Chapter 4- "Fire Within"

Is there no gold
At the end of this rainbow?
Is there no hope
At the end of the road?
Will there be strength for
The dreams that I've lived for
Or will I just let go?

The fire within is smoldering
The waters of life are raging
For once there was passion
Desire to win

Lucas walked into his kitchen nervously. He had a lot of things clouding his mind. He was supposedly going to play a game of one on one with his dear brother, but he wasn't sure if he could really go through with it. He wanted to talk to someone, get their opinion, but it seemed like everyone was busy. Really all he could do was blame him self for being stupid.

Then there was the fact that he still hadn't told his mom that he was joining the Ravens, but then again that was just a small possibility, if he did go to the game. He knew his mom, Karen would reject the idea instantly. One Dan Scott played that sport and left her pregnant and alone only to meet another woman and impregnate her as well. Two Nathan Scott was on that said team, the guy who treated him like crap numerous times and got away with it. Lastly if he did join she would have to attend all his games and everyone knew Dan Scott never missed a game, so it would mean they would have to see each other and well, that was a mess waiting to happen.

The kitchen was filled with laughter. Karen was cracking up on the counter chair almost falling off her stool. But have no worries her knight in shining armor was there to save her or more specifically his uncle Keith was holding her as she continued laughing. Keith smiled at her, happy to be the one to get this out of the women he secretly loved.

Lucas paused for a second making himself unknown. He always wished his mom and uncle would be together and everyone agreed. They just seemed perfect for each other, but they thought otherwise. He even with the help of Brooke and Peyton tried to get them together when they were little, but it didn't really didn't work out how they hoped.

"Lucas" Karen said once she noticed her son. She felt like a little girl who just got caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. Even though she had nothing to be guilty of, she was only laughing with a friend. She stood up from her spot next to Keith and went to the other side of the counter, busying her self with the dishes. "Oh, I made you scrambled eggs and toast" she smiled as she pointed to the plate full of scrumptious food on the counter.

Lucas nodded as he took a seat where his mom was previously and stared playing with his food.

"Luke is something wrong" Keith asked catching his nephew's unusual behavior.

"Huh" he said looking up from his food. "Oh yeah, everything is fine, just perfect" he said as he stabbed his fork into the plate.

"Are you sure?" Karen asked turning off the sink and turning to her son. She too caught the weirdness.

"Actually…mom can we talk" he asked reluctantly.

Karen immediately paused. She knew that tone in her son's voice. She knew those words can we talk. Something was wrong with her son and it usually had to do with him, a feisty brunette, and a moody blonde getting themselves into unusual predicament. The last time she remembered hearing those words were in a horrible situation. Her son had a drunken night, his first and got weaseled into getting a tattoo on his arm by the infamous Brooke Davis. Naturally Karen was furious, but really who wouldn't be. How could her son along with a girl she treated as her daughter get matching tattoos on his arm and a very inappropriate place of hers and of something they couldn't even read. Not only did she ground Lucas for a month, she grounded Brooke as well. Lucas took it well and thought he got off easy, Brooke on the other hand wined in pleaded but Karen wasn't fooled by her charm.

"Lucas please don't tell me you got matching tattoos with Peyton this time" she asked sort of jokingly but half serious.

Lucas shook his head no. One tattoo was way over the limit, he didn't need another one. Karen visibly relaxed, but not for long. "It's kind of worse" he squirmed out. Karen felt tense once again. What could be worse than her sixteen year old son getting drunk for the first time and getting a tattoo on his arm as a keepsake?

Keith on the other hand had a pretty good idea as to where this conversation was leading. After all a lot of it was his idea. He secretly begged Whitey to see Lucas and give him a chance. He knew a lot of drama would ensue from it, but he was positive they could handle it. He just didn't want Lucas to feel like…well the bastard anymore.

"O…kay" Karen said trying her best not to panic. Keith got up and went next to Karen. He put a reassuring arm around her. He was pretty sure she wouldn't take this as well as he did.

"You remember Whitey right?" Lucas started. Karen nodded still not understanding where this was leading to. "Well mom, before you say anything I did think about it a lot and I want to do it."

"Lucas you're scaring me, just spit it out already' Karen said anxiously.

"I'm joining the Ravens" he said hurriedly.

Karen stood frozen. Silence filled the room as her mind raced with a billion thoughts. Then Keith decided to break the silence by congratulating and hugging Lucas, but all Karen could think was how could his happen?

