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If I thought that mine and Stan's little conversation at Kyle's would end there, I was very wrong.

It was Thursday...THURSDAY!

Yet, every chance he got he cornered me, trying to get information. Luckily, Kyle usually saved me by dragging Stan off to study for our end of the quarter finals.

There was also my dreams which were getting worse and worse every night. And by that, I mean I could remember every single detail fucking bright as day! To say the least, I had not gotten enough sleep the past week.

Then there was the lardass who was currently PMSing since Wendy still hadn't gotten back with him yet.

So all in all, my week had been crappy so far.

BUT, first thing on my mind when I walked into South Park High was to figure out how to get rid of the stupid dreams.

I needed to talk to somebody, anybody, preferably a girl. Girls always have the answers when it comes to dreams, feelings and crap. My eyes scanned the hallway, the first person they landed on was Bianca a.k.a. Bee.

Bee was the band queen and one of the few girls in the school, I claimed to be my friend. Her blonde hair and blue eyes usually got us mistaken as siblings the times we hung out together. Yeah, she would know what to do--

I froze, standing on either side of her was Pip and Damien.


It wasn't that I was scared of Pip and Damien, hell no. It was just the last time I interrupted a conversation between those three; Damien invited me along to their "sleepover." And no matter how epic I thought hooking up with Bee would be; she wasn't going for it. I walked away with a concussion that day.

Yep, it was better if I found someone else.

Heading farther down the hall I spotted Kenzie, another one of the few girls I'd call friend, leaning up against the lockers. Of course Stan and everyone just HAD to be less than twenty feet away.

To hell with it.

I was taking the chance.

"Hey gorgeous," I said, brushing a lock of hair from her face.

"Kenny," she smirked before pushing my hand away, her hair falling back in front of her eye.

"I need your opinion on something...or are you too busy drooling over Tweekers?" I nodded to where the kid stood next to Kyle; as Craig and fatty decided to arm wrestle.

"Screw you McCormick," after a pause she added, "what do you want?"

"Knew you loved me."

"On with it."

"I've been having these...dreams lately and I want to get rid of them."

Kenzie shot me a quizzical look, "Sex dreams?"

I frowned, "How the hell do you always do that? What are you psychic?"

She waved her hand as if she was actually erasing my comment from the air, "What about them?"

"It's the same chick every night...for a little over a week. We'll be in different places every time but we never do the same thing twice. The-they just keep getting longer, and more intense. Like the other night she had a thing of bananas and then she took my--"

"Whoa! Just stop there! I do not want to know where that story is going," she said, holding her hand up. "Look I'm not as good with dreams as Bee is-"

Nodding, I glanced back down the hall to where Bee, Pip, and Damien still stood.

"But," I looked back to Kenzie as she continued, "I think it's obvious if you want to get rid of the dreams, well, then sleep with her."

"And what if this chick isn't real?"

"Then you're pretty much out of luck," she laughed.

I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Alright, alright...I dunno really but I guess if you slept with someone that looked like her. Or imagined they looked like her then it might work."

The bell rang.


Heading towards my first class, I threw Kenzie a quick wave of thanks.

In the middle of the room Val stood at Butters' desk and from what I could tell the she was showing off a new bunny hoodie. After I 'broke' Butters little heart in the 8th grade she right up came up to me and slapped me!

The little brunette surprised the shit out of me. A few weeks later I returned the favor and beat the shit out of some douche trying to put the moves on her. Ever since then she's been the little sister I never talk to.

Still, it irked me when she started her nervous giggle.

God can't the little fag tell that she likes him? Hell knowing Butters, he probably likes her too.

HA, like I care.

Rolling my eyes at the couple I brushed passed Butters and headed for a seat in the back. Someone that looked like her, remembering Kenzie's words I looked up at Butters and shuttered.

Yeah right, that will never happen.

Turning towards Val she caught my eye and gave me a friendly nod. I reluctantly returned the gesture.

I scoffed.

What's so great about her hoodie anyways? It's white-mine's orange!

Nobody ever cares about my jacket.

I growled and zipped up my hoodie as I glared at hers. Mumbling about her stupid bunny jacket; I slammed my head down against the desk and then groaned. Lifting it again I rubbed my forehead, I had forgotten about the gash. It had finally closed completely a day or two ago but that didn't mean that it still didn't hurt.

