Title: Warmth

Chapter: Oneshot

Type: Drabble

Rating: PG, just for safety.

Category: I luv Halloween

Pairing: Pig-Pig/ DL

Summary: Pig -Pig is cold and DL notices.

Warnings: Implied M to M contact. No sex though.

Offer: The '12 days of X-mas fic challenge' issued by T.D. against TLOK. Offer has been accepted.

The wind blew slightly, tugging hard at their masks. It seemed that Pig Pig wasn't going to get the chance to warm up for the rest of the night.

DL seemed to lag behind Finch and Mr. Kitty, who were talking to each other about something. It was actually surprising Pig Pig that the two, DL and Finch were not next to each other. Normally they would spend every Halloween's waking moment together.

Of course though, Pig Pig was lagging the most in the back, thinking about the cold weather.

Pig Pig hadn't noticed, but DL had slowed down and was now walking next to him.

"Why is it that you're always trying to think?" DL asked, his voice in a shadowed hush.

Pig Pig looked up at him, "No…I wasn't think-Wait…For a human to have thoughts, then they think anyway, right? Well, there really is no way for me to not be thinking." Pig Pig said to him. He had asked his dad, and that was what his dad had told him to say to people. His dad told him that it would make him seem, smarter.

DL gave a small laugh, "Where did you learn that from? I don't believe that YOU thought it up all by yourself." His mock was slightly hurtful to the other boy.

Pig Pig seemed to stay quiet, as if he didn't want to talk to him anymore.

He shook slightly though, remembering that it was very cold out this October day. He drew his hands up, letting his bag hang at his waist and bounce there. His arms crossed, he began to rub himself, as if trying to get warmer.

"You cold?" DL said, a little frustrated.

Pig Pig looked up at him, "Yeah…It's cold out." He said to the other body.

A second later, he felt someone next to him, DL. And the other boy was pressing up against his body, drawing a hand over and resting it on Pig Pig's shoulder. It seemed that the boy was rubbing him now. "Feel warmer?" He asked, his voice low, deep, and strange.

"Uh…yeah?" He said, his voice nervous.

DL seemed to walk even slowly now, his grip slightly stronger on the other boy's. "Let them get ahead of us." He whispered.

Pig Pig really didn't have a choice though. He seemed faint, "But they might loose us." He said.

"Or we'll loose them." DL said, his voice a little stronger as it became closer to Pig Pig's mask.

"Uh…DL….you're a little too close." Pig Pig seemed to say, his voice nervous.

"Yeah…It's how you keep other people warm." He said, as if he were stating a fact. "The closer we are, the warmer we'll be." He said.

Pig Pig gave a small groan, "Do-Do you think they'll see us?" He asked.

DL was leaning on the mask now, "Who cares?" He asked.

Pig Pig gave a small sigh. "Well…Are there any other ways of getting warm?"

There was a pause in the other's movements, then he seemed to laugh, and it was dark and low. "I can think of a few." He seemed to smile under his mask. "We'll have to go to your house though.

Pig Pig gave a small smile under his mask, "What about candy?"

"I'll give you all you want." DL said.

Pig Pig gave a toss away from the other boy and joyfully he said, "What are we waiting for?"

The End.

This was just another little story to display the 12 days of Christmas. This was also another piece of mine that I had idea's for. You know, making it into a whole chapter story and everything, though I got dragged away. These pieces area really posted here to honor their braveness. Haha. Have a good day.

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