"Thanks Keith" Lucas smiled weakly. He was glad someone was happy but he was hoping that a miracle would occur and it would be his mother. Yet Karen continued staring at nothing like a picture frozen in time. "Mom" he called trying to get her attention. "Mom" he repeated.

"Huh" Karen looked up as she snapped out of it "yeah that's wonderful" she mustered up a pathetic smile. Of course Luke and Keith saw right through it. "Um you have to go to school" she stated as she absentmindedly picked up Lucas' uneaten breakfast and threw it in the garbage can. She turned to the sink, ignoring the two sets of eyes burning holes into her back. She started vigorously scrubbing the plate in her hands. She heard the front door slam and sighed while still asking herself the same question from earlier, if only she knew the person responsible was only a couple feet away.

Nathan strode down the stairs of his house. His backpack was slung over his shoulder as he raced to his front door. All he could think about was last night. Not only did he challenge his bastard brother for his spot in the Ravens, he also got dumped,—if you could really call it that—and had his head bitten off by his father.

How Dan Scott knew about the game was a mystery to him, but then again Dan Scott knew everything. He wouldn't be surprised if his father had people following him and keeping tabs on him. It just seemed like something Dan-like.

Last night after he stormed out of Brooke's house, Dan decided it was 'Yell-at-Nathan-day' too. Of course Nathan was in no mood to do more fighting, but he was never one to back down. Nathan and Dan fought for a long time neither backing down. Dan wanted Nathan not to play the game, but Nathan didn't care. So they continued to bawl on the subject until Deb decided she had enough. She broke off their fight, but that didn't mean they stopped being furious and extremely stubborn.

Nathan opened his front door and got to his car as fast as he could so he wouldn't have to see his father again. If only he was that lucky. Seconds after he opened his car door and assumed he was in the clear, the elder Scott appeared at his side.

"Nathan" he called.

"What" Nathan arrogantly spat.

"Don't do this, we can find another way to make him quit." Dan was surprisingly calmer than the previous night, but then again it was Dan Scott, who knew what the hell he was trying to pull this time.

"I don't care" Nathan said as he stepped into his car. Nathan, unlike his father still had all the hostility from last night. He started his car and the engine roared to life.

"You're throwing everything away" Dan yelled over Nathan's car.

"Who said it was everything" Nathan finished as he drove out of the driveway and headed to school, leaving his stunned father.

Nathan arrived at Tree Hill High's parking lot in his shiny sports car. He parked at in his usual spot, which was empty as always. No one dared to park at Nathan Scott's spot, not even the faculty. He was still seething from his conversation with Dan, who the hell was Dan to tell him he was throwing everything away? Uh…maybe your overbearing father.

He angrily jumped out of his car with his backpack and made his way over to his teammates. Tim was the first one to see him. He made his way to Nathan and patted him on the back. "There he is, the guy who is gonna show that smartass to stay where he belongs" Tim cheered. This gained cheers from the teammates around him.

Nathan smirked letting himself be taken in by there appraise, forgetting that only a couple seconds ago he was planning different techniques to murder his dad. His arrogance would have continued if he didn't see Brooke. He instantly felt…guilty, no that wasn't it.

The cheering died out. Brooke angrily walked past them and made a point of slamming into Nathan. "Asshole" she muttered under her breath.

Nathan pretended not to hear her, when really he wanted to apologize and then kiss her all over. Wait, wait, wait Nathan Scott doesn't…apologize. Stupid Davis he thought. Why was she getting into his head so much? This wasn't his fault; Brooke was the one being the moody bitch. She was the one taking this way out of proportion. It wasn't his fault she had a poor choice in friends, right?

"What's wrong with her?" a random player asked. Nathan wasn't really sure who it was, he was too busy watching Brooke's disappearing act.

"Maybe she took too much of her bitch pills this morning" Tim laughed. The others joined in.

Nathan jerked his head to face his supposed best friend. He really wanted to punch Tim, but then again when didn't he want to punch Tim.

Damn it, what the hell was wrong with him? He wasn't supposed to care if Tim called Brooke a bitch. Yeah sure he liked Brooke, but that only for like a second. Now she was just a distant memory. Brooke Davis who? Gee Nate denial really isn't your color…

Jake walked down the halls of Tree Hill High for a familiar blonde. He had heard some interesting things and was going to the blonde to ask her about it. "Tell me it's not true" he said once he reached the curly blonde.

