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Prologue: 25 Years Is a Long Time

A dense heat washed over the cracked and decaying brown stones that stacked up high to make the walls of the Labyrinth. Every green plant and pond had dried up, leaving a desert effect for every corner rounded. During the long days, the heat from the over large sun became more and more unbearable; the times of cool breezes and rain storms more like a dream. For over twenty years, this was how the Labyrinth came to be. Just another forgotten piece of the Underground. Another forgotten dream.

The goblins, citizens of the Labyrinth and the Goblin City, had become feistier and nastier at the lack of attention that their King paid these years. They had come to be accustomed to the fact that the only way to keep the Goblin King from locking himself in his chambers and staring at that God-forsaken crystal he had was to try destroying the castle itself— in which then the blond King would flick his wrist with hardly any enthusiasm, returning his home to its proper state.

The goblins, as it seemed, were growing tired of their King's behavior of late.

The blond King of Goblins rarely roamed his castle, had stopped kicking around his citizens singing songs of babes and magic; he had given up sending the Cleaners to chase down those who had committed crimes, and he had even drained the Bog of Eternal Stench! While most favored the Bog being emptied, every thing else had taken a form of lifelessness. As if the faeries no longer had reason to be sinister creatures, and the Junk collectors had no reason to meander about… collecting junk. It had truly become a place where nothing was as it seemed.

The citizens knew the reason for Jareth's behavior. Ever since the green eyed babe had come through for her brother; one of many, he had changed. Ah, but they remembered the smile that the King wore when he watched the babe. A look of peace in his mismatched eyes. The Labyrinth was alive back then, full of colors and wishes and dreams. But now… with the green eyed babe gone, Jareth was a quiet soul and kept to himself. He had gone back to being a cruel and vicious King. He was heartless to those of his most loyal subjects, and day after day, he had the same routine.

One particular after noon, Jareth sat in his chambers, immersed with the full grown woman whose image was trapped within the confines of his crystal ball. Even after twenty five years since her adventure, she still retained the beauty and light that he loved about her. Her hair was still the sleek chocolate brown, her eyes the brilliant shade of green that he remembered so vividly from when she had roamed his Labyrinth like she owned it. His lips parted, releasing a soft sigh.

He watched with adoring eyes as Sarah flitted around her kitchen in a pair of faded pants and a red blouse, holding a pot of water, before placing it on the stove, turning the heat to high. The linoleum was a soft shade of cream, the cabinets painted a bright yellow with blue trimming. The counters were a pearl color of marble with oak. Like a dancer, she strode to the refrigerator, pulling out a pound of ground beef and pasta sauce. She seemed to be talking with someone, but the focus didn't turn to the other person. He watched her eyes sparkle with laughter as the sound of her voice rung out from the tiny crystal.

"Sarah…" He whispered to himself, wishing that she could hear him. But her eyes never wavered; there was never a touch of acknowledgment that told him that she had heard his voice again… even during the nights where he shouted her name with tears pouring from his eyes. No more did she scribble in a diary of her adventure, for he learned that she was trying to forget. No more did she wake up screaming, nearly saying his name countless times. No more did she feel afraid to be alone. She had gotten over it all. With every close call and glance, he lost hope more and more. It had begun to eat away at his heart.

Jareth remembered, years ago, how Sarah had run through his Labyrinth, thrown into the illusion that he held within that one bite of peach, the times he offered her dreams to her. Even so young… so curious… she denied him. She refused to have everything that he would have given her. He would have given himself to her; her slave, he would have been. All he wanted was for her to stay with him for as long as they would live. His smile dropped into a low frown, trying not to think of the last bit of the memory, but it was inevitable. She had to go and say those words… those six words…

You have no power over me…

"Shut up…" He whispered hoarsely to himself as a tear rolled down the side of his face. Those damned words had haunted him since his final meeting with Sarah, where she so casually tossed him and her dreams aside. However… she had made well coming off of the death of her father and stepmother, having to care for Toby off the child support she received monthly from her mother and her new stepfather, Jeremy (who had been the actress' co-star in several productions, Jareth later learned). She had survived a miscarriage, Toby's diagnosis of lung cancer (the once small child had turned rebel and began smoking at the age of sixteen), and then when her husband at the time had walked out on her. 'I would never have hurt you, my Sarah…' he thought to himself.

"And after all of that… you still find the will to smile…" He whispered to himself, opening his eyes to stare at the ceiling of his chambers. The large, four-poster bed sat, made up and ready for use… 'But when was the last time that I actually slept in my own bed?' The Goblin King thought to himself, feeling a sense of weariness within him. He glanced at the clock on the far wall, the time reading just before 12. He sighed once more, tearing his eyes from the face with the daggers and numbers. Another jolt shot through his already scarred heart as the clock chimed sooner than he expected.

Why hadn't he destroyed that damn thing yet?

Inhaling deeply, Jareth swung his legs off the arm of his chair, standing up before stretching. Several joints in his knees, shoulders, and neck cracked, releasing a sense of peace bubbling through his body. A satisfied exhale rolled off his tongue, and he slid his boots off of his feet. Unbuttoning the black leather vest, he dropped the piece of clothing to the floor, plucking each of the fingers of his gloves off, tugging the leather away from his skin. The moon was inching along the night sky of the Underground as a gust of wind blew through into his room.

Padding over towards the bed, Jareth pulled the blankets away, before pulling his shirt out of the waist band of his pants, tugging it up and over his head. Tossing it to a corner, he slid under the blanket, the mattress' fibers molding to his body. The sheets were chilled, sending goose bumps along his heated flesh. His hand ran along the left side of the bed, before his gaze crossed over to the emptiness beside him. There had been a time where he dreamed that Sarah had taken his offer, where she had stayed with him. He would have nights where Sarah would lie beside him, her eyes glazed with dreamy pleasure.

How he wished such dreams were offered to him.

How he wished...


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