Jason Teague meets Dean Winchester

Jason Teague was settling in a nice apartment, well some what nice, in Smallville, Kansas. He was starting a new job at Smallville high school as a co-football coach. Clark Kent being the new quarter back unexpectedly stops by to see him.

Clark: Hey Coach Teague are you here?!

Coach Teague: Um…hold on…

Coach Teague: Okay, sorry I was unpacking my new plasma screen T.V its really heavy. So whats up?

Clark: I was wondering…if….um….you…were…still…

Coach Teague: Just say it!!

Clark: Okay okay! Are you and Lana still together?

Coach Teague: What kind of question is that?

Clark: I know its weird…….Oh god.

Coach Teague: Um..yes we are. Why?

Clark: Never mind bye, talk to you later.

Clark Leaves embarrassed…..

Looking dumbfounded Jason goes back to unpacking when another person walks in unexpectingly.

Jason Teague: Um…can I help you?

Man: Hello I am Dean Winchester…officially part of the FBI.

Jason Teague: Strange we look a lot alike….

Dean: I believe someone told me that there were several murders here in the past that can be heard still today?

Jason Teague: What? No! Who told you that?

Dean walks to the fridge and pretends to inspect it grabbing a beer and a pudding cup.

Jason Teague: Why are you here...Mr.???

Dean: Dean. Dean Windchester. And the reason I am here is because I need information on the murders that took place here.

Jason Teague: Well eating my food isn't exactly what I thought the FBI would do...

Dean: A mans gotta eat! Okay tell me, do you know anything on the murders that happened here?

Jason Teague: No because I don't know I just freaken moved in! I need to go sorry!

Jason heads to the door, Dean follows and glares as he walks away....