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Blue Christmas

By Angelwings Sorrow

Chapter 14 "The Haunting Present"

"Going over the screen again?"

"Yes captain." The Tall detective said as he stood up from the pavement.

"What do you see?" Ibiki smirked. Fadre was his best detective because the boy could see beyond just the crime scene.

"I see that this wasn't an accident but it wasn't planned either. The Suspect was parked somewhere close enough to watch but not close enough to be seen. There is no sign of accelerated speeds other than this burn out pattern twenty feet from where Umino-san was hit."

"You think that he saw something he didn't like?"

"Yeah that's what I'm betting on. But if it was Mizuki why strike now?"

"Because Hansom, Iruka-sensei finally out himself a new man."

Ibiki and Fadre jumped at the new arrival. Fadre had his gun drawn and pointed at the pale intruder while the captain just rolled his eyes. He thought he was rid of the annoying bounty hunter. No one could deny that work and success Suigetsu had in bringing in bounties and the evidence to keep them behind bars. But the Cocky bastard went out side the law to do it.

"What are you doing here Hozuki? I thought you left Fire Country for good."

"Ah Captain Morino so good to see you haven't forgotten me. I see you got some fresh meat. Is he as good as he looks?"

"What do you want Hozuki?"

"I'm just going over the scene and doing a little digging for my Boss. See he has an interest to see justice done." The pale Bounty hunter grinned showing his shark like teeth.

"You know this guy captain?" The young detective lowered his gun but kept it un-holstered. He was weary of the newcomer especially since the guy was staring at him as if he were dinner.

"Kurai this is Suigetsu Hozuki, Bounty Hunter. If he were on the right side of the law he would be a case closer."

"I'm flattered Captain but the office life is not for me. I still close cases, but now I go world wide." Suigetsu sauntered over Ibiki holding out a thick file. "This guy that you're looking for is bad news. He was thrown in a psych ward a year after going to jail. He had a great Lawyer and he pleaded that he was only guilty by mental defect. Mizuki served five years of a fifteen year sentence because the doctors deemed him cured."

"That would explain why Umino-san had no warning of his release. Hospitals are not required to notify victims of a criminal release." The green eyed man glared at Suigetsu. "How were you able to get this information so quickly? We just started the paperwork for Lighting Country to release these records."

"Well Hansom I have friends everywhere."

"I assume it's illegally obtained." Ibiki grumbled as he flipped through the file.

"You know Morino you make me seem like a common criminal. I am just doing the same job as you but my way is faster. To further my case for my Boss I need to see the car."

"Car is Evidence you are not allowed to have access to it. Beside what makes you think you can find something that the CSIs haven't?"

"Oh I'll get access Detective Hansom, your Captain knows how valuable my information can be. Besides you are too innocent to read the mind of a Psychopath but I'm not." The bounty hunter's violet eyes had a dangerous look that sent shivers down Fadre's spine.

"Ease off Hozuki you'll get to see the car. And stop trying to scare my Detective I don't have many good ones so I want to keep the ones I got."

"You're no fun Morino. Besides I don't think this one scares easily. Here Hansom, call me when I can see the car or if you want to get drinks sometime." Suigetsu smirked as leaned his body against the taller man slipping his card in front pocket of the detective's shirt.

"Okay Hozuki quit molesting my officer and leave."

"Fine I know when I'm not wanted. Morino it's been a pleasure as always. Later Hansom, don't forget to call." The two officers watched the Bounty hunter sashay away disappearing in the falling snow.

"Word of advice Kurai, don't become shark bait."


"Hozuki has his sights set on you and he can be relentless. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life but I know the man and he can be merciless. So either cut him off now or become his next meal. Now let's get back to the station be for we freeze our balls off out here."

"Yes sir." Fadre replied wondering how the day could get anymore weird.


"You know Dobe, Iruka-sensei is going to get better."

"I know that Teme, but he just look so bad just lying there in the hospital bed. I just couldn't sleep with that image stuck in my head." Sasuke knew Naruto wasn't sleeping from all the tossing and turning he did in bed the night before. It tore at him that there was nothing he could do to soothe his boyfriend. So he did his best to reassure him everything was going to be alright.

"I'll make the coffee while you take a shower and get dressed. Then we'll drive down to the hospital."

"Thank you Sasuke." Naruto gave his boyfriend chaste kiss before retreating into the bathroom.

With the Dobe busy with in the shower Sasuke pulled out his phone and decided to call for an update.

