The story is yaoi which means boy love! So don't like that idea then hit your back button.

I did a bit of research for this story and all details can be found in Wikipedia under 'Imperial House of Japan', but I have taken liberties with the connection obviously to Byakuya. Doh! He's a cartoon character! However it is true that the Royal Family were stream lined in the 1940's after the second world war.

Summary – Uni Student Ichigo makes up his Student Grant by working in a bar, he meets Byakuya a member of the Imperial Family. A real life version of the clan burden which tears at two lovers wanting to be together.

I don't own the Bleach characters

Here you go an updated and much improved verion of chapter one. The first chapter always seemes to be the trickiest to do.


Attending University seemed to be a life of all or nothing. It was either damn hard work, reams of assignments and practicals or it was partying and lazy lie ins. Another famous aspect seemed to be money too. One day your grant had just paid out and you felt as flush as the richest man and next it had all been spent on your partying lifestyle and you could only afford a can of baked beans to eat. One or other seemed to happen on a daily basis, but both could not happen it seemed together. Lazing in bed would just not work when pages and pages of essays needed to be researched and written. Statistics and historical facts as boring as they were needed doing. Partying couldn't happen unless you happened to have a very rich friend or understanding parents. Somehow, by scrimping and saving however, students never seem short of fun.

Ichigo, enjoying his first year, had worked hard and he felt he deserved a little time to play now that he'd wrangled a week off his part time job.

Ichigo and his student friends lives consisted of attending their so called 'full time' courses that only consisted of 20 hours of tutored time, 30 hours working to feed their student life style and the rest with that all important PARTYING!

Oh and 2 hours studying because they had an assignment due in!

Only in the case of Kurosaki Ichigo, things were a little twisted. He liked his course for a start. So he attended the 20 hours diligently, he worked in a gay club behind the bar five nights from 10 till 2 and spent the rest of his time studying and doing assignments. Alright, his assignments were all about playing music, his free time was about music too. He liked music aright! Yeah and he was gay. He didn't advertise the fact widely inside college, but his friends knew and respected him none the less for it. They were a gang of long suffering companions that had followed each other from their earliest school days.

However Ichigo's nights weren't usually spent in their company. Not this week anyway.

He had the week off work and this was only the first night and yep he was back in the club because that way he got free entry and free drinks. It was a good way to cut costs with an added bonus, instead of being behind the bar or taking the entrance fees wishing he was on the dance floor, tonight he was actually on the dance floor.

His proudly erect ginger hair moved freely with the shake of his head, his body confined in skinny jeans and white t-shirt looked good enough to please everyone, although he only dressed tonight to please himself. He wasn't out on the pull, not in this joint anyway, he was simply out to let his hair down and chill. Not that his hair would let itself do anything but stand upright, it had enough gel on it to keep it up for a week and his penis was mighty jealous of that fact. His hands waved in the air in time to the beat, his shoulders swayed, his head was nodding, his hips were gyrating and he felt alive. Really alive.

He could feel the throb of the beat rising up through the soles of his feet and sinking into his very being. The music lived inside him and he sang for all his worth as his eyes closed and his entire soul was nothing but the notes and vocals ringing around him.

Byakuya stepped down the last steps into the underground club and let his eyes adjust to the gloom of the place. His eye didn't miss a thing as he scanned the place left to right, starting with the big bear crowd just inside the door, they looked at him and he looked at them and nothing more happened, they were not each others types. Byakuya was not a huge, muscle bound man with a penchant for leather chokers and a body covered in soft downy hair. No, not each others type.

The crowd of 'she-bitches' that proclaimed themselves more female than the real females of the species sat next and twirled their boa's and crossed their fishnet clad legs. Their make-up as ever was six feet thick and all wore the customary black false lashes and the Dolly Parton wig. Again, no not his type.

The far right had a few men who looked a little more comfortable to him, but the campness was just a little to obvious and Byakuya didn't consider himself in need of a man who thought his actions were feminine, but they still dressed as a male. He didn't like their sickly sounding voices and the way they draped themselves around their chosen alpha male.

He looked out at the regulars who were 'normal' gays. Just 'normal men' in their expensive designer gear who paid just as much if not more for a facial and wax at the salons. Their hair and their clothes said everything about them, they were able to indulge in themselves and had the time to preen. The odd one or two, rare in Byakuya's eyes, were just white collar workers who just waltzed along in their suits from work and were the real normal people out on the streets. The ones who could hide their sexuality from their comrades and families without effort. That was his section. He fitted Here.