And thanks to the fatass I could already feel the bump from the forming scar.

Glancing up I found myself staring into Butters' cerulean eyes. I groaned again, this time for a completely different reason. Dropping my hand to my lap I set my head down softly on the desk this time and closed my eyes planning to sleep away the period.

"Eh Kenny!"

No such luck.

I turned my head to the side, not bothering to lift it from the desk and watched Cartman slide into his seat.

"Can you believe that slut? I bet she's sleeping with that English fuck Gregory, the little bitch."

Oh god.

I closed my eyes and drowned out the rest of what he had to say.


"Kenny? Kenny you need to wake up. Class is over."

"Huh?" I mumbled drowsily as I lifted my head off the cool desk.

Rubbing, my eyes I yawned, "Thanks dude."

"You're welcome."

That was not Cartman's voice, it was way too feminine.

I blinked and sure enough standing over me was Marjorine with a sad look on her face.

"S-see you later Kenny."

Before I could say anything she turned and headed down the aisle. I watched her hair sway back and forth along with her hips as she made her way to the door where Bebe was waiting.

"Come on Butters were gonna be late for Art."

Together they disappeared out the door.


I blinked again realizing that it was Butters I was talking to. Looking around the classroom I found it completely empty. That fat asshole left me here alone with Butters.


School, uhg.

Thankfully the rest of the day was a blur. I slept in every class after finding someone to wake me up, not wanting to repeat first period.

Since my naps were only about an hour long my dreams were short and innocent. The worst one was during second period, Marjorine had thrown herself at me. But Val shook me awake before anything happened.

I did not need to be running to the bathroom in the middle of class.

Yawning and giving her a thumbs up, "Nice jacket," I called as I headed out the door. Forgetting all about my earlier hatred for it.

Third and fourth period flew by with me and Marjorine not getting any farther than kissing; thanks to Kyle and Bee.

I was starting to feel that maybe my luck had changed.

That is until Stan spotted me.

He cornered me in the parking lot and practically dragged me to his car.

Once seated Stan locked the doors forcing me to gulp.

"Look Stan I love ya man, but don't rape me."

"What the hell are you talking about Kenny?"

"Dude! I've seen this movie ok. This is where you drive me off to some back woods dirt road and rape the shit out of me--"

"God dammit Kenny," he pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'm not going to rape you! I want to talk to you about Marjorine."

"What are you talking about Stan?" I asked, narrowing my eyes suspiciously.

I may have slipped a few times but I never said anything about Marjorine to him.

"Kyle told me."

"Huh?" I asked dumbfounded.

"Kyle told me you kept saying Marjorine during third while you were passed out. You've been either spying on Butters or avoiding him like the plague. Then last week at Kyle's you mentioned a 'her'. So I just put two and two together."

"Stan, you're wrong."

But he ignored me, "Then I started thinking about that time we made Butters dress up as Marjorine and you were acting the same way then. And with Butters' hair and the way he dresses, it's hard not to be reminded of 4th grade."


"So it's pretty much obvious that you're in love with Butters."

I felt my jaw slowly drop, staring at the smug look on his face.

Then I scoffed, "Seriously dude? You actually think I'm in 'love' with Butters?" I made quotation marks in the air with my hands, "That's just sick, he's a fucking guy, you know I'm not into guys."

The grin on Stan's face began to drop.

He thought for a moment then replied, "Then you're in love with Marjorine."

I groaned this was ridiculous, love? Especially with someone who doesn't even exist?

Yeah right.

I decided to ignore Stan's comment and changed the subject to much more interesting things.

"How are things with Anne, Stan?"

He turned away from me, looking out the window. Lately, whenever his girlfriend's name came up he would get all quiet.

"This isn't about me Kenny, it's about you," I rolled my eyes at that remark.

Of course he would dodge any of my questions.

"Just think about it about it Kenny."

Alright now he was starting to piss me off.

"I don't give a shit, Stan."

"He lost his virginity this year."

I ignored the tightening I felt in my chest, "Big deal--pretty much everyone in town has lost their virginity. Hell, even Ike lost his."

Again he ignored me, "It was to another guy."

"GOD DAMMIT! Like that's a big fucking surprise, we've always know Butters is a fag! Look Stan I don't give a flying fuck about Butters, okay? If you care so much why don't you go fuck him?!"

Stan sighed then nodded, I opened the car door to get out.