"Hozuki here on a chase. Leave your name and number and I'll catch you later."

"Where are you, you Stupid Shark? I need an update five minutes ago. Call me back or I'll fish fry your pasty ass!" The raven glared at the phone as he hung up.

Ever since they got back from the hospital Naruto seemed to fallen into a depression. The Uchiha was thankful that Kyuubi was with his parents instead of here. That way he wouldn't see his brother so lifeless. Normally Sasuke was useless in the kitchen but this time spent with the Dobe had taught him at least how to work the coffee maker. As the coffee brewed he heard the apartment phone ring. He debate on answering it but thought the better of it and let the answering machine pick up.

"Naruto-kun this is Hizashi Hyuuga. All paper work has been filed and there is court date set for the 29th at 10am. Unfortunately we could not get Danzo Shimura removed from Kyuubi's case. He is well connected in the courts and Social Services. My sources say that he pulled favors to get the case assigned to him. I have contacted Tsunade Sannin and she has already filed transfer papers with the Principle of Konoha Elementary. Kyuubi will have an interview with the principle at 2 this afternoon. I will call there are any other changes."

"Today? But I'm not ready! Kyuubi is not ready he doesn't have a suit to wear!" Sasuke turn to see his wet dreams come true. There was his blonde blue eyed angel with a demon side standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a towel. The only thing taking away from this picture was the panicked look on his boyfriend's face.

"Naruto calm down we'll get through this." The raven made slow movements towards the other teen as not to spook him.

"How? Tell me how, Sasuke! How is everything going to work out? Everything is all going so fast." Naruto began to shake as his eyes filled with unshed tears.

"Because Dobe, you got me. I won't let you face this alone." Slowly warm arms wrapped around the tan toned waist. Sasuke loved the blush that was spreading over his soon-to-be lover's face. As much as he wanted to take his gorgeous blond to bed, that was not what was needed now.

Instead he would satisfy himself with those pouty lips. He leaned in close and captured the soft pink lips. Naruto was taken by surprise and let out a soft gasp. Not to waste an opportunity the Uchiha slipped his tongue into the sweet mouth. He explored every part of the warm cavern pulling delicious moans from his boyfriend. Naruto was not one to be outdone by the Uchiha and his hands found themselves fisted in the raven locks. Shivers ran up and down his spine as those sinful arms stroked his bare skin. Soon he felt himself pushed against the frame of the doorway and something hard pressing into his own hardness.

Sasuke couldn't get enough of the blond. He could feel that he wasn't the only one effect by the heated snog session. He grinded against the willing hips in search of relief. His jeans have never been tighter but the friction was heaven. One of his wandering hands made its way under the towel to that pert tanned ass. With one squeeze of the bare ass cheek he swallowed the scream of his lover as Naruto came against him releasing on the already wet towel. Sasuke wasn't far behind releasing the blond from the kiss and biting down on the tan neck to muffle his moan as he came hard in his jeans.

" Great Teme, now I need another shower." Naruto gasped as he tried to catch his breath wrapping his arms around the pale neck.

"Hn." The Raven was so far gone he couldn't form a coherent thought. All he could do was hold on to the slim body in reflex so they wouldn't fall down.

"I hope that isn't your plan to solve all our problems. As pleasurable as it is I am not doing that at the interview this afternoon." The whisker teen smiled into the soft black hair.

"Dobe." Sasuke stood up straight bringing Naruto closer, now that his legs stopped shaking. "That was not what I had in mind for the interview. That is just for us alone, because I do not share. I won't share you with anyone."

"Possessive Bastard."

"You like it and you know it." The Uchiha smirked as the Dobe tried to hide the smile against his chest. "Now go get cleaned up before I take your sweet little ass."

"Fine Teme, but what are we going to do about the interview?"

"Just go get ready. I'll have everything ready by the time we're ready to leave for the hospital." Sasuke smirked before pushing the confused teen back towards the bath room.

"Whatever, but you better change your pants because I am not going anywhere with your pants sporting a huge stain in the front."

"Not Funny Dobe!" the Uchiha ran after blond only to have the bathroom door slammed in his face. He wasn't too upset about being locked out. He let the Dobe think he won this round. Once again he pulled out his phone to ask for a favor. Unfortunately this favor was bound to have strings attached.

"Good morning, Sasuke! How is everything? Do you need me to bring you anything?"