Okay so his suit, jacket and tie discarded in his limo, cost him several thousand pounds, his long dark hair was pampered to an inch of its life and his hands were immaculately manicured. That was his life, that's where he grew up and that's where he lived; so to him that was normal; he was a walk in from work type of guy. He just happened to be rich. Very rich.

He was in need of some more intimate attention tonight, having literally just left a meeting that had gone on far too long. It usually took that level of desperation to get him into these places but there was little to no other way for him to arrange such types of contact. His family would not understand. No that was an understatement, his family would not tolerate it. Tradition, tradition, tradition. Japanese ideals must be upheld at all times and one must carry themselves with an air of decorum at all times. Intimacies with men were a taboo.

The barman handed over the swirl of brandy and ice and took the crisp fresh note offered. Casually leaning against the bar with one elbow, Byakuya looked out from his perch on the high bar stool at the dance floor and the pounding music. Which lucky man would take his eye tonight? He wondered.

Several people did catch his eye, his usual types. One of them he may well have already sampled. Of course, the spikes of orange hair stood out in the crowd. Hair of all colours was displayed here tonight, but only his, besides the blacks, looked natural. The boys dancing was hypnotic and by the end of his drink he was still watching him with single minded 'perverted' thoughts. It amused Byakuya to see someone so absorbed in their own inner world and so totally at ease. The creature, seemed to be soaking up the musical vibes around him like a audio leach and he was totally unaware of anyone surrounding him. He could have been the only person on the dance floor and something told Byakuya, that he wouldn't have minded that at all.

With obvious sweat rolling down his face from his frantic dancing to the beat the young man made his way towards the bar, fanning himself with his hand and giving odd comments to men as he passed. Byakuya's eyes narrowed and took in every expression he gave out, every movement of his hands and body language towards the others. Who ever this man was, Byakuya wanted to know why everyone else seemed to know him. He wanted to know him too, especially those lips; their shape was mesmerising, their colouring beautiful and it made his breath falter as he slid the tip of his tongue out to slide it across the round plump shapes.

Byakuya boldly watched the ginger haired youth lean against the bar next to him and call the barman by his familiar name.

"Chad, can I have a coke?" He yelled across the din, sank with some notable relief in the empty bar stool beside him. "Cheers mate!" He waved the chilled bottle that was placed in front of him. The barman never asked for any money and none was offered, but a friendly nod was given.

"Good time?" The barman identified as Chad asked over the din.

"Fab!" The other replied with a huge, delicious smile as he raised the bottle to his lips.

Byakuya was mesmerised as he raised his own glass in time and watched the soft pink lips fasten around the bottle neck and tip up; the drink was thirstily inhaled with several bobs of his Adam's apple. Time slowed and everything else dimmed in the rich man's eyes as he watched the exquisite dance that he couldn't tear his eyes from. Something about this person was different. He couldn't put his finger on it, but his fascination was like an obsession. He wanted to sample this human more than anything else he's tasted before, it was maddeningly impulsive of him, but he didn't care right now. What he wanted, he was going to get.

Ichigo knew he was being watched, but he was used to that in here. Being constantly propositioned was a regular occurrence, tonight was no exception as he was the 'wrong' side of the bar and within groping reach of the regulars. They'd taken many chances to brush up against him or to blatantly reach out and fondle his buttocks; several comments on filling them had been made as he made his way from the dance floor, but he'd managed to laugh it all off tonight. He refused to get het up about it when he was out to enjoy himself. He could handle it. None of them appealed to him but it was no coincidence that he now sat close enough to be almost brushing the the exotic observer's thighs.

"Ichigo!" A hand suddenly arrived and rubbed Ichigo's rear with a little too much of a lower dip and pressure between his buttocks than he would have liked. This was one perv that always crept up unannouced and he turned to scowl at Urahara Kisuke. "Can't keep away from me can you." Kisuke the club owner always felt he had a right to run his hand down his employee's spine with a suggestive speed i.e. slowly! Kisuke in his own mind, felt it was always nice to keep up an intimate knowledge of his employee's so that his customers were getting what they wanted – neigh demanded in club staff i.e. hot butt's and good eye candy! It was all about quality assurance!

