By: NoDrog(s)

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* * *

"Ok, final review." said Kim, staring at the holographic projection system. "Hench Tower is technically two towers connected by a sky bridge. There are four targets". She pointed at the floating, rotating H. "The security computer center, the Hench research data core, The storage room where they have the actual Electrostatic Transducer prototype, and the land vehicle bay. 11 PM. Stage 1. Motor Ed drives the command van, with me and Camille in it, into the Hench Co parking lot. Shego and Penne Teum are waiting in the stealth hoversled."

As Kim went through, describing the various stages of the main plan, none of the thieves made any of the snarky comments that had plagued previous briefings. Even though they had gone over the plan together and separately several times, no one complained. All joking aside, each of them was a professional in her or his own way. On the day of the heist was no time to joke.

"If all goes as planned, all four of you meet up in the vehicle bay and ride out in whatever Motor Ed chooses to liberate." said Kim, summing up. "I drive off in the command vehicle. We meet at the local Bueno Nachos and you enjoy a late meal while Penne Teum and I pass the information to Mister Exe."

"What about the hoversled?" asked Penne Teum.

"The hoversled, once you get up to the top of the sky bridge, won't have enough power to return." said Kim. "It will have a remote-triggered self destruct system I'll control from the van. I'll trigger it while you're leaving; the destruct will trigger alarms and hopefully help distract security. Any other questions?"

Shego, Motor Ed, Penne, and Camille glanced at each other, then shook their heads no.

"Ok." said Kim. "We meet in the garage at 10 PM. Until then, relax, get some more sleep if you can, and make sure all your gear is ready.".

The other members of the group dispersed, leaving Kim alone with the holographic display.

* * *

Kim flipped through her copy of the blueprints and sighed. At this point, she had practically memorized the blueprints, and had already laid out numerous contingency plans. All she could do was wait for evening to put the plan in action. Finally, she decided to check on the members of her team to see what they were doing.

Motor Ed was sitting in his room, surrounded by automobile magazines. He was staring at a TV screen, a plastic steering wheel in his hands as he played Heavy Mario-tallic Racers. Camille was propped up on a couch, watching a live fashion show from Paris. Penne Teum was busy switching between three different game controls playing Tetris, while he operated a fourth unit with his feet.

Shego looked up from where she was cleaning/filing the claws on her gloves. "I thought I locked the door."

Kim grinned and held up a ring of keys, jingling them. "I've got copies of all the keys." she said.

Shego put the file back in her ankle pouch and stood up. "So, what's up, 'coach'?"

Kim hesitated, then shrugged. "Actually, I was hoping you'd help me blow off some steam."

* * *

Motor Ed walked into the large room that had been set aside as a gym. Shego and Kim were in the middle of the room, each apparently furiously trying to destroy the other. "We're getting ready to order pizza." he announced. "What do you want on it?"

"Everything except…" Kim said, then ducked a swipe at her head. "…anchovies." she said, twisting around to kick out at Shego's midriff.

Shego turned, nimbly dodging the blow. "Anchovies." Shego announced, then jumped back as Kim tried to leg sweep Shego's feet out from under her.

Motor Ed turned around to place the order, as Kim pounced and tried to knock Shego over.

* * *

The van was packed. The hoversled was fully charged. All the team members were in position. The pizza had all been eaten. It was go time.

In the command van, Kim placed a headset in position on her head. Like the ones worn by the others, it featured a bone conduction micraphone, earphone, and mini-camera. The headsets used multiple frequencies, using pseudo-random number generation to alter which frequencies carried which packets of data. The result was that they were almost impossible to jam or trace. 'This is control. Audio check." Kim said.

In the hoversled, Shego took the controls and glanced over her shoulder at where Penne Teum was sitting behind her, his arms around her waist. "Watch your hands, ok?" she said, then said "Shego Here."

"Penne here" reported Penne, resisting the probably lethal urge to cop a feel.

