A Brush with Death

Chapter Nine

"Whoa hang on Griss we haven't even dated and your popping the question" said Sara taking Millie from Grissom "I think you better go"

"But Sara please I've loved you for so long" said Grissom

"Just go" said Sara and Grissom left

"Mommy why did you get cross with Daddy" asked Millie

"It doesn't matter sweetie" said Sara "Now bath time misses" Sara bathed Millie and put her to bed she then went to the fridge and grabbed herself a beer sat on the sofa and began to drink it she was about to start on her second beer when there was a knock on the door she got up and opened the door it was Catherine who was cradling a sleeping Lindsey in her arms

"Sara thank god you're in" said Catherine

"Cath what's wrong" asked Sara

"It's Eddie he…" said Catherine

"What did he do Cath" said Sara rubbing Catherine's shoulder

"Ouch" said Catherine so Sara pulled Catherine's top of her shoulder and saw that a big bruise had began to form

"He hit you didn't he" said Sara

"Yeah and he hit her" Said Catherine holding Lindsey close to her

"That no good bastard" said Sara and she pulled out her cell

"Who you calling" said Catherine beginning to cry

"Warrick" said Sara pressing speed dial three


"Hey Warrick Sara you need to get to my place as soon as Catherine's here in a right state Eddie's hit her again only this time he hit Lindsey as well" said Sara

"Right that's it Eddie Willows is a DMW" said Warrick "I'm on my way"

"Is he coming" asked Catherine as Sara put away her cell

"Yeah hey give Lindsey to me and I'll put her in my bed for now" said Sara and she gently lifted Lindsey into her arms Sara was just walking back into the sitting room when there was a knock at the door it was Warrick

"Cath hunni come here" said Warrick pulling Catherine into his arms and she began to howl

"I tried to stop him from hitting Lindsey but he was to strong for me" sobbed Catherine

"Hey ok we are going to call Brass and get him to arrest Eddie's ass" said Warrick "Everything is going to be ok your not to worry"

Catherine stopped crying a looked into Warrick's eyes and she knew that she was safe while Sara began to wonder if she had made a big mistake turning Grissom down


Ok so that's the end of this fic never fear there will be a sequel

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my story