"Hello Mother, everything is fine and no I don't need you to bring me anything. I do need to ask a huge favor concerning Naruto and Kyuubi."

"Whatever I can do to help sweetie, I'll do it."

"Thanks, Mom."


Boy did his back hurt. Opening his eyes the first thing he noticed was white. The air was laced with alcohol and hand sanitizers. The hospital, he was at the hospital; but why was he here? Then the events of yesterday came crashing down on him.


Kakashi sat straight up despite the protests from his back. The horrible day really did happen. His beloved boyfriend was lying before him pale and lifeless. The art teacher would forever have those images stuck in his mind of the car hitting Iruka and then his bloody broken body afterwards. Sensing his master's pain Akino hopped off The English teacher's bed and then laid his head on Kakashi's lap.

"You know Akino I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. After my parents died I spent a lot of time hiding and hating the world around me. You and your brothers were my only friends because you don't judge me or berate me for not living up to the Hatake name. You guys love my because I give you food and attention and that's enough for you guys.

"That's what it was like when I first met Iruka. He didn't judge me based on my name. He even tried to make friends with me. But I screwed that up as well. I brushed him off as an annoyance. What really made me fall head over heels in love with him was when we were at the Fire Country Athletic trials. I help out the Boys Gym class sometimes and to my Surprise Iruka was part of the organizing group for the trials. I nominated Naruto and Sasuke; Gai Nominated Neji and his star pupil Lee.

"They were just Freshmen at the time and most of the competitors would be at least 16 and 17 years of age. Iruka was not happy with the Nominations at all. He went to Tsunade and demanded that we withdraw them and choose other candidates. Gai was going to concede but I open my big mouth. I basically called him a mother hen who couldn't let go of his chicks. The Boys were ready I could see that Sasuke and Naruto had been getting stronger more focused. I told Iruka that if he couldn't handle letting go then he should just go teach Kindergarten.

"I was an idiot. He coldly apologized and bowed out of the room. I felt like a huge ass after I had cooled down. So I tired to find him but I could find him anywhere. Instead I found myself at a bar drowning out the day in a bottle of whiskey. I somehow made it back to the school before passing out on the front steps. That's where he found me hung over and vomit on my shirt and mask. Even though I was such a jerk to him he still took me to the gyms and clean me up. Which was harder than you might think because I wouldn't let him take my mask."

"You were … a stubborn… bastard."

"Yeah I know but you still took care of me Iruka. … IRUKA! YOU'RE AWAKE!"

"Kashi…too loud."

"I'm sorry Ruka." Kakashi whispered as took the tan hand in his. "How are you feeling? Do you need anything?"

"Water… Please?"

"Of course. But just a little the doctor still needs to look you over before you can have anything else." His hands were shaking as he held the cup and straw to his beloved's dry lips. He watched Iruka take small slow slips before taking in away. There was more color in the English teacher's face but he was still pale.

"Kashi, what happen? Is Kyuubi okay?"

"Kyuubi is fine. You saved him. He broke his arm on the landing but that's a small price to pay for being alive. You and on the other hand took the full impact."

"Thank Kami. I was afraid I wasn't fast enough or didn't throw him far enough. It would have killed me if the boy was seriously hurt." Tears began to fall from sad brown eyes.

"No, crying Ruka. You saved him and you both are alive." Kakashi wiped the tears from the tan cheeks smiling as the turn a soft pink. He then placed a masked kiss on Iruka's forehead and watched as pink tinted cheeks turned to bright red.

"Well it looks like Iruka sensei has got his color back." Smirked the doctor from the door way.

"Morning Kabuto-san." Kakashi stood back a bit but refused to leave or let go of the hand he held.

"Good morning Kakashi-sensei, Iruka- sensei. Well Sensei you gave us quite a scare yesterday. Your sister has been terrorizing the staff since she got here last night."

"Anko? Anko is here?" Iruka paled instantly.

"OTOUTO!" there was nothing he could but brace himself for the incoming assault.

Kabuto sidestepped just barely avoiding a collision with the PE teacher. Kakashi wasn't as lucky as he was pushed into the wall face first. Iruka was pulled in a gentle but firm hug. "You had me so worry Otouto! Never do that again. I can't live without my Otouto."

"Anko-nee what are you doing here? You didn't have to miss your vacation."