"You're cheap." Ichigo replied honestly waving his all but empty bottle and conveying he meant the drinks not the company! He stood to turn away from the man's creeping palms and let the bar be his physical barrier to the attention.

"Ready to take me up on my offer?" Oh his offer, to bed and be wooed? The right way to promotion it seemed in this place. Promoted to what though, no one was sure; probably tea boy the following morning!

"Can't." Ichigo's scowl deepened as the man's took a step forward to resume his skin contact on the boys rump by starting on his hip and slowly edging around.

"Why is that?" Ichigo shifted his backside away and found himself rubbing against the dark haired stunner whose hand thankfully went around his shoulder rather than any where lower.

"He is with me." Came a deep velvet voice. Ichigo turned his head and remembered the man at the bar, the one he'd suffered a 'Whoa shit he is f'ing hot' moment earlier. Kisuke looked from one to the other with surprise especially at the deep and meaningful way they seemed to be staring at one another. "We were just going to have another dance." Byakuya spoke again, tearing his eyes away from Ichigo's and the deepest rich chocolate colour he'd seen. That strong protective arm, moved itself from his shoulder and wound around Ichigo's waist propelling him at the same time towards the dance floor, leaving Ichigo no room to back out and Kisuke standing there flapping his gums like a stranded fish.

"Hey!" Ichigo realised he had gone along with the physical encouragement when they reached the dance floor. He looked squarely into his abductor's eyes as those strong arms took his body in a rather close embrace and began to move to the music. Ichigo squirmed and made a sound to protest, but he was captured, by a firm grip of each hand and manoeuvred expertly by someone who clearly had more experience at these things than he did. There was no choice but to go along with this. As their bodies made contact to shift and jive to the beat there was no mistaking the size of the man against him, as he pressed his groin forward to rub against Ichigo's. Although his anatomy was willing, Ichigo wanted to step back a pace for a bit of air and to catch his breath, but a hand was keeping him firmly in place. A moments worry passed through the red heads brain as he wondered if he had stepped out of the foxes lair into a lions. Some people just had a way about them, you know confident, sure of their looks, just short of arrogance but still quite dominate and of course sexual prowess dripping from their pores. Sadly he admitted to himself that he was caught hook line and sinker. This guy was gorgeous in a Simon Cowell sort of way, his power and brilliant white teeth hooked you in and his charisma closed all the exits before you realised you were couldn't breath any more. Ichigo's chest had constricted as he drank in the sight and feel of that man overpowering him. He was scared but exhilarated, and it was a quandary he seemed happy to wallow in.

"Is he still watching?" That exotic deep voice rumbled over the music and vibrating across Ichigo's nerve endings. He nodded after a quick flick of his eyes to their strangely dressed voyeur. "Well then, lets make this a little more believable shall we?" Ichigo raised his eyebrows and the man leaned in towards him. Panic rose in his stomach and a lurch of butterflies swamped him. They were going to kiss!

Ichigo didn't know what to expect, he didn't allow many men to come this close out of choice. Quite how he was meant to react he didn't know. What if it was too harsh, or too wet? What if he showed how limited his knowledge was? Was his breath clean? There was no time to answer these questions and his mental faculties decided to shut down against their will as a wave of fluttering ignited in his body steaming from the softest press of lips against his. Shards of pleasure ran through his mouth and right down his spine to his already strained crotch. He couldn't help but close his eyes and open his mouth slightly in a groan. A warm damp brandy object slid between his tongue and flicked at his own. More shards rushed over him and he leant helplessly against his captor as they explored deep within his mouth. Slightly coming back to his senses Ichigo pushed his tongue forward pressing between the easily opened lips of his mystery saviour. He enjoyed the taste spreading through his mouth and soft warmth of the invading organ. His breathing hitched and struggled under the weight of emotions suddenly crashing through him.

The taste of the brandy was intoxicating and as their tongues swirled in their own dance, the kiss had gone on far longer than necessary and their observer had admitted defeat and walked away some time ago, but it didn't matter to them. They hadn't noticed anyway.

The music appropriately had slowed which was convenient for the slow circling dance they had been engaged in this far. The beat rising through his feet led his movement and Ichigo lifted his arms and slid his hands through the long dark locks to hold behind the man's powerful neck. The kiss lessened and both men remained tightly locked in each others arms as they chilled to the rhythm and caught their thoughts and racing hearts.

