Heartbreaks & Heartaches

Chapter 1- "Everybody's Changing"

You're aching, you're breaking
And I can see the pain in your eyes
Says everybody's changing
And I don't know why

"Come on Luke before she wakes up" whispered Brooke Davis as she and Lucas Scott quietly walked up the stairs to Peyton Sawyer's bedroom. They slowly opened Peyton's door hoping it didn't squeak, to see her sleeping peacefully on her bed. Brooke looked at Lucas and smiled her oh so devilish grin. She slowly crept up to Peyton's ear.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY P. SAWYER" shouted Brooke at the top of lungs.

"What" Peyton jumped up scared hands clenched ready to fight. Lucas and Brooke started at each other laughing while Peyton glared at the two once she realized what had happened. "You guys are mean" she pouted as she rubbed her eyes.

"Oh, you love us, now get up so we can have the best day ever" Brooke laughed not getting over Peyton's face expression, but Peyton just lay back down. "Peyton, MOVE!"

"If you really want to make it the best day ever you'd shut up so I can sleep" she groaned.

"Not gonna happen" Brooke said as she grabbed Peyton's blanket. Peyton started to shiver as her white tank top and orange short shorts were revealed. She tried retrieving the blanket but Brooke's grip was too strong. After struggling for a while, Peyton hoisted herself up.

"Fine" Peyton said knowing Brooke would never give up. She got up acknowledged Luke and headed to the bathroom.

"So where to?" Peyton asked as she glided down the stairs towards her kitchen dressed and ready to go. Peyton eyed her two best friends who were in deep conversation. Peyton loved her two best friends she truly did, but sometimes she felt left out. She understood Brooke and Lucas had an amazing bond but her jealousy just appeared. It had been like that ever since she met them, they were inseparable but they allowed her into their lives easily. Lucas and Brooke met on their first day of kindergarten. Peyton came in the picture two years later. At the time Peyton was a jumpy, smiley blonde sometimes perkier than even Brooke Davis herself, but all of that changed when one day her mom didn't come home. She lost her mom to a stupid drunk diver. Suddenly the jumpy blonde was no more and an emo cheerleader was born.

Brooke and Lucas looked up. "Breakfast at Karen's Café, since none of can cook" Brooke laughed remembering the time she almost burned down Peyton's kitchen trying to bake her cookies. "A day of shopping and excellence with your best friends, a surprise gift, and then sleepover at my place to watch classics of course" Brooke finished.

"Sounds fun" Peyton said wondering what the surprise could be. They all got up and piled into Brooke's car heading to Karen's Café.

They arrived at Karen's Café and sat down at a table waiting for Karen to come around. After a while Luke stood up, "I'm gonna go see what's taking so long" Luke said. Before Luke could leave a girl came up to them.

"Hi, welcome to Karen's Café, what can I get you" they all stared at her. Brooke tried to remember where she saw this girl, she looked familiar.

"Who are you?" Lucas finally spoke. Peyton noticed Luke stare at the girl a little too much she wasn't sure though so she glanced at Brooke who seemed to be smiling knowingly.

"I'm Haley James I work here" she said smiling and slightly blushing at Lucas; Peyton and Brooke noticed that too.

"Since when" Lucas asked hoping he wasn't that oblivious.

"Actually today is my first day" she answered "um… you're Lucas right?" she asked nervously.

"Yeah, and that's Brooke and Peyton" he said pointing at the other two. Haley looked up seeming to notice them for the first time.

"Yeah, I saw the pictures" she said.

"Oh, god" He said thinking of the embarrassing pictures his mom insists on leaving at the counter.

"They're cute" she smiled noticing Lucas blush. Lucas didn't know what to say. An awkward silence settled on them, but Brooke quickly filled it by ordering. The other two ordered as well. After she left she left Peyton and Brooke burst out laughing.

"What? Lucas asked confused.

"You seemed to be staring at Haley a lot" Peyton laughed.

"No" Lucas blushed.

"Uh huh, sure whatever you wanna believe Luke" Brooke grinned.

Before Lucas could defend himself Haley returned with their food. "Pancakes for you" she handed a plate to Brooke, "waffles for you" she handed a plate to Peyton, "and French toast for you" she finished giving the last plate to Lucas. Haley turned to leave.

"Hey Haley, want to join us?" Brooke asked.