"If you weren't hurt I would punch you for daring to suggest I be anywhere but at your side when you nearly died! Iruka I thought I was going to lose you. You are more important a few weeks in Vegas." Anko's dark violet eyes filled with tears. She buried her face in bandaged chest and let her tears go. "Never leave me Otouto."

"I won't willingly leave you Nee-chan, never willingly." Iruka held his sister of the heart close. They stayed that way for until the tears ran dry. Kakashi gently pried the two apart and Kabuto began his examination of the English teacher.

"Well Sensei you seem to be over the worst. We were you afraid you would be in a coma for weeks because of the stress your body went through. It's fortunate you came out of it so quickly. It's a good sign to how fast you will heal, but you still have a long recovery ahead of you. Your leg will take at least ten weeks before you are able to walk on it again and even then you will have to use crutches. Now your ribs will heal in less time but will be tender for weeks after the bone has mended itself. You had some major surgery so you will be here until we are sure that your incisions won't fall into infection and that all there are no more surprises. You also will have to start eating more Sensei. You have lost at least 10 pound since your last physical which I might remind you was only a month ago."

"Sorry been a little stressed." Iruka blushed.

"Stressed you had a stalker after you!" Anko screamed in indignation


"I think we should let Kabuto finish his examination and update Iruka latter about what has been going on." Kakashi stepped between the siblings hoping to keep the peace.

"Fine." they chorused as both of them crossed their arms and pouted.

"Well Iruka-sensei I want you to start eating just a little bit more with every meal until you gain the weight back. Shizune always said you were too skinny for your frame. I'm sure that she and the other girls will make it their mission to fatten you up. Once you are release from here you won't be able to live on your own or go back to Rasengan."

"What? Why?" This news crushed the English teacher. Where was he supposed to go? Rasengan was the only family he had other than Anko. She couldn't take care of him or put him up her apartment was way too small.

"First off you will need help and nurse care during your recovery. Second of all your apartment at Rasengan is on the fourth floor and the elevator is not large enough to accommodate your wheelchair with the metal frame screwed in your leg."

"There are elevators?" that was the first he ever heard of them.

"Of course there are." Kabuto chuckled. "How else would we have got our stuff up those narrow stairs to move in? We all just take the stairs because we like talking and being close to one another."

"If I can't go home and I can't go to Rasengan then where will I go?"

"You can live with me if you want to. My home has more than enough space."

"Are you sure Kakashi?" Iruka was surprised at the offer; he blushed when he thought about the masked man helping him with intimate matters such as using the toilet and bathing. "I don't want to be a bother for you."

"You are not a bother. I live alone save for a housekeeper that comes by twice a week and the pack of mutts I call pets. The place is large and empty; you will be a welcomed change for the place."

"Alright if you're sure than I accept your hospitality."

"Not without a chaperone! My Otouto is not going to be alone in a house with a pervert!"

"Anko-sensei, leave them alone." Naruto glared as he entered the room followed by Sasuke. "They will be fine I know Kakashi Sensei will take very good care of Iruka-sensei or else."

"Of course I will." The art teacher promised not missing how the blue eyes flashed red his way.

"Hey Iruka-sensei." The blond turn to his injured teacher and engulfed him in a gentle hug. "I was so scared you wouldn't wake up."

"Oh Naruto," Iruka's heart softened and he returned the hug. "I'm sorry that it frightened you but I would do it again to save Kyuubi."

"I know. Thank you for saving our baby brother but next time don't let my big brother hurt." Naruto buried his tears in the tan neck.

"Alright little brother I won't."

"Alright Naruto let me finish looking Iruka-sensei over and then you can help us move him out of intensive care Unit." Once the teen was pried from Iruka, Kabuto finished his exam. "Everything seems to be in order but you need to rest. I can see that you are trying to fight off the sleep."

"But (yawn) I feel so useless when I sleep all the time."

"Sensei you just came out of major surgery and a coma. You need to sleep or I will give orders to have you sedated."

"Fine I will after I move rooms I hate being here." He had too many memories of being hooked up to machines after Mizuki had a bad night.

"Very well Kakashi Anko and Sasuke why don't you both head up to the eighth floor and wait for us to move Iruka-sensei up stairs." The three agreed and went on ahead but Akino stayed rooted to the English teacher's side. "Looks like this fellow is really attached to you; he hasn't left your side since you were admitted. "

"He right Sensei. Akino would have gone with you into the OR if they had let him." Naruto moved to pat the dog's head only to be tackled and his face bathed in dog slobber. "Akino! Ha, ha, ha! Stop that, I got a meeting later."