Ichigo was mortified by his bulge issues, but it seemed that at least he'd pushed enough buttons to feel the same response back. All of a sudden he was taken with the need to have a little more than a kiss on a dance floor and he pulled back enough to flash his rare smile. He watched with satisfaction at the way the man seemed to drink in the shape of his lips, the contours of his face and sparkle of enjoyment in his eyes. Its not as if he wasn't engaged in a similar observation exercise.

The strands of midnight hair felt like satin strands of silk passing through his fingers. It fell in a graceful bounce and shone under the flashing lights. The dark steel eyes showed an element of brooding and depth Ichigo rarely saw in the men who propositioned him. The way his body swayed against his, complimented his movements and showed a steak of a well trained and coordinated man. Ichigo was sure he wasn't a dancer, but his body moved like panther with a hidden power and strength beneath his glossy black coat. He was intrigued.

"I'm Ichigo." Byakuya had already surmised that from the interaction at the bar earlier. His manners at least were above the usual types who fancy a piece of expensive rump. That still left him however enjoying the boys demeanour; he was like an unpolished diamond with its rough edges yet to reveal the beauty that hid within. His cautions hold around Byakuya's body and the ever-so-slight tremble amused the older man. His cocky attitude earlier seemed to be a front that he couldn't hold onto for long. Byakuya nodded his head in a polite acknowledgement of the boys introduction and added a slight smile to lessen his worries.

"Pleased to meet you Ichigo." Ichigo laughed now he took in the accent of a well bred white collar worker. Hell it beat the paedophiles he usually got in here groping his backside as he moved between tables clearing glasses. "My name is Byakuya."

Ichigo ran the name over in his head several times. He liked the way it rolled around his mind and he wanted to whisper it in the man's ear and see if he'd shiver in response. Leaning in as an excuse to speak over the music, he pressed his lips against the shell of the man's ear and breathed the name out. "Byakuya. I haven't seen you in here before." He added to keep within the tight hold around his shoulders and waist for a few seconds longer, but the man loosened his grip to speak back. Ichigo didn't feel the quiver he wanted, but he had no idea of the extraordinary amount of control Byakuya could summon up. His body was a tool and he controlled every aspect with an iron fist. The warmth in Ichigo's whisper had almost undone his hold of his libido, and if he hadn't of allowed some space between their straining bodies he would have given in to the urge to push him to the floor and pound into him.

"I have been in here many times. But my work has kept me away for a while."

"Shame." Pang of something regrettable sparked in Ichigo, it all sounded to fluid for him. Why couldn't he have been a little more permanent?

"It appears it is something I can rectify in the immediate future." Mind games aside, Byakuya had liked the disappointment the boy displayed.

"That's some accent!" Ichigo laughed.

"It is who I am. I am not to your taste then?" As Byakuya stated his question, Ichigo wondered what his taste was, he'd never really had much more than a high school crush on someone before. There may have been a few actors and singers that aroused his attention but no real live person before. Judging by the way his heart was pounding and his groin was wishing to free itself from the restraints of his jeans; he had to guess that his taste might well have been well spoken, tall, & handsome strangers who just happened to have long dark hair and eyes the colour of a full moon at midnight.

Byakuya sensed the moments of deep thought and the appraisal in the chocolate eyes watching him. Interrupting him with another kiss, he knew he'd found more than a catch of the day and the night was far from over. "Tell me, would you consider going somewhere quieter?" His lips spoke brushing against the teens.

In the bright lights of his apartment Byakuya looked at the lad he had brought home on a whim…lad…he was certainly that he realised now the brighter lights of his flat lit the ginger youths face. Boy even? Surely he hadn't drunk enough to have stooped to cradle snatching. The boy seemed to notice his unease and tipped his head similar to a confused puppy.

"How old are you?" The older man asked. Oh that voice was sending Ichigo insane. They'd said so little in the car and now in the stark silence of this flat, the deep resonance and tone seemed to rumble right though Ichigo's chest. The intonation and pitch were eloquent and obviously coached, every word was thought through and measured. No speech was wasted on idle chat and yet he dived right into the heart of a conversation without appearing overbearing.

Ichigo felt that he didn't deserve the attention of a man so obviously leagues above him. What on earth was he doing? Why had his mind let his mouth run off before he'd thought this through. Lamb to the slaughter and all that.

