"So…are you gonna tell Ban?"

"No, net yet… You gonna tell Kazu?"

"Well…not yet…"

Both Ginji and Jubei stood in front of the Honky Tonk, discussing private matters. Ban was out and they didn't want Natsumi or the Chief to hear the subject. They knew Natsumi would probably love to stick her nose into this.

"We have to tell them, and soon…" Jubei murmured.

"Tonight, we'll all come to the Honky Tonk, have dinner, and then we'll tell them… as long s you can pay for me and Ban that is." Ginji said with a weak smile.

"Um… sure, whatever." He sighed.

Meanwhile, by a train station a few blocks away, Kazuki and Ban were together, talking over the same situation. "Dinner! We'll ask them to dinner, then tell them!" Kazuki yelled out his idea as it came to him as if it were the best idea ever. Well, it kind of was, seeing as Ban wasn't coming up with ideas, and this was the best he could think of at the moment.

"Hmm.. I guess I could go for that, if you're paying." Ban said, sliding a cigarette into his mouth and lighting it. The Thread Master laughed.

"Alright, but only because I wish happiness for Ginji. And well… I can't do this on my own." Both men nodded and stood from the bench they sat on. Walking towards the main street, Kazuki got an idea. As they reached the hustle and bustle of any main street, Kazu asked, "Hey, have you got any cash on you?"

"Yeah, I have a little…why?"

"How about we get them a gift?"

"All Ginji would want is some food." Ban joked.

"You'll find him something. Come on!" The Thread Master was already pulling Ban towards a large shop. Once they were inside, the two split up.

The Jagan user sighed. He really hoped Ginji would appreciate this…and return his feelings. As Ban searched the store he found a small pin the lighted up resembling a lightening bolt. The pin was cheap and he figured Ginji would like it… hell, he figured Ginji would like almost anything. Walking to the register, he purchased the pin and waited there for Kazuki to pick a gift for Jubei.

The Thread Master looked around, not sure what his protector would want. He could imagine giving Jubei a gift and only seconds later the gift being placed in his hands once more. Each item he spotted just wasn't right. It couldn't be anything that simply looked beautiful, that wouldn't be good enough for Jubei. It had to be useful, yet able to be seen by Jubei as beautiful.

"Jubei…" He murmured as he looked around once more. Kazuki picked up things that caught his attention, but nothing was right. Maybe…no, that wouldn't do, not for Jubei.

He turned around and there was the gift. Beautiful white needles just like the ones Jubei used. Only moments later, Kazuki was walking out of the store with Ban, a bag containing the needles in his hand.

At the same time they emerged the store, Ginji and Jubei were walking down the long street. "I wonder what they're doing." Ginji said.

"Who?" Jubei inquired.

"Ban and Kazu." He answered simply. "Well, while we have them in view, lets go ask them to dinner!" And with that, Ginji pulled Jubei towards the two men they hid their feelings from.

"Ah! Ginji! Jubei!" Ban shouted in surprise, shoving the pin into his pocket. Kazuki hid the bag that contained the needles behind his back.

"Hello." He greeted the two.

"Hey, you guys wanna go for dinner at the Honky Tonk later… like sixish…" Ginji asked.

"We were going to ask the same of you." Kazuki admitted.

"So we'll see you there." Ban told them. Both the Thread Master and the Jagan user walked away then, successfully hiding the gifts.



"Did Kazuki look alright to you?"

"Yeah I think so, why?"

"Mmm… his voice seemed off for some reason." Jubei admitted. "Okay, I'll meet up with you at the Honky Tonk later." He said as he started walking away from Ginji.

"Ah! Uh, okay! See yah later Jubei! Remember, six o'clock!" He reminded the man. His only reply was a wave to Ginji as he continued walking off.

Once the Lightening Emperor was alone, he sat on a bench not to far form where he had stood. "Well, are you finally going to tell the man?" A slow, smooth voice said as its beholder sat next to the blonde with a smile. His large black hat and black attire was enough for Ginji to know who this was.

"A-A-A-Akabane! Old buddy old pal! Hey…" Ginji nervously moved as far away from Dr. Jackal as possible.

"Well? No need to hide it. Are you going to confess to Midou?" He asked once more.

"Huh? Oh…well…you don't need to know that." He replied, scratching his head nervously.

"How sweet. If only I could obtain such a wondrous thing as love…but wait, then I wouldn't be able to have fun on my jobs, now would I?" Jackal said in his cool tone.

"Uhh…w-well yeah! Sure!" Ginji said, laughing nervously.

"Be prepared for heartbreak. Just in case, get some ice cream. It'll help you feel better." Akabane got up and put something in Ginji's hand. After a small nod, he walked off.

"H-He actually gave me money? Ah! Does this mean he knows Ban doesn't like me?!" His eyes grew wide in shock and worry.

"Yo…what's wrong? Ginji?" The voice got closer, but Ginji was frozen.