"I can't think why he's so attached. He's one of Kakashi's dogs. Akino leave Naruto alone." The shades wearing dog was quick to heel and settle next to Iruka.

"Well what ever it is you keep him close sensei he's helping your recovery. I'll go let the orderlies know that you're ready to move." Kabuto smiled as he finished his notes in Iruka's file.

Naruto watched the young doctor leave and then turn to his favorite Sensei. "There are some things you need to know sensei, before others try and sugarcoat them."

"Thank you for being honest. But I have the feeling I know what you're going to say."

"Yeah, you're probably right. It wasn't and accident that you were hit. Whoever hit you wanted you dead. Anko told Ibiki about your ex-boyfriend from Kumo. They think he might be the one who tried to kill you."

"Mizuki. He's supposed to be locked up!"

"I know Sensei, but they are looking into it. Keep Akino with you at all times. I don't want you to be left alone without some kind of protection. Now that you are out of the ICU Kakashi-sensei and Anko-sensei won't be able to stay with you at night."

"Do you think that if it is him that he will try again?"

"I don't know Sensei but I don't want you to chance it. Kyuubi and me would be devastated if anything happen to you."

"Alright then. Thank you for telling me the truth; I needed to hear it."

"Mr. Umino are you ready move to your new room?" The orderly as he unhooked all the machines from the teacher.

"Yes I'm tired of this room."

"We'll have you moved and resting with a window view of the city."

The move was quick a quiet. Once Iruka was settled Akino made himself home on the foot of his bed. The others piled in to room Sasuke immediately went to his Dobe's side. Anko and Kakashi fought over the only other available visitor chair. Needless to say Anko won and the Art teacher was forced to watch his love from his spot leaning against the window.

"So Otouto we got to tell you what's been happening since you were hurt!"

"Anko! Iruka doesn't need added stress he needs to rest." Kakashi cut off the Purple-haired teacher. "Everything is being taken care of. You just need to rest and get better."

"No he needs to know!"

"Guys! Knock it off! Or I'll get Kabuto to band you both from the room and Iruka-sensei will finally get some rest." Naruto Growled.

"Naruto how is Kyuubi? I know that Kakashi said he only had a broken arm but I want to see him. If only to reassure myself that he wasn't hurt worst."

"Kyuubi is fine he's staying with the Uchihas for the remaining winter break. I'll bring him by this afternoon. We have an interview with the Konoha Elementary Principal today."

"Kyuubi is going to Konoha? When did his happen?" Iruka's head was spinning. How long was he asleep?

"Before the accident Sasuke convinced me to move him to Konoha for his protection. When Kyuubi was admitted into the ER a social work came and tried to take him away from me. Because of him I had to expedite the enrollment. I'm so nervous Sensei I don't know if I can do this. What if I screw up and Kyuubi won't get in? The last interview I did was my own and even then I don't think I did that well."

"Naruto," The English teacher smiled softly. "You will be fine. I know that you were great at your interview. I was one of the teachers that reviewed your tape. You are a well spoken young man Naruto and you are more mature than you give yourself credit for."

"Thank you Sensei," Naruto sighed in relief. Hearing those comforting words calmed most his nerves, but Iruka's energy quickly fading. "I'll try to keep that in mind. Teme and I are going to go now you need your rest."

"I will good luck." with a quick hug good-bye the teens were gone.


"No Anko, Naruto filled me in on the things going on with Mizuki on the loose. I'll talk to Ibiki later now, (yawn) I want to sleep."

"Alright, but I'll be back later." Anko pouted before giving her little brother a kiss on the forehead. "I'll even bring you some real Miso soup."

"Looking forward to it."

Kakashi ignored the glare that was sent his way as the PE teacher left. He was finally alone with Iruka and he had no idea what to say. He knew that the injured man should rest but there was some much that they need to talk about. Starting with his rambling confessions about the comatose man who just happen to wake up and hear said confessions.

"Kashi, stop thinking, you're too loud."

"I didn't say anything Ruka."

"No but the wheels in your head are grinding too loud for me to sleep."

"Sorry, I was just thinking about the stuff we need to talk about."

"Later Kashi, for now come over here and sleep with me. I know you couldn't have slept well in that chair."

"Are you sure? I don't want you hurt you." Kakashi asked as he slowly climbed in the bed next to his love. He was careful not to jar the metal frame on Iruka's leg so he could cuddle as close as he could to him.