"What's not true?" Peyton asked looking up from her locker door and shut it closed in the process. She turned to Jake and smiled.

Jake paused forgetting what he was gonna say for second, her smile really was breathtaking. He returned her smile and cursed himself for acting like such an idiot.

"I think I'm gonna go, the tutor center awaits me" Haley spoke.

Jake didn't even notice Haley, but before he could say anything she disappeared. "Lucas" he stated remembering what was on his mind.

"What about him" she said confusedly.

Jake was surprised, he expected her to know by now. It was all over their school, but then again Peyton was never one to listen to silly high school rumors, at least that's what he thought. "Lucas is playing a one on one with Nathan for his spot on the Ravens tonight" he answered.

Peyton stared at him as if he was attempting to ride a unicycle and juggle all at once. Then she burst out laughing at his ridiculous notion. There was no way Lucas would agree to a one on one with the demon spawn, but lately weirder thoughts have been crowding her mind so she didn't really blame Jake for getting the wrong idea. "Are on drugs 'cause there's no way that Lucas would say yes to that" she voiced her thoughts.

"It's just I overheard some of the guys on the team talking" Jake explained.

"Well then you heard wrong" Peyton said. Really who would be stupid enough to agree to such a thing?

"No, they said they were at the river court when Nathan challenged him and they said he definitely agreed" Jake said.

Peyton was getting a little annoyed by him. Why was he pushing it because Lucas just wouldn't say yes, it was stupid to even consider it. "Jake, trust me when I say I think I know Lucas a little better than the guys" she said growing impatient.

Jake noticed the irritation in Peyton's tone and decided to just leave it alone. "Yeah you're right" he said.

She smiled, happy that he dropped it so easily.

And there was that damn smile again Jake thought. "Walk you to class" he asked.

"Sure" Peyton grinned as the two walked side-by-side to their next class.

Even though Jake was visibly fine, inside he wasn't. In the back of his mind, he was worried. He wasn't sure where all of this was coming from, but he was sure that if what he heard was true then there was going to be a big problem. Lucas was a good guy and a screwed guy as long as he was playing against Nathan, their team captain.

Little kids laughed and giggled as they ran around Tree Hill Park's playground, all of them most likely around the age of five, since it was a school day. There mother's watched them cautiously as if expecting any moment now there child would fall off their swings, lose their grip on the monkey bars, or scrape themselves on the slides, but so far there were smiles all-around. All, except one.

Lucas sat at a park bench thinking about his mother's reaction to the bomb he dropped earlier. He didn't expect her to congratulate him right off the bat, but he didn't expect her stand frozen either. He expected her to yell, scream, cry, something, but he didn't anticipate her to stand frozen with no expression whatsoever.

Lucas had been watching everyone in the park for a while. He was supposed to be in his third period class about now but he just couldn't bring himself to go. Once he entered his car in the morning, after getting the wretched reaction from his mother he just drove and somehow he ended up at the park.

He didn't feel like facing his school. It just really hit him on what he'd done the previous night. Really what kind of drugs was he on to say yes to a game with Tree Hill's most prized player, his loving brother? Yes Lucas was a good player, in fact he was better than a lot of people, but was he good enough to beat Nathan. Damn he was screwed.

It didn't help that he was constantly being harassed by Tree Hill High's student body. His cell phone was ringing off the hook with multiple students calling him telling him he wasn't good enough to beat his brother. Basically they were telling him to go fuck off. How the hell did they get his number in the first place? Really it was so unfair that Nathan effortlessly had the whole town wrapped around his finger, while being ass, but they all hated Lucas, even though he did nothing to them.

He was interrupted from his relentless thinking by his cell phone going off once again. He screamed out of frustration as he threw his cell phone as far as he could without even checking to see who called. This caused many of the moms around to look at him strangely and some even moved there child away.

He sighed and once he calmed down he scoped the park grass to see where he threw his phone. His eyes landed on a pair of feet, his phone directly beside them. He looked up to see a girl and from the distance he could have swore it was Haley.

The girl approached him with a sly grin. "I think this belongs to you" she said handing him the phone she had grabbed from the ground.

