley's cousin. Find someone who'll get it done."

Mike Grayson hung up the phone and took a deep breath. He called the Metropolitan Police chief constable, his brother-in-law, William Ackerley. This was one of the reasons that Corinthos and Morgan employed him – his connections to various police agencies in England.

"Will, it's Mike." The attorney identified himself.

"Mike! How are you ole' chap! Are we still on for the football game Saturday?" William Ackerley asked, leaning back in his office chair.

"Yes, but that's not why I'm calling. My client, Jason Morgan an American business man, just contacted me. He was having dinner with a family in Surrey when he discovered their nephew beaten in a cupboard. He is in need of emergency help. Unfortunately, the uncle informed him that his cousin is the chief constable for the Surrey police and he will not be arrested. Mr. Morgan is a very influential client with international ties all over the world. He was not happy to hear this news and asked me to make sure that the law is enforced correctly. Is there anyway you could help me out?" Mike explained.

William sat up in his seat. "We have been investigating Herman Dursley for months about his actions as chief constable. I'll get a squad together and I will personally be there in thirty minutes."

"Thanks Will, I owe you." Mike sighed in relief.

"No, actually Mike I owe you." William argued. "I'll be in touch."

Jason was squatting next to the closet when the sirens were heard. The doorbell rang and he went to answer it. Paramedics were standing there with their equipment.

"He's this way." Jason told them as he led them to the closet and motioned towards the boy. "I didn't move him. I think his back is broken."

One paramedic swore and then bent down and got to work. The other turned her attention to Jason. "Sir, how long has he been like this?"

"I don't know. I just came this evening for dinner and found him. His name is Harry Potter and when I asked him if his uncle did this he nodded. You'll need to ask them for details." Jason explained.

"Jenny, we're going to need a back board and brace. He also is having trouble breathing. I'm going to have to tube him." The paramedic called out. "I'm going to need help getting him out of here without injuring him further."

"I'll help." Jason said, taking off his dinner jacket and rolling up his sleeves.

"After I get the neck brace on him, I need you to hold his shoulders still while I move his feet out. Then we'll need to turn him and slowly move him onto the board. You need to hold him very steady while Jenny slides the board under him."

Jenny arrived with the board and the neck brace. They wrapped Harry's neck in the brace and then began to work together to get the boy out of the cupboard. It took several minutes before Harry was out and in the hallway. The head paramedic, Tom, set to work getting a breathing tube down Harry's throat. In short order Jenny was there squeezing air into Harry's lungs while Jason and Tom placed him on the stretcher. Jason watched from the front stoop as the paramedics loaded Harry into the ambulance and hurried down the street with their lights flashing and siren blaring. Jason planned to go to St. Mary's Hospital after he spoke with the police.

Just then a squad car came up the road and parked in the driveway. A single gentleman got out of the car and strolled up the sidewalk to where Jason was standing on the stoop.

"I'm Chief Constable Dursley. I believe there has been a misunderstanding?" The overweight man declared smugly.

Jason crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the man.

"Herman! Come in! Come in!" Vernon Dursley declared from the doorway.

"Don't mind if I do." Herman replied and brushed past Jason to go in the house.

Jason glared at Vernon and followed the constable into the house. He walked over to the couch and picked up his jacket before sitting back down. He watched Petunia hurry to serve a glass of that cheap wine to the constable before sitting next to Vernon.

"Now what seems to be the trouble here?" Herman asked, taking a sip of his wine.

"Approximately twenty minutes ago I found Harry Potter, Vernon Dursley's nephew locked in the closet under the stairs. He was beaten and bloody. I called my attorney to get the police and paramedics here. The paramedics just left with him. He's going to St. Mary's Hospital in London." Jason explained.

"Well now. I believe that's breaking and entering Mr. Morgan. Did Vernon open the cupboard voluntarily?" Herman smirked.

"No, he claimed that the coughing I heard was cleaner falling over. It was actually Harry coughing up blood." Jason growled. He really hated cops – especially corrupt cops.

"Then I must ask. Vernon, do you wish to press charges?" Herman asked.

"I'm not sure. I would hate to lose Mr. Morgan's business." Vernon sneered suggestively.

Jason scowled at the two cousins. "Are you trying to blackmail me Dursley?" He asked softly. Anyone who knew Jason Morgan would have told the Dursleys just how close they were to meeting their maker.

"Of course not, but it would be sad if you were arrested in England for breaking and entering. I know that Grunnings could use the business." Vernon replied arrogantly.

Just then the doorbell rang. Petunia, who until now had been content to stare at the amazingly handsome American, hurried to answer it. She came back into the room extremely pale, followed by a group of no less than five constables.

Herman jumped to his feet. "What's the meaning of this? I'm trying to conduct an investigation."