He stayed silent for a while before finally speaking, "I guess that's a good thing then, seeing as how Butters has a boyfriend anyways..."

I froze halfway out the door, gaping back at the football star, "What?"

A small smile formed on his lips, "Butters is dating Clyde. They've been official since April, I think. That's what Bebe said anyways."


Butters is dating Clyde...since April?

I released my grip on door handle, pain shot through it up to my arm signaling how hard I had been gripping it.

"Like I give a fuck who that little fag fucks around with," I spat at him before slamming the door and walking away.

Pulling my hood over my head and stuffing my hands into my pockets; I headed down the side walk.

What the fuck was Stan's problem?

Like I actually gave a shit that Butters lost his virginity and probably to his gay ass boyfriend Clyde.

You know what? Fuck all three of them, they can go to hell.

And me in love? That's just bull shit all that sappy love crap is for girls and pussies like Stan, Craig, and Butters...

Is Butters in love with Clyde?

I swore at my own thoughts.

God, I just wanted to rip all of my hair out.

"Hey Babe need a ride?"

I looked up to see Milly hanging halfway out her window.

"Hey," I said quietly.

She grinned, "Looks like you could need a little relaxation. Get in."

I popped open the car door and slid in, my eyes took their time roaming over her. She wasn't wearing her raisins uniform this time, instead she wore a tight white button up t-shirt and a short black skirt that was inching it's way up her thighs.

Milly stepped on the gas.

"Not working tonight?" I asked.

"Nope all free and my parents are out of town for a week."


Just the kind of break I needed.


As soon as we stepped into Milly's house I attached my mouth to her neck. I slammed her down against the couch. Dotting her flesh with my mouth, I slid my hands leisurely up her shirt and slipped her bra over her breasts.

Milly squirmed and moaned as my fingers found her nipples. Her hand slid down my waist and brought my hips crashing down to hers.

I pulled back from her neck as the friction she was created caused me to take in a sharp breath.


Returning to her neck, teeth grazed skin when she called out my name. Only it wasn't her voice that I heard, it was Marjorine's.

Kenzie's words from earlier wormed their way into my mind.

"Imagine she looks like her..." I whispered.

"Did you say something?" Milly panted.

"I can't imagine how sexy you look with all your clothes off."

Milly pulled me down to her and whispered hotly into my ear, "Why don't you find out?"

With that I pulled her down to the floor, unbuttoning her shirt and pulling off her bra as she got comfortable. She pulled the zipper of my hoodie down with her teeth and slid if off my shoulders. I threw it against the wall along with my shirt and brought my mouth down to her chest.

My hand slid down her body and under her skirt. Fingers pressed against the dampened...lace.

I smirked and rewarded her choice with a press from my fingers.

She cried out at the sudden attack and my eyes flicked to her face.

Suddenly, there was no more Milly it was just Marjorine.

It was her long golden hair that I ran my hands through. Her blue eyes that watched me as I slipped my hand under the lace and brought her screaming with my hand.

And yet...I knew it wasn't her. It was Milly's dull green eyes that stared back at mine.

But when Milly pushed me onto my back, I saw Marjorine.

Marjorine was the one to undo my jeans and pull them down along with my boxers. And it was Marjorine that took me into her hot mouth.

I hissed and bit down on my lip to keep her name from escaping.

To think about it was confusing and erotic.

There was Milly using her talented tongue to please me. Yet, it was Marjorine that drove me mad with ecstasy.

I felt the pressure build inside of me and shook with pleasure while she continued to suck until I had relaxed, panting on the floor.

When I felt her pull away I reached for my pants pulling a small package from my wallet. She took it from me, tearing it open with her teeth. Then proceeded to put the condom on with her mouth, the action was more than enough to have me throwing her to the ground and crawling on top of her.

My fingers crawled up her legs, gripping the lace and pulled her panties down then toss them away.

Deciding to leave the skirt on, I pushed it up and in one swift movement entered.

It was Marjorine who screamed my name and gripped my shoulders as she released.

And it was Marjorine who whispered "I love you," as I crashed onto the floor next to her.

I smirked.

Kenny McCormick doesn't love.

I folded my arms under my head as I thought to myself. Staring up at her cream colored ceiling, Marjorine wrapped her arms around me and fell asleep with her head on my chest.

Oh yes, I'm definitely going to be spending some more time with Milly.


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