In the driver seat of the control van, Motor Ed reported "Motor Ed Here."

Camille looked down, frowning. She was dressed in an unfashionable business suit. "Camille here." she reported.

"Ok, we are go for first stage." said Kim. Kim glanced at a large digital clock. "Shego, you have five minutes to get to the sky bridge from… mark.".

* * *

It was the night of the new moon, but Shego still flew low to avoid being silhouetted in case anyone was watching out a window. Both the sled and the blanket covering her and Penne Teum were matte black. The hoversled, built using a high amount of ceramics and thermal-resistant plastics, was virtually invisible to radar. Penne could see nothing in the darkness; even through the high powered light amplifying goggles, Shego was having trouble seeing the sky bridge that was the landing area for the hover sled. Finally, she brought it down for a gentle landing, the hover sled's padded legs coming to rest so quietly against the metal covering of the sky bridge that no one inside would have heard a noise. Shego climbed off the hover sled and, leading Penne Teum by the hand, walked over to a ventilation duct in the side of one of the two towers. "We're on the sky bridge." Shego reported.

"Understood." said Kim. "Report when Penne is in the security room. You have thirteen minutes, twelve seconds before the next ventilation system scan."

Shego grunted., taking off the cover and climbing in, followed by Penne. The ventilation system in Hench Towers were periodically scanned. Since using the scanning equipment meant turning the ventilation systems temporarily off, the ventilation shafts were only scanned once every fifteen minutes. However, that still left a limited time for Shego and Penne to get through them. By herself, there would be no problem. Penne's best time in practice, however, had been eleven minutes. They would both have to hustle if they wanted any sort of safety margin.

Kim watched the monitors, switching between the view from Shego's camera, showing the vent up ahead, and the view of Penne's cam, which showed Shego's well defined ass pressing against the thin material of Shego's cat suit.

"Five minutes." Kim warned at the appropriate interval, then "Three minutes" two minutes later.

Shego stopped at the grill to the security computer center and threaded the fiber optic periscope of a hand held camera through the grate. She turned the periscope, verifying no one was in the room.

"One minute." Kim warned, her voice calm. ~Well of course she was calm.~ Shego thought. ~All she's doing is watching .~.. Shego resisted the urge to just tear off the vent or use her plasma. Instead, she used a small handheld tool to begin unfastening the grate.

"Thirty seconds…. Fifteen…" said Kim, struggling to keep her voice relaxed. She would have felt calmer if she was the one breaking in, rather then the one who had to stay behind to monitor everything. Finally, with only a few seconds to spare, both Shego and Penne were in the room and Shego had replaced the vent cover.

"Zero… vent scan beginning. Hope you guys didn't leave anything behind." said Kim.

Shego and Penne both froze as the hum of the air conditioning system stopped. It seemed like hours, but was actually only a few minutes before they heard the air conditioning turn back on, the scan completed. Shego waited impatiently as Penne hooked his laptop to the main security computers and began trying to log in.

"Ok, I'm in." reported Penne, after five minutes. "The Electrostatic Transducer is in lab storage seven. Ready for phase two."

"Understood. Phase two imitated." said Kim. "We are three minutes ahead of schedule.".

* * *

This is the age of Information. In times past, companies reserved their greatest security systems for such thing as gold or physical objects. Now, the highest security is reserved for data. Hench Co was no exception; Detailed information and blueprints on Hench Co's creations and current research were kept stored in a secured computer network, physically separate from any other network. Accessing those records required someone physically entering the data center, usually only to a fire walled terminal that would only provide very limited access to the information needed. Only a few people on the planet had authorization to actually enter the room where the primary control computer was located. One of those people was Theodore Wuzopen, the head of Hench Co's Tech Support service.

Like many highly skilled and socially inept computer technology specialists (aka Nerds), it was not uncommon for Theodore Wuzopen to come in at unusual hours, either to work on a pet project or to help with some situation that had become fubar. Thus, the guards at Hench Co were not surprised when they saw, on camera, a person appearing to be Theodore Wuzopen approaching the door and swiping an ID badge through the reader.

