Like smelling sunshine.

Harry could think of a dozen different ways to describe this feeling, but it all began with the scent of her. When she came into his arms at the end of a work day, there was little else he treasured more than enfolding her in a tight hug, settling his ear next to hers and inhaling the smell of sunshine from her hair.

She'd spend her days flying in circles above a pitch in Wales, while he was either buried beneath towering stacks of paperwork or sneaking towards the basement or dank cellar of a suspected dark wizard, hoping the muffled sounds he and the team picked up weren't the suppressed screams of a current victim. It was in these moments he would fleetingly think of the end to his day; he would go home, close the door to the world and forget.

It was easy to let himself forget while the warmth of her skin erased the cold that seemed to seep into his bones. It was easy to push what he'd seen and heard that day aside when her voice beckoned him to bed before dinner. It was easy to remember why he'd chosen this life over any other when she smiled and embraced him with her warmth, letting him lose himself in the one person who'd always known to just love him. No questions. No pep talks. Nothing but what he needed. Her warmth.