Okay so you're not human, you're not exactly anything really, you're a hybrid but that's not so bad, I mean it could definitely be worse, always remember that.

I mean there could be a cult of psychotic vampires after you and others who are sort of your kind.

And you could be an entire species' only hope of salvation from the exile they've been going through since like pretty much the beginning of recorded history.

Your mother could be stuck in some kind of weird self-induced coma and your only known relative could of just died but don't worry it's cool cause you might just have another relative who you cant remember meeting whose in a self imposed exile from the exiled.

Things are looking up.

Okay so you might not have many friends and you maybe just lost the majority of them, one may be the very thing trying to kill you and well the other is probably popular so that's probably just as bad.

But hey it could be worse, you could've made an enemy of Mimi Force, wow I'd really hate to be on her bad side yikes.

Sorry what was that?


You did make an enemy of Mimi Force.

That's rather unfortunate.

Was it over a dress she wanted or shoes maybe?

No it was about her brother/soul mate.

I see.

Well then we'll be needing a casket, probably a small one as I doubt there'll be enough of you found to fill a big one. You may wish to get your affairs in order.

I don't suppose you have an heir?

AN: Okay so I have no clue where this came from. I meant to start doing my assignement on the Break Fast Club and this just kinda came out. I personally don't think its very good but I figured it wanted out for a reason I may as well share it with everyone else. =]

It's clearly incredibly random and takes place directly after book one.

I might write more about after book two but I doubt it.