He shrugged as he retrieved his phone. Now that she was closer he could definitely tell she wasn't Haley. She was about an inch taller than her. Her hair was much blonder too, while Haley had blonde highlights, she was a full blonde. She didn't dress like Haley either, while she belonged in a runway, Haley belonged in a hallway, not that he cared much about fashion. Haley came off as innocent; she was more on the mischievous side. But there was definitely something alluring about her.

"So, what the poor phone ever do to you?" she asked.

He just shrugged not really sure what to say. He expected her walk away since he expressed no signs of wanting to talk, but instead she took a seat on the bench right beside him. Their bodies were extremely in close proximity. He could practically feel her blonde hair blowing on his face.

She turned to him. "Really, what brings a guy like you to come to Tree Hill Park or do you just like to harass phones?" she grinned

He shrugged once again.

"Are you a mute, because the silence is getting a little annoying" she stated annoyed that he wasn't complying with her.

She was way more direct than he expected, but today nothing was turning out like he expected. "You know that would be extremely rude if I was a mute" he stated.

"But you're not" she smiled, happy to get a reply out of him.

"Oh my god call the mayor, police, president, Lucas Scott is not a mute" he sarcastically stated.

"You see I would, but I don't have a phone and you've harassed yours so I thought it would need a break" she grinned from cheek to cheek.

"So you're telling me you have the phone numbers of the mayor, police, and president" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

She gasped pretending to be shocked by his accusation. "Of course, unlike you Lucas Scott"—she reiterated from what she heard earlier—"everyone knows me." She stretched 'everyone' to prove its importance.

"Liar, I bet no one has even heard of you" he smiled. She was turning out to be fun. Her playful banter kind of reminded him of Brooke.

"You say tomato I say tamato" she giggled. "So you do realize you never answered my question from earlier" she stated remembering she was a girl on a mission.

"Right I was hoping you would forget that" he said.

"Never" she said "But, what are you doing out, I mean aren't you supposed to be at school?"

"What if I say I don't go to school?" he said with a raised eyebrow as he turned his body to face her completely. Yup they were definitely close.

"And what if I say you're full of crap?" she said with a playful grin.

"Okay, fine I just didn't feel like going" he answered. His smile dropped as all the crap in his life returned and she took notice of it.

"Ah the life sucking bitch called high school" she said matter-of-factly.

"Well that's a way of putting it" he laughed.

"It's true," she defended.

"Right, are you sure you're not just grumpy and trying to spread your emo-ness 'cause I have this friend I think you two would get along perfectly" he grinned.

"Shut up, I am the farthest from grumpy" she said. "Why didn't you wanna go?"

"I did stupid things" he said. It was weird how he was getting along with a total stranger, but she came off as someone he could consider a friend.

"So what happened?" she asked on a more serious note.

"Well I'm a complete dumbass that agreed to play a one on one game of basketball with my half brother, the one that hates me" he started. Lucas explained his whole situation, from beginning to end. Basically he told his whole life story to a complete stranger, but the girl nodded and tried her best to understand.

"Wow, and I thought I had family problems" she commented. "So" she started after Lucas rambled on for what seemed like hours and hours. "Are you gonna play Nathan?" she asked positive that was his half brother's name.

Lucas would have answered her if he knew the answer to it himself, but he was just as confused as the blonde in front of him who was trying her best to keep up. "Honestly, I don't know" he answered. There was a silence until he whispered "But sometimes I just want to show them what a mistake they made." He looked away from her not wanting to see the pity in her eyes.

"By them you mean Dan don't you?" she asked.

"What" he asked locking his eyes with her brown ones; surprisingly there was no pity in them.

"Look, don't take this wrong or anything, but I just think you want to prove him wrong. Show him what a mistake he made for ignoring you your whole life" she said.

Lucas stayed quiet. It was bizarre how he knew her a mere hour and already she could predict his deepest desires. He didn't even know her name and she just seemed to know everything there was to know about him. "I want to do it for my mom" he quietly uttered.

"Then, do it, prove them wrong." If only it was that easy, but it was like she was giving him the confidence he needed.

He didn't say anything, but they both knew his answer. After a period of silence she stood up to leave.

"Wait" Lucas called. "I don't even know your name."

She smiled and leaned down to press a light kiss on his cheek. "You'll know soon enough" she whispered in his ear. She pulled away and disappeared. Lucas sat there mesmerized his hand on his cheek where her lips touched just moments ago.

It was ironic that he was focusing on the girl that would ruin him while the one that could save him was calling him repeatedly.