"You won't hurt me Kashi. You chase the nightmares away." Soon there was no sound but the gentle snores of the English teacher.

"I'll always be here to keep you safe, My Ruka."


"Dobe stop pulling at you shirt Shisui will kill you if you ruin his work."

"I can't help it Teme, I'm nervous. This is a big deal for Kyuubi and if I screw up he'll be stuck at Shuriken."

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, you both will be fine." Mikoto smiled and began to straighten out the line of the blonde's suit. "You both look so handsome."

"Thank you Mrs. Uchiha." The whisker teen blushed and Kyuubi beamed.

Once Sasuke had gotten Naruto to the manor, the Blond had been taken and stripped by the Uchiha of fashion. Then he had a team dress him, do his hair and did something to his skin to make it soft and shinny. He was surprised to see that his baby brother had gone through the same treatment. Kyuubi was in a suit designed around the bright red cast on his arm; while he was in a black suit with a bright orange tie. Then if that wasn't enough almost all of the Uchihas decided to go with the Uzumakis to the interview.

Kyuubi had been enjoying his stay with Obito and Tobi. In fact he was excited to go to this interview. Right now he was chatting with the twins telling them that he hoped they would all be in the same class. Naruto on the other hand was fidgeting with his hands and his knee was jiggling and he couldn't seem to get comfortable. To top off his anxiety Granny Tsunade was in there with Principal Mei Terumi. She probably telling her all about the pranks he did as a kid or how he would walk into her office and boss her around.

"It was good talking with you Tsunade. We'll have to go out for drinks after this." The door opened to reveal two women who were laughing at some unknown joke.

"Mei you just said the magic words. I'll see you later at Otogakure I tell my brother to save us the best table." Tsunade smiled at the Auburn haired woman.

"I didn't know Orochimaru own the club. He seems to up tight to own a night club."

"He's only part owner his lover owns the other half and runs it. Though now he has a broken leg for threatening to not show up for Christmas."

"I'm sure Orochimaru was please with that. I'll see you in a few hours. Chojuro make sure I have a driver for this evening."

"Of course Terumi-sensei." The secretary bowed as he handed a file to the principal.

"Kyuubi Uzumaki, will you and your Guardian please come with me."

"Hai! Come on Aniki!" Kyuubi jumped down and ran into the room Naruto followed at a slower pace.

Sasuke watched his lover enter the room before closing the door. He wished he could go in there and support his Dobe but he couldn't. This was an interview was a test of their family and of their endurance to face all challenges together.

"Don't worry about Uzumaki-san Sasuke. He has a will of fire nothing is going to intimidate him. He and Kyuubi-kun will be fine."

"I know, thank you Uncle Madara." While the words were a comfort he would not relax until his Dobe was back in his arms.

"Then stop pouting little brother it's unbecoming of an Uchiha."

"Shut it Itachi. Why are you even here?"

"Why to give my support after all this was my idea." The older raven smirked at his precious little brother.

"No it was my idea!"

"Boys stop fighting! We are here for Naruto and Kyuubi. If you both can't behave you will sit in the cold car.

"Yes, mother." Sasuke and Itachi winced. No matter how old you got your mother could still make you feel like a little kid.


"Well I must say this is highly unusual. I rarely get transfer request this late in the year. But Tsunade and Mr. Uchiha explain what has been happening and I think I can make an exception." Mei smiled. She was one of Tsunade's oldest friends and when she was offer the job at Konoha Elementary she jumped at the chance to be Close to her partner in crime.

"Thank you Terumi-sensei. I know its short notice but I really want to give Kyuubi the best education possible."

"I can see that but Shuriken is the best school in your division why do you think your brother should be uprooted from what is familiar?"

"Shuriken has a good education program but the staff is lacking. The Principal has made a personal attack on me by sue me to have the state take away Kyuubi from my care."

"NO! I WON'T GO!" Kyuubi Jumped up from his chair and hugged the teen with all his might afraid to let go. "If you go away like mama and dada I'll be alone."

"Kyu no one is going to take you away I promise. She tried to take you but I stopped her I won't let anyone take you away." Naruto tried to reassure the chibi but Kyuubi was too frightened.

"Kyuubi-Kun, your brother is right. You are Safe here and no one here wants to take you away from your brother." Mei came from around her desk and knelt down in front of the Uzumaki brothers. Years of working with young children had made her patient and her soft voice had the chibi calming down from his panic attack. "Kyuubi, can you tell me about your brother Naruto?"

