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Sam sobbed pain as the knife continued to cut at his skin. He felt it dive his arm and twist. The screaming got louder. The fear grew. What were these things? These humans with those strange eyes? He still didn't understand what was going on. And Dean, where was Dean? Was he all right? Would he find Sam?

"Anything you'd like to say for the camera, Sammy?" One of the demons sneered. Sam moaned in response and closed his eyes as the camera zoomed closer. "Come on boy, be a good sport. Your brother is gonna want to hear your voice." It sneered again. Sam bit his lip as he struggled to speak.

"S...Sorr...y, Dea...M....sorry..." He could barely get the words out, tears were overflowing as more blood was spilled. The demon smiled behind the camera.

"That's my boy," he breathed quietly. The knife continued to carve and draw on the Sam's sensitive skin. The tears were unable to stop.

Dean paced back and forth.

"Castiel!" He shouted for the hundreth time, his voice more than a little sore. "CASTIEL! Damn it, answer me! You owe me this much! CASTIEL!"

He jumped at the figure that was standing behind him as he turned. He glared at it for it was none other than Cas.

"I've been calling you for the past half hour!" He growled. "Where the hell have you been?"

"I've had some work I had to do," Castiel answered calmly. "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong?! Thanks to you for making my brother so weak he couldn't even defend himself some demons captured him! And now he's God knows where and I don't have a damned clue on how to find him! He could be..."Dean's voice trailed off and he swalled. "Dead for all I know."

Castiel looked at him sharply.

"He was captured?"

"Yeah, I take it you didn't know about that?"

"Contrary to what some may believe Angel's don't know everything, Dean. No, I did not know this. This is very bad news."

"No shit, sherlock," Dean growled and Castiel's eyes flashed.

"Careful," he wanred. "If they know Sam had demon blood in him they might try and put more in him again. To make him stronger. So they could train him and-"

"Use him," Dean said softly, fear dancing in his eyes. "You're right. This is very bad news."

He growned as he sat at the edge of the bed.

"No matter what I do," he muttered. "The kid always seems to get hurt."

"This is no time for feeling sorry for yourself," Csatiel said sharply. "We need to find Sam. I need to preform a locating spell."

"You mean you can't sense him right now, or something like that?" Dean asked, no sarcasim in his voice. Castiel shook his head.

"And normally I can, which means that he must be off my radar, so to speak. Somewhere very hidden...."His voice trailed off. "Stay here Dean, until I get back."

"Wait!" Dean stood up quickly. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to preform the locating spell," Castiel told him. "But I need you to stay here until I find out where Sam is. Can you do that?"

Dean bit his lip and slowly nodded.

"Yes," he finally said. Castiel nodded.

"Good." And just as soon as he was there, he left.

Dean closed his eyes and than in terryfing rage he threw a chair across the room.

Less than a half an hour later the door knocked and Dean looked up sharply.

"What is it?" He asked as Bobby entered the room grimly.

"This is for you," he said quietly as he handed Dean a package. "Found it at the front door."

Frowning Dean opened it. He stared at the blank casset tape. Quickly he pushed it in the VCR.

"Hello Dean," a human face appeared, with black eyes. "I figured you've been worrying about where you're brother's been. Don't worry, he's safe with us." He turned the camera and Dean's face paled at the sight of Sam tighed to a table while a demon pressed a knife into his skin. "Well not so much as safe, but more that he's just with us," the demon laughed. "You know why we're doing this right, Dean? It's very simple, really." The demon faced the camera again. "Revenge. You're family killed the thing that mattered to me the most, my wife, so I'm gonna kill the thing that matters to you the most. You're brother. Sounds fair, right?" The demon smirked. He zoomed the camera in on Sam's face. Tears formed in Dean's eyes as he watched his brother wither and sob in pain. His fists clintched tightly. He fould feel Bobby's body tensing as well.

He tensed even more when the demon begged Sam to talk.

"Anything you'd like to say for the camera, Sammy?" Rage flew in Dean. How dare that bastard call him Sammy? ""Come on boy, be a good sport. Your brother is gonna want to hear your voice."

Dean watched Sam's face twist in pain.

"S...Sorr...y, Dea...M....sorry..." He finally sobbed and tears rolled down Dean's face. Hot, angry, furious tears.

Finally the demon turned his face to the camera.

"I'm cutting off now, Dean," he said softly. "But I thought you'd want to see your brother again, hear his voice. Don't worry you'll be seeing him agian. This is far from over." The screen went blank. Silence filled the room.

"Got that right," Dean muttered. All he could think about was Sam's face during the torture, how he sounded when trying to speak. Dean closed his eyes and did the only thing he could think of doing. He prayed....

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