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Blue Christmas

By Angelwings Sorrow

Chapter 1 "Two More Days"

Everyone was counting down the days till winter break. The teachers were having a hard time keeping the students focused on their studies as well as themselves focused on their work. It seemed like at the time grew near no one could think about anything but Christmas. The boys thought of all the time they would get to sleep in and no schoolwork to do. The girls were thinking about the New Years dance and who would get their New Years kiss from. At Konoha Academy the most Prestigious school in all of Fire Country only the rich and privilege were able to attend. They were the best of the best; they were the smartest brightest and future leaders of the business world. But when it comes to the holidays everyone of them turns into a greedy kid waiting for their expensive toys they will get on Christmas.

"Two more days and it's the holidays! Then three weeks of Sleeping Partying and Drinking!"

"You said it Kiba! My Dad will be gone we can get Temari to get us some alcohol she legal."

"Think again Kankurou." At tall blond said as she approached the two teenage boys. "After what happened last year I am not trusting either of you with a drop of sake anywhere near our house."

"Oh you're no fun. What are your plans, to shack up Nara while father is away?"

"You know that's not a bad idea. What do you think Shika-darling?" Temari purred as her boyfriend came up behind her and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"As long as we spend Christmas with my folks I don't mind. That seems like the less troublesome way to spend the holidays."

"Shikamaru everything is troublesome to you. That's way Temari's got you whipped!" Kiba shouted in a bark of laughter.

"So this is what my cousin's boyfriend does when he's not sleeping in class." A tall boy with long raven hair and lilac colored eyes said as he glared at the boy with the tattooed cheeks.

"Loosen up Neji. Besides I don't sleep in class that's Shikamaru."

"I see are you all attending the Uchiha Christmas gathering?"

"Yes, our father made it a point that we had to attend or else, since he will be away. Gaara is less than thrilled to attend but if Uzumaki is there made he'll have a decent time." Temari replied leaning in to her boyfriends arms.

"I doubt it Uzumaki-san never attends personal parties or gatherings. He usually only attends mandatory school events." Neji informed her

"That's true not even once has he ever come over to my house. And I like, have invited him over a billion times since he transferred here." Kiba complained.

"Hey guys what are you talking about?" shouted a voice that was running up to them.

"Oh great here comes the gossip queen." Kankurou groaned as he looked around for an escape route.

"We're talking about Naruto and his antisocial behavior, Ino."

"Big words Kiba is Hinata making you studying instead of making out again?" the petite blond teased at the not blushing Inuzuka heir. "But seriously. Naruto isn't antisocial. He's always loud and outgoing and still manages an A/B+ average."

"True but Uzumaki does not attend any outside school functions." Neji clarified.

"I never noticed that, than again I've been pre occupied since I got together with Choji."

"Noticed what?" the whole group jumped.

"Naruto!" For someone loud and clumsy this sunshine blue eyed blonde seemed to be able to sneak up on them all.

"I'm right here no need to yell."

"We were talking about the Uchiha gala. We were wondering if you had plans to attend. I know Gaara would be glad if you did." Temari questioned the shorter blond.

"Oh well, I'm going to be gone for the holidays so you'll have to tell Gaara I'm sorry." Naruto said scratching the back of his head in a nervous gesture.

"You will be attending the New years dance right?" Ino Probed.

"I don't think I'll be back before then. My family likes to stay together through the holidays. Oh man look at the time I have to go meet Iruka-sensei before he leaves I have some last minute question about my paper." Naruto exclaimed before dashing off to meet his English teacher.

"Is it me or is Naruto acting weirder that usual?" Kiba's question was met with around of agreeing nods.


"Hey Iruka-sensei. Thanks again for letting me borrow your laptop. I was able to finish all my winter papers except for Biology. Orochimaru refused to tell me what it is so I could get started."

"I understand Naruto. I have the printer all set up and you can print out your assignments." the English teacher smiled. Naruto had always liked the kind teacher who had a scar across his nose and long brown hair pulled up into a ponytail. Iruka was the only one besides the principle who knew Naruto was an orphan attending Konoha on a scholarship. Being an orphan himself Iruka could empathize with the teen who wanted to make a better life for himself and he tried to help Naruto in any way he could.

"Thanks Iruka-sensei. So what are you going to do over winter break?"

"Oh finish grading and start preparing for the next semester."

"I meant are you and Kakashi-sensei doing over winter break?" the blond leered at his teacher mischievously.

"Naruto! I am not dating Kakashi-sensei, and I am not going to, he's a perverted man with no sense of propriety."

"Come on sensei it's obvious you like him and he likes you. True he reads Ero-Sennin's books but he only reads it during advance class not during the younger year classes."

"Just because he might like me doesn't mean I'm going to fall for him and his cheap line 'Let me paint a god in his true form.' Really Naruto I have too much sense for that."

"Which is why you need to loosen up a bit. Kakashi-sensei should have more tack but at least he's trying. Please give him a chance and if he's still a perverted ass I'll personal kick his butt." Naruto was serious and although he liked his art teacher, he would kill the guy if Iruka-sensei was hurt in any way.

"Naruto I'm not going out with Kakashi-sensei and that's final. Now finish up and I'll drive you home."

"You don't have to do that Sensei." Naruto smiled.

"It's getting dark and it might be a while before the next bus comes."

"Thanks Sensei. I'll bring my bike tomorrow it's only two more days left can splurge on the gas." The blond gave his teacher a winning smiled. 'looks like it might be a great Christmas after all.'

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