This takes place in episode 19 of the first series; after Kallen, Suzaku, Euphemia and Lelouch (or in this work's case, Luluko) get blasted to the neighbouring island.

The first thing she was aware of was the sound of the sea. As she left the land of nod and returned to the realm of the living, Luluko realised several things after sitting up and searching the immediate surroundings with her gaze.

Firstly, she was on a beach; on a tropical island. One, judging by the distinct lack of military installations, large floating airship, or any sign at all of any human presence, was a different island entirely.

Secondly, this must mean that the Geass she'd been forced to use upon Suzaku had worked. The chaos that had unfolded as whatever-that-weapon-was had charged and Suzaku had escaped.

'I'll have to create a strategy to counter something that destructive, if not get the actual technology itself' thought the young woman, before adding another mental note to pay Schneizal back for that attempt at zapping her like one of those knightmare-esque robots in Rival's animé collection; only he would have been such a ruthless basta... well. As ruthless as herself, if she was going to be true to herself. Also, even though she'd had no choice, just the idea of using her Geass on Suzaku made various parts of her insides twist in an unpleasant way...

Thirdly, after she walked out from under the shade of the palm trees, feet sinking slightly into the soft sand with every step, was that the sun and sea breeze felt wonderful on her face, and it was times like this she could almost forget about her respons...

....her face!?

Hand rushing up to check what she already knew, it made contact his her head more forcefully than she'd intended and was rewarded with a blinding, throbbing pain, something on her face (Blood. Mine. A head wound, brilliant.) and she came ever so close to saying 'fuck', aristocratic manners preventing her.

Her mask was missing.

The mask she'd been wearing and she'd spent several nights painstakingly designing to never just 'slip' off. 'Where's it gone?' she almost shrieked to herself before Luluko realised she was panicking, and calmed herself down. No-one appeared to be around and screaming like Shirley when she saw a spider would only draw attention from anyone nearby.

She looked around.

'One set of footprints in the sand, stride doesn't seem big-female or small man. Did Kallen unmask me while I wa... no. She'd have shaken me awake and yelled my head off if she'd been the one.'

She also saw her mask, lying a few feet away from where she'd been lying. A rather nasty looking hole had been punched into the side of it-apparently whatever gave her the head wound had been vicious enough to smash a hole in the mask. If the mask hadn't been designed to double up as a helmet then odds were the hole in the mask would have been in her skull. Luluko wondered about an assassin but immediately dismissed the idea. She must have received it during whatever happened while she lost conciousness and ended up here. No assassin would leave their job unfinished like that.

She checked the pocket in the side of her disguise-amongst the padding to give her a more masculine torso a gun was hidden. It wouldn't stand up to a search but it wouldn't give a casual look suspicion.

Still there.

Luluko began running through the lists of people who could be who she'd ended up on the island with. Pretty much anyone in the Black Knights would have tried to question her, and certainly not have been so sloppy as to not check her for weapons. Suzaku the same. 'So, some gormless, naïve fool without proper combat training who...' Her train of thought was derailed and fell off a cliff as the answer quite literally came to her, appearing around some palm trees around 100 yards down the beach, walking to her without an apparent care in the world, waving to her as if nothing had changed.

'Of course.'

She watched the figure walk towards her until they were face to face, before acknowledging her.

"Hello Euphemia."

As they sat against one of the palm trees on the beach, Euphemia struggled with how to open a conversation. Luluko had spoken Japanese automatically until Euphemia asked her to speak to her in English, due to her Japanese not being as good as Luluko's. 'You also have a Japanese lilt to your voice when you speak English now,' Euphemia thought. She found the fact saddening for some reason she couldn't quite identify...

"It's been a while Lulu." the pink-haired princess said. When the woman by her side didn't react, Euphemia mentally sighed. 'Nice opening. So much for that diplomatic training... it's times like this I think Cornelia and those stuffy advisers are right.' She was disrupted from her thoughts when she heard her half-sister reply.

" has, hasn't it."

It seemed strange, hearing her speak with it. Then again it was strange looking at her now... she looked so masculine in those clothes. If it wasn't for the hair and voice... no, if it wasn't for the voice, she could be a man.

'Then again, that's the point, isn't it...' she thought to herself.

Euphemia looked at some distant spot on the beach. The silence was deafening. She wanted to ask her so much but... if Lulu was Zero that meant she'd murdered their brother, hundreds... no, thousands, of innocent people. If she was to be utterly honest with herself, part of her was worried she'd kill her too. They sat like that for a while, until Euphemia couldn't take it and asked the first thing that sprang to her mind.


"It's Luluko."

" it isn't, it's Lulu. Aunty Marianne named you Lulu," countered the blue eyed woman with a finality to her tone.

"...she did, didn't she." It wasn't a question but a statement, followed by a sigh. "I don't know why, but people in Japan keep calling me Luluko. I gave up trying to correct them after seven months. You get used to it."

"Is Nunally alive?"

In her peripheral vision she saw Lulu tense slightly.