Haley turned around surprised "I would, but I wouldn't wanna get in trouble on my first day, you know especially with the boss's son being here and all" she said pointing at Luke.

"I won't tell if you won't tell" Lucas said hoping she would agree. He looked around the full café "besides there's like no one here" he smiled his charming smile.

Haley looked at the packed café but sat down anyways she couldn't help herself, Lucas was just too cute. The four talked and ate their breakfast while Lucas and Haley would steal glances of each other the whole time and blush whenever they got caught. "Waiter" They all looked up.

"Oh, I guess I have to go" Haley said disappointed she had to leave, but she got up and turned.

"Haley wait" Brooke said standing up. Haley turned around. "Today is Peyton's birthday and we're kinda throwing her a surprise party, you want to come?" she whispered making sure Peyton didn't hear.

"Sure that sounds fun" Haley smiled glad that she made some new friends.

"Great" Brooke smiled her perfect cheerleader smile. "It's at… actually never mind I'll have Lucas pick you up here at 7" Brooke noticed Haley blush at the mention of Lucas. Haley agreed and walked away to serve customers and Brooke sat back down as Skills walked in.

"Happy Birthday Peyton" he said, Peyton smiled. He then turned his attention to Brooke. "Uh Brooke, can I talk to you for a second over there" he pointed at a corner.

"About what?" Brooke asked not getting the hint.

"Brooke" he pleaded. Brooke finally got it and followed Skills to the corner while Lucas distracted Peyton, who seem to be getting more confused by the second. "We have a problem with the location of the party."

"What?" Brooke asked disappointed that there may not be a party.

"They won't let us do it at the club said we're too young, but I told them no alcohol" Skills finished.

"What, but they said yes to me last week" Brooke stated

"Yeah, they thought you were older plus you flirted with them, it doesn't work the same way for me" Skills answered her.

Brooke imagined Skills trying to flirt with the two thirty year old club owners she flirted with and couldn't help, but laugh at the thought. "Fine do it at my place, but make sure everyone parks somewhere else so Peyton doesn't see the cars." Skills nodded his head and Brooke headed back to the table. "Come on P. Sawyer let's go shopping."

"Luke, you coming?" Peyton asked.

"As much as I'd love to buy myself a dress and get my hair done I have to help Skills with some things" Peyton smiled picturing Lucas in a dress.

Peyton got up and headed to the door Brooke stayed behind "Oh Luke, pick Haley up at 7 from here." Before Lucas could say anything Brooke caught up to Peyton and left.

"Come on Luke we have a lot to do" Skills said bringing Lucas back from his thoughts.

"Brooke seriously what's this surprise" Peyton begged as they were heading back to Peyton's place after a long day of shopping. Peyton had been questioning the surprise all day but Brooke ignored her pleas.

"Peyton I told you, you can ask all you want, but I'm not gonna tell you" Brooke said determined to keep it a secret.

"Is it something big like my dad coming home" she asked.

"Ooh I wish, your dad is hot" Brooke said.

"Brooke" Peyton said surprised at her best friend.

"What he's hot and I'd totally do him"

"Eww" Peyton laughed at Brooke's silliness.

"You can have Dan as your hot dad" she declared.

"Hell, no Dan is creepy, besides he created demon spawn" Peyton spoke.

"You're right he's a creep, I can't believe Lucas has too share genes with him." Brooke said.

"Don't forget Nathan" Peyton added.

"Uhh, don't remind me" Brooke gagged.

"I just can't believe girls actually think he's sweet" Peyton said

"Sweet, Peyton he constantly picks on Lucas, he called me a slut, and he made you cry with those things he said about your mom" Brooke said angered at the thought of Nathan Scott being sweet.

"Brooke, don't get mad I was just saying" Peyton awkwardly laughed, she found it weird how she always got worked up at the mention of Nathan.

"I just… hate how he treats the people I love" Brooke answered. "Anyways forget Nathan let's talk about Jake Jagelski." She said trying to diffuse the awkwardness.

"What?" Peyton asked her face already turning pink.

"Don't shit with me, I saw you eyeing him at cheerleading practice yesterday, he's cute and he's sweet, the only guy that's on the basketball team and is actually nice to Luke" Brooke said admiring her friend's choice.

Of course Brooke would notice, she always did "I like him, but… he doesn't date, haven't you noticed how he's never with anyone" Peyton sadly stated.