"Eighteen." Ichigo replied a little too quietly. Byakuya noted that he seemed to have lost his confidence since the club. Just there barely inside the threshold, hugging his arms around his body, eyes dipped and very submissive like a frightened mouse and oh so edible. Just at what point had his senses left him to pluck this virginal creature up from the forest of debauchery?

"Eighteen?" Byakuya raised a well coiffed eyebrow. "I know I was not accepting invites to strange men's homes at that age." The elegant man strolled into the kitchen and Ichigo felt even more lost in the spacious open plan space.

He moved towards the breakfast bar in a hope of holding onto something solid to ground himself. His eyes cast around the huge flat and its dark glossy wooden floors. The white leather sofa's, the hugest plasma screen he had ever seen and a Hi-Fi that resembled an airship. From the fancy silk curtains, huge glass windows that over looked the town and 10 place glass dining table the place screamed money. Ichigo felt completely out of his depth. His skanky Uni dorm would fit twenty times over in this space, hell even his dad's whole house would fit in with room to spare.

"I don't usually." He confessed trying to look confident and unknowingly failing.

"Or never have before?" Byakuya asked placing two mugs from the white gloss cupboards onto the white sparkling granite work top.

"What happened to the drink you said about?" He asked watching the man open a silver fridge door for milk.

"Coffee would be better under the circumstances." Byakuya said coolly flicking kettle on. He would hate to give the teen alcohol and make him do anything he didn't want to.

"I have done this before!" Ichigo said angrily clasping his hands into fists on the worktop.

"Of course." Byakuya didn't look him in the eye to confirm that he doubted the outburst and instead choose to concentrate on the spoonful of coffee reaching the mug. "Milk and sugar?"

"Just milk."

"I don't think I have sugar anyway." Byakuya looked up at the kid and saw his white knuckles holding the counter top. "Why don't you go and take a seat?" He gestured towards the deep sofa. "Just relax. Put the TV or some music on if you like."

Listening to sound of the kettle boil somewhere behind him, Ichigo looked at the array of CD's in the rack and noted an endless stream of classical stuff, a few old compilations from the 80's and 90's and then just the odd recent thing. Music was not this man's bag.

His finger poised over a CD and chuckled.

"Boy band classics!" He said with his mirth reaching Byakuya's ears.

"Pure slush for when required." Byakuya shrugged. "That and they are easy to get to know the lyrics of when I want to prance around the flat singing into my hairbrush." Ichigo snorted at that mental image and doubted the man actually did that at all, Ichigo on the other hand... it had been known.

"Slush it is then." Ichigo pulled out the plastic and pressed the on button of the Hi Fi.

Soon enough the music was crooning around them as they sat on the largest of the sofas.

They drank almost in complete silence, but somehow that suited them both. Ichigo felt so out of his comfort zone, he wanted to put his thumb in his mouth and call for his 'blankee' that is, if he had one. The object of his desire had no qualms with staring intently at him which did not help him either.

"What were you doing at the club at eighteen?" Byakuya's voice broke into their silence, he had guessed the answer already, but it broke the ice to ask.

"I work there with Chad. Have done since the start of this term, but I had the night off to let my hair down and chill."

"I watched you dance for a while." Byakuya almost smiled. Almost mind, Ichigo got the feeling that it wasn't something Byakuya did on a regular basis anyway.

"I love dancing. It's worth a circuit of the gym." Ichigo's face lit up. "If anything gets me down, I can just play some music and forget it all."

"If only life were that simple, I would find that my problems had not lessened and wondered why I did not just get on with the job of tackling them?"

"But it would put you in the right frame of mind." Ichigo smiled. The boy certainly had a cute smile. Byakuya was not one usually for revealing too much of his inner self, but this boy, this boy was different. Byakuya loved the way he flipped from confident to insecure, he felt a rousing of his protective nature that wanted to comfort and encourage Ichigo to his full potential. There was a lot underneath the surface of this human, and he wanted to peal away the layers to find each new level. If dancing and music where the key to his happiness, then why not utilise them?

"Let's dance then." Byakuya put their coffee mugs on the glass table then held out his hand for the teen to take. Ichigo looked at the steely eyes that had softened in that moment and accepted, letting his hand slide into the warm firm grip.