Brooke took squeaky steps onto the gym floor. Naturally all eyes turned to her. She acted oblivious to them when truthfully she thrived off the attention. It was after school and time for cheer practice. She was dressed in her extra short black shorts and an extra tight white tank top.

Brooke paused mid-stride when her eyes locked with dark blue ones. She was trying not to look at him, but she just couldn't help herself. Then she remembered she was supposed to be mad at him and averted her eyes to Peyton doing stretches on the floor. She smiled at her blonde friend, but she could still feel his eyes burning invisible holes into her back.

All she could think about was Nathan Scott. She didn't want to; she wanted to forget all about him and his stupid kisses. But as if she was being punished for betraying a friend, Nathan was the only thing she could think about. Even with all her anger she still wanted him and that's what disgusted her the most. She settled her anger by childishly calling Nathan names but really they did nothing especially since he became so good at ignoring her snide comments throughout the day. She couldn't understand why Nathan was acting like a five year old and challenging Lucas—god she felt ridiculous to even call it that. Why was he being so immature couldn't he just leave it alone, but then again he's not Nathan Scott for nothing?

"Brooke, please tell me all the stuff about Luke are rumors" Peyton asked once she stood up from her stretches. Brooke shook her head. She had a feeling Lucas was taking a day off to sulk judging from his absent manor. "Damn it, I was hoping they were stupid rumors. I practically bit off Jake's head when he mentioned it."

Brooke raised her eyebrow at the mention of Jake. Even though she was terribly distracted by the Scott brothers she couldn't help but notice her best friend falling for him. Why did he want to be friends when he couldn't even keep his eyes off her?

Before she could say something about the Jake situation a loud laughter erupted in the gym walls. Brooke turned to see the cause and froze. She was seeing something that made her…made her…no she couldn't think those thoughts, it was wrong especially now.

Nathan was being showered with appraisal by none other than his personal lackey Theresa. Theresa laughed away at something Nathan had said but from the look on Nathan's face it wasn't that funny. Brooke face was fuming red and she was angry that she even cared. Damn Nathan she thought. Why was he getting into her head so much?

"Can you believe her" Peyton scoffed. Her eyes were focused exactly where Brooke's were.

Brooke turned to face Peyton trying to hide her jealousy. "Actually I can" she stated venomously. "But the slut deserves him."

Peyton stared at Brooke's face curiously; there was something odd about the way she was acting.

"Girls" Brooke yelled. This made all the cheerleaders across the gym to turn from what ever they were doing—mostly flirting with the players—and look up at their remarkable team captain. "Practice our cheer for Friday" she ordered. All the girls got in formation, all expect a certain slut. Did the girl have a death wish?

"Theresa that means you too" Brooke screamed.

Theresa didn't even turn as she continued to giggle with Nathan.

"Theresa" Brooke howled. Everyone in the gym turned looking back and forth between Brooke and Theresa. They could tell Brooke was pissed but apparently Theresa was too busy flirting with Nathan to notice.

"In a minute" Theresa turned to Brooke once she heard her name. She gave Brooke a look which meant along the lines of 'shut-the-fuck-up-so-I-can-throw-myself-at-Nathan'. At least that's what Brooke took it as. This pissed her off even more.

"I'm sorry Theresa was I ruining your chances of slutting your way into Nathan's pants. Because I doubt it would be worth it." She looked at Nathan disgustingly "I bet the almighty Nathan Scott is only worth a minute." Nathan looked completely un-amused at her jab, probably because he had Brooke Davis screaming in pleasure imbedded in his head forever. Inside her mind Brooke screamed in frustration. Why couldn't she get to Nathan? If only she knew she was. "So by all means get it over with right here and right now, but really I am sorry" she finished, fake niceness piercing out of her mouth.

Some of the girls including Peyton were giggling behind Brooke. Theresa stared shell-shocked at Brooke who was smirking satisfied. If she couldn't get to Nathan, she could definitely get to Theresa.

"God Brooke you can be such a bitch" Theresa crossly stated as she walked to the rest of the cheerleaders getting in place, all the way in the back where no one could see her.

"God Theresa you can be such a whore" Brooke mocked. Theresa glared, but Brooke disregarded it. "Okay so like I said let's practice our routine for Friday night" Brooke commanded.