"Maybe he just hasn't found the right girl," Brooke suggested "but we'll just have to wait and see" Brooke said trying to cheer her up. Brooke's phone started buzzing and she looked to see Lucas calling but she ignored it realizing what time it was. "Shit we have to get dressed" Brooke said running up the walkway to Peyton's door with bags of clothing in her hand.

"Dressed for what, Brooke?" Peyton called as she followed her friend to her house.

A half an hour later the two rushed into Brooke's car looking amazing. Brooke had convinced Peyton to wear a strapless baby blue dress that was up to her knees. Her gold locks were pulled out of her face and her make up was done naturally. She looked simple yet elegant. Brooke on the other hand looked casual, she was wearing a white backless top and dark skinny jeans. Peyton argued on why Brooke looked so normal and she was all dressed up, Brooke simply said it wasn't her day to shine.

While driving to Brooke's house Peyton stared out the window wondering where they were going and Brooke secretly texted Lucas notifying him that they were two minutes away. As they pulled up to Brooke's Peyton looked confused.

"Brooke we got all dressed up to come to your house" she asked.

"No I need to get something" she lied. Peyton followed Brooke out of the car. Brooke took out her keys. Peyton eyed her suspiciously, Brooke never locked her door, but it was Brooke's way of letting everyone inside know they were here. Brooke slowly opened the door and pushed Peyton in.

"SURPRISE" to say Peyton was surprised would be an understatement. She was shocked, no stunned of all the things she never expected this. Though seeing all her classmates wishing her happy birthday surprisingly made her happy.

She still had no words coming out of her mouth as she scanned the rooms to see who came, she saw Luke, Skills, the cheerleading squad, most of the basketball players, even Haley, and then she saw him looking directly at her, Jake Jagelski.

Brooke saw the happiness in Peyton's eyes and couldn't help, but smile herself. "Brooke" Peyton finally spoke "I can't believe you did this."

Brooke smile grew bigger "Anything for you P. Sawyer."

"Hey" Lucas interrupted "I helped too."

Peyton laughed "Thank you Lucas and everyone else that helped." Lucas smiled satisfied.

When the shock wore off the party was in full swing, Peyton so far enjoyed it. Everyone approached her with 'Happy birthday Peyton,' 'You look hot Peyton,' and 'Nice party Peyton' everyone except Jake Jagelski. She thought since he stared at her for the first hour of the party that he would approach her, but nope he disappeared. After a while she thought she was seeing stuff and that he couldn't have been staring at her the whole time, but Brooke assured her that he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Thinking of Brooke, Peyton realized she was no where to be seen like Jake. She was about to look for her but realized she was probably hooking up with some random hottie. So she stood there not knowing where to go, it seemed everyone disappeared. Here she was birthday girl standing alone at her own party. She turned to get a drink deciding she was done standing around only to crash into some.

"Jake?" Peyton spoke a smile appearing on her lips.

"Oh… hi" of all the people I could run into why did have to be her and why did she have to smile like that thought a frustrated Jake. He started to walk away.

"Jake" Peyton stopped him. He wanted to walk away, but couldn't so he turned to face her "aren't you gonna wish me happy birthday" she asked confused as to why he was practically jumping at the chance to walk away from her.

Jake felt horrible here he was practically running away from Peyton on her birthday. He wasn't even sure why he came, but he just couldn't resist seeing the blonde again. "Oh sorry, Happy Birthday" he said turning to leave once again.

"Jake" she called again. He sighed but turned around once again. "Did I do something wrong?" she asked, he noticed a flash of sadness fill her eyes.

Now he really felt like an asshole. The truth was Jake liked Peyton a little too much to get her involved with him. His life was just so screwed up. "I'm sorry Peyton I'm just having an off day" he lied. Try an off months. "But really Happy Birthday, you look beautiful" indeed she did. The moment she entered the house he couldn't take his eyes off of her, but he soon realized she noticed him gawking so he left only to remember he left his things here.

Peyton smiled she couldn't describe it, but she felt so happy hearing Jake tell her she looked beautiful. "Thanks" she said. "So why is today an off day?" she asked.

"Nothing important" he answered.

Peyton knew he was lying she could see it in his eyes. She reached out and touched his arm "Jake you know you can tell me anything."

Jake shuttered at Peyton's touch. He looked into her eyes and saw sincerity. At that moment he didn't resist anymore he gave into the temptation that was Peyton Sawyer.