"I can see that." William stated, eyeing the glass of wine in Herman's hand. "I was alerted that a prominent business man from the United States had reported a case of child abuse here. That falls under the Metropolitan Police's jurisdiction."

Herman began sweating. "Now there's no need for this. We were just about finished. Mr. Dursley wasn't going to press charges for the breaking and entering."

William raised an eyebrow. "That's big of him. However I have some questions of my own. First of all where is the cupboard in question?"

Jason stood. "Right through here." He led them to the closet under the stairs, where the door remained open.

The small cupboard was splashed with blood. A small pool of blood lay in the middle of the floor. A baby cot and ratty blanket were also streaked with body fluids. The stench remained. William covered his nose and moved further into the cupboard. Against the back wall in childish crayon was written "Harry's Room". It was a gross scene, and one that all police dreaded seeing.

He backed out of the cupboard and turned to his forensic photographer. "I need pictures of all of this. I want every inch of this room examined." He explained. He glanced back into the hole in the wall and stopped. There, sticking out from under the cot was a stick of wood. William gasped in shock and pulled the stick out to examine further. This had just become much more complicated.

What many didn't know was that William Ackerley was a squib. He had been born into a pureblood family. His sister, Amy Finnigan, was a witch. William was well aware of the events that had occurred recently in the wizarding world. He for one believed that Voldemort had returned. There had been too many unexplained deaths in the muggle world in the last few months. He knew that the death eaters were active again.

William hurried back into the main room. "What is your nephew's name?" He demanded.

"Harry Potter." Vernon spit out.

William's face paled. "I was afraid of that." He reached back into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. "Mike? It's William. I need you to call some Aurors and get them to number four Privet Drive in Surrey. Harry Potter has been attacked by his uncle." William ended the call and turned to face the room.

Vernon and Petunia Dursley were pale at hearing the name "auror". Herman Dursley was looking at them both in confusion. Jason Morgan was watching him without any expression.

"What is going on?" Jason asked coldly it was obvious that the Constable knew who Harry was. Jason wasn't sure if that was good or bad.

"Mr. Morgan, do you believe in magic?" William asked, knowing that the aurors would likely obliviate him later.

"Not overly, but I'm guessing that you do." Jason stated.

William nodded and proceeded to tell the story of the Boy-Who-Lived. When he was finished, Morgan pinched the bridge of his nose. Then he looked up.

"These people aren't doing anything to protect him from Voldemort are they?" Jason asked. Jason didn't even question the validity of the Constable's story. It was obvious to him that the man believed it. Jason was never one to believe in fairy tales, but he wasn't going to discount it without proof.

William shook his head. "The Minister of Magic has declared that Harry is insane and glory-seeking. He refuses to admit that madman has returned."

"What would it take for me to adopt Harry and get him out of the country?" Jason asked.

"A good attorney and someone inside the government helping you along. Fortunately for you, Mike Grayson is familiar with both muggle and wizard law. He has the contacts to get this through quickly. With the way that Fudge is acting, he would probably sign off on the adoption himself just to get Potter out of the country. He is terrified that the boy will eventually usurp him.." William explained.

Jason nodded and pulled his cell phone back out. It only took moments to give Mike instructions on what he wanted accomplished. Mike agreed hurriedly and then got to work. An hour later he was in the Ministry of Magic putting the adoption through and even calling on Fudge at home to get the paperwork signed.

Jason only had a moment to wait before there was a loud "pop" and two men dressed in scarlet robes appeared in the room.

"There was a call about an abused wizard child?" The tall bald black man asked.

William stepped forward. "I'm the one that called. I'm Chief Constable William Ackerley of the Metropolitan Police. I was brought in to investigate a child abuse report by an American VIP. When I found out that the child's name was Harry Potter I had Michael Grayson contact you."

The auror nodded and turned his attention to the blond man in front of him. He was good at reading people and this guy reeked of power and control – though not the magical kind. "You were the one to call the authorities?"

Jason nodded. "I found him in the closet under the stairs. Harry was beaten and he looked as if his back was broken. He was coughing up blood. The paramedics came and took him to the hospital, although I'm assuming that since he's magical that you have better doctors for him? I'll pay whatever to make sure he has the best treatment."

The auror raised one eyebrow. "Do you know Mr. Potter?"

"We just met when I found him, but I'm not about to turn my back on him. The kid needs help, he needs protection and he obviously wasn't getting it here. My solicitor, Michael Grayson, is working on adoption right now. I want to take him away from all of this. He deserves a chance to be safe and have a normal childhood." Jason explained.

"You are aware that many think he's insane." The auror pointed out.