"My Aniki is big and strong." A little voice squeaked.

"Good, what else?"

"He's smart and funny." The little voice became louder and stronger. "He makes the best Chocolate chip pancakes ever!"

"Oh my, I will have to try some. Sounds like your Aniki loves you a lot."

"Yeah he does." Kyuubi sat up straight on Naruto lap as he thought about all the things his brother did for him.

"Do you think he would just let anyone take you without a fight?"

"No. Naruto-nii beat up a bad guy once to save a friend. He doesn't give up!" the little redhead grinned triumphantly. His brother on the other hand blushed in embarrassment.

"Then you shouldn't give up believing in Naruto. He is doing everything he can to keep you with him and away from the people who want to take you away from him. Kyuubi, do you know why he goes to Konoha?"

"He wants to be smart and be a lawyer like Dada was."

"Exactly. He is going to Konoha to be smart. Naruto also wants you to be smart so you can grow up to be anything you want to be. Do you want to come here to go to school here at Konoha?"

"Yeah! Tobi and Obito go here! They are my best friends! Uncle Oro teaches Aniki at big Konoha! I can come to school with Aniki!" the little red head exclaimed as his eye lit up with excitement.

"Well it looks like you are already off to a great start you already have friends and family close by. I think you will do very well here at Konoha." Mei smiled gently. She stood and leaned against her desk and picked up the file on her desk. "Kyuubi can you tell me why you have been sad at your school lately?"

"More kids like Kino, and Yoshi, said I was bad and that's why My parents went to heaven. I told them they were jerks and hit them." The chibi bowed his head to hide his shame for fighting.

"Oh Kyu, why didn't you tell me, or tell your teacher, that they were bullying you?" Naruto wrapped Kyuubi hug.

"I wanted to take care of it on my own. I'm not a baby!"

"No you're not Kyuubi but it is not nice to fight. Those boys were wrong but a teacher can better deal with bullies. I want you to promise that when you start school here you will tell a teacher that you are being picked on. We take bullying very seriously at Konoha and we don't stand for bullies here. Those who bully others get sent home for a week and if they do it again they are expelled." The Principal's visible green eye glared with the seriousness of the situation.

"See Kyu they won't let you be hurt here. You got to promise to tell a teacher when another kid tries to bully you."

"I promise Aniki." Kyuubi curled into his brother's arms soaking up the love his brother was offering him.

"Thank you Kyuubi. Other than that issue it looks like you have an excellent academic record. You are off to a great start for your school career young man. Mr. Uchiha has paid your tuition under the Sharingan Scholarship so that is not and issue. Naruto Since you are attending Konoha High school I assume getting here on time won't be an issue."

"No Sensei. We take the bus and on rare occasions I drive."

"Good. I'll file these transfer papers with Shuriken and give copies to your Lawyers. Then I will see you both after the New Year so Kyuubi can join the Uchiha twins in his new class."

"YAY! I get to be with Tobi and Obito! I'm going to go tell them!" Kyuubi jumped off his brother's lap and ran out the door.

"Thank you Sensei." The blond teen stood and bowed in respect.

"You brother is an intelligent and well adjusted child. He is just the kind of child that we have attending here at Konoha. Much like you he has the potential to go far. Is it true about you and your brother's Photographic memories?" Mei smirked when she noticed Naruto wince at her question. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Please Sensei don't tell anyone. I don't want Kyuubi treated any different. At my old school I was treated as a freak show by some and a goldmine by others who wanted me to cheat for them. I never did so I was beaten up for saying no. I want Kyuubi to have a normal childhood."

"I understand. I won't put it in his file. You are a remarkable young man Uzumaki and an amazing brother. I wish you luck against Utatane. She was once Tsunade's and my teacher. She is ruthless and will not give up until she gets what she is after. Transferring your brother is a step in protecting him from her but she won't let that stop her. So don't let your guard down."

"Thank you Sensei, I won't."

"Now go I'm sure the Uchihas want to celebrate Kyuubi's acceptance."

"See you next year Sensei." Naruto bowed before joining the others in Kyuubi's celebration. With the interview over there was less weight hanging over him. Now they just had to get through the court hearing, but he wouldn't worry about that now. Now he was going to relax with his boyfriend and celebrate his brother's acceptance in to Konoha. Everything else could just wait.

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