Nathan Scott stood in a corner throughout the party. He'd been there for a while. Sure he'd talked to some of his teammates and got himself a drink but that was pretty much it. He just seemed uninterested. Many girls even appeared to flock over him some waving or smiling, some even brave enough to talk to him. Yet every time a girl approached him, he practically ignored them. Sure he even made out with one of them, but pushed her aside when it got boring.

For some reason he felt like this party was his brother's territory, he felt like Brooke and Peyton was Lucas' territory, which angered him. Not so much Peyton as much as Brooke. Weirdly Nathan felt drawn to Brooke, it had been happening for a while, but he convinced himself it was because she was his brother's best friend. He told himself it was a way to show Lucas to piss off, but that changed when he realized he was constantly staring at Brooke. If Brooke was a target then why was he staring at her and thinking about her and pushing other girls aside for her. Yet for some reason he couldn't get the feisty brunette out of mind. Maybe it was because she was the only one who can stand up to him or maybe it was because she was off limits. He wasn't sure, but he knew he had some sort of feelings towards Brooke Davis.

He cursed himself for staring at her the whole night. The moment she walked in he couldn't look away which was weird since she looked the same as any other day. But for some reason Nathan thought she glowed today, maybe it was because she was so happy she made Peyton so happy. That was yet another question he couldn't answer.

His thoughts were interrupted by the brunette herself. She stepped out of the kitchen holding two beers in hand. She had a big smile plastered on her face. Nathan wanted to be near her, he wanted to be one to make her smile, but he immediately buried those thoughts. His eyes followed her across the room, he was about to see where she sat down but he couldn't see because of Tim.

Tim stood right in front of him smiling big. He looked like he knew something, something big. "Dude, why are you staring at Davis?" he asked.

Nathan yelled at himself of course people would notice. He didn't know what to say, but he sure as hell couldn't tell him that he may be developing feelings for her. That's not right Nathan Scott doesn't have feelings, especially for Brooke Davis. "Just looking for a good lay" he smirked.

"Nice, I'd tap that" Tim laughed.

"Who wouldn't, she's a slut, she'll fuck anything that walks, actually scratch that she'll fuck anything" Nathan smirked. Now he felt sick had he really said that.

Tim laughed once again "it's too bad though."

"What's too bad?" Nathan asked curious.

"You know how she's fuckin' the bastard." The Bastard is what Nathan tended to call Lucas and then it spread, which pretty much caused everyone to call Lucas the bastard.

"Wait Brooke's with him?" he found himself asking. He thought they were only friends. As if to prove him wrong he heard a loud laughter. They both looked up to see Lucas lifting up and tickling a hysterical Brooke.

"Lucas, stop" Brooke said through her laughter.

"Say sorry first" Lucas laughed.

"No" Brooke said which made Lucas tickle her even more "okay fine, fine." Lucas smiled and put her down. "I am sorry" she paused "not." Lucas reached for again, but she walked away before Lucas could do anything.

Nathan felt angered as this scene went through his head over and over again. Though what he really felt was jealously. He felt jealous because it was his brother, but mostly because it was Brooke.

"I told you so" Tim spoke. He wanted to smack Tim, way to rub it in.

"That just makes it better, I piss off my brother and get laid" Nathan smirked. Okay seriously where is this coming from, he thought. At that moment Nathan didn't know why he was walking up to his brother, but he couldn't stop himself, all he could think about was Lucas and Brooke.

Brooke ran into the kitchen still laughing uncontrollably from Lucas lifting her up. He usually didn't do things like that, but Brooke accidentally mentioned to Haley about Lucas' obsession with dolls when he was younger. Lucas practically died of embarrassment, but Brooke felt no guilt.

After she calmed down she grabbed herself a bottle of vodka from the counter. Brooke was used to being a hardcore drinker but tonight she seemed to be piling it on. She already had three cups of beer and now she was going for a bottle of vodka. She just felt a little down after getting a call from her mother. It had been two months since they last talked and her mother had the nerve to call. She spent a half hour listening to her mother insult her another half hour of her mother telling her how much fun they were having without her. After their conversation ended she went directly to Luke's to wake Peyton. The whole day she distracted herself by focusing all her attention on Peyton, but now that Peyton got her surprise she had nothing better to do but get drunk.

