"Ready?" Came a way to cheerful voice.

"No," Danny grumbled to Tucker. It was his first day of school here in Amity Park and, boy, was he ever tired.

"Well, get ready, because we're here." Danny groaned.

His new school, Casper High, looked like a normal school, the jocks there, the cheerleaders beside them, geeks hiding in the computer lab . . . Danny wanted to go home and go back to sleep. His neighbour, Tucker Foley, pushed him toward the double doors at the top of the school.

As the pair made their way toward the office to get Danny's scheduale, he spotted a girl. But, not just any girl. To him, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. With soft, ivory skin, long black hair that was silky smooth, and amythest eyes, that glowed with life. He only got to gawk for a second though, before her slim frame disappeared into the crowd.

Danny got his scheduale and he and Tucker split for their seperate classes. He had biology first period. Poor Tucker, he had math.

Entering his new room, Danny looked around, there were only three empty seats. An empty table in the middle of the room, and a table with one occupant who was chewing on the end of a butcher knife. Yes. A butcher knife. That girl was crazy.

Danny went up to the teacher and handed him his slip. The teacher glanced at it and sent him to the empty table. Danny was thankful, immensly so, but why was he on his own? He absently doodled, while the teacher prepared his lesson. Suddenly, the door opened, and someone sat down next to him.

"All right class," Mr. Mcarty said, "This is our first biology class in the lab, turn and introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you. They will be your permanent partner, unless there is attempted murder, which there will be none of, right Suzie?" Mr. Mcarty asked the girl who had been chewing on the knife.

"Sure, teach, whatever you say." She answered sarcastically.

"Go, this will just be a socializing class."

Danny turned to the person sitting next to him, and saw the beautiful girl he had been staring at this morning.

"Hi," She smiled, "I'm Danny Fenton."

Instead of answering she handed him a piece of paper, glancing down it read: Sam Manson.

"This is your name?" He asked. She nodded. "Can't you speak?" She shook her head. "Wow. I can't imagine what it would be like."

Another piece of paper: I've been like this all my life.

"Whoa, so you must be fourteen?" She shook her head. "Are you close to fourteen?" A nod. This was a very strange guessing game, Danny was playing, and he didn't mind playing it one bit. "Are you close in months?" A shake. "Weeks?" A shake. "Days?" A nod. "How many days?"

Two fingers. "Are you sure?" He asked. She gave him a look that clearly said: Look dunce, do you think I would forget my own birthday? "Sorry," Her look softened, "It's just my that's when my grandmother's birthday was, I was really close to her and she died last year on her birthday of a heartattack."

Sam took his hand gently, comforting him. He sighed. "So, what are you doing for your birthday?" She shook her head. "Does that mean you're doing nothing?" A nod. "Why not? You've got to have a lot of friends." She should too, if she was a Manson. After all, the Manson's were filthy rich.

A note. I don't have any friends. No voice. Can't gossip.

"Well, now. Don't say you don't have any friends, you must have one?" She gave him a suspicious look. He knew that she knew he was heading somewhere dangerous with this and he didn't care one bit. Sam shook her head. "Well, then, what am I?" Sam gave him a look, and flipped his hand over so that it was facing palm up. She traced letters on his hand. He only got half of them though.

"Wait, do that again, a little slower. I only got some of that." Sam wrote on his hand slower this time.

"I am not!" Danny rebuttled after she finished her sentance. She nodded, looking smug. "If I'm an idiot, then what are you?"

Pretty. She answered on his hand again. Sam had him there, he couldn't deny that as much as he may have wanted too.

"Fine. You win this battle. Only this one though." He warned. "What do you mean don't count on it? You think you're smart enough to defeat me anytime?" Her small hand flashed out again. "What do you mean, a snail could beat me?"

To most people this one-sided conversation would be weird, and maybe a little creepy, but to Danny it already felt perfectly natural.

The bell rang. Danny couldn't believe that the time had flown by so quickly. "Seeing as you don't have a completely active social life, why don't you sit with me and my friend Tucker for lunch?"

Her hand flashed out again. "What do you mean you're going to think about it? What else do you have to do?" But she had already walked away.


"Yes you do."

"No Tucker, I don't!" Danny argued, sitting in the cafeteria, keeping an eye out for Sam, hoping she'd join them.

"You do like her."

"I don't."

Letters were suddenly felt on the back of his neck. "Nothing really. Never mind." Danny answered Sam.

"Earth to Danny. Who are you talking to?" Tucker looked at his best friend as though he had gone completely crazy.

"Sam." Danny answered as she slid in across from him.

"Oh, nice to meet you." Tucker said. This was the first time he had actually noticed the girl, though, he knew that Sam Manson had gone to his school through grade primary.

She smiled. "Why won't she answer me?" Tucker asked Danny.

Tucker watched as Sam took Danny's hand, tracing a pattern acrossed it. "I don't think he'd appreciate that." She glared at him. Danny turned to look at Tucker. "She said that she won't answer you because you are a beeping idiot and that everyone knows what a beeping beep of a beep you are."

"Thanks." Tucker told her. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and gave a wave. "You're someone who could get on my nerves really quickly, you know that right?" She just smiled and dug into her salad. "Eww, how can you eat those, those LEAVES?" Tucker spat out the word. Sam wrote on Danny's palm.

"She says how can you eat that dead animal?"

"Why doesn't she just talk to me like she does to you?"

"She says because you're not important enough for her to waste effort on."

"Isn't she doing that by writing on your hand?"

"And that she won't touch the hand of a murderer."

"What about that bologna sandwhich you're eating?" Tucker pointed to Danny's lunch.

"I'm forgiven because she can actually see me over my meal."

"Har har har." Tucker replied frostily.

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