All the girls immediately started their routine, knowing full well not to piss off Brooke Davis even more. Brooke screamed at the girls viscously for making the smallest of small mistakes. "Bevin you're off beat" she'd yell, "Ana left not right, left" she'd scream, or "Peyton, stop staring at Jagelski," okay she didn't say that, but she wanted to. All in all it was painfully obvious that Brooke was in no mood to chat.

Nathan watched as Brooke controlled her cheerleaders. He couldn't help but feel a satisfaction from Brooke's mood, he was pretty sure it had something to do with the annoying Theresa flirting with him. Why else would she verbally abuse the girl?

The river court was unusually crowded as everyone anticipated the arrival of the two Scotts brothers. Brooke had never seen so many people at her sacred court before. It seemed everyone wanted to witness the game between the two brothers first hand, the game that was now being called a historic event in Tree Hill.

Brooke looked around to see an abundance of familiar faces, but most of them were people she rarely acknowledged. Peyton stood next to Brooke with a scowl plastered on her face. She was annoyed by how many Nathan followers there were. But what was she expecting, everyone to worship Lucas Scott?

The Tree Hill cheerleaders excluding Brooke and Peyton were all cheering their asses off for Nathan in front of the crowds. Brooke ignored their cheers although it was her cheers and moves. She was annoyed that they choose to cheer for Nathan, but it was their rightful duty to cheer for the captain of the basketball team.

Brooke and Peyton were obviously cheering Lucas on, but he would have to actually show up for that to happen. They were part of the select few that choose Lucas, while the rest of the student body worshipped Nathan's ground.

Peyton moved her attention away from the preppy cheerleaders to a certain guy. Jake was talking to Skills and laughing. Jake noticed Peyton staring and waved at her. She smiled as her face turned a deep shade of red.

"Blush any harder Peyt and I think people might actually mistake you for my shirt" Brooke unobtrusively whispered in her ear referring to her deep red halter top.

Peyton quickly averted her eyes away from Jake and opened her mouth for a lame excuse when suddenly a loud cheer erupted from the crowd.

Both girls turned their heads to see Nathan Scott walking directly towards them. Everyone's eyes were on the little group as they quietly whispered to their neighbors excited to see what was gonna happen next. "Hey Peyton" he nodded toward her.

Peyton scowl became deeper, his signature smirk was telling her he was gonna do something dreadful. Instinctively she grabbed the hand of the shorter brunette next to her. She squeezed it tight waiting for what was coming.

"What do you want Scott" Brooke finally managed to get out. People watching the three didn't catch Brooke's nervousness, but Peyton's right hand would beg to differ as Brooke was excessively squeezing it.

"Why Davis I thought you would know by now" he smirked. He snaked his hand up to her cheek and slowly grazed it.

Brooke shivered under his touch. It was annoying her that even after all the crap he pulled, she, Brooke Davis was becoming just another admirer. And to top it all off, she was becoming a traitorous admirer.

Everyone watched shocked as Brooke Davis did nothing. They started to whisper to their neighbor vigorously as the rumor mill had just been activated. Peyton let go of Brooke's hand, she too was shocked at what she was seeing. What happened to the towering Brooke?

But Brooke couldn't move.

Nathan took advantage of this situation and moved his hands from Brooke's face slowly down to her hips. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Brooke still stood frozen. He was about to whisper something in her ear when he was oh so graciously interrupted.

"Get the fuck off her"

Everyone turned their heads to see a livid Lucas Scott. Lucas couldn't believe what he was seeing. He wanted to beat Nathan at the game and then rip his head off, or maybe just skip the game and rip his head off right then and there.

Nathan ignored him and turned back to Brooke, who looked awfully nervous.

Brooke wasn't sure if she had imagined things because the next thing he said was barely audible.

"I'm sorry" he whispered. Nathan Scott had never apologized to anyone, excluding their first night together and even then it was the same girl. He wasn't sure why he said it. Maybe it was because he was holding her so close. Or maybe it was because he secretly wanted to since their fight had happened in the first place.

Brooke was about to reply when suddenly Nathan was aggressively pulled off of her by Lucas.

"When I said get the fuck off of her it wasn't a suggestion it was an order" he spat.

"Since when have I ever listened to you" Nathan said.

Lucas was about to take a punch at him and Nathan braced himself, when Peyton abruptly yelled.

"Stop!" They both turned to her. "Let's just settle this in the court."