"Hey baby" Brooke heard, as a pair of hands roamed her body. She turned around to see a blonde browned eyed guy. Brooke rolled her eyes, but let the guy's hands stay on her. What was the point of stopping him when sooner or later she was gonna hook up with some random stranger. She took the bottle of vodka and gulped down most of its contents as the guy stared at her. He seemed surprised by her actions. She dropped the bottle on the ground already feeling the alcohol taking her over. As she was leaning into the guy for a kiss she heard yelling and froze. Annoyed on having to stop she pushed the guy off of her and went to the living room to see what the big commotion was.

She walked into the living room to see Nathan and Lucas at each other's throats. She was too drunk to really register what was happening.

"Will you watch where you're going" shouted a fuming Lucas. Brooke watched as his face turned red so much for being the peacemaker Brooke thought.

"You're the one that walked into me jackass" retorted an equally angry Nathan.

"Lucas, can we just please go?" asked a terrified Haley. She really just wanted to get out of there before it became physical because from the looks of it was gonna happen soon.

Lucas turned to Haley and his face softened "yeah, sorry."

Nathan laughed "poor Lucas he's so whipped he has to have his little whore stop his fights."

Lucas clenched his fists "shut the fuck up you have no right calling Haley anything" he yelled. "And stop acting like you own the damn place because guess what, you don't."

"Yeah, at least my Dad-"

That's when Brooke's mind clicked and she interrupted Nathan before he could say anything else. "Stop" everyone's face turned to her, Nathan even lost some of the anger in his face. "Both of you just stop, this is Peyton's party so get over yourselves and stop ruining it" she yelled. She didn't care that she was being mean she just wanted them to stop.

"No" Lucas snapped "I'm tired of him acting like he's god's gift and that we should all do what he says."

"Awe, is someone upset that they're not getting enough attention from daddy?" Nathan questioned in mock concern.

That hit a cord in Lucas, he was about to lunge at Nathan but stopped himself just in time. That didn't go unnoticed by everyone in the room who practically peed in their pants. "You know what I'm out of here" he said through gritted teeth."

"Lucas" Brooke called out as she followed him, but he waved her off.

She was about to go after him when Haley got in the way "I can go after him" she said. "I mean after all he is my ride" she laughed nervously.

Brooke nodded her head and watched her leave. When she disappeared she turned back to Nathan. "You're such an ass" she screamed as her hand swiftly contacted with his face. Nathan felt the throbbing on his face, but didn't act on it "and don't think I won't do that again."

"Is that a promise" he smirked.

Brooke stared at him in disgust and Nathan couldn't help but feel like the biggest idiot in the world, but he just couldn't stop himself. "Why don't you do us all a favor and leave?" she spat out as she pushed past him walking back to the kitchen to get another drink.

"So I didn't think a party would be you're kinda thing" Jake commented to Peyton. Jake and Peyton left the party hours ago and decided to walk around Brooke's neighborhood. They talked about nothing and everything, at first Jake was resistant but all those thoughts went out the window when the blonde smiled at him.

Peyton loved talking to Jake he was different from all the jerks she dated before. Peyton didn't know why but she tended to go for jerks that pushed her around. "And, what do you think is my kinda thing" she smiled; she had been doing that all evening.

"I think you're more the type to go to an angry poetry reading for fun or draw" he smiled.

Peyton's mouth dropped "I do not go to angry poetry readings" she said mock annoyed.

"Eh, you could have fooled me" he laughed when Peyton's frowned disappeared.

"Not funny" she said as she lightly smacked his arm.

"Ow" he said as he covered his arm.

"Shut up, that did not hurt" she said as she smacked his arm again.

"Abuse, abuse" Jake yelled.

Peyton covered his mouth, when she saw a person walking past them. Jake stopped yelling and Peyton removed her hand. The guy walking by stared at them as if they were maniacs. They both watched the guy leave being as quiet as possible. Once he was out of sight they both burst out laughing. "You now some innocent bystander thinks I'm an abuser because of you" Peyton said through her laughter.

"Would he be wrong?" he asked. Peyton smacked him again. "See" he said rubbing his arm, Peyton just laughed.

"I thought you were supposed to be a big strong basketball player" she stated.

"Don't tell anyone, it can be our little secret" he smiled. She returned the smile liking the idea of sharing secrets with Jake.