"Yes, she's alive. We've been together since 'Daddy' exiled us." Euphemia cringed at the way Luluko said 'Daddy'. Luluko had apparently inherited her father's ability to make people know exactly what she thought about something, even if she didn't say it.

"H... how is she?" As soon as the words left her mouth she started back-pedalling furiously. 'How is she', what kind of question was that to ask about someone who was blind and crippled! Euphemia had realised (before anyone else actually-she'd always had a knack for picking up on people's emotions) all those years ago that Luluko doted on her little sister, and taken her sister's injury even harder than her mother's death.

"Er, I-I mean, I know she's injured but..."

"It's all right Euphemia, I know what you meant," Luluko soothed. "She's doing all right, all things considered."

The silence returned after that, but it wasn't crushing any more, and the two just sat there enjoying each other's company. Euphemia noticed Lulu seemed to be getting very hot in that outfit-unusually so, almost as if she had insulation in it or something. As she moved her gaze to look out at the sea, she had a wistful smile as she daydreamed of seeing Nunally again. She wasn't stupid, like some people thought; she knew she wouldn't be able to see Nunally. If she did visit her then Nunally would be revealed to the world, and be taken back to Britannia... she wasn't against that happening in principle, but if Nunally and (she turned her head to study her sibling again) Lulu were to come back, then they'd come back because they wanted to.

That they'd kept such a low profile for so long meant they must have their reasons for staying off the radar.

"What is it Euphemia?"

The princess gave a squeak of surprise-she hadn't realised she'd been staring.

"It's nothing, it's just..." noticing the hair sticking to the sweat on her half-sister's face she felt an idea take form in the back of her mind, and as she looked away trying to think of something her gaze fell onto the crystal clear sea, and the idea came forward. Turning to face Lulu, she gave her a determined look. "Let's go for a swim."

Luluko blinked before replying "...sorry?" with a blank look.

"Let's go for a swim" Euphemia repeated, with a no-nonsense tone that matched the look on her face. Recalling the look from her childhood, Luluko realised Euphemia wouldn't take no for an answer, but tried to worm out out of it anyway-they were as good as strangers now.

"We don't have swimsuits."

"It's not the first time we'll have seen each other naked, Lulu. Besides, you're obviously getting hot in that outfit, we're both filthy and we're both girls. I saw a sheltered part of the beach before," she continued as she stood up, "so even if someone comes onto the beach they won't see us immediately."

Bowing to the inevitable-plus she was very hot thanks to the damned padding-Luluko stood to follow. "Lead the way princess."

Several hours later the two women were sunbathing on rocks by the sea, as their clothes dried from the makeshift washing they'd received in a pool of freshwater, reminiscing over their childhood together. "Remember when Clovis was turned down by Elizabeth to that dance when he was ten?" Euphemia giggled, recalling the episode Clovis had asked a seventeen year old noble to the dance with him; she had of course (politely) declined, but little Clovis had been crushed.

"He was so upset I volunteered to go instead, and he cheered up right away, even after mother forbade me to go, because I was only seven. I threw such a tantrum." Luluko smiled at the memory.

"Clovis was inconsolable when he heard you'd died in Japan," Euphemia said as she looked up at the cloudless sky, so unable to notice Luluko's face, as she continued to speak. "As soon as he was able he seized the chance to govern Area 11; he said it was a chess puzzle you'd left him that only he could solve." As she continued to talk Luluko's face grew steadily darker. "He wanted to make it the most wealthy, peaceful and happy Area to honour your memory, and-"

"-I killed him, the person he'd been doing it all for," Luluko cut in, bringing Euphemia back to earth and realising her mistake. Turning to look at Lulu, the woman had turned her head away, but her fist was tightly balled, tendons straining in the delicate hand. Seeing guilt start to consume her sister Euphemia tried to change the subject...

"You're so like your mother, Luluko. If it wasn't for the hairstyle, I'd swear you were almost identical to her from what I remember she looked like, and in the portraits at the palace."

"Clovis thought I was Marianne at first... then I shot him."

...and failed miserably. Deciding discretion was the better part of valour Euphemia fell silent, watching the young woman wrestle with the guilt, visibly forcing it out of her mind, until it looked as if Euphemia had never brought the subject their late half-brother up.

As she watched her sister, Euphemia realised something; she was... well... not thin, really-she was certainly not fat, but you couldn't see her ribs clearly (at least when she wasn't breathing in too heavily, she mentally corrected herself) it was just... she was so frail looking, for lack of a better word. Euphemia was considered petite but as she surreptitiously compared their wrists as they lay there, Luluko's were even smaller. She looked so delicate, like the dolls Euphemia used to play with and try to get Cornelia to play with, much to her elder sibling's annoyance. Except... Euphemia's gaze strayed upwards, and felt the blood flow to her face in both embarrassment and jealousy as she braced herself for her half-sister's reaction to her question.


Said woman gave a small grunt as she lay there, eyes closed as she enjoyed the sun.