Both brothers silently agreed as people started to talk again. The cheers got louder as Peyton turned to Brooke. "Okay what the hell just happened?"

"Nothing" Brooke answered without even looking up at her.

"Brooke that was NOT nothing" Peyton firmly stated awaiting an answer.

Instead she got a harsh glare. "I said it was NOTHING so go back to pitifully staring at Jake" she spat through gritted teeth.

Peyton stared shocked at her best friend. Brooke ignored her and turned to the game which was just starting. Peyton sighed at Brooke's bitchiness and turned to the game as well.

"Okay folks here we are, the intense game between the two Scott brothers" Mouth spoke into a microphone. Nathan and Lucas glared at the mention of brothers.

"Winner takes it all with the game at 20. So which Scott will prevail, Nathan Scott or Lucas Scott?" Jimmy Edwards spoke into his very own microphone. Jimmy is Mouth's best friend and a fellow aspirer of becoming a sportscaster.

The two Scotts positioned themselves as the ball is tossed. Lucas jumps for it but Nathan happened to be just a bit faster. The crowd erupts with joy, except for about ten people who actually want Lucas to win.

"Nathan, Nathan" everyone seemed to chant. Nathan so far dominated the court racking up a total of 13 points. He was more than halfway there while Lucas only got in two measly shot. The constant cheering was only helping Nathan even more. He flawlessly flew past his brother and made perfect shot after perfect shot.

Lucas couldn't concentrate with all the noise. He was performing very inadequately and had no one to blame but himself. As he was trying to unsuccessfully get the ball from Nathan, he paused. Why was he doing this again?

"I want to do it for my mom"

"Then, do it, prove them wrong."

The words of the girl from the park echoed in his head. Prove them wrong. Everything was rapidly coming back to him. His mom's frozen expression this morning. 17 years of being the bastard Scott, 17 years of almost everyone hating him, 17 years his mom got crap from everybody, 17 years of doubting himself, 17 frickin' years.

And then it happened…

Lucas Scott jumped blocking Nathan's 15th shot. It was a miraculous jump. Everyone stood in awe even the chatty sports announcers stood speechless. Until someone started chanting "Lucas, Lucas."

The game turned upside down from then on. Lucas kept up his performance repeatedly blocking Nathan's attempts at making a shot. Gaining scowl after scowl, boo after boo, but none of it fazed him. It was his turn to make perfect shot after perfect shot.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen we're here. After a mind-blowing and surprising performance we are here" Mouth whispered adding a more dramatic effect.

"A stunning performance by Lucas Scott, who after an awful start has really picked up the pieces. The two Scotts are tied 19 to 19. In the next shot winner takes it all and Nathan Scott has the ball" Jimmy finished, with just as much dramatics as Mouth.

"You here that Lucas winner takes it all" Nathan confidentially stated. Nathan dribbled the ball and with each dribble the river court got quieter and quieter. The only sound for miles was the basketball in Nathan's hand harshly hitting the pavement of the river court. "You know he never mentions you, you're dead to him" Nathan said. He was trying to get inside of Lucas' head.

Lucas didn't even hear him or care. At that moment all that mattered to him was showing everyone that he wasn't a mistake.

He wasn't a mistake!

Nathan smirked at Lucas' pensive concentration. "He'll never notice you" he declared. Then he moved past Lucas and had the opportunity to make the perfect shot, but he froze.

Lucas turned back to Nathan and easily stole the ball from him. "This…" he began. He jumped in to the air and let go of his grip on the ball, flawlessly making it in. "Is for my mom" he finished just as the ball bounced on the ground.

The next few moments were a wonderful bliss to Lucas. He remembered Mouth and Jimmy screaming of delight into their microphones. "We won, we won" they screamed.

Peyton screamed and ran to the only person she wanted to see. She ran towards Jake and jumped in his arms before he could object. "Jake he won" she whispered.

Brooke stood frozen, she was in awe.

Nathan's face sported a stunned expression, he lost.

Haley who had been standing invisibly in the crowds ran to congratulate the man of the hour. "I'm so happy you won, you deserve it" she beamed. He contentedly caught Haley off guard and pulled her in for a kiss. Haley kissed him back; she really missed seeing him all day. They pulled apart and he wrapped his arms around her. But then out of the corner of his eye he saw her.

She grinned and mouthed "You did it."

He smiled to himself. He did it…

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