"Opening doors." said Penne. "As far as the guards are concerned, that fake card is the genuine deal."

"Keep watching." said Kim. "We need Camille to get to that data center without being suspected."

Camille, having to hide her revulsion at dressing as a geek, rode the elevator to the security station outside the data core. The door opened to a short hallway, guarded by two heavily armed guards. Making her voice sound as much like Wuzopen's nasal tones as possible, she addressed the guard on the right. "Hi, I got a call of a possible hiccup in the IO short bus with the kernel driver interfacing with the Token Network."

The guard nodded and took out his ID card. Camille moved to the other side of the door and, in time with the guard's movements, swiped her phony card the moment the guard swiped his own card. For just a second the reader light flashed red, then immediately switched to green as Penne convinced the door that Camille's card was genuine.

"Uh-oh." muttered Penne.

"What uh-oh?" demanded Camille, sub-vocalizing.

"Camille, stay calm." said Kim. "Penne, What uh-oh?"

"The id cards activated another level of security." reported Penne. "There's a man trap leading to the hall. I'm going to need five minutes to get into the man-trap control system so it'll let Camille in."

"Camille, stall. Penne, get hacking." said Kim, speaking as calmly as she could. "Shego, go through the ducts to point D in case we need a diversion. Motor Ed?"

"Yo, red." said Motor Ed, reporting over his com-link.

"Penne is going to be a little busy." said Kim. "See if you can get into the motor bay on your own, but do NOT set off any alarms. If necessary, wait until Penne can slip you in.".

"You got it, Red." said Motor Ed.

* * *

Camille moved the imitation ID card to her pocket, letting it slip from her fingers and fall to the floor. "Oops." she said, bending down to pick it up. She pretended to try to pick it up with her finger tips, only sliding the card against the slick tile floor. The guard knelt, reaching down to help. Camille gritted her teeth and leaned forward, 'accidentally' banging her head against the guard's head. "Ow!" she whined, falling back and rubbing her head, careful not to break character.

The head bump had only gained a few seconds delay, as the second guard picked up the ID card and handed it to Camille. "Thank you." said Camille, gritting her teeth and hoping that Penne and Shego would hurry. Sweating and hoping the guard didn't notice, she reached for the door knob to the man-trap as slowly as she dared.

* * *

Shego opened the air vent from the inside and slipped out. Point D was the Hench internal computer repair department. In violation of several Hench Co regulations, the technicians who worked here tended to snack and drink sodas while working. Shego searched through the detritus scattered on the work benches, quickly finding a mostly empty can of Coola Cola. She plugged a half disassembled computer terminal in and then spilled the soda over the computer, leaving the can perched as if a random gust of air had tipped the can. The soda dripped into the computer's power supply, producing a brief flurry of sparks and a puff of smoke.

Shego grinned as a fire alarm began to ring. "Diversion created." Shego reported, heading back for the vent.

* * *

Camille froze with relief as the alarm sounded. One of the guards quickly pulled out an encrypted frequency handheld radio and spoke into it. "What's going on?"

"We've got a possible fire in Computer Repair." said the voice over the radio. "Hold on, we have someone going to check on it now to see if we need to evacuate."

Camille waited along with the guards.

* * *

Shego hissed in frustration. When she had come out of the vent, she'd placed the vent cover down on one of the benches. However, when she'd been searching for the soda, she'd disturbed the piles, and now she couldn't find the cover.

"What's wrong?" Kim asked, over the radio.

"I can't find the fricking vent cover!" snapped Shego into the microphone.

"Where did you leave it?" demanded Kim.

"Shut up!" hissed Shego, in no mood for Kim to be helpful. She spotted the vent cover, finally, but she could hear someone know at the door. Shego grabbed the vent cover and hesitated. There was no way she could climb into the vent and put the cover in place in time.