As the music poured from the speakers, their bodies closed in pressing rows of firm abs snug together. Height for height they seemed perfectly matched, was that a forewarning of their future?

Again his arms wrapped around the older man's and shoulder so he could lean in to this perfect body. Without the noise and distraction of the club, the hold seemed that much more thrilling. Now each sense was able to take in all the small details and absorb the information. None seemed more aware than the sense of smell and Ichigo smelt a waft of something delicious pass his nostrils; there was just something undefinable about it, he wanted to drown, smothered and wrap himself up in that scent. He smiled into the shoulder he was leaning against as he felt a soft caress to the hair behind his ear and the feel of a soft breath passing over his shoulder.

"You smell good." Ichigo murmured.

It seemed that Ichigo turned into a purring kitten with the touch behind his ear. The fingers that were trailing through his hair had him soften like melted butter and hum approving sounds. With such a strong reaction from the simple connection, Byakuya's imagination was ruining his composure with thoughts of what noises Ichigo would make writhing beneath him.

He wound his fingers around clumps of strawberry hair, giving soft tugs earning him more vocal encouragement.

"Your hair feels soft and...fluffy." Byakuya murmured into Ichigo's ear; the lack of suitable vocabulary showing how his mind was slowly unravelling.

"That's a bucket of gel and hours of work you know." Ichigo replied sighing as Byakuya's breath drifted down his collar. The hands around him where travelling around the seat of his buttocks and rubbing against his well guarded hind quarter. Byakuya's erection was firm and pressing against his to the point that Ichigo's breath had started to get ragged. Too much more and he'd be in a fine mess. The atmosphere was quickly getting too intense and beyond his limit. He shivered involuntarily.

Byakuya wanted this kid like yesterday, after that shiver he expected to find eyes filled with as much lust as his own. With the intention of kissing those shapely lips, he pulled back to admire the exquisite features of his golden treat. Momentarily he faltered as he realised the lust was overshadowed by other emotions. The boy was uncertain and fearful. The realisation thrust like ice through his core and he shifted his hips just far enough away to loose contact. His hands shifted to safer more comforting touch and instead of kissing, he placed his brow to Ichigo's and sighed softly.

Ichigo had dreamed of moments like this, he wanted it, he did. But... He was terrified too. Part of his brain needed this contact. It welcomed and savoured the hugs and touches. Thrummed with delight like a child in a mothers embrace. The hormonal teen was panting and groaning for release of the pressure in his balls. It wanted to know if an orgasm with another person felt better than by his own hand in forced silence of his bed at night. And although he really wanted a relationship, a one night stand would do. But the sensible side of him, wanted to step back and leave right this minute ripping his body away from the touch on him. How foolish had he been to put himself in this predicament? He didn't know Byakuya from Adam, for all he knew he was the local rapist and he'd be found tomorrow with his throat slit. His family couldn't take another bloody loss.

Byakuya sensed it all. He might be known as a cold hearted bastard, but he never liked to see pain on someone's face because of him. He'd had enough heartache himself. It just proved that not everyone in those clubs was out for sex and the short term pleasure it gave. There were people like Ichigo who shouldn't really be there.

He shouldn't be here either.

Byakuya widened the gap and retreated into his cool emotionless casing and stepped back away from the teen. Maturity won over hormones and as the adult here, he wasn't about to force this child. It took some effort to simmer his libido, but he managed it behind his stoic façade.

"Its late and I'm tired. I would dearly like you to stay, but… maybe you would rather…" He even felt gracious enough to give the boy a chance to back out with his pride intact.

"I'm fine." Ichigo said in a partially believable tone. His nerves were back and Byakuya wondered what he wanted from this. Had he opened his soul with a can opener he would have seen the child that wanted to grow up and move on from the things that had held him back for so long. He wanted to prove to himself more than anyone else that he was an adult who could look after himself. He was tired of the cosseting and overbearing parenting he had already. Even his friends smothered him. "C...can I stay?"

Inside every person is a unmappable area of mystery. Its the core of our being that seeks out others, looking for that corner of the street where just round the bend waits our soul mate. Ichigo had heard it said that love at first sight was a myth but maybe it was okay to realise just who you were going to be with forever and let the love come later? Every glance at this man made his stomach lurch and butterflies rush frantically around his belly. There was so much longing in him and although there was no reason to, he wanted to trust this well bred male. Okay so he wasn't that far out of his comfort zone in finding someone else who displayed traits of protectiveness; firstly with Kisuke's advances and now being so understanding about his short comings.