"Ooh swings" Peyton acknowledged as she realized her surroundings. She was so distracted by Jake that she didn't even realize that they drifted that far away from Brooke's house. They were at the playground that Brooke, Lucas, and she would always come to when they were younger. She ran to them. Jake followed right behind her. She sat down on a swing and pulled off her stappy sandals. She swayed back and forth with her eyes closed as Jake stared at her. Her hair was blowing in the wind and she had a small smile on her lips, she looked so peaceful and serene. Everything about her was absolutely breathtaking. At that moment all Jake could think about was kissing her soft lips, he even leaned in but was interrupted by her.

"You know, Brooke and I used to come here all the time when we were little, I think we both felt like we were flying" she said opening her eyes.

"I can see you doing that" he said pulling back and sitting on the swing next to her.

"Yeah it was fun, I miss it, not having a worry in the world" she explained. "And we would always have these ridiculous contests on who could jump the farthest, but someone would always end up getting hurt in the end." Peyton remembered the time she and Brooke begged Lucas to judge them on who made it farther, since they both always ended up arguing and smiled at the memory.

"I bet you I can jump further than you" he smiled.

Peyton loved that Jake was bringing back the old days "in your dreams" she said as she started swinging faster.

"Hey, you can't start without me" he said.

"Not my fault you're slow" she said as she swung faster. Jake started swinging faster trying to catch up to her, but he failed. "On the count of three we jump 1…2…3" they both let go of their swings and jumped, Peyton landing perfectly while Jake stumbled to the ground.

"Ha I landed perfectly and made it farther" Peyton said holding her arms up high as if she was a gymnast at the Olympics.

"Oh, is that so" Jake said tugging at her feet causing her to fall. Peyton laughed as she fell directly on top of him. All of the sudden there was an awkward silence as the two realized they were on top of each other, but that quickly ended when Jake placed his lips on top of hers. Peyton smiled and kissed him back passionately. They opened their mouths allowing each others tongue to enter the others. Jake slowly moved his hands to Peyton's waist and flipped them over so he was on top of her now and she was lying on the sand. Peyton didn't care that she was getting sand in her hair or her dress for that matter as long as Jake was with her, but then he pulled away.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that" he said as he stood up.

"Its okay" she said wanting him back in her arms.

"I have to go" he said turning to leave.

"Why?" she questioned as she sat up.

"My life is… it's just too complicated right now" he replied not turning back.

Peyton stood up as a tear dropped from her eye. She picked up her sandals and headed back to the Brooke's house dreading the feeling of being there again. All she could think about was how much truth there was to the words she uttered minutes ago we would always have these ridiculous contests on who could jump the farthest, but someone would always end up getting hurt in the end, yeah she thought someone would always end up getting hurt in the end.

Haley James entered her house with the biggest smile plastered on her face. "Where have you been?" Taylor, Haley's older sister, asked as she passed by in her pajamas with a carton of chocolate chip mint ice cream in hand.

"Taylor?" Haley asked looking over at the kitchen counter where her sister sat ice cream carton in hand, that's not good.

"Hi to you too little sis" Taylor said stuffing a huge spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.

"What are you doing here?" Haley questioned ignoring her comment earlier. Usually when Taylor appeared it meant two things, she either got fired for being unreliable or dumped for being unfaithful, but judging by the ice cream she got dumped.

"Can't girl visit her family for no specific reason?" Taylor defended herself.

"Yes, but you can't" Haley spoke.

"Whatever," Taylor said as she took her ice cream and headed upstairs not wanting to explain why she was there.

Haley knew she should have probably followed her sister and see what was wrong with her, but she couldn't. She couldn't let Taylor ruin the perfect night she had. Soon after she forgot Taylor and just went through everything that happened to make sure it really happened.

"Luke" Haley yelled as she followed him to his truck after the whole incident with Nathan. Lucas got in his car and slammed the door. She felt weird going after him knowing that Brooke should have been the one to go after him, but for some reason she couldn't stop herself from going. She stopped by the passenger seat window which was conveniently open for him to hear her.

"Look Haley I'm sorry, but can you just ask Brooke for a ride home, I mean she's the one that wanted you here not me" Lucas immediately felt like an ass when he noticed Haley's face drop.

"I'm sorry to be an annoyance" she said as she turned to leave.

"Wait no I'm sorry I had fun today" his voice slightly softened "It's just Nathan is..."

"An ass" Haley finished for him.

Lucas nodded his head "exactly, but I am sorry you had to see me like that."

