It all started out so simple
An easy life beside the ocean
Laughing and having fun
The day's flying by
But it all ended
When the darkness arrived

Separated from one another
Armed with a key and new companions
A simpler time is now gone
In a time of change,
an Adventure starts . . .
The lazy days are gone forever.

A deck of cards
and a trial of hearts
leads to a mysterious culprit
that all lie in darkness.
With Trickster's fire,
the world's seal appears.

With Jungle Madness
and a quest to find those lost
Three are looking for the same answer.
With no where to start,
A maddened gunsmith
Falls into darkness.

A heated marketplace
that's full of magic tricks
A Captured Princess
Lost to the caves underground
An ambassador to the King
Never to return

Diving into the water,
Transforming into new creatures,
Sharks, Squids and Turtles, oh my!
The red haired mermaid
Searches for a better life
But, stuck within the watery depths.

In a World of Scares
Where Skeletons can walk
into the dead of the night
the hill curls, the mansion ahead.
Three troublemakers and their leader
try to destroy their path.

A pirate's ship in the world of magic
Learning to fly with Pixie Dust
Captured girls, she is here.
Here with him, standing on the bridge
both lost to the darkness
once my close friends.

A dark castle
Consumed by the darkness
It's heart now lost.
The home of all darkness,
A haven of evil -
Where everything started.

A confrontation between friends
A Keyblade lost, companions gone
The quest seemed hopeless
With all lost.
However, the light shone through
Returning what was once lost.

Lost in the darkness,
Witches fall and Dragon's rise
The darkness is conquered
Or so it would seem.
A friend waits – lost in darkness.
A duel to the end.

A heartless princess
Their hidden hearts combined
If Oblivion can retrieve it.
Plunging it into the cavity,
The Princess is free,
While I spiral into darkness.

Her voice sounds,
So Melodic in the void.
Arms surround me,
Followed closely by warmth.
I am reborn,
Her eyes staring at me.

Escaping the castle,
we return to the base.
She will await our return
As the darkness is conquered.
The end is near.
All will end.

Worlds without a heart,
That's what this is.
We fight through viciously,
The final heaven appears.
A large door appears.
The final stop ahead.

Brightness hits our eyes
as the sun shines down.
All is wrong through,
the cheerfulness is gone.
Only despair exists here.
The final battle ahead.

Sand turns to darkness
The enemy ahead.
Bent on darkness, he attacks
They fight vigorously; magic flying
The door is revealed.
He is there.

Trapped in darkness,
Unable to move,
He is lost.
Darkness stirs in the silence,
Until the Golden Key appears.
The door must close.

That is until she appears.
Confused, she slips away.
With outstretched hands,
they're pushed apart
as she falls away,
her eyes wide.

Stars return to the sky
As palm trees rise around her.
She returns to Destiny,
her part hereby fulfilled.
A Papou drawing in the caves
Brings a smile to her features.

A rock lies at her feet
Grinning; she kneels,
Running a hand over the drawing.
Bringing the rock to the wall,
White lines emerge.
A Papou for him.

. . . I'll be waiting . . .