Author's note: Hey guys. Sorry for the disappointment, but this is not a chapter.


In actuality, I must post this to tell you I've noticed quite a few problems with this story. You readers may not have noticed, but my storyline is shaky at best, not to mention that the turn it took from chapter 4 on, I hate. It totally doesn't follow my original plan, and I just couldn't continue writing with all those plot holes and badly written scenes. But have no fear! I'm not taking this story off the net! Well, this one will be deleted, but the alternative story line I originally wanted to write will take it's place.

I'm almost finished re-writing up to chapter 4 already, and am just going to check over them all before I start re-posting. I will not take this down for quite a few months probably, just to make sure everyone's caught up with the switch over. The new story will be posted as "Sand in my Boxers v2".

I will have up to chapter 4 posted right away, skim over it if you could.

! Make sure to pay attention to the kissing/confrontation scene, the rooftop scene, the walk home and the burn scene at the end of chapter 4. That's where it changed the most!

It follows the basic story line, but after that, the story will change a decent amount.

Edited!chapters 1-4 will be up by tomorrow afternoon if I don't post them tonight, and New!chapter 5 will be up by Friday night.. I'm hoping for it, at least. Keep an eye out for them, my faithful. You will be rewarded!

Sorry to anyone who loves the story as it is now. I just can't stand seeing my fictional creation go up in smoke because honestly, the reason chapter 8 was taking so long is because I just could not write it!

I kept writing, and rewriting, and it just kept getting more butchered and crack-y the harder I tried. I just couldn't make it work!

So anyways, sorry for the long wait for this story to be updated. I promise by this weekend the first five chaps will be up! Anyways, it's getting kinda late, so I better go give my work a good look over.

Until then, goodnight, and happy reading!