"Hey, we all have our flaws. Besides you haven't seen me around my family" she laughed as she opened the door to Lucas' truck "now let's go."

Lucas raised an eyebrow "wow I didn't know you could be so demanding."

"There's a lot of stuff you don't know about me Lucas Scott" she said smiling. Truthfully Haley didn't know how suddenly around Lucas she gained confidence. But after seeing Brooke Davis walk around confidently she noted a few things and caught on fast.

"So, where to" Lucas asked as he started his red truck.

"Wherever the road takes us" she simply answered.

About ten minutes later he pulled up at the parking lot to an all too familiar place, the river court. "Interesting choice" Haley stated.

"Helps, clear my head" he replied. The two stepped out of the car and Lucas even pulled out a basketball from the back.

Haley laughed, Lucas stared at her confused. "You carry that around with you everywhere."

"What, I like the game" he said walking to the court with Haley and shooting the ball in the hoop.

"Like, Lucas everyone I met that knows you constantly talk about how much you're obsessed with basketball and it obviously runs in your family" Haley conveyed.

"Come on, you never even gave it a chance" he argued.

"Cause its boring" Haley felt weird she almost never expressed her opinions to anyone, especially never to Lucas Scott.

"Tell you what if I prove to you how much fun it is you have to…" he looked around pretending to think of something "kiss me" he finished.

Haley's mouth dropped, but she quickly stopped before he noticed. "Fine" she agreed wanting to prove him wrong, "But what do I get when you're wrong."

"If I'm wrong I have to kiss you" he answered.

"Uh, no way when I win…" she thought hard thinking of something Brooke-like she grinned devilishly as it came to her "you have to strip in front of the whole school" she finished thinking of a movie she watched on TV last week.

Lucas turned red "no way."

"My, my, is Lucas Scott …chicken?" she taunted.

He turned redder deciding not to back down "fine you have a deal" he said.

She smiled "so you have to shot the ball in the hoop to get points, right?" she asked.

"Wow and I thought you were smart" Lucas said. Haley playfully glared at him. Lucas explained the whole point of basketball. He explained how to obtain points, how to win, what fouls were, and gave her some tips. It didn't take long for Haley to get the hang of it, she was a fast learner, but for some reason she couldn't get the ball in.

"Uhhh" muttered a frustrated Haley as the ball didn't make it in for what seemed like the billionth time.

"You're positioned all wrong" stated Lucas "here let me help you" he said as he grabbed the ball and handed it to her. Haley took the ball reluctantly and turned to the hoop. "Okay focus on the hoop" he whispered in her ear as his hands wrapped around her to hold the ball as well. "Bend you're knees slightly" he whispered, she obeyed liking the feel of his arms around her, "And shoot" she shot the ball and watched as it made it in.

She jumped up and down of joy and turned to hug Lucas. Lucas hugged her tightly inhaling her scent. The hug lingered longer then it should have, but neither of them seemed to mind. "Crap" she muttered under her bed.

"What" Lucas asked confused as she pulled out of the hug.

"I'm late for my curfew" she replied.

"Oh, I can drive you" he spoke.

She smiled "thank you." The two got in Luke's car leaving the river court behind. Once they arrived in front of her house Lucas got of his truck to walk her to her door. "You don't have to" she said.

"I don't mind" he said.

Once they stepped on her porch she leaned in and placed her lips on his before her confidence disappeared. He stared at her confused and happy at the same time when she pulled away. "I guess you'll have to strip another time" she said as she entered her house. This caused Lucas Scott to have the biggest smile plastered on his face.

Brooke sat on her living room couch as she took another sip of the vodka in her red plastic cup while rest of the people in the room were dancing or making out. To everyone in the room she looked pissed but honestly she was just bored. She thought about taking a guy up to her room but decided against it when the only guy not hooking up was basically Tim. Imagine waking up to that she snickered.

She thought about the plans she made with Peyton of watching movies and sleeping over, which got canceled once the party was decided to be held at her house. She thought about all the fun she could've had instead of sitting there like a lonely loser. It seemed all her friends just disappeared. Lucas was out being angry with Haley, Peyton was gone being all lovey-dovey with Jake, and Skills, well who knew were he was.

Not being able to handle sitting around anymore she stood up and immediately felt dizzy. She didn't care as she stumbled in the direction of Bevin and some the other cheerleaders. Just as she was about to reach Bevin she got pushed by some asshole causing her drink to pour all over the new shirt she bought today.

