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"If you don't stop him we will"

Despite Dean's best efforts to get Sam to stop using his powers, they were thrusted into situations where Sam was forced to use them. And Ruby didn't help much. In fact, she seemed to encourage the use of Sam's powers.

'Not surprising' Dean thought bitterly. "He's probably just her pawn. Worming her way into his life, pushing him down towards the dark side.' Nothing Sam told Dean about Ruby made him believe any different that Ruby's motives were purely evil. How he hated that bitch. How he hated that it was she that comforted Sam during those months of despair instead of someone safer and sounder. Someone like Bobby.

Dean had noticed a change his brother over the last few months. Sam had become darker, edgier. More rough. Dangerous even. He was begining to scare Dean. Before he always wanted to talk things out. Dean normally hated how chatty his brother could be, but he hated the sullen replacement even more. He wished his younger brother was the way he used to be before he died. And before Dean went to hell. He wanted some of that innocence back in him, but knew that would never happen.

And now it was almost too late to stop him. Sam had lost it during the hunt. He had already exorcised three demons, all three humans surviving. But now he was unable to tell when a person was possessed or when they were actually human. Dean found that when Sam was beating up a young man who was begging him for him.

"Sam!" Dean roared. "Don't, he's human!"

"He's a demon, I know he is!" Sam spat. He raised his hand and squinted. Dean watched in shock as he saw the man begin to choke. Jesus what the hell was Sam's powers doing? How much had they advanced during the last few weeks.

"Sam, you're killing him!"

"I've got it under control, Dean!"

"He's not a demon! He's human!"

But Sam was past reason now. Past logic, past what was real. Castiel appeared.

Dean stared at him.

"What are you going to do?" He asked nervously as he saw Castiel advance towards Sam.

"I'm going to stop your brother before it's too late," Castiel said calmly and before Dean could protest he placed his hands on Sam's head. Sam screamed in pain, his own hand dropping. The human collapsed, gasping for breath-but still very much alive.

"What the hell are you doing to him, you bastard?!" Dean bellowed. He knew he was powerless to fight off Castiel, but it nearly killed him to see his brother screaming in agony.

More blood dripped from Sam's mouth, than from his eyes.

"You're killing him!" Roared Dean, fear and agony twisted around in his throat. He rushed forward to Castiel who calmly threw him back to a wall.

"I know what I'm doing," Castiel said calmly. Shaking Dean stood up as he watched Sam collapse, while holding his stomach and twisting in agony. Finally Sam closed his eyes and fainted. Castiel stood by as Dean rushed to his brother. Sam was stil breathing, thank God.

"What did you to do him?!" Dean demanded as he cradled his baby brother protectivly.

Castiel sighed.

"I took away the demon blood that was inside of him," he said slowly. "Along with his powers. He is no longer a threat to heaven."

Dean just stared at him in utter shock. Sam's powers gone? The demon blood destoryed? How was that possible?

"If you could have done that, why didn't you do it from the very begining?" He snapped. "Instead of watch him suffer?"

"For two reasons. 1, God doesn't like to mess with free will. It gets complicated when you do it-"

"Free will my ass!" Growled Dean. "There better be a better reason than that!"

"There is," Castiel replied. "By doing this I have wiped out half his strength. He is as weak as a newborn. If he gets sick or hurt right now, even more so than he already is, it could kill him. Taking away demon blood like this is a challenging situation. I've only managed to do it a handlful of times without killing the person in the pocess. Your brother is lucky that he isn't one of the ones I have killed while trying to save them."

Dean still held onto Sam.

"So what do you mean, by weak?"

"What I mean is he won't be able to do anything by himself. Not even walk to go to the bathroom, or be able to eat. He will be utterly depedent on you. He is already sick, on top of the weakness, I am afraid. But if he catches so much as a caugh I'm positive it'll kill him."

Dean closed his eyes as he scooped up his brother.

"I'm sorry it had to come down to this, Dean," Castiel added softly. "Truly I am."

Dean stared at him, pure hatred in his eyes.

"Just stay the hell away from my brother," he said softly and walked out of the room, trying to recollect his emotions and gather his thoughts.

Sam's powers and demon blood was gone...but will he be able to survive the next few nights? Dean would make sure of it. He wasn't about to lose his brother a second time. He'd rather go through hell again than that torture. So gently he put Sammy into the Imapala and quickly drove back to their motel.

To Be continued

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