Jason eyes turned ice cold. "Sanity is relative. Some would say that you and I were insane to believe that magic is real, and yet you just appeared out of thin air."

Kingsley Shacklebolt smirked. He liked this tough American. With Mike Grayson on the job, he knew that Harry Potter would be Harry Morgan by morning. The attorney was just too slick. He also didn't believe that Harry Potter was crazy, and despite the beliefs of Albus Dumbledore or his membership with the Order of the Phoenix, Kingsley thought that Potter needed to get out of the country and somewhere safe. The kid had just watched his classmate die, and he had obviously been returned to a less than ideal environment to deal with it. He didn't know what Dumbledore was playing at, but he decided to place his bets with this Yank. There was just something about him that made Kingsley sure that he protected his own.

"Let me tell you what I'm going to do Mr. Morgan. We have some freelance wizard bodyguards that we recommend out to those that are looking for protection. I'm assuming that you have contacts with muggle guards, but if a Death Eater comes after Mr. Potter, he'll need magical protection as well. Many of our guards are pureblood wizards, but a few are muggle-born, and well versed in living in the muggle world. We have one guard in particular that is licensed in both muggle and magical protection. He's the best there is. I also know that he's fed up with England and wants to relocate."

"Call him. We'll work something out. I want him with Harry ASAP." Jason instructed curtly.

Kingsley nodded and reached into his pocket for a two-way mirror. This was a special version that could contact anyone else with such a mirror.

"David Scorpio." Kingsley called out. He noticed recognition flicker in Morgan's eyes.

"Yeah?" The gruff guard answered.

"Got a job for you. Starts immediately." The auror declared.

"Can't. I told you Shack, I'm sick of England." The other voice growled.

"Then you'll be happy to know that the job will be in the United States." Shack grinned.

"Who's the client?" There was interest in the voice now.

"Jason Morgan's soon-to-be adopted son Harry Potter."

Scorpio swore. "Did you say Jason Morgan? As in Corinthos/Morgan?"

Shack raised an eyebrow and looked up at Jason. Jason nodded.

"Yeah it is Scorpio."

"Is he still with my whining niece Robin?"

Jason shook his head fighting a smile.

"He says 'no'." Shack relayed.

"Then yeah, I'll take the job. Where's the kid?" Scorpio replied.

"He's at St. Mary's, but we'll be transferring him to St. Mungo's soon." Shack explained.

"Tell Morgan I'll meet him at the St. Mary's and we'll talk business then." John said before ending his side of the call.

Shack looked at Jason. "You know his niece?"

"Unfortunately." Jason replied. "Long story."

Shack shrugged. "Not my business. Now that's taken care of, we need to collect our evidence and make arrests."

"Now see here! I don't know who you think you are, but you can't just come in here and take over this investigation. This is Surrey, and it's my jurisdiction." Herman Dursley declared harshly.

Kingsley looked at the obese man and narrowed his eyes. "Who are you exactly?"

Herman puffed out his considerably broad chest and announced. "I'm Chief Constable Herman Dursley, of the Surrey Police Department."

"Well Mr. Dursley, are you of relation to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley?" Kingsley asked.

"Vernon is my cousin." Herman declared proudly.

"Well then I don't see the problem here. You, as family, can't investigate any crime your cousin allegedly committed. So that means that the job automatically falls to the Metropolitan Police. But there is also the involvement of an underage wizard. So that makes it MY jurisdiction since I'm in charge of all magical investigations in England." Kingsley explained to the ridiculous excuse for a constable.

"Magical! There's no such thing as magic." Herman blustered.

"You just keep telling yourself that." Kingsley smiled grimly before pointing his wand at the man and whispering "Stupify".

Petunia screamed as she watched Herman topple over onto the couch behind him. She wasn't as concerned about him as she was the wine that he had been holding was now making a lovely red stain on her white carpet.

Kingsley rolled his eyes and put his wand back in his holster. "Idiot." He muttered before turning his attention back to the American.

"Mr. Morgan, let me get your statement so that you can get to the hospital. I think we've wasted enough of your time." Kingsley asked, pulling out a dictation quill and parchment. "This will record everything you say." He explained.

Jason nodded and retold the story of what had happened. He was also sure to include the Dursley's pathetic attempt at bribing him. The auror thanked him for his help and had him sign the parchment. Jason had no sooner finished writing his name when the paper rolled up and disappeared with a soft 'pop'.

Kingsley shook Jason's hand and thanked him again for his help. Jason took his phone back out and called his limo to pick him up. William walked over to him and handed out Harry's wand.

"He'll be wanting that when he wakes up. Take good care of it." Jason nodded and slid the piece of wood into his jacket pocket. He shook William's hand goodbye and thanked him for his help.

Five minutes later Jason was on his way to the hospital.