"Can't you watch where you're fuckin' going?" she yelled as she pushed past the asshole to her room to change.

She opened her door to see a couple going at it on her bed. "Get out" she yelled.

"We're busy" the guy said in between sucking the girls face.

"I'm sorry I must be mistaken because I thought this was my room so get the fuck out before I have you forcibly removed" she spat out.

The couple angrily got up and started putting on their clothes, but not without sending death glares at Brooke and muttering bitch under their breath. Once they left Brooke slammed her door and pulled of her wet shirt throwing it on the floor. She walked over to her closet and contemplated on what to wear. She finally decided on a red top, but the door opened before she could put it on.

She turned around to see a smirking Nathan "wow, Davis didn't even have to ask you to take off your shirt, but here you are."

"Fuck off Scott" Brooke spoke bitterly as she quickly put on her shirt.

Nathan didn't leave instead he made himself comfortable by lying down on Brooke's bed. "You see I would, but that's what you're here for" he said as he winked at her.

That ticked Brooke off because he was once again insinuating that she was a slut. "Get out" she yelled. Nathan noticed the hurt on her face. Brooke angrily stomped to her bed where Nathan laid and with all her force pushed Nathan. It didn't end how she imagined, since Nathan knew what she was doing and he was much stronger than her. Instead he grabbed on to her to wrists not letting go. Brooke struggled from his grip but it was no use "let go, you're hurting me" she declared, he wasn't hurting her at all but she wanted him to let go.

Nathan loosened his grip but didn't let go. He looked directly into her hazel eyes. She stopped struggling and stared back when she noticed him staring. She slowly sat down on the edge of the bed and he sat up both of them not looking away once. She looked into his dark blue eyes and wasn't sure what she was seeing but it wasn't the cocky basketball player. Their silence was finally ended by Nathan "I'm sorry" he said letting go of her hands.

Brooke stared at him confused did he really just say that. Nathan was surprised at what he was saying too. "It's okay you didn't really hurt my hand." She was surprised at herself for being nice, but he really did seem sincere, but she wasn't sure if was just the alcohol acting up.

"No, Brooke I'm talking about all things I did to upset you" he stated. Brooke stared speechless he never called her Brooke before or apologized for that matter.

"What?" was all she could say still shocked.

"I'm sorry Brooke" he repeated.

"If you're sorry than why do you do it in the first place" she asked generally curious.

Nathan looked at her and finally realized what he said. He figured there was no way to get out of it so he decided on the truth. "I don't know" he replied. "It's just that Lucas pisses me off and I get even more pissed off when I see him with you" he finished looking away.

"Me?" Brooke asked "but why would you-"

Brooke was abruptly cut off by his lips crashing into hers. Her eyes shot open, her first instinct was to push him off, but she ignored all those thoughts and kissed him back. Nathan happy to feel her kissing back pulled her closer to him by wrapping his arms around her waist, which caused her to instinctively wrap her arms around his neck. The kiss got even more intense as his tongue entered her mouth. He pulled away from her lips and placed a small kiss on her neck. He continued to kiss her neck and she even moaned. Nathan smiled as he placed another kiss on her neck. Brooke, not being able to handle the distance between their lips anymore pulled him back to her lips. They continued kissing as Nathan's hand roamed her body then he stopped and stared tugging at her red top trying to take it off, Brooke finally realizing where this going reluctantly pulled away.

The only noise heard between the two, besides the music downstairs was their heavy breathing. She stared at him still confused at what just happened. Nathan stared back at her but then stood up from the bed and turned to leave not being able to handle the silence anymore. He got as far to opening the door until he was suddenly pulled by the brunette who placed her lips on his. This kiss was more passionate and raw than the first but just as gratifying for both of them. Nathan closed the door as he directed her back to the bed.

She followed him to her bed and pulled away from Nathan, he looked surprised he didn't expect her to pull away twice. She grinned when she saw his face expression then she pulled of her red top throwing it to the ground.

Nathan smirked as he picked her up and lightly placed her on the center of the bed. He pulled of his shirt throwing it next to hers and situated himself on top of her. They smiled at each other once more before he crashed his lips to hers. As they were kissing the rest of their clothes soon became a pile on the floor. Before he entered her he looked at her once more making sure she really wanted to do this. She smiled and simply answered by capturing his lips in another passionate kiss as he carefully entered her.