"What's your..." Euphemia mentally wrestled how to phrase to question, before deciding to throw tact out the window and just ask. "What's your bra size?"

Said raven haired girl froze momentarily, before her chest started juddering in contained laughter. Sitting up Lulu checked her face to make sure she was serious, before she started laughing to cover her embarrassment as she blushed.

"W-what kind of question is that?" she managed to exclaim between the laughs

"I just wanted to know!" huffed back the pink hair princess. "They're not as big as Cornelia's-she's an D-I'm a C but you're too big to be a C and I can't really tell because of that Zero disguise and the padding..." she trailed off as she saw Luluko's face become steadily more and more incredulous as she continued.

"...'I just wanted to know'?" Luluko arched a delicate eyebrow and Euphemia's eyes widened slightly as for a brief moment she didn't see her sister Lulu, but her aunt Marianne. While thinking-for what seemed like the dozenth time that Lulu's likeness to her mother was border line identical twin-she let slip the reason why.

"Because Suzaku talks about you a lot."

Luluko's laughter died on her lips, a puzzled look on her face before she started to feel her face heat. "He... he does?"

"Well, he didn't say your name; he just kept calling you a friend from school. I always thought it was strange how he never told me her name, but now I know who he meant it's obvious why he wouldn't tell me."

Luluko was vaguely impressed Suzaku had managed to avoid blowing her cover. However... "That still doesn't answer my question though: why do you want to know so badly?"

Euphemia sat up herself, and replied, unable to make eye contact and with a slightly nervous voice, "I... I think I... he seems to like you Luluko. A lot."

Feeling a full on blush, Luluko stuttered incoherently for a few seconds before she practically yelled in her half-sister's face: "T-that prat likes me? Well I do not like him! He never thinks things through! He thinks he can change Britannia from within, he's never going to accomplish anything that way, and..." Euphemia gazed on in awe as Luluko ranted for nearly a minute about Suzaku, blushing all the while, until she sensed her raven haired companion was winding up her mini speech.

"...he's got a death wish and he's a complete zealot!"

"But do you like him?"

A momentary look of panic.

"N-no, of course I don't, don't be stupid!"

Euphemia gave Luluko a long, measuring look. "...I see."

Returning the gaze with a haughty glower, Luluko stood up, speaking as she did so. "I'm going to see if our clothes are dry," she snarked before she practically stalked off.

Clothed once again, they were walking through the forest trying to find signs of life other than their own. Hearing voices ahead, Luluko slipped her mask on, since the damage didn't reveal her face, and grabbed Euphemia to hold her hostage. As the mask drew near the side of Euphemia's ear, she heard Luluko's voice, smothered with the voice distorter.

"In answer to your question before: I'm a CC."


All started by 'I wonder if Luluko and Euphemia would girl-talk about Suzaku on the island during that episode?'

Not very happy about the transition from the penultimate scene to the final, but I couldn't think of anything better and I feel I've milked this scenario for what it's worth; I even got to lampshade the whole think about female lelouch being Luluko. I'm thinking of doing one where Gino chats Luluko up... and she flirts back, much to Suzaku's annoyance. I was going to do the 'trap' scene but I dropped it. The idea was Luluko would create a snare (unlike Lelouch) and catch something (again unlike Lelouch), but Euphemia would beg her to spare the cute widdle bunny wabbit (or whatever generic cute animal it happened to be) and then either she'd kill it anyway, showing how ruthless she could be, or spare it, showing Euphemia's ability to get people to do things (and foreshadowing the special area for Japan).

I dropped it because I didn't think it really added anything-after all, we know Lelouch and by extension Luluko is ruthless to a disturbing, if not frightening degree (just look at what how he manipulated Rolo in the series!) and we know how Euphemia could get people to do what she wanted. Since this one shot series is entirely about how people would interact with a female Lelouch, and vice versa, it was just a waste of space.

Also, I wasn't sure about Luluko's chest fanart has her ranging from 'Lelouch with long hair' to 'Titty Monster'. In the end I asked on a certain site what size they thought it was. I toyed with one of the user's suggestion of making Luluko's chest smaller than the other girls (except Nina of course) and give her a complex about it. I didn't for two reasons though-firstly, I really liked the (lame) CC joke/reference, and secondly I couldn't see how I'd manage to work in the boob comparing scene otherwise. I feel in my eyes it's important because it changes to tone from guilt-trip-over-Clovis to silly. It also bridges the Clovis scene and the Suzaku scene. (And making Luluko tsundere was just too good not to pass up.) Speaking of CC, I've not broguht her in yet because I honestly don't think how their interactions would differ-hence her lack of appearance.

Oh, and useless trivia: I wrote the 'End' chapter while listening to Zessei Bijin by Ai Nonaka. (Yes, I have a twisted sense of humour. For those of you who don't get it, look the lyrics up.) I'm also glad I made people cry-not so much because I'm an arse (which I probably am) but because I was aiming for a bittersweet ending. Which apparently is what I managed to do.