"I only have the one bed." Byakuya placed the mugs on the drainer and turned to lean against the cabinet and weigh up the consequences of this. Was it really a good idea? The last thing he needed was his name linked to a sex scandal. They'd been enough rumours about him already.

"I'll sleep on the sofa." The ginger haired kid indicated with his thumb and Byakuya sighed, he was a good kid, far too innocent to have been caught in that damn club. But... he didn't want him to walk out that door either.

"It's a rather large bed. I'm sure your scrawny figure will fit." The eyes sparkled with mirth even if the mouth only lifted very slightly. "I even promise to be good."

They'd chosen to leave their underwear on and Ichigo had felt happier with that as he lay there for a couple of hours wide awake. Sleep was not going to come any time soon and Ichigo felt it might be better to just slide out the bed and head off back to his dorm. He let out a sigh and laid his arm over his eyes. Stupid fool getting himself into this situation; he should have known better.

Ichigo tensed as he felt an arm begin to slide under his neck but sensing his state it stopped.

"You don't seem to be able to sleep. Come on, just relax and switch stop thinking so hard." Came as an explanation and Ichigo nodded at the silhouette who moved closer. Once his initial shock had worn off, he had to admit that it felt amazing, as the arm snaked around holding him close, he actually felt safe. Ichigo could never have imagined that being with someone just with this innocent hold could feel so wonderful. Never mind it was with someone he'd just met, but it was just a hug. Just that. But, it wasn't a just anything, it was a first. A memorable and too bloody good first. Ichigo felt himself relaxing at the contact, snuggling in closer for the skin to skin contact. The rise and fall of Byakuya's chest and the way his breath rushed over his skin felt very calming. The long strong arms seemed to wrap him with an anti loneliness spell and he felt a little like Sleeping Beauty drifting into a millennia of dreams.

Just one thing sat on the tip of his tongue wanting release. He wanted to unburden himself, even just a little as a test of Byakuya's nature. "My previous times … The god damn honest truth is...I've never done this before." The voice of a child broke into the silence and Ichigo didn't understand his compulsion to reveal the truth about himself. A tremor of worry had crept into those scared words. Ichigo waited for the rejection that he felt sure would happen. But it never did. Lips pressed onto his neck and left a light kiss.

"Lets get some sleep." The deep voice spoke softly. Ichigo smiled and let his eyes slide shut.

Byakuya really didn't know what to do. This boy, this child... just barely legal and now revealed to be as innocent as he seemed had thrown him for a six. Never had he taken such a partner before. They'd been experienced and willing. This kid was probably willing if he could over come his fears, but firsts shouldn't be with someone you pick up just for a night... Byakuya felt wretched at that thought. No, not a night. For once I want more. I want it all.

Ichigo woke in the morning to the smell of eggs and a the sound of a foot kicking the bedroom door open. He cracked open one eye and looked at the food making his way towards him. The barer smiled warmly with his toned chest and pants that delightfully left nothing to imagination. His long dark hair was showing the signs of a restless night but still somehow it looked just…amazing. Ichigo swallowed.

"Morning. If you would just move aside a little, breakfast is ready." The well spoken deep voice resonated in his mind and he shifted quickly as the tray hit the mattress and was pushed towards him before the god like man sat back on the bed. "I had no idea what you liked, so I hope this will do. Really the place was empty for so long and thank heavens for a housekeeper or we would have starved!"

Ichigo looked at the plates of, rice, miso soup, poached egg, pickled vegetables, salad, cooked fish, and nori. He took the offered chopsticks and smiled up at his bed fellow who was already offering the soup.

"You cook quite well."

"My housekeeper left it all in the fridge I only heated it up." Byakuya confessed.

"Housekeeper? At home that's called my sister. But at Uni, that's called instant ramen and a kettle." Ichigo laughed.

"What are you studying?"

"Music." Aha, hence the deep void of anything but happiness on the dance floor.

"So you can play an instrument?"

"My fav is my guitar. Dad brought it for me when I was 10. But I've progressed onto piano and drums."

"Oh a pop idol in the making?"

"Nah, I'm not a guy who wants fame and fortune. All that fuss of the papers and fans. Not me. I just want a run a music shop. My friends and I have this joke running, Inoue is going to have a cake shop and be an astronaut mind whilst being a teacher and running a Mister Doughnut, bless her, whilst next door will be Uryuu's dress shop..."

"Uryuu's a male name?"

"Yeah, but he's always been kind of surgically linked to his sewing machine in a perverted sort of way!" Ichigo laughed. "Chad is going to run a pet shop specialising in Parrots and then they'll be me and my music shop. Oh and round the corner Tatsuki will be running a Dojo."

"Quite the bunch of entrepreneurs." Byakuya mused picking up some sprouts and sliding them between Ichigo's lips. Ichigo looked at him wide eyed at the intimate gesture but Byakuya just sipped from his soup bowl as if it was normal. Okay, so two can play at that.

Ichigo scooped some egg onto the end of his chopsticks and looked to the man he was offering them too. Byakuya opened his mouth willingly and Ichigo smiled pulling it back. Byakuya raised his eyebrows and tutted. Ichigo offered it again and watched the lips seal around his chopsticks. He'd never once in his life shared such an intimate act and he found himself feeling rather pleased that this stranger would do so with him.

Ichigo sipped the soup until it was gone and Byakuya pouted.

"You. Did not. Save. Me. Any!" He said with all seriousness but his eyes were sparkling with gaiety.

"Sorry, thought you had finished." Ichigo grinned and licked his lips.

"Hm." Byakuya looked at the kid and smiled leaning in. "Give me at least a taste then." Their lips met softly at first, but Byakuya's lips pressed harder and his tongue lapped up the taste of the miso soup lingering in Ichigo's mouth. With the hint of Ichigo added to it, it seemed to have gained another altogether tastier level. He pulled back only letting go of Ichigo's lower lip at the last moment. "Ermm Ichigo soup is rather nice." He whispered with his eyes intent on Ichigo's. "You have the most amazing face I have ever looked at."

Ichigo blushed furiously and rubbed a hand through his hair. "Hey what? With messy hair, morning breath and probably dribble stains down my chin?" He scoffed.

"Sensational." Byakuya whispered and pushed back in for another kiss with their chopsticks clattering onto the tray.

A distinct rousing in the underpants alarmed Ichigo.

As soon as the kiss ended Ichigo whipped off the bed and grabbed his jeans.

"Ireallyshouldbegoing." He rushed his words just as he rushed into his jeans.

"You have classes today?"

"Not this week no. But you must have to get to work?" Ichigo threw his t-shirt on over his head and searched the floor for his socks and shoes.

"This week my laptop is my work; I can do it when it suits me." He watched the frightened mouse trying to bolt and shook his head. "I'm sorry Ichigo. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Byakuya's curiosity had been raised even further, this kid was like a dear looking in the head lights of a car and he wanted to be the one to take that fear away from him. He wanted to do it with plenty of skin contact.

"Well..." Ichigo paused in his quick bid to get his second sock on. "I guess..." He slumped on the edge of the bed and gave Byakuya a feeble smiled. "I'm the one who should be sorry. You let me stay, you made all that breakfast and that..."

"Can I see you again?"

"You'd want to?" Ichigo's head snapped round to look at Byakuya.

"Yes." Byakuya smiled. "I really would. Tonight if possible?"

"Tonight? Shit..." Ichigo ran his hand through his hair and felt the flaky gel needing a wash. How the hell could anyone want him when he must look like shit?

"If you are busy, I understand." Byakuya wondered if he was being presumptuous thinking that Ichigo would want to see him. Maybe his hesitation was to look for an excuse?

"No, tonight would be great." Ichigo smiled a genuine smile and nodded.

"I shall pick you up then. Where do you live?" Ichigo remembered his dad was coming around and that wasn't good. Dad meet boyfriend, no not good just yet.

"Ahh... Maybe I should come here." Ichigo looked up at him sheepish. "My dad only found out about me last week. I think that a man picking me up might be a bit much for him."

"You told your father you were gay?"

"Yeah. He wasn't too amused at first." Ichigo shivered at the memory of Isshin clasping his hair frantically shouting at the picture of his wife fearing they'd never have any grandchildren.

"Then you have my admiration, my family are blissfully unaware." He reached down to the shoe hiding his side of the bed and handed it over. "Here." Ichigo took it and shoved his foot inside. "